Libra's Journey - Accessing Our Neutral Mind

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #152 - October 19, 2008

The Sun swung into Libra September 22. The Sun dives into Scorpio October 22 at 6:08 PM PDT October 23 at 1:08am GMT.

This issue features the challenges and goals of the Libra archetype, which is relevant to anyone who is too mental and lost in mental conflict. That includes almost everyone! Again we find out that every Zodiac archetype is relevant to each one of us. So don't just study your Sun sign. By delving into the challenges, lessons and gifts of each sign, you can cultivate wholeness.

Our inner Libra experiential goals are (1) to find an exit strategy out of the inner conflict of our dualistic mind, (2) to establish a conscious connection with our neutral mind, and (3) to experience the states of neutrality, stability, peacefulness and harmony that are available to us when we are consciously connected to our neutral mind.

During these challenging times, it is imperative that we find and maintain an inner state of equanimity and peace. We all desire inner peace. However, inner peace is not available to us in our dualistic mind. The good news is that there is another channel in our mind where we can access a state of inner peace. Our spiritual quest is to awaken our peace channel, which is found in our neutral mind, also referred to as the higher mind.


Libra is an air sign. The territory of the air signs is the mind. Our mind consists of (1) our dual mind and (2) our neutral mind. Our dual mind consists of (1) our negative/protective mind and (2) our positive/expansive mind. The former warns us of negative outcomes and potential dangers. The latter informs us of positive outcomes and rewarding potentialities. (see Issue #124 for more discussion of Libra and the 3 minds.)

Our dualistic mind alternates between negative and positive. This function is needed to analyze, to discriminate and to evaluate information and alternatives. Without an arbitrator, however, our dualistic mind becomes confused and conflictual.

When we get to the Libra stage of our evolution, we move above the horizon on our birth chart, where we enter the big wide world beyond our own personal reality. The Libra arena thrusts us into relationships. Interpersonal relationships are a central feature of our worldly endeavors. At our Libra stage of development, we realize how dysfunctional and conflicted our mind has become. We become aware of how our mental imbalances effect our relationships and our worldly success. We begin to realize how our mind is sabotaging us and out of control. We quest for an escape route out of our mental morass.


The dance of the polarities and the variety of information that passes through our dualistic mind entertains Gemini (the first air sign). Libra (the second air sign) is very different. Libra desires stability and equanimity, not entertainment. The constant swing of the polarities bothers Libra, who desires to keep everything in balance. Libra likes harmony and peace. Libra tries to avoid conflict because it makes it feel uncomfortable.

Everyone's inner Libra searches for an alternative - (1) where we can escape mood swings and the battle ground of our rational mind, (2) where we can find an arbitrator and make wise choices, (3) where resolution is possible, and (4) where an experience of inner peace is available.


Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is a benefic planet. Neither Venus nor Libra like to be confrontational or to be confronted. Libra's polarity Mars/Aries gets charged up in confrontational encounters. Venus and Libra get deflated, confused and upset by any kind of conflict. The points below help us understand the nature and some of the qualities of Venus and Libra.

(1) Like Venus, Libra likes to rest, to take things easy and doesn't like hassle.

(2) Libra is a thinking, reflecting being, who enjoys beauty, and developing ideas.

(3) Libra likes creative and artistic pursuits, not hard or repetitive work.

(4) Libra is idealistic and is prone to unrealistic expectations.

(5) Libra likes perfection and doesn't like flaws.

(6) Libra is very sensitive and feels hurt by criticism or disapproval.

(7) Libra tends to takes things too personally.

Libra is interested in sharing, relating, cooperating, being fair, making life easier for itself and for others, and enjoys & fosters harmonious interactions. Libra's energy is quiet, unobtrusive, calm, and content. Libra may appear this way on the outside, but inside Libra's mind and emotions are not at peace. Libra, like all of us, must EARN this serene state of being.


Next, we examine the nature of Libra's existential dilemma and pain.

(1) Although Libra wants and tries to please, it is usually trapped in some kind of interpersonal quandary. This is because it can't be all things to all people and offensive to none. Our inner Libra needs to learn that we can't please everyone all the time; and we don't have to. Our inner Libra also needs to get in touch with, honor and learn how to meet our own needs. We need to exercise empathy toward ourselves before we can authentically express empathy for others.

(2) Libra fears disharmony and wants everything to be perfect. Libra hopes to avoid the negative consequences of choices, so it remains indecisive and avoids making decisions or taking action. In an attempt to avoid feeling more uncomfortable, closing off options or alienating anyone, Libra circumvents taking responsibility.

However, the reality of Earth school is that life is an experiment; and we learn through experience. We have to make choices, set our best intentions and hope for the best. We have to learn how (1) to make decisions, take action and to be responsible for the above, (2) to be at peace with our choices, and (3) to be detached from others' choices, opinions and actions.


So how can Libra find inner and outer peace? Like every other sign, Libra has to evolve to a higher state of consciousness to resolve its internal conflict. In our unconscious state, we are all like immature Libra. We are trapped in our dualistic mind, without an exit strategy. To find inner peace and harmony, we have to access the neutral channel in our mind. Fortunately connecting to our higher mind perfectly fits Libra's modus operandi and personality!


