Capricorn Initiates the New Year - Who am I in the World?

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #128 - January 2, 2007


The SUN entered Capricorn December 21 at 4:23pm PST (12:23am GMT December 22) and will ground in until January 20th at 3:01 AM (11:01am GMT).

The CANCER FULL MOON is January 3 at 5:58am PST (1:58pm GMT). The Moon is at 12° Cancer and the Sun is at 12° Capricorn.

The CAPRICORN NEW MOON is January 18 at 8:02pm PST (4:02am GMT.) at 28° Capricorn.

SATURN went retrograde in Leo December 5thand will remain retrograde until April 19, 2007. This is a time of re-evaluation of our limits, responsibilities and life direction. This is the only retrograde planet until February 13th.

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE February 13th through March 7th.


Capricorn presides over the transition from one year to the next. As we evaluate 2006, Capricorn asks us to be conscious of the lens through which we look at the past. As we plan for 2007, we also need to be clear about the framework within which we view our future. Our perspective of the past influences the outcome of our future. Can we appreciate the past from the vantage point of lessons learned, maturity gained and gratitude for the gifts we have received? A realistic and loving appreciation of our emotional and spiritual, as well as our material, accomplishments helps us walk through the door of the New Year with grace and hopeful anticipation.

January is derived from the Italian word for door. Every door is a threshold where we leave something behind in order to enter into a new space and phase of our life. What are you leaving behind? What are you taking with you? If we choose wisely, we will release another layer of baggage and lighten our load. We will hold on to the precious gems that will illumine our way into the unknown.


The evaluation of where we have been and where we wish to go is being encouraged by Saturn retrograde. Saturn turned retrograde in Leo December 5thand will remain retrograde until April 19, 2007. Saturn is the only planet retrograde until February 13th, when Mercury goes retrograde through March 7th. Saturn retrograde calls for a major re-evaluation of all the structures and forms in our lives. This is a time to realistically define our limits, to get clarity about our responsibilities and to examine our life direction. We need to set our priorities, establish boundaries, and decide how and where to direct our creative energies. Where do we want to go with our life? Get out the drawing board and map out your game plan and next steps for 2007.

Saturn demands a quiet, thoughtful and thorough approach. Saturn did not design the hyper-drive motivational seminars that promise us wealth and success if we just keep positive and repeat simplistic affirmations. Saturn asks us WHY we want what we want. Is the process of reaching our goal going to be as satisfying as attaining it? What specific pathway will lead us towards our destination? We cant simply jump off a cliff and expect to be able to fly. What gateways must we pass through along the way? What reference points and touchstones help us navigate our journey?


When we reach our Capricorn stage of evolution we must ask ourselves Who am I in the world? It is interesting that the eulogies about Gerald Ford came right at the time I was writing about Capricorn. The praises of the former President focused on the highest expression of the Capricorn archetype, which symbolizes our position in the world. Below I have used some of these concepts to portray an affirmative Capricorn presence in the world. (It is interesting to note that Richard Nixon was a Capricorn. Gerald Ford was a Cancer with a Sagittarius Moon. Yogananda was aCapricorn.)

Act with civility, quiet thoughtfulness and good judgment.

Live by the virtues of honesty, honor, dignity and steadiness.

Make decisions based on higher principles and the highest good for all.

Use right living as your language to speak the truth and to listen to learn.

By exemplifying what is good and noble, remind us who we can be.

Represent the strength of decency, diligence, decisiveness and dignity.

Do what is right, not what gets the most approval, attention or immediate gain.

Moral leadership is not based on ideology, but on impeccable integrity, sober candor, compassion and kindness.

Be the calm steady stillpoint whose presence imparts confidence and courage.

Rise above guile, cold calculation and manipulation for personal gain.

Be guided by fairness and grounded in the capacity to forgive.

Assume power as a faithful servant devoted to serving the good of the collective.

Make your own luck by the quality of your character.

Write your own history by how you live your life.


Capricorns mentor is Saturn. Its home is the10th house, or phase in our earthly journey. All of the above are about what Hazrat Inayat Khan calls the path of mastery through accomplishment. *(1) Capricorn, Saturn and 10th house planets all call us to our Dharma. We feel impelled to embody our ideals and to make a social or spiritual contribution to humanity through tangible achievements. The importance of living our truth does not escape us. The necessity of stepping out into the world and taking a position of leadership is ever present in our mind. Our vocation is our life. Our authority is living by example.

The nature of our impulse to step forth in the world is designated in our birth chart. It is also activated when Saturn or Jupiter transit over our midheaven the top of the chart and cusp or doorway to the 10th house. When our midheaven and tenth house are activated we stop waiting for the world to discover us. We get busy, get our act together and courageously engage in the world with an eagerness to be a contributory member of society, and even an authority in our field. We are willing to be recognized and to establish a reputation that brings us some form of attention, fame or even notoriety.


