Welcome to the Taurus Party

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #17, May 2, 2000

May 3, 2000, seven celestial bodies-- the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn--will all gather in the Taurus sky. The last time six planets joined in Taurus was on May 21, 529 C.E., when the Sun was in Gemini. The only other time this alignment occurred in the same sign in the last 500 years was in February 3-5, 1962 in the sign of Aquarius. At that time the intensely focussed Aquarian energy highlighted and unleashed major Aquarian themes-political and social and change and technological development.


You have probably already noticed that the meeting in Taurus is bringing up our Taurus issues, which include the desire for comfort, security and pleasure. In the forefront are basic questions involving choices of how to use our time, money and energy. During this time we are be ask ourselves questions related to fundamental Taurean issues-- VALUES, SECURITY AND FOUNDATIONS. What do we truly value? What will give us real security? What are our foundations and are they built on values that give us real security?

The fact that 5 planets, the Sun and the Moon are pulling in the same direction means that all parts of our psyche are supporting and being impacted by this cosmic rendez-vous. MERCURY relates to our mind, thought processes and communication. VENUS determines what we like and what we attract. MARS indicates how we use our energy and where we put our resources. JUPITER brings us good fortune and expands our horizons. SATURN is the teacher of earthly lessons, as well as the purifier, liberator and manifestor. The SUN is our ego and soul identity. The MOON is our emotions and subconscious.

This intense energy is impossible to ignore. It will be especially noticeable in the areas in our lives that are catalyzed by the Taurus line-up. It is an opportune time to use this high concentration of energy for constructive, life-changing endeavors and to grab on to opportunities that might unexpectedly arise. *(1)


With seven celestial bodies aligning in the first Earth sign Taurus, the intense energy is bringing to our attention issues relating to the physical world, the economic system and the environment. Collective Taurean issues include sustainable growth, stewardship of Planet Earth and the wise use of physical resources.

Collectively there is an urge to organize around new ideas and to catalyze innovative projects. Taurus challenges (squares) both Uranus and Neptune. This astrological configuration translates "as collective or evolutionary demands that can no longer tolerate 'business-as-usual.'" *(2) Some people may feel compelled to change their profession because of some form for compelling dissatisfaction and inner urge to move on. The protests at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund highlighted grassroots action and intervention that challenges the status quo, demands participation and brings our attention to the imbalances in wealth that must be addressed if we are to create a peaceful and sustainable 21st century. Taurus helps us realize that a solid foundation for global security must include justice and equity.

At this time conscious participation is well recommended. "In the past, the president elected during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has often been seen as something of a 'savior' for the deteriorating social and moral climate of the country." *(3) In the U.S. new and promising leadership has emerged during this time. This includes Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. (We should have had this information before we let the opportunity of having a conscious, honest adult like John McCain slip through our fingers! And I am not even a Republican. But the idea of a man with solid character and commitment to shift our political system from the control of special interests to the people sounded tantalizingly democratic and revolutionary to me.)


Every spiritual path teaches us that expectations get us in trouble or at least distract us from experiencing the truth in the present moment. Predictions, astrological or otherwise, create expectations, which can create self-fulfilling prophesies or lead to severe disappointments when they don't come true.

On another level one of the major reasons expectations get us in trouble is that the energies are not out there doing something to us. They are part of us. *(4) The question is not what this or any other cosmic event is doing to us. The question is how are we participating in the unfoldment of the energies available? How do we pulse with these energies? How able are we to tune into, align with, make use of and enjoy (Taurus insists upon enjoyment!) the current expression of the cosmic dance?

Energetically we are disempowered by relating to God, astrological events and circumstances in our own lives as "out there." Separation, whether it be from, objects, ourselves, the present, an abstract future or the cosmos weakens and disenfranchises us. Empowerment is nurtured from the experience of Oneness and our consequent identification with events, the material as well as the spiritual worlds, nature, other living beings and the Divine. There is a lot more juice and joy in "We are all one" than in "I am alone." And there is a lot more peace and potential in participation than victimization. A major theme of conscious evolution is to become less and less a victim of circumstances and more and more an active participant in the unfoldment of our own lives.

