Neptune's Pisces Journey - 2012-2026

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #190, February 19, 2012


Mark these dates and monitor your energy and reactions. When a planet changes signs or goes retrograde, we feel the effects and have different energies to work with.

FEBRUARY 3- NEPTUNE RE-ENTERED PISCES where it remains through March 30, 2025.

FEBRUARY 19 - The SUN floats into Pisces where it illumines our way through March 19.

FEBRUARY 21 - PISCES NEW MOON 2:35pm PST (10:35pm GMT) .

MARCH 8- VIRGO FULL MOON 1:41am PST (9:41am GMT)

MARCH 12 - MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE until APRIL 4 for 23 days in Aries and Pisces. MERCURY AND URANUS will be conjunct within 4° for these 3 weeks.

This is a great time for deep silent meditation.

MARCH 13 - GRAND TRINE in March 2012 in the Earth signs. Venus and Jupiter (in Taurus), Mars (in Virgo) and Pluto (in Capricorn) make a triangular formation exact on March 13, but active for several weeks before and after that date.

MARS is still retrograde in Virgo JANUARY 23 through April 13.


MERCURY IS RETROGRADE again July 15 - August 7 in Leo for 24 days.

JUNE 24, 2012 is the date of the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto. (Uranus in Aries is exactly 90° ahead of Pluto in Capricorn in the Zodiac. Uranus will form seven exact squares with Pluto through March 2015.To be discussed in future issues.


Pisces and Neptune take us through inner transformation that quietly, but without leeway to escape, subjects us to profound changes in consciousness.

The Pisces/Neptune Factor will be influencing our lives for many years. Neptuneentered Pisces February 6, 2012 and