Aries - Identity Reframe - Serve Your Soul

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #180, March 20, 2011

We are in the midst of a profound transformation in our definition of Self. Our relationship with our soul is undergoing a metamorphosis. This issue guides you as you partake in this great awakening and enter new frontiers in your own being.


Within one month the two major planetary movements of Uranus and Neptune are changing our world and redefining how we perceive ourselves and reality. The Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown happened as Uranus moved into Aries March 11. The Virgo Super Full Moon March 19 offered an awakening and healing for many. What Virgo awakening and healing are you experiencing?

MARCH 11 - URANUS moved into ARIES for 8 years until March 6, 2019 at 4:21 PM PDT (11:21pm GMT)

APRIL 4 - NEPTUNE enters PISCES for 14 years until April 2025.

MARCH 20 - At the Spring Equinox, the SUN moves in to ARIES where it stays until April 20.

APRIL 3 - ARIES NEW MOON - 7:33 AM PDT (2:33pm GMT)

APRIL 17-18 - LIBRA FULL MOON - 7:45 PM PDT (2:45am GMT)



On the Aries New Moon, April 3, six celestial bodies are in Aries - the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Uranus. Mercury entered Aries March 9. The Sun entered Aries March 20. Uranus entered Aries March 11. Jupiter has been in Aries since January 22. This is a lot of fire/light energy.

Aries has officially kicked in as a major force motivating us to take action, supporting usin our individualization process and propelling us forward on our destiny path. Aries initiates new beginnings and gives us the catalytic power, self-confidence, courage and audacity to make quantum shifts in our inner and outer lives. Aries inspires us to be pioneers who boldly enter new territory. When the gun goes off, Aries is the first through the gate.


At the Libra Full Moon, April 17-18, the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Uranus will still be in Aries. They are opposed by the Moon and Saturn in Libra. The dynamics of autonomy, personal freedom, self expression and innovation (Aries) dominate our relationships (Libra), which demand a reality check in terms of transparency, mutual respect, maturity and functionality (Saturn in Libra.)

The Aries/Libra polarity pair is playing its part in the major paradigm shift that is being activated worldwide. Who we are (Aries) and our relationship (Libra) with everything else are being exposed and upgraded if we dare to look through the eyes of our soul.


Mercury is retrograde in Aries for 24 days this time! Three and one half weeks is going to seem like an excruciatingly long time if we try to maintain an Aries bulldoze through mentality.

Instead of pushing, choose to relax and let go of control. Move out of your head into your heart. Life will flow much easier during this special retrograde, which offers us a change to connect with the light of our soul, to get in touch with the fire that motivates us to take action and our truth that inspires us to be our best in everything we do. Build your radiance by containing your light and consolidating your fire in your body. Below I discuss the dynamics of our soul awakening process.



The interaction between the collective and the individual in the Aquarian Age is very special and definitely different than what we have been accustomed to. The higher expressions of the Aquarian/Leo polarities upgrade both group and individual consciousness. The Aquarian world is like a big puzzle with billions of pieces (men and women). Every piece/individual fits into the gigantic picture and is essential for creating the whole. Like a puzzle, if there are missing pieces, we notice the holes that have not yet taken their place - answered their call to offer their contribution.

In our Aquarian world, every sun (Leo) must shine. In the Piscean Age, individuals were lost in the crowd of a faceless collective run by a few (the patriarchy) who profit from and exploit everyone else - the masses. The concept of'masses' is a patriarchal phenomenon. In the Aquarian Age, the experience of a global community composed of empowered, contributory individuals replaces the 'mass' concept.

In the Aquarian/Leo dynamic, individuals are NOT lost, exploited and downtrodden. Each individual is able to FIND him or herself in our global community. Each individual is empowered by his or her relationship with the bigger community, which supports everyone in making their unique contribution. The more we shine our light, the more we are able to identify our unique gifts and to make them available to the world.

In soul consciousness, living for ourselves, others, our community and the Universe are the same thing. Serving our soul is NOT a selfish act. Serving our soul is how we are able to serve our community. This is because we live for something higher than our limited concept of survival and worldly success. We live to express the magnificence of the universal light and love that we are so privileged to embody for this short time on Planet Earth.


In the early years, we asked Yogi Bhajan about membership in the Kundalini Yoga community. He told us that there would be no membership cards. If wedid sadhana, chanted Ong na mo and attuned ourselves to the vibration of Ek Ong Kar (We are all created by the same creator), we made ourselves 'a member.' If we did not align energetically, that was our choice and WE excluded ourselves. Belonging in the Aquarian Age is all about synchronizing with the oneness vibration of Love. It is up to us each of us individually if we choose to make ourselves available to be at one with the vibration or not.