Knowledge of the cosmic flow, the movement of the planets and the nature of the energies of the zodiac aid us in achieving greater degrees of conscious participation with universal forces. We talk about "going with the flow" and "being at one with the universe." How do we achieve and live in this state of consciousness as human beings in the mundane world? One of the goals of this New Millennium Being newsletter is to examine the energies that are not only impacting us, but also living inside us. Combined with our spiritual practice, this information can help us realize and enjoy our oneness and take full advantage of (instead of resisting) the potentialities that are available to us at every moment. Knowledge of planetary cycles can help us time, access and flow with the rhythms of our life's activities.


If you want to gain a deeper intellectual understanding of what is happening in the heavens at this time and how it might impact your life, the following discussion is for you. I am doing my best to explain as simply as possible some of the basics of astrology so that non-astrologers might be able to comprehend some of the astrological events and how they affect us. If, however, you simply want to tune into the current energy, skip to the end of this newsletter for Taurus tune-in tips and a meditation given by Yogi Bhajan to deal with and profit from these intense times.


Although the May 3 alignment of the Sun, Moon and the 5 inner planets in Taurus is the centerfold of attention, there is a lot of celestial activity during the months of April and May that will serve to catalyze change for months and indeed years to come. I will list these and then explain what this might mean and how it might impact our individual and collective lives.

Taurus is the overriding energy during the months of both April and May. The SUN is in Taurus from April 19-May19. The MOON is in Taurus from May 2-4, with the New Moon the 3rd. MERCURY is in Taurus from April 30 to May 13. VENUS is in Taurus from May 1-26. MARS-March 23-May 3. JUPITER-February 15-June 29. SATURN-March 1,1999- August 9,2000.

There are many rendez-vous' of the planets in Taurus territory during this time. 24 separate conjunctions will be generated out of the seven-planet alignment. 18 of these are in Taurus. Mars conjuncts Jupiter at 10o Taurus on April 5. Mars joins Saturn at 17o Taurus on April 15th.

Jupiter and Saturn meet on May 28th at 23o Taurus. The Jupiter-Saturn rendez-vous is of special significance. They meet once every 20 years, this time in Taurus.

Between May 13 and 28, three major long-term planetary aspects, with cycles greater than ten years, will occur. We have just mentioned the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Taurus on May 28th.

The others are the Saturn-Uranus square on May 13th and the Jupiter-Uranus square on May 20th.

FORECASTING AND PREDICTIONS TIMING First, it is important to emphasize that the probability of specific events occurring exactly within this time frame of astrological events is remote. However, since these planetary interactions have in the past corresponded to significant global events and shifts in financial markets, a look at what happened in the past may give us some ideas of what to expect and how to best use the opportunities presented to us at this time.

Economic, social and political trends unfold over time. Astrological "events" announce, influence and set the energetic agenda for shifts in human activity. A reasonable timeframe that we can feel, experience and utilize the energy made available to us is roughly five months on either side of the "events." Relative to the Taurus encounters, this period is between December 1999 and October 2000, five months either side of May 2000. *(5)

EVOLUTIONARY UNFOLDMENT Although our society is addicted to dramatic happenings and seeks 30 minute, or less, solutions to problems, life doesn't really work that way. Natural disasters and tragic events do change our lives forever, but most of life is an evolutionary process that takes place not at a specific moment, but over the course of a period of time, even years. Astrological events can be used as indicators of the direction of the human unfoldment and give us hints on how we can best capitalize on the energies available to us.

The unfoldment of the human experience, political and social evolution and financial trends all involve a cyclical process. The cyclical movement of heavenly bodies impacts our psyche, events and mass consciousness.

PLANETARY CYCLES The Moon has the shortest cycle relative to the Earth. The Moon changes sign every 2-1/2 days. The Moon impacts our mood. The Sun changes signs approximately every 28 days. The Sun impacts our orientation, focus and direction. The outer planets-- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto-change signs every 6, 14 and 16 years respectively. Changes in sign and planetary events involving the outer planets plant the seeds for changes in long term trends.

When the energies of the slower planets, or those farthest away from the Earth, interact because of the relationship of the angles between them, it is wise to take note. For it is these interactions that give us clues as to how the cosmic dance is impacting our individual and collective lives.

