Virgo Lessons - Align with Natural Flow

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #138 - August 30, 2007


AUGUST 23rd The SUN entered VIRGO at 5:08 AM PDT (12:08pm GMT) and will remain until the Sun moves into Libra September 23 at 2:52 AM PDT (9:52am GMT)

AUGUST 28th - The PISCES FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE at 3:35 AM PDT (10:35am GMT) at 4° Pisces and Virgo.

SEPTEMBER 11th The VIRGO NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE at 5:45 AM PDT (12:45pm GMT) at 18° Virgo.

SEPTEMBER 2nd SATURN leaves Leo and goes into VIRGO.

SEPTEMBER 6th PLUTO GOES DIRECT September 6th at 26° Sagittarius. Pluto went retrograde March 31st


Venus went retrograde July 27 at 3° Leo at 10:27 AM.

URANUS went RETROGRADE June 23rd at 7:23 AM PDT (2:43pm GMT) and remains retrograde through November 24th.

NEPTUNE went retrograde May 24th (at 22° Aquarius) and remains in reverse drive through October 31.


When planets go direct or retrograde, something shifts in our psyche. Direct motion puts us in forward gear. Retrograde shifts us to an inner, introspection space. Pay attention around September 6 and 7.

VENUS GOES DIRECT September 7th at 9:13 AM PDT. Venus went retrograde July 27. Are you more aware of what you want, ready to let go of what doesnt work, and go for what your heart desires? Do you love yourself a little bit more?

PLUTO GOES DIRECT September 6th. Pluto went retrograde March 31. Pluto in retrograde can bring up deep seated issues. We become more aware of what our subconscious is doing. When Pluto goes direct we are less apt to let old programs control us and more able to consciously participate in making choices about our lives.


IMMATURE (needs to learn) - MATURE

Ritualism - Real

Servitude - Service

Deep sadness - Deep understanding

Resistance - Manifestation

Curses - Alchemy

Self-criticism - Birthing our potential

Doubts - Faith

Need to control - Able to surrender and let go

Nervous - Attuned to natural rhythms

Impatient - Patient

Bogged down - Aware of the moment

Critical - Perceptive

Picky - Discriminating

Annoyed - Realistic


Like all the signs, not everyone has planets in Virgo. But the Virgo archetype, the soul desire to connect with nature and universal forces in the body, is a vital instinct in every human being. There are several ways to identify where and how the Virgo impulse plays out in our lives.

(1) The sixth house is the territory associated with Virgo. Any planets in our 6th house are driven by Virgo energy. The sign on the cusp of the 6th house indicates HOW we pursue our path of service and manifesting our potentials.

(2) Locating the house or houses that contain planets in Virgo or have Virgo on the cusp helps us identify the arenas in life where we confront our Virgo issues and display our Virgo traits.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Unlike other planets associated with a sign, the sign and house placement of our Mercury does not give us essential information about our Virgo issues. Versatile Mercury expresses its sign and many other energies of our chart.

Those with Virgo rising (Virgo on the cusp of the first house,) a Virgo moon, several planets in Virgo or several planets in the sixth house will strongly identify with Virgo issues and path.


As we delve into the meaning and lessons of the sixth Zodiac archetype, it is important to remember that each sign has its own path to fulfillment, wholeness and enlightenment. Each sign is also part of everyones developmental process. If our Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets are in one sign, the lessons of that archetype will be major focal points of our lives. If the lessons are not in our face, we nevertheless recognize the importance of learning these self-empowering lessons.

Once a year the Sun shines in each of the twelve Zodiac signs. During approximately 30 days, we get a chance to take a closer look at the lessons of that archetype. Also when the various planets transit through a sign, we get to examine the archetype from the perspective of that planet. SATURN enters Virgo on September 2 for nearly two years. (Saturn will be in Virgo through July 21, 2010, except from October 29, 2009-April 7, 2010 when it is in Libra.) Wherever Virgo falls in our chart, we will be confronted with Virgo AND Saturn issues, including health, work, service/seva or servitude.