March 11 Uranus moved into Aries for 8 years (through March 6, 2019.) In so many different ways, individuals around the world are waking up and claiming their personal right to freedom and self-expression. Soulful, determined, audacious, self-confident and angry, once silenced voices are now asserting themselves and being heard. Their/our power comes from the authenticity of the individual rage that is also a collective rage. The willful individual voices collaborate to redress shared grievances, eliminate systemic abuse and relieve collective pain. A global revolution is afoot.

It is totally understandable, normal and part of the human empowerment process to feel angry about the abuse we have suffered. Anger is a stage. Anger expresses our fire energy and motivates us to take action for ourselves. Fire energy is the light of our soul. As we awaken our light, we add our piece to the Aquarian puzzle. As we shine our light, we help others shine their light. The more light we shine, the more our individual lights build our collective light. We need and support each other as we all play our part in the global paradigm shift.

Everywhere people are realizing that we are not powerless in the face of our individual and collective challenges. Men and women around the globe are waking up to their personal and collective power. However abuse, manipulation, subservience and external control showed up for us in the past, we are no longer willing to let it continue. We are becoming conscious of the power and mission of our soul.

Our souls are demanding and guiding us to own and to creatively use our light and our lives. Giving away our power is a travesty that can no longer be tolerated. Claiming our power and sharing, each in our own special way, is required! When we shine our light and share our love, we raise the vibration of the whole planet and create the space for solutions that can surprise us all.


Uranus energy expresses as sudden changes that include not just Earthquakes and natural and manmade disasters, but also magic and miracles. Uranus in Aries creates sudden changes in our personal lives. How are you being affected? How is your story line shifting? How do you choose to express this new energy for the next 8 years? How about awakening to the miracle and magic of your soul?


The empowerment of women is becoming a commanding force in our collective awakening and personal journey. This phenomena is supported by two planets shifting into Pisces territory.

Chiron moved into Pisces April 2010, where it will stay for 9 years through February 2019.

Chiron represents the self-empowerment process that we must go through to heal our wounds and claim our gifts.

Neptune enters Pisces April 4, 2011 for 14 years until April 2025. Neptune represents the cosmic force that unites us all. Benign and illusive, Neptune washes and blows away that which separates us from our soul self, clearing the way for us to perceive and operate from unity, unconditional compassion and love!

Pisces expresses the Divine Feminine. The major illusion that is being blown away is that God is HE. Actually the Universe operates from the perfect interaction, balance and synergy of both stable (male) and flowing (female) polarities. The inner revolution for both men and women requires awakening to the higher expression of these two basic soul and universal energies, which express in both sexes.


A friend of mine has three daughters, now in their thirties and all successful in life. He told me that he didn't allow them to go to church until after the age of seven. I asked him why. He said because the churches taught that 'God is a MAN!'He wouldn't subject his daughters to that programming. He also enrolled his daughters in martial arts classes so that they would always feel safe in the world.

The daughters (all relatively small 5 + feet)took it upon themselves to protect the weak and challenged students at school. He found this out at the high school graduation of his eldest daughter, when he saw a whole group of students crying. She told them not to worry, her sister would be entering the school the next year. Followed by the third daughter, the three sisters protected the challenged students for 12 years.

I love these stories. It is so inspiring how people take their power and use it to support others.


Aries is the first archetype in the Zodiac. Aries and the first house of our birth chart introduce us to ME. The other eleven archetypes help us to get to know the different facets of our soul self. All 12 houses of our birth chart represent the arenas of life and the circumstances in which our personal movie plays out.

In its highest expression, the Aries archetype elevates the concept of self from a limited personality perspective to a soul perspective. This reframe helps us understand and direct our lives in more meaningful ways. Our ego to soul reframe can also help us minimize the pain of our inevitable growth process and increase our enjoyment of life. This does not mean that we can escape our life challenges or avoid uncomfortable feelings. It means that we can better understand WHY we feel confronted by our life situations and how we can use them to empower ourselves to express and serve our soul in the world.


Being unconscious is a major source of our existential pain. Our limited awareness acts as a small box that restricts our perception of our identity to our physical body and our personality. Our limited personality identity comes equipped with (and continues to gather) stories, conditioning, and illusions about who we are and the nature of our interaction with others and the world. Confined within this restricted framework, our thoughts, communications and actions support and perpetuate our dysfunctional and pain inducing story line. Our evolutionary human journey requires that we become aware of how our ego definition of self creates self-sabotaging scenarios of victimization (guilt and blame) and self-effacement (self-criticism and self-judgment.)

A major turning point in our lives occurs when we realize that our life lessons, our relationships and all our problems and circumstances are simply ways that our soul chooses to awaken us to a more conscious relationship with our true essence. Once we are able to operate from the perspective of 'our soul on a mission,' we enter a vastly expanded and new territory. We see how we have given away or power and realize that we can choose to no longer do so. As we change, , our story line shifts in a most profound way. Instead playing out our stories, we can use our life to serve our soul.


