Virgo - Integrating Matter and Spirit

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #185, August 23, 2011


August 23 - The Sun moves into Virgo where it says through the 22 of September.

August 26 - Mercury goes direct.

August 28-29 - Virgo New Moon, 8:04 PM PDT (3:04am GMT)

September 12 - Pisces Full Moon, 2:27 AM PDT (9:27am GMT) .

Both the new and full moons form trines in the Earth signs. There is an easy flow of energy, which feels good, but to take advantage of this openness, we must take action if we want things to happen.

September 16 - Pluto goes direct. Time to move forward.

September 27 - Libra New Moon, 4:10 AM PDT (11:10am GMT)

The ongoing Pluto and Uranus square discussed in the last issue is very strong during the Libra New Moon.



This issue is about integrating matter and spirit and resolving their apparent separation. This is the main challenge and lesson of Pisces/Virgo polarities. The Virgo archetype is about the birth and evolution of Sprit into physical form. With Pluto in Capricorn until 2024, we are experiencing serious challenges related to all aspects of physical reality. We must experience the oneness of Spirit and Earth (1) to meet our personal and collective challenges, (2) to make the paradigm shift from fear to love, as we move into the Aquarian age and (3) to serve as grounding rods to anchor in the frequencies of love into Mother Earth.

Working with the energies and lessons of the Earth element makes it possible for us to be human vessels of love. The principles from the path of the Tao (which synthesizes the concepts of the Pisces and Virgo archetypes) help us synergize physical and non-physical realities so that we can achieve peace and love.


The most important question in our spiritual/life journey at this time is how to integrate matter and spirit so that we can experience inner (and outer) peace, oneness and love. To do so, we must understand the dynamic of polarities. Every sign of the Zodiac faces its own unique (yet universal) issues, which must be resolved in order to access our power and potential. The primary challenges of each sign are symbolized by the relationship between the opposite or polarity Zodiac sign.

Virgo and Pisces are each other's polarities. The two signs in polarity find resolution to their archetypical challenges only by integrating the (1) energies, (2) qualities and (3) powers of their opposite sign. The Earth Mother Virgo and Sacred Pisces duality is between body and mind, finite and infinite, physical reality and non-physical reality and matter and Spirit.


To find resolution between the duality of matter and Spirit, we must understand how humans got so out of touch with Spirit and how we can reestablish harmony within ourselves and with natural forces. I will discuss 5 points.

[1] Separate and Sacred

Many belief systems consider matter and Spirit as separate and in conflict. One reason is because we have lost our personal experiential connection with Spirit. In the dense frequency of physical reality, Spirit appears to us as a separate reality. Instead of perceiving physical reality as simply a denser form of existence, it has been categorized as ? not only different, but also ? of less value and ? not sacred.

[2] The Universal Dynamics of Polarities

The Universe operates through the dynamic of polarities, which obviously exist in pairs. By their very nature polarities express what we call opposites. However polarities are actually complements - they work together. And they are inseparable. Where we find one, we find the other.

The Universe is made up of two polarities. [1] One polarity is fixed. The fixed polarity sets the rules of operation or natural,universal laws that govern all reality. This includes the law of cause and effect (karma). [2] The other polarity is the evolutionary force of constant expansion and change.

In the Universe, polarities are not a problem. Their interactive dynamic is the way things work. The fixed polarity creates the universal fabric and holds everything together, while the force of change continually creates expansion and evolution.

[3] Redefining Sacred

When human belief systems separated matter from Spirit, they defined Spirit according to the fixed polarity. In the process, humans degraded the status of physical reality. The evolutionary polarity got denigrated and excluded from the Divine equation. The Earth, physical reality and the Mother were no longer included in the definition of Sacred. Father (HE) or fixed (the rules) became exclusively associated with the Divine. The Mother, physical reality and the evolutionary flowing force got deleted from the Divine equation.

[4] Resolution in Sacred

The reality is that both Father/fixed and Mother/evolutionary are together the underpinning dynamics of both physical and non-physical worlds, which are different manifestations of one reality. The resolution of the matter/Spirit schism is possible only when we actually perceive everything as sacred - when we experience everything as part of the Divine Plan or Play. Our inner and outer conflict can end only when (1) we embrace the evolutionary flow of creation without resistance and exclusion, and (2) play by natural and universal laws.

[5] Resolution in Our Body with Mother Earth

We witness the non-physical aspect of the Divine in our neutral mind, where we experience the fixed qualities of stability, silence and peace. But an authentic experience of 'the Father' or fixed archetype is not enough. In order to end our existential conflict, (1) we must give value to Mother Earth, our human experience and physical life, (2) we must experience the archetype of the Mother as Sacred, (3) we must experience the Divine in our body, and (4) we must experience our body as a sacred vessel.

The apparent separation of universal polarities can be resolved when we experience the Divine as including the flowing, comforting presence of the Mother. When the flowing aliveness aspect of the Divine enters our psyche - our consciousness - through our emotional and physical bodies (not just in our mind), we can experience Oneness and our inner conflict can be resolved.


The philosophy of Tao expresses the integration of the Pisces and the Earth Mother Virgo archetypes. The Tao (1) acknowledges both universal polarities as part of the Divine or Sacred

and (2) it asserts that natural harmony exists between heaven and earth - physical and non-physical realities - matter and spirit. The Tao refers to 'the Way' or the Force that operates through all existence - heaven and Earth. This Force has two components.According to Lao-tse

[1] Evolutionary Flow

The Tao cannot be described in word, ie. it is not an intellectual concept that can simply be understood. We can find harmony and oneness with the universal flow (1) by feeling the universal Force flow through our bodies, and (2) by developing an intimate relationship with the unfoldment of activities in our everyday life.