CONSCIOUSNESS One of the main goals of this newsletter is to make known the availability of different types of universal energy at different times. Another goal is to make clear that the perception of the exact nature of planetary energies is intricately dependent upon the state of our conscious awareness and how we choose (or don't choose) to use these energies. There is no textbook formula to predict how a specific planetary alignment will affect us. We can look at events and trends during other similar times in history as a means to alert us to the dangers that could face us and possibilities that awake us. But in the end, it is our individual and collective psychological state and dynamic interaction in our everyday life that will determine what happens or doesn't happen. In sum, we are at choice. The more we develop our conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here, the more able we are to make choices that will benefit ourselves, others and the Planet.


As the planets, Sun and Moon move through the sky, they are in energetic relationship to each other. The angles that they form to each other determine the nature of the relationship and the energy that impacts us. Conjunctions and squares highlight the May sky.

CONJUNCTION is the term used to signify that planetary bodies are in the same sign and degree in the sky at the same time. Conjunctions represent endings and beginnings and bring with them harmonious energy. One cycle completes and another begins. Conjunctions offer us an opportunity to break old patterns, switch paradigms and make an evolutionary leap forward. Conjunctions offer us new possibilities. Multiple conjunctions open the door to many new possibilities and multiple choices. They are especially potent times for seeding new ways of being and doing. Our thoughts, intentions, actions and prayers during this time set the tone for many years to come. It is wise to be mindful of what we are consciously and unconsciously creating at this time.

Conjunctions celebrate the release of old energy, habits and structures and the infusion of new energy, innovative ideas and changes in how we choose to live our lives. Conjunctions initiate a new cycle, which highlights the themes of the new zodiac sign. Conjunctions create connecting energy that brings together people of like-minded interests and causes. Opportunity and connections are key words at this time.

SQUARES denote that the heavenly bodies are at 90o angles to each other. Squares demand action and provoke action if there is resistance. When the planets move to a 90o angle to each other, the relationship often correlates to a crisis or a wake up call. The first (waxing or expanding) 90o angle symbolizes a "crisis in birth." The second (waning or contracting) 90o angle in the cycle symbolizes a "crisis in death." *(6)

The other two major relationships are oppositions and trines. OPPOSITION is the term used to indicate that planetary bodies are opposite each other in the sky. Oppositions announced significant outcomes and synthesis. TRINE is the term used to indicate a 120o angle. Trines offer flowing, easy energy.

The cyclical relationship between the planets depends upon the distance between the bodies. The farther apart, the longer the planetary cycle. Saturn and Uranus are very distant from each other, which accounts for the fact that their planetary cycle is 42-48 years. Jupiter and Saturn are closer so their interactive cycle is 20 years.

The inner planets, which are closer to the Earth-- Venus, Mars, Mercury-have shorter cycles. The outer planets-- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto-- have longer cycles. The planets move in relationship to each other.

During the month of May between the 13th and the 28th, 2000, there are three planetary relationships, one conjunction and two waxing squares, that have historically been related to significant historical events and trends and thus could portend major shifts at this time. The cosmic dance also includes many conjunctions and all of the seven planets interact with Uranus at a 90o angle (waxing square.)

The best advise I can give for all this activity is to relax, do your best and let each day be an adventure.


Jupiter is the planet that expands and brings good fortune if we wisely use its energy. Saturn is the planet that obliges us to methodically and honestly learn our lessons. As the two meet in Taurus the questions that arise include--"Can we base our economic choices on Jupiterian wisdom and perspective, rather than hubris and excess? Can we draw on the prudence of Saturn, respecting and protecting the limits of the natural world? Can we balance expansion with conservation, optimism with pragmatism, vision with effort?" *(7)

The 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been one of the major cycles followed by astrologers for centuries, even millennia. It is said to impact the most important matters of state, national leadership and the health of the economy. It is even said that the birth of Jesus in 7B.C.E. coincided with the conjoining of these two planets in Pisces. In the past, the conjunction of these two planets has corresponded with pivotal Supreme Court decisions, major changes in political leadership, by election, revolution or assassination. Major issues during these periods have included civil rights, international negotiations and advancements in education. *(8)

Greg Bogart calls the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction the beginning of "A New Cycle for a New Century." *(9) The interaction between Jupiter and Saturn is considered the most important interplanetary cycle. " In ancient times, the cycle of these two planets was used to predict collective events of great importance." The "cycle can be considered the ground base of human development which marks the interaction between the perception of ideas, potentialities, possibilities (Jupiter) and their manifestation in the concrete material world (Saturn.)" *(10)

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of social destiny. They unleash the urge to find a means to meaningfully participate in collective endeavors. They help us form a sense of social purpose and direct us to achieve concrete results. Their territory includes constructive social activity, vocational and professional development and the pursuit of success.