Saturn lessons are similar to those of Virgo. Saturn is a masculine archetype represented as a wise taskmaster. Virgo is a feminine archetype, who symbolizes Mother Nature and the Earth Mother. Both represent KARMA. Both Saturn and Virgo focus on

♦ HOW TO DEAL with material reality,

♦ living in harmony with natural laws,

♦ including the universal law of cause and effect or karma.

Saturn confronts us with survival issues and the limits of existence on the physical plane. However restrictive and serious Saturn may seem, learning our Saturn lessons moves us to the next level of maturity and makes it possible to manifest our dreams. While the Sun is in Virgo it is a good time to understand what we will be dealing with over the next two years.


The whole month of Virgo is dominated by the effects of the mutable *(1) grand cross and the lunar and solar eclipses. In Issue #137 we discussed the Pisces/Virgo lunar eclipse (August 28), the Virgo solar eclipse (September 11) and the mutable grand cross that are impacting us in the next few weeks. In this issue, we will discuss HOW to deal with this energy. What is up for examination is making choices about HOW TO DEAL with our life challenges.

The grand cross, which is directly impacting us at both eclipses, is formed by the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Thus the mutable signs define how to best align with cosmic energies at this time. The modus operandi of the mutable signs is to (1) adjust (2) adapt (3) allow (4) dont resist, (5) let go of control, (6) go with the flow, and (7) be conscious in the moment.

If we choose to resist the evolutionary flow in our life, the confrontational nature of the interactions between these four forces will create change anyway. In a grand cross, the four energies relate to each other in squares and oppositions, which require transformation and initiate endings and beginnings. Change will happen. We either participate gracefully or reluctantly.

If we choose to embrace our Saturn/Virgo issues in a non-resistant way, we can release some victim and martyr programs, and some stress and anxiety. In the process we can (1) further our personal empowerment, (2) enhance our ability to act like adults, and (3) increase our capacity to manifest and prosper!


The air and fire signs express solar/masculine energies. The water/earth signs express lunar/feminine energies. Leo is a solar/masculine archetype. Virgo is a feminine/lunar archetype. To achieve inner union, both men and women must learn how to embody and integrate both solar and lunar energies. Since both men and women are born under all the signs, I do my best to talk about the archetypes in a non-gender specific way. However, in the case of Virgo, whose symbol is the Virgin Maiden, trying to avoid using her/she is not always appropriate. So bear with me guys and use your discriminating minds to extrapolate the archetypical lessons.


Virgo is represented by a young Maiden/Virgin. She is often depicted sitting in a boat holding a flame in one hand and a chaff of grain in the other. She is gently and effortlessly moving with the flow of the evolving and manifesting current. The Virgo archetype represents the principle of universal justice, which happens when natural laws are obeyed. When they are not obeyed, adjustments are made to re-establish natural order. Often we dont like the consequences of these adjustments.

Virgo embodies and represents the intrinsic orderliness and the fertility of nature. She understands and honors the value, appropriateness and way of life of every natural form including, plants, animals, human beings and Mother Earth herself.

Virgo is attuned to the reality that natures way is unfolded in the seasons, life and death, the waxing and waning of the Moon, and the yearly and daily progression of the Sun and the planets.

Virgo is both saddened and disgusted by the disorder, destruction, chaos, and wastefulness of time and resources. Virgo does not have any sympathy for those who squander precious resources and make a mess of things.

Mother Nature is a stern punisher of crime. There is no cheating, bribery or leniency in her court of natural law and karma. The same goes for Saturn. Virgos vision is a life where natural order is restored and respected and natural justice rightfully reigns.


Virgos path is to connect with the natural order of nature, the Universe and our body. To live in harmony with natural forces, Virgo must develop an intimate relationship with the body, the Earth and the cycles of nature.

Virgo feels most comfortable when she can connect with the Earth. She loves to experience the energies of nature, which are pure, honest and fertile. Her anxiety stems from being out of sync with her personal and Earths natural flow and dynamic energies. Her healing happens when she can reconnect with the vital forces of nature and the rhythms in her body. Then she can tap into her power, which is possible when she is guided by her instincts, intuition and natural rhythms.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet representing our mind and intellect. How we use our mind determines our ability to become conscious of our body/mind connection. Virgos critical mind can devolve into negative criticism instead of useful discrimination. In our analytical mind, we easily forget to tune into our body. Virgo is supposed to use the mind (1) to pay attention to our body so that we can monitor its well-being, (2) to listen to our instincts so we can be guided by our innate knowing, (3) to be aware of natural forces so we can be guided by a higher power and (4) to be able to let go and turn everything over to the Infinite, after all possible human effort has been done.