[2] Fixed Laws of Nature

We experience this harmony not by following man-made rules, but by following the laws of nature. Natural universal laws regulate the rotation of the planets, the activities of animals, birds, plants, the wind, the rain and the snow - all life and activity on Planet Earth and in the cosmos.

Harmony or Disharmony

The more we interfere with the Earth's natural balance, which is governed by universal laws, the more we create disharmony in our environment and within ourselves. And the more we experience our separation from nature, Mother Earth and the Universe. Man-made environmental destruction is a result of a belief system that has no respect or love for the Divine Mother. And the 'Father' (degraded to the patriarchy) makes his own rules!

Everything and everybody has its own nature encoded within it. When we violate, manipulate or try to control from our ego point of view of what is right or out of greed, we create problems. Arbitrary, human rules imposed from the outside inevitably create inner and outer conflict, struggle and disharmony.


The Taoist philosophy explains the essence of the Earth Mother Virgo archetype.

Our human experience is about learning valuable lessons. Our most basic lesson is learning how to live according to universal/natural laws. So instead of trying to escape the physical world, we should embrace our physical life and our bodies as sacred vessels of the Tao (Love.)

The essence of Taoism (and the Virgo archetype) is to work with, learn from and appreciate whatever happens in everyday life. Living in harmony with natural laws results in harmonious living and happiness.Life becomes sweet (1) when we work in harmony with life's challenges and tests, (2) when we change a negative into a positive, and (3) when we stop interfering and resisting.We know we have reached the state of Tao consciousness when a serene smile glows on our face. We laugh quietly and enjoy a subtle sense of cosmic humor.


To experience oneness of matter and spirit, we must expand our consciousness so that we perceive reality differently.

[1] In our awakened neutral mind, we perceive reality beyond the level of conflict. We find the place of peace where conflict does not exist. Our inner conflict is resolved because we no longer operate from our conflictual dualistic mind channel.

[2] We must also experience oneness with the Tao in our physical and emotional bodies. We must be able to relax and flow with the natural universal forces.

I strongly suggest getting a copy of the small book Tao te Ching and reading from it every day.


Although integrating finite and infinite can seem to be the most challenging of all polarities, when we experience the two energies in our body, it all feels so natural and it feels good.Our physical experience is upgraded significantly when we enjoy being in our bodies! Our task is to work with the first, second and seventh chakras, to do Kundalini Yoga for grounding and to strengthen our nervous system to hold higher frequencies in our body.

Mind/Body/Spirit integration comes through our relationship with the first, second and 7th chakras.We feel anxious, insecure, worried and fearful [1] when we are not grounded or connected in our body and with Mother Earth (1st chakra) [2] when we cannot relax, let go and surrender to the flow, and [3] when we are not connected to Spirit (7th chakra)

[1] In our first chakra, we connect with our body and the Earth.

We must feel rooted at the first chakra (base of spine, legs and feet) to feel safe in the physical world and comfortable in our bodies.

[2] At our second chakras we connect with the Tao as it flows through and animates our being and all physical reality. With a stable rooted base at our first chakra, it is possible to relax and enjoy the flow of energy and prana through our body.

[3] In our seventh chakra, we connect with the stable, fixed qualities of Spirit.

Together the first and seventh chakras help us develop a deep sense of security and trust. Both make it possible to be present in the moment as we allow the flow of existence. (second chakra)

We must experience a personal connection with both universal energies to be able to trust the Infinite unknown force - a power greater than ourselves. In synergy, we witness the miracle of manifestation in physical reality.


Whistle Breath Pranayama awakens the crown chakra.

Inhale with deep whistle through the mouth.

Exhale through the nose.

Concentrate to the sound at the crown.

Listen to the pure sound inside your head.5 minutes

Mentally hear Sat on the inhale. Mentally hear Nam on the exhale.

2 minutes

Effortlessly open oneself to experience the comforting and supportive energy and essence of Spirit.

Maa Sex Meditation on page 129 in Sexuality and Spirituality awakens the Divine Feminine.

The Kriyas for Skull and Pelvic Bone Adjustment on pages 28-33 in Relax and Renew are excellent for grounding.

Here are some directives to guide your practice.

* Focus on gold, not white, to ground in higher frequencies

* At the first chakra feel the stillness to feel safe and secure.

Then feel the movement and flow at 2nd chakra and in your body in general. Moving, alive and stillness in our body create grounding.

* At the first and second chakras to experience the presence of Spirit in your body

(1) feel gravity and the solid existence of physical reality. Feel peace and stillness.

(2) relax into the natural rhythms in our body and

(3) connect with the energy and flow of nature and prana through your body.

* Both first and seventh chakras help us develop a deep sense of security and trust and help us to be present in the NOW.

* Witness the non-physical aspect of the Divine in your neutral mind.

* Experience stability, silence and peace. But this is not enough.

Feel that you can hold these qualities and higher frequencies in your body.

* To integrate your experiences,

(1) feel peace, stillness and aliveness in your body.

(2) relax and trust and surrender to natural and universal forces.

(3) feel the presence of the Divine Mother

(4) Allow the Divine to enter your entire being through your emotional and physical bodies.

(5) Experience the flowing, comforting presence of the Mother.

(6) Allow the Presence of Mother energy to merge and be at one with the stable stillness in your neutral mind. You are at peace and in love. Your inner conflict is resolved. Sat Nam!


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