The relationship between these two planets unfolds major phases of the development of our life's work. Conjunctions in particular mark a time when we are motivated to form a new sense of social purpose or life direction. *(11) The 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle circumscribes our efforts to do something in this world, to make something of ourselves. Together they symbolize our ambitions, how we define ourselves and how we focus our efforts to achieve results in this world.

The phases of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle "correspond to turning points in our efforts to actualize our ambitions." *(12) The conjunction opens doors for new directions of expression, social activities and achievements. We make new commitments and with certitude dedicate our lives to the realization of our life's dreams. The conjunction is the beginning of an evolutionary unfoldment that will evolve over the next 20 years. It is a time when we make major commitments to new projects. Whatever seeds are planted at this time will grow in the next 20 years. Wise choices are extremely important because the ramifications will be felt for 2 decades. The conjunction announces a time of decisive action. During the next 5 years we must diligently devote our time and resources to taking the practical steps required to make our dreams come true.

It is good to remind ourselves that just prior to the conjunction is the closing phase of the last period. At this time we may feel satisfied that we have completed a significant phase in our lives. We may also feel burdened with a sense of disappointment or failure that we have not achieved the goals that we have set out for ourselves. Fortunately, there is always a new cycle, another chance and more opportunities to grow, expand and achieve. Building on our maturity and lessons learned, we are better equipped to know what we want and how to focus our attention toward our life's goals. In sum, we are filled with hope because we know we have another chance.


In May 1941, the Sun and 5 planets-- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus-- all lined up in Taurus. It is useful to examine events of that period in order to understand the potentials available to us at this time. The industrial build up associated with World War II and German expansionism usually attract most of our attention. However, the energies at this time were also feeding significant artistic developments. Orson (Taurus) Welles's film Citizen Kane, hailed as the "greatest film of all time" premiered May 1, 1941, highlighted a "golden age" of film making. The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. was inaugurated. Bob Dylan was born. *(13)

The point is that Taurus, mentored by Venus, is not only concerned with the environment and the use of resources, it specializes in beauty, aesthetics, and artistic endeavors. The high concentration of Taurus energy at this time may unleash our artistic potentials and can be used to further our artistic pursuits. Closet artists, this is your time to capitalize on the opening of this powerful lineup. I know one exceptionally talented closet artist who is liberating herself from her 10 to 7 job during this period. Bravo!

Artistic endeavors involve the opening of the human heart. During Venus periods (Taurus and Libra) our souls are more sensitive and receptive to the universal energies of Love. Both Taurus and Libra are associated with the heart chakra. The planetary lineup in Taurus makes the energy of the heart chakra more accessible, which in turn facilitates creative expression and spiritual experiences. It is a great time to pursue heart opening devotional practices including meditation, prayer and communing with nature. In addition to healing ourselves and our planet, the Taurus stellium offers a rare opportunity to ground our ideals in real-world reforms and participatory grass-roots action and to manifest our dreams by taking practical action to make positive social change. *(14)


During the months of April and May, Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius "square" all of the planets in Taurus. A "square" is a right or 90o angle, which energetically produces the need to change, take action and challenge the status quo. One doesn't simple ride out a square. Either we choose to take action or action is taken on our behalf. We can either be empowered or feel victimized by the energy that this relationship between the planets produce.

Aquarius and Uranus are the cosmic revolutionaries, who specialize in quick and sudden changes. Neptune is the dreamer and the visionary. As Aquarius and Neptune confront the Sun, Moon and the five inner planets in Taurus, they demand a more equitable distribution of resources-witness the protests at the World Bank and International Monetary System. Aquarius forces us to look at how our social, political and economic systems are structured. (Note the fall in the stock market and the ruling against Microsoft.) Do they serve the common "us" or special interests? Aquarius demands participation and a voice for the common man and woman.