The dual mind is by its nature fluctuating, so we will NOT find stability, answers, resolution or peace in our dualistic mind. To try to do so through positive thinking is not possible. In our dualistic mind, every positive is balanced by a negative. To try to do so by clearing our thoughts is frustrating because this is not possible either. Yogi Bhajan said that the mind emits 1000 thoughts per wink of the eye. In sum, there is no solution in the dualistic mind. The good news is that there is another channel in our mind where resolution is possible.

To achieve peace and stability in the mind, we must access our neutral mind. The nature of the neutral mind is stable, non-judgmental, permanent, still, at peace and harmonious. Just what Libra loves! Just what we all love! We are on to a Libra, as well as a universal, solution! Our neutral mind is the balance point between polarities where we find equilibrium, our center, a stability point, and guidance for making decisions.


Once we have access to our neutral channel, our whole psyche can shift.

(1) We find a constant, stable place in our mind where we can let go and relax.

(2) Our dual mind can finally be relieved of the stress caused by thinking it has to be in control or we will die.

The desire to control is a misguided strategy of the rational mind fruitlessly trying to find stability, when the quality of stability of our neutral mind is not available. The frustration of trying to do the impossible causes us additional anxiety and stress. The reality is that the dual mind, by its very nature, cannot achieve stability.


Kundalini Yoga and meditation are designed to bring our neutral mind into our conscious awareness. This technology activates the pineal and pituitary glands, which is necessary to awaken our neutral mind. But the process involves not only the practice of powerful and effective techniques.

We must also TRAIN ourselves to pay attention. Focusing at the third eye, at the tip of the nose and at the top of our head are also part of our awareness training. We may find this difficult at first because the 6th and 7th chakras are not yet awakened. They are dormant and available to be awakened. Our simple effort to focus helps create the opening.

The more we practice the techniques AND train ourselves to pay attention, the more we notice that there is a place to focus inside our head. And that place is stable. This is a sign that we are awakening our neutral mind and accessing another channel in our mind.

As we experience the calm, tranquil equilibrium of the neutral mind, we can allow these qualities be infused into our physical and emotional bodies. As we cultivate our neutral mind, we find not only stability in our mind, our body begins to let go and relax. We find peace in our being and joy in our heart.


To change channels and to be able to maintain our awareness of the peace channel, we must work with both the lower and the upper chakras. Awakening and balancing the first three chakras makes it possible to ground and stabilize our body with the Earth. This is an absolutely essential requirement for moving our consciousness more into our body and out of our dualistic mind. Awakening the 6th and 7th chakras gives us access to our neutral mind.

One effective kriya to connect with the first three chakras and build body awareness is the Relaxation Series to Remove Negativity and Tension on page 38 in Relax and Renew. A powerful kriya to awaken the neutral mind is the Pineal Gland set on page 38 of Sexuality and Spirituality. Dhrib Dhristi Lohina Karma Kriya is a great silent meditation to center, balance and cultivate the neutral mind. It is found on page 95 of Relax and Renew.

I used the above sets and meditation in the Guru Rattana Online streaming video class of October 15. We did the Relaxation Series set first, followed by the Pineal Gland set and meditation. Sign up today!

The following are general guidelines for your personal practice.

(1) To change channels, look and listen inside your head.

(2) Pay attention to the qualities of your inner space - neutral, peace, stability, and stillness.

(3) Keep going back to neutral - to your peace channel.

(4) Don't let your rational mind interfere. Don't think, evaluate, analyze or judge. Rational mind activities take us out of neutral!

(5) As you feel your body, let the qualities of stable, non-judgmental, permanent, still, at peace and harmonious be infused into your being.

(6) The breath is neutral. Use the breath to pull you into the neutral channel.

(7) Let yourself be pulled into your inner space inside your skin.

Your task is to (1) access, (2) stay in, (3) deepen, and (4) train yourself to operate out of your neutral mind. Then you can use this inner space to hold the space of peace and equanimity within your body.


Sit in easy pose with hands on the knees, thumbs and forefingers touching.

Eyes focus on tip of your nose.

Join the upper and lower teeth together.

Tongue touches upper palate.

As you internally chant, beam out and pulse SA TA NA MA from the 3rd eye.

Coordinate the mantra with long deep breathing. Silently repeat the mantra two or three times with each inhale and each exhale. Choose either two or three repetitions (or more if it works best for you) and stick with that rhythm during the whole meditation.

This meditation is best done for 31 minutes or more. You can do it for shorter times, but once you get into it, you will probably want to continue for 31 minutes or longer.

This meditation creates internal harmony. It leads you to go inside, tune out distractions and center yourself in your inner space - neutral mind. The effects of this meditation are the greatest on the eve of full moon because the subconscious mind is open fully to the full vibratory effects. It is also good to do before going to bed. Whenever you do it, it will pull you into your neutral mind or peace channel.