One of the main themes and challenges of Capricorn deals with taking responsibility for our own lives. Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn are operating at an immature level when we blame the collective, our parents, circumstances, bad luck and an uncaring God for the lessons we have chosen to learn this lifetime.

Blame, shame, guilt and victimization are all immature Capricorn/Saturn expressions. We abdicate our power by projecting these forms of irresponsibility onto our relationships, parents, boss, socio/political structures and God. To take back our will we have to take responsibility for what we create and become accountable to ourselves and to the Universe.

When we live in any form of victim mode, we often use the energy and attention that could be used to make our lives work to take care of others. We can reclaim our emotional and physical energy for own creative endeavors when we stop preoccupying ourselves with what is not our business or our responsibility. Letting others live their own lives and learn their own lessons frees us up to do the same for ourselves.

Taking responsibility also involves setting realistic limits and boundaries for ourselves and in our relationships. When we are realistic, we can choose how we wish to direct our energy. Once we feel more at choice, it is easier to identity our destiny path and live our dharma. We have more energy and more inspiration when instead of casting shadows with our fears *(2) we shine the light of our soul.


The full moon in Cancer gives us an opportunity to look at how we nurture ourselves. Do we honor our body and keep it healthy with good food and exercise? What is the status of our inner space? Are we connected to the infinite within? Can we hold a stable cosmic connection while embracing the ever-changing emotional energy that flows through our body? If we do not have a stable touchstone with the Infinite in our mind, our anchor is missing. Without a nurturing and supportive Infinite foundation, our emotions endlessly swirl and bounce us around. Infinity as a support system makes it possible to ground our emotions in our body.

Our emotions are an essential part of the communication system of our soul. When we can feel and stay present to our emotions in our body without exiting into our mind, our soul has a medium within which it can transmit information. This physical embodiment and attunement to our soul makes it possible to be accurately guided by our feelings. We can begin to trust and follow our instincts. It is Cancers job to develop the inner emotional grounding and soul connection that supports Capricorn in world.


Each full moon illuminates the dance of one of the six Zodiac polarities. We get to examine if the partners dance in harmony within ourselves or if they are out of sync.

We arrive into this world through the cosmic womb or Gate of Cancer. We depart through the Gate of Death or Capricorn. *(3) An understanding of the Cancer/Capricorn polarity helps us understand the emotional dynamic of and benefit from this full moon. Cancer and Capricorn are the archetypical pair of nurturing and Dharma. To serve each other, they need to operate in their higher expressions.

Cancers orientation is inward. Cancer connects us to our emotional body and our feelings. Cancer energy pulls us into focus within ourselves so that we can stabilize in our body and feel at home on Planet Earth. The motherly impulse of Cancer makes it possible for us to care for and nurture ourselves and others. Cancer is the foundation of Self that orients and supports us in our worldly activities.

Capricorns arena is the world. Capricorns primal impulse is to accomplish, to organize and to be recognized. Together Cancer and Capricorn integrate our experiences in our inner and outer worlds. Capricorn provides discipline. Cancer provides nurturing. Cancer focuses on our personal needs and home life. Capricorn focuses on our career and professional life and honors our need to be of service to others.

Capricorn and Saturn need the warm gentleness of the Mother/Goddess. Her free-flowing feelings, aesthetic comforts and pleasures, and the chance to relate and be loved are symbolized in the Aphrodite/Venus archetype and the Divine Feminine, Earth Mother of Cancer.

If our lives are too mental, structured and rigid, we dont flow with natural forces. When we are connected to our instincts in our body, they align us with what is natural and flowing. We need this instinctual connection to listen to and heal ourselves. Integrated body/mind/emotional consciousness brings us peace of mind, calms our nervous system, aligns us with optimal circumstances and relationships, and attunes us to our own soul.

Cancer and Capricorn integrate at the esoteric level when love motivates duty and when warmth and kindness strengthen discipline. When the caring nurturing lap of the Divine Feminine softens and expands the personality, Capricorn and Saturn become vehicles for opportunity.


Setting goals for the New Year, planning our life path, defining our approach and choosing our attitude all involve the interplay of both Saturn and Jupiter.

Before the 1700s Jupiter and Saturn were given more importance because they were the two outer most planets in the known solar system. In the 1700s the first trans-Saturn planet, Uranus, was discovered. After that in the West less emphasis was paid to Jupiter and Saturn because the subtle meanings attributed to them were incorporated in the new impersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Vedic or Eastern astrology still uses the original set of planets.

In Vedic astrology Jupiter is associated with (or rules) Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn rule the last four signs and houses, the most impersonal areas of life, where our egos have the least conscious control. In these final stages of this human incarnation, we move beyond our individual interests and ambitions to serve humanity. We move from individual to group and universal consciousness.