Uranus and Neptune are vibrating Aquarian energy long enough for us to realize that there are many things we can't do alone, but that we can do together. It is gradually seeping into our consciousness that each of us (the parts) are special and that the collective whole we create together is even more powerful that the sum of the parts than we imagined. "The Aquarian beat goes on, and, while each of us marches to our own drum, there is an every increasing collective beat, syncopating our personal choices." *(15)


On May 13 Saturn, for the third and final time, is in a (waxing, initial phase) 90o or squared relationship to Uranus. In the past this signature has correlated to mundane events such as wars, significant stock market fluctuations, economic recessions and reversals and natural disasters. The extreme movements in the stock market in April certainly followed this pattern. This cosmic relationship has also correlated to revolutionary ways of thinking, significant inventions, the demand for individual freedom and independence. *(16) These polar examples serve to illustrate that "square" energy will produce results. How we choose to use the energy available depends upon our individual and collective consciousness and will.

On May 20 Jupiter and Uranus will form the same relationship-a waxing square. Jupiter expands our horizons and blesses us with good fortune. Uranus surprises us with accidents or miracles and magic, depending on how willing we are to go with the flow of the times and our own destiny plan. It is a good time to be open to opportunities and to seize them when they come along. But don't wait to win the lottery. Our own participation is usually required. We must we ready and willing to respond to situations as they arise.


The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place at 23-24o Taurus. This is the focal point for everyone's new beginning. Any other planets at the same degrees will also be impacted, especially Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio.

Where 23-24o Taurus falls in our birth chart is the area of our lives that will be most affected by this event. This place of our chart will help indicate where we are headed, where we can most fruitfully focus our energies and how we might define the future direction of our lives. This degree indicates not only where we will strive for new achievements, but also how we will use our energy and what lessons we will learn along the way.

If we have lived several or many years in a place other than our birthplace, it is also useful to have an astrological chart made that uses your current location as your birthplace. The placement of 23-24o Taurus in the locational chart will also define the future direction of your life.


Although it can be useful to identify where Taurus resides in your birth and current location chart, we do intuitively know what is up for us. The arenas (houses in a birth chart) of life that will be impacted are very briefly summarized below.

(1) Identity, self-worth, self-love (2) Livelihood, earning money, taking care of your basic needs, financial security (This is the traditional house or territory of Taurus, so we will all be concerned with this area of life.) (3) Education, communication (4) Home and family, inner peace and security (5) Creativity, artistic expression, children (6) Heath and service (7) Partnership, marriage (8) Personal empowerment, shared financial ventures (9) Spiritual path, international travel, publishing, wisdom (10) Career and profession development (11) Community, group or political involvement and action (12) Consciousness, enlightenment, inner journey.

The common thread is COMMITMENT TO NEW GOALS in whatever area of life that is your new focus.

We are all going to be preoccupied with Taurean issues. Generally speaking Taurus is concerned with the physical, the practical and the tangible. The Bull likes to organize the physical resources of the Earth to create beauty and personal resources to create security. Taurus organizing principles are VALUE, SECURITY, FOUNDATION and PLEASURE..

Taurus energy teaches about magnetism. What we attract depends upon what we believe we deserve and how much we values ourselves. Material mastery is linked to self-mastery. Taurus teaches us that we must find out what we value and protect ourselves from being influenced by external disapproval of our personal value system. Inevitably we carry the big bad disapproving wolf inside us. Our ultimate security is built upon self-acceptance and self-love.


The energy of each sign lives within each of us and awaits (or demands) activation and alignment. When the frequency of Taurus is so abundantly available, we are both obliged to learn Taurus lessons and blessed to receive her gifts. Tuning into the energy of Taurus is the best way to take full advantage of the opportunities available at this time.

How do we tune into Taurus energy? It is going to be hard not to this year. It is so all-pervasive. Taurus makes us slow down. Stopping is a great start! Taurus energy also grounds us and helps us be very present in our bodies and aware of the sensations in our bodies. Slowing down, being present and feeling the sensations in our bodies will help us further refine our sensitivities to Taurus energy. By anchoring our awareness in the strong, steady and sensuous Taurus energy, we synergize with it. The more we can make this a meditation and a non-verbal experience, the more we will get to know Taurus within ourselves.

To help tune into Taurus energy we can recall some of her main attributes, which include stable, loyal, patient, sensual, indulgent, stubborn, resistant, immovable, lazy, slow and attuned to the natural world. Our goal is to allow ourselves to experience these energies and then to work with them and allow them to nurture, sustain and teach us. The above attributes are all expressions of the same primal Earth and desire energies that bring substance to our existence.