Our Aries job is to identify our soul identity.We find ourselves at the center of our own movie. From the vantage point of cameraman (third eye), we observe and monitor 'me in my movie.' We witness ourselves in our interactions with others and in all our life situations. We ask ourselves -

Am I speaking my truth? Am I being honest with myself?

Are my thoughts, feelings, communications and actions coherent with my soul identity?

How am I doing in representing my soul on Planet Earth?

Am I serving my soul by releasing fear programming and freeing it to dance in the spotlight of love?


Immature, unconscious, egocentric Aries can be obnoxiously self-centered. Our ego's theme song is 'Me me me me. I see only me me me me." However, let us not be too quick to judge. There is a lot of truth behind these words.The world is a mirror that serves as a reflection of our projections.Our spiritual progress depends upon honestly witnessing how our outer reality is a creation of our inner state of being. This realization is the underpinning of our spiritual awakening and a key to self-discovery. The Aries archetype reveals the fact that 'My life really is about ME.'

Learning our life lessons, self-empowerment, self-discovery and self-love - all happen in the context of

the conversation between ME and ME - personality me and soul me.

our choices at every moment between love or fear and

our relationship to and with all the events and our interaction in our world.

Our spiritual journey is about upgrading our perception of who we are and learning how to operate from our soul identity. THIS IS IMPORTANT - Judgment, self-criticism and guilt are NOT expressions of our soul. Our soul has compassion for our humanness. Our soul loves us no matter what happens. Our soul acknowledges that we are doing the best we can.


The idea that to focus on ourselves is selfish is a disempowerment tactic to control us and to keep us in subservient and submissive roles. Our evolution to higher consciousness requires self awareness. Self awareness is a skill that we must develop. Self awareness is a faculty that determines HOW we direct our attention and energy. Self awareness makes it possible to identify our soul identity. Self awareness is the underpinning faculty of self-realization. Self-realization is how we reach God-realization.

The more we develop self-awareness, the more we are able to move away from our limited ego identity and navigate our lives from our soul identity. The more we consolidate a sense of soul self, the less we engage in actions and behaviors that are feeble, ineffective and even destructive attempts to get attention, to find love and to acquire a sense of self-value.


The Aries path is about our relationship with ourself.From Aries wisdom, every life situation and relationship presents itself for us

to witness the limitations that we impose upon ourselves,

to learn lessons of self-empowerment,

to identify our soul identity, and

to develop a deeper and more compassionate connection with ourselves (and others - Libra polarity.)

The depth and authenticity of our relationship with ourself is a function of our ability to listen to and follow our inner guidance system. In every life situation and relationship we need to know what to do. Our soul goal is to live our truth in our relationships and with all the events and interactions in our world. To do so and to make the best choices, we must be our own authority.

To be our own authority, we must identify our own perspective of what works for us and what doesn't. We can do this by identifying our own (1) needs, (2) concerns, (3) desires, (4) likes and dislikes, and (5) the strategies that work best for us to maneuver through life and get our basic needs met. This honest list is between ME and ME!As our human life unfolds, we discover our special formula for happiness, peace, success and contribution.

Learning about our energetic blueprint as revealed in our birth chart provides invaluable information about the nature of our soul, our lessons and how we express ourselves. Everyone's personal truth is unique. When we are in touch with and operate from our inner truth, what we think, say and do are all coherent. There is no duality and no conflict. Our projection is clear and unencumbered. Doesn't that feel good!

There is a story about Ghandi (Libra). He had just spoken for four hours straight to the British Parliament in India. When he left he was as vital and alive as when he began. Someone asked his aide how he was able to maintain such impressive stamina.His aide replied that what he thinks, says and does comes from the same place. Every part of his being was aligned around and expressed his truth.


As our inner journey progresses, we upgrade the way we use the fire energy of our soul. Anger, rage, revenge express our fire energy that is attached to programs of victimization and conditioning from abuse. Everyone has been abused and given away their power. It is part of the human condition.Our spiritual journey is about extricating ourselves from the vicious victim scenario and learning how to tap into our soul light so that we use our fire energy to be creative, authentic, productive and contributory.


The Aries archetype is about getting in touch with our authentic individual identity. It is not about our status in the world, our job, our profession, our position or our role in relationship, i.e. husband, wife, mother, father. It is about WHO I AM while I am a real estate agent, a teacher, a counselor, a manager, an accountant, a mother, etc.We play multiple roles in life. Each one gives us an opportunity to monitor how 'soul me' is doing in this set of circumstances.

What we find out is that our success depends upon WHO I AM in our many roles. It is not the role, although different skills are required to play different roles. It is about our authenticity, our inner peace, our ability to operate with an open heart and to stay self-contained so that we don't lose energy. When we understand how many dynamics there are about 'who I am,' we realize that self-focus and self-awareness is imperative.