Sagittarius symbolizes Universal Truth, Capricorn Universal Government, Aquarius Universal Humanity, and Pisces Universal Divine Love *(4)

We can glean some of the deeper meanings of Jupiter and Saturn from Vedic astrology. In Vedic (Eastern) astrology Jupiter and Saturn are seen as impersonal forces that rule the collective. They also indicate the time and space/place determinants of the individual souls karma. Jupiters opportunities and Saturns limits represent the map of the soul in terms of desires to be fulfilled (Jupiter) and lessons to be learned (Saturn.) *(5)

A person/soul sets his own limits and defines his own arena of discipline when he chooses his Saturn placement. According to Eastern (Indian) astrologers, a person does so in the last few seconds of his previous life, when he has a regretful thought, If only I had Whatever we felt was lacking in that life defines the desire of what we would like (and choose) to achieve in our next incarnation. This determines our Saturn placement. We can fulfill this desire if we work for it. *(6)

What were you last thoughts in 2006? :+) How might that influence what you choose to learn and experience in 2007?

We can get in touch with our Saturn by exploring the area in our life that we have to work hard to get what we want AND find the pursuit of this goal is satisfying.


We all constantly engage in the Jupiter/Saturn dynamic. Both forces operate in the world and within us. Optimal navigation of our lives requires us to operate out of the highest expression of both. Our birth chart indicates which force dominates our psyche. But we dont need our birth chart to know how these two forces impact our lives.

When Jupiter is dominant, we see the positive side of life. We are optimistic. We feel lucky. Life gets better and better. We are always making progress. The cosmos is not only supportive, it is a cornucopia of good things, with an unlimited supply for all. We are generally self-confident, have high self-esteem and feel we deserve the best life and the Universe have to offer.

If Saturn is dominant in our chart, we see the negative side of life and are often pessimistic. We see life in terms of struggle, limitations and hard work, with few rewards. We can feel doomed and unsupported. We generally lack self-confidence, feel undeserving and judge ourselves harshly. We relate to the Divine as a stern Father figure who punishes us if we dont measure up to perfect standards.

Saturn focuses on our limitations. Jupiter focuses on our assets. Jupiter is delighted in what we accomplish. Saturn feels bad about what we should have accomplished more perfectly, more thoroughly, more rapidly. *(7)

The law of cause and effect is no secret (just overlooked through denial and ignorance). If we focus on the positive, we attract more opportunities, luck and support. If we expect the worst, we attract more frustrations, bad luck and negative circumstances.

We have all been exposed to positive you can have it all thinking. The generic formula is universal Just set your goals and repeat An abundant supply of money is flowing into my bank account everyday. We get all hyped up and then we feel let down and even crash when the gravy train doesnt arrive. This simplistic formula of many motivational seminars/teachings characterizes the manic/depressive trap that nabs most of us at least part of the time. In terms of archetypes, we dont know how to integrate and optimally use Jupiter and Saturn.

The question is how to elevate our consciousness so we can use both of these forces to our advantage. Both Jupiter and Saturn are goal-directed planets and if we can make proper use of their energies, if we can bring them into balance, goals can really be reached. Jupiters faith and self-confidence, positive attitude and progressive impulse toward the future, combined with Saturns patience over time, consistent application of elbow grease and hard work, even when the going gets rough and the road seems dark, when restlessness or boredom set in, can guide us to liberation. *(8)


Jupiter is known as a benefic planet. Saturn is traditionally referred to as a malefic planet. Yet Jupiter doesnt just drop goodies in our lap while we are sleeping. And Saturn does not maliciously chase Santa Claus away. Jupiter opens doors and presents us with opportunities, but we have to walk through the doors and do the work to turn opportunities into results. The truth is that Jupiter and Saturn work together. As we learn how to use the attributes and powers of each, we expand our ability to manifest.

Capricorns work ethic without relaxation stresses us out. Jupiters tendency to procrastinate and play while you can also throws us off balance. We usually have more of an attunement to one and an underdevelopment of the other. How each speaks to us determines how we receive information. An opportunity/opening for change for Jupiter may be frustrating and resented by Saturn who feels bound to the status quo and afraid to move on.

The dictum Know thyself, accept thyself, and be thyself can be interpreted as an optimal integration of both Saturn and Jupiter principles. We are encouraged to face and accept our limitations as well as our gifts. We get to know ourselves in terms of physical stamina, artistic talents and intellect, etc. We embrace and live our life according to who we are. When the term limitation is presented in this broader perspective, it can be quite a relief. We dont compare ourselves to others. We learn how to befriend and enjoy ourselves. I personally find this approach very comforting. Life doesnt seem so overwhelming. All I have to do is BE and DO ME, which I quite enjoy. (I am Jupiter dominant in attitude. And Saturn dominant in work ethic.)