EARTH ENERGY Taurus is the Earth element, so during your meditation be sure to bring your attention to your root chakra. You may even feel the energetic roots from your first chakra connecting to the Earth. We want to establish an experience of rootedness and a secure foundation in our body. This is accomplished by simply being present TO the sensations in our body.

The use of symbols can be useful--like relating to yourself as a tree or rock-- stable, solid, immovable. I like meditating with a heart-shaped rock I found on the beach near my feet. If these props actually facilitate tuning into the solid, peaceful, totally accepting nature of the Earth energy, they can be very useful. Visualizations that keep our attention in the mind and out of our bodies are distractions. Of course, meditating or walking in nature is the best.

DESIRE ENERGY Taurus is also desire energy. To tap it and make the best use of it, we have to experience it in its most primal form before it becomes an emotion or a commotional story. Meditating on yourself as a flower can help stimulate a feeling of self-love. Taurus teaches us that one of the highest forms of healing is available through self-love.

In its purest form, desire energy translates into charisma and magnetism. To cultivate desire energy we again have to focus on the sensations in our bodies and practice loving what we are feeling. This helps us contain our energy, which makes us a magnet. Being present to the peaceful Earth energy and indulging in how wonderful it feels to be at peace in our bodies is a great way to cultivate presence and power.

TUNING IN Uranus and Aquarius specialize in surprises and serendipity. Although fortuitous events may appear as good luck and misfortunes may seem like bad luck, there are no simple coincidences in the universe. Every event, every person and every breath are connected in the cosmic web. The connections are usually invisible to our untrained eye and escape our attention because we live behind the cosmic veil and are unconscious of how the universe works and even how we ourselves impact everything with our actions and thoughts. Earthy Taurus energy gives a chance to slow down and be silent so we can intuitively tune into the intricate and awesome interconnections that link us with universal energies.

When we slow down, we can get in touch with our true values and what we really want. Like the Bull, we can chew and digest life. And then we can simply be present and enjoy it.


During the meditation class that Yogi Bhajan taught in San Diego April 15, 2000, he asked us to ask ourselves "What is my focal point?" He suggested that each morning before getting out of bed we should ask ourselves this question. Our first two responses should be-

I am a human being. I am a woman (or a man.)

Then we should examine our level of purity. He said it is our purity that will work for us. Our strength is in our purity. Our level of purity will determine how much we can share, love and serve.

Note that connecting the Saturn finger and the thumb in the following meditation works on our level of purity.


The New Moon always begins a new annual cycle in one of the twelve signs. Joined by the Sun and this year Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, we definitely have a chance to initiate a new cycle in relationship to Taurus energy, issues and opportunities. The New Moon is the best time to start a project or spiritual practice. So May 3 is an optimal time to begin the meditation given by Yogi Bhajan to do during this period. If you miss this day, May 28th is also a good day.

Meditation for Prosperity and to Remove All Obstacles

Yogi Bhajan has given the following Kundalini Yoga meditation to do during this period of time-while the Planets are in Taurus and also to be able to deal with the intensity of the energy and the challenges during the shift to the new millennium and the Aquarian Age.

This meditation has 40 sounds. It effects the 5 tattvas (air, water, fire, earth, and ether), the 7 chakras and the arch line. This mantra can penetrate into anything and help avoid misfortune. It has the power to break through any resistance or obstacles. It is sacred but it is not secret. This meditation was given by Yogi Bhajan to be successful during these challenging times.

HAR, HAR, HAR, HAR-repeat before each of the following mantras Pump the navel center (below the navel) with each Har. Use the tip of the tongue. Chant in a monotone, enunciating clearly each syllable or chant to a tape. GOBINDE-Go bin day--Sustainer

MUKUNDE-Mu kun day--Liberator

UDARE-Oo dar ay--Enlightener

APARE-A par ay--Infinite

HARING-Har e ung--Destroyer

KARING-Kar e ung--Creator

NIRNAME-Nir na may--Nameless

AKAME-A ka may--Desireless

Choose one mudra and do for 40 or 90 days for 11 minutes.

Thumb touching Jupiter finger( index)- to remove all obstacles

Thumb touching Saturn finger (middle)- for inner purity

Thumb touching Sun finger (ring)-for health, prosperity and friendship All the resources that you need will come to you.

Thumb touching Mercury finger (little)- for clear communication

(See Mudra page http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/asanas.html#Mudras )


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