There are several important guidelines that are required to fully access our unique soul identity.

[1] DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE. We waste energy and confuse ourselves when we compare apples and tomatoes. You can dramatically empower yourself by breaking this one self-sabotaging habit.

[2] DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES. Empower yourself to face your life challenges and to learn what can learn.

[3] DON'T BE IN JUDGMENT ABOUT YOUR MOODS, THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS. Of course we evaluate, but evaluation with the intention of learning and changing is very different from mean and insensitive self-criticism.

[4] CREATE BOUNDARIES BY FOCUSING ON YOURSELF. If you focus on anything outside yourself, you weaken or dissolve your boundaries. Without energetic boundaries, we do fear-based and foolish things to protect ourselves. We scream at someone to get out of our lives. If we have a strong sense of self and boundaries, we just walk away.

[5] CHOOSE YOUR OWN RESPONSES. This includes allowing our immediate emotions and reactions. We must pay close attention so that we can distinguish between conditioned responses and messages from our soul. Train yourself to move into neutral and shift your focus out of your habitual storyline. Lovingly hold any emotional energy from a neutral mind space. Our soul guides us when we in our neutral channel.


Are you listening to and being influenced by wounded conditioning, external authorities or are you tuning into your own truth. When I first heard Yogi Bhajan speak he said, "If you do Kundalini Yoga, you cannot be controlled." I entered the world of Kundalini Yoga with those words. We do Kundalini Yoga to reclaim our life and to awaken to our soul and destiny path. As we do so, we acquire the gift of helping others to find their life, to awaken to their Soul and to discover their destiny path. In the Aquarian world, we must be inner directed.


Aries teaches us that awareness and self-initiation are about my relationship between ME and ME. It is simple. It is profound. It is the on-going theme of our spiritual journey.

Aries reminds us to be satisfied and grateful for our lives. The Ram invites us greet every new day with enthusiasm, gratitude and alertness. Of course, every day we face challenges - this is Earth School! It is always helpful to remember Yogi Bhajan's words - 'There is a pathway through every problem."

When our perspective is vast and our detachment is authentic, we realize that there are no problems. There are only situations (and stories.) Our job is to identify and learn the lessons that we must learn this lifetime, so that we can move on to greater awareness, power and peace. Our victory is in liberating ourselves from our old thoughts, stories and conditioning. Our personal empowerment can be measured by the extent to which we have reached the state of consciousness where, 'We cannot be controlled.'

Aries wisdom reminds us that our attitude is either empowering or sabotaging. When we can relate to our stories and dramas as entertainment, we have won the battle. If we can amuse ourselves as we learn our life lessons, we cover ourselves. Humor is our escape door. This is such great news!Physiologically it is true. Humor makes us laugh. When we laugh, we relax. When we relax, we let go. When we let go, we are not attached. We are not entangled. We are free. Our subconscious programs no longer control us. We are free to express and serve our soul.



A major Aries theme is reclaiming our power and taking control of our own lives. To stop giving away our power, we must experience our own light and soul essence. We must build a solid sense of self as a unique and love-directed soul.

For 40 days, including the 24 days that Mercury is retrograde in Aries (through April 24) chant the following mantra, which means 'I am the Light.'Hu is light.

Ha Qul Hu Hu Hu(HU is chanted like 'who' but blowing the ou out the mouth)

Chant for 11 minutes, or more if you wish.

Hands are either in gyan mudra on your knees or one on top of the other on your heart.

Dedicate this meditation to serving your soul. Before you chant, honor and thank your soul for your life and ask it to communicate with you how you can best serve it today and every day. You will become aware of how you have given away your power. You can reverse the process and internalize your power by focusing on yourself and by containing all your sensations inside your skin.

Continue to use the guidelines for cultivating your neutral mind and building your inner reality, which I share in issue #178. Also use the additional guidelines on how to direct your awareness to cultivate your inner reality in issue #179.

All Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations awaken our sensory system and prepare our body and mind to experience our inner soul reality. Use the spaces between the exercises and at the end of your practice to train your awareness.

This mantra is part of the exercise/meditation set 'Mantra Extension' in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World, page 180. Yogi Bhajan taught this kriya and mantra in 1972. This mantra is a Sufi Islam mantra.


The Mantra Extension Yoga set is part of in the Guru Rattana Online lesson 'Self-Trust.' For this and other classes on 'I Am Consciousness, I Love Me,' 'Divine Fire - Intuition and Instincts,' and 'Our Hero's Journey' see the SPIRIT/FIRE SIGN classes.

If you haven't already subscribed, you will need to do so to watch these classes. For a low monthly rate ($9.95, save 20% on a yearly subscription) you can watch as many classes as many times as you wish.

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