A negative Saturn is often contrasted with the positive child who embraces life. Saturn is characterized as a rigid, senile, and stuck in the mud old man whose sterile thinking, petrified customs and traditions support an over-structured, unhappy life. This brittle persona with a hardened heart resists change, yet regretfully mourns a life of pain and struggle.

But Saturn is also the wise old man who through life experience earns respect, recognition and authority. Esoteric Saturn represents dharma or living our life with the intent of consciously participating in our souls evolutionary journey. Karma is replaced by dharma, when instead of pursuing material pleasures and rewards, we steer ourselves toward oneness with and freedom in the Divine. Within this long journey, which lasts lifetimes, we experience Saturn tests and challenges, repay old debts, discipline our mind and body, and eventually learn how to spiritualize matter, and align our will with Divine Will.

Saturns perfectionism serves a purpose in the evolutionary journey of our soul. It takes much patience and a long time to accomplish our spiritual goals. Hard work and discipline bring success in the long term and a victorious life. Saturns ability to persevere helps us keep up. Jupiters optimism helps us keep the faith.


The presence of jovial Jupiter is necessary to keep Saturn focused on its highest expression. Saturns duty to the collective is complemented with our individual philosophical search (Jupiter and Sagittarius). Without the influence of Jupiter our structures become rigid. Without Jupiters freedom-loving spirit, we allow collective structures to control us through official ideologies, laws and dogma. Without Jupiter, Saturnian forces become more concerned with limits than expansion, with rules than growth, with rhetorical style than meaning or truth.

With too much Saturn, religions conjure up and attempt to control us with a stern, punishing, patriarchal God. Rule by Divine law devolves into political systems that take on the role of an aloof male authority who instead of protecting its citizens has power over its subjects. We cannot creatively prosper individually or collectively when authority becomes self-serving, tyrannical and corrupt.

Capricorn teaches us that we are continually challenged by life. The question is not to try to avoid our tests. The question is how we deal with them. Our attitude is critical for self-healing, evolution and manifestation. Fate and resignation conquer us. Good intentions and a positive attitude (Jupiter) combined with inner grit and discipline (Saturn) work wonders.

Life continually presents us with choices. The Saturn choice is to either learn from our experiences or remain a victim. We can be defeated by external circumstances and the negativity in our own psyche or we can become so strong that we are capable of dealing with anything. We can build strength in our psyche and internalize our power. We can elevate our attitude and project courage and character to the world. We can become wise and find contentment in the power of our souls authority.


The Cancer full moon on January 3rd reminds us that we need to learn how to work with and use the power of our emotions. To achieve emotional stability we must be able to ground our emotional energy in our body. To do so, we need to establish a mental focus inside our mind and body. Our emotions need some place to go.

While the Sun is in Capricorn, the earth energy makes it easier to stay present to our emotions in our body. The Set for State of Mind and Paranoia on page 40 of Relax and Renew is a great set for cultivating a state of emotional stability. The following two exercises balance the brain, activate the neutral mind, open the heart and clear the upper aura.


The first exercise of this set is done in easy pose. Apply the chin lock so the spine feels straight and elongated and the heart open. Extend the arms straight out to the sides of the body. Close the finger tips into the palms. Point the thumbs straight up. Rotate the hands at the wrists so that the thumbs point back on the inhale. Rotate the hands so the thumbs point down on the exhale. Continue with powerful breathing for 2-5 minutes.

To end, inhale deeply, stretch the arms out to the sides, opening the heart and the chest. Exhale and relax with your hands on your knees or lap.


The second exercise is in the same position. Inhale bringing the thumb tips almost (but not) touching the shoulders. On the exhale bring the arms straight out to the sides. Do for 2 minutes.


When you have completed each exercise, sit quietly. Then focus your attention in the following ways. Take the directives in the following order as you progress through the exercises of this or another set. You can also focus on one or a few things per day. In the spirit of Capricorn, take one step at a time. With patience and perseverance, you will gradually and consciously integrate your emotional body into your physical body. This integration will solidify your presence and make you feel stable and grounded.


Look and listen inside your head. Identify and focus on the space inside your head.

Gradually expand this space to be inside your whole body.

Feel the space inside your skin.

Feel the sensations in your body and include them in your space inside your skin.

Feel cozy inside your skin. Your sensations will begin to feel like a soft comforter.

Claim and contain all your sensations inside your skin.

Be aware that you feel more substance in your body as you include more sensations in your awareness, inside your skin.

Be aware that the more you feel the sensations in your body, the more solid you feel.

Keep pulling your attention back to the sensations as you contain them inside your skin.

Guard all the energy and the sensations for yourself.

Enjoy feeling cozy and comfortable with yourself.


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