One of Virgos biggest challenges is to eliminate negativity and self-criticism. Another is to CLEAR THE CLUTTER in the mind. Virgo can access its powers only if it is consciously connected to Spirit and natures rhythms. Authentic connection requires reducing mind games and neurotic thought patterns that grab our attention and block the mind/body connection. Operating free of attachments and renouncing our critical habits is a challenge, but one that we must accept to move into our power.


Our Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice this month focuses on connecting with the natural rhythms in our body, letting go of control, and reducing the conflict of the critical mind so we can use our mind to be more attuned to our body and its messages.

The Kundalini Yoga set that I suggest to practice this month is the Relaxation Series to Remove Negativity and Tension on page 38 in Relax and Renew. *(2) This set, done mostly lying down on the back and stomach, raising the legs, hips, head and torso, strengthens the first chakra and allows us to tune into our body rhythms and connect with Mother Earth.

It is an integral part of the set to relax and let go between every exercise. When we let go, we can experience our natural rhythms and learn to trust them. We want to experience that we can let go and still be alive. In other words, we can let go of control and know in both our body and mind that there is a force deep within us that keeps us alive and breathing.

This set features long deep breathing. Really get into the breath. At the beginning of the set, you will have to be very attentive to consciously breathe long and deep. Follow the inhale all the way to the end and the exhale all the way to the end. Stay with the breath. Over time the breath begins to breathe itself. We become one with our breath in our body.


Here is a meditation to do while the Sun and Saturn are in Virgo or any time you need help reflecting on and resolving your internal contradictions and conflicts.


POSITION: Easy pose. Arms to the sides, elbows bent, palms facing forward. Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers up. Thumbs holding on to the other two fingers.

BREATH: Begin by breathing long and deep. If you have done the above or another Kundalini Yoga kriya, you will be very connected to your breath. Be very attentive to consciously breathing long and deep. Follow the inhale all the way to the end and the exhale all the way to the end. Stay totally present to your breath. Over time the breath begins to breathe itself.

MANTRA: As you breathe, silently repeat, SAT NAM followed by an affirmation of your choice. Choose one that comes to you intuitively, one that will respond to or resolve your conflict. Possible affirmations are It is fine. Everything is perfect. It is all working out. I can relax. Let go. Life is good.

The formula is Sat Nam. It is fine.

Say this over the mental chatter and in response to worries and concerns.

Stay conscious of your breath in your body during the whole time.

Coordinate the mantra with your breath.

Dont pay attention to or be annoyed by your surroundings or thoughts.

Allow, dont resist, whatever is happening in your mind (including thoughts) and outside yourself. Simply bring your attention back to your breath, SAT NAM and your affirmation.

Count if you find this useful to focus your mind. Sat Nam. One. Sat Nam. Two. Focus on the mantra, counting and the breath. Stay conscious.

Observe your impatience, and any other form of conflict or stress.

Deal with it through the patient rhythmic breath, SAT NAM, and the intention/affirmation.


With practice you will find that your internal stress and impatience begins to dissipate. The meditation becomes a soothing exercise. You begin to automatically call upon the breath, mantra and affirmation when you go into stress mode. Practice every day and get into a rhythm that makes you look forward to these moments with yourself.

You will find that 3-11 minutes before starting your day will take the edge off your emotional state. It will be easier to keep your focus during the day. You will increase the chances of things turning out in a satisfactory manner. And you will be more relaxed as you move through life. Things often do not happen as we expect or think we want. But It is all fine. Sat Nam!


We may experience some dramatic shifts and breakthroughs in our lives at this time. The following touchstone may be relevant. It is better to make a clean break with a bad habit than to make an abrupt break in a personal relationship. *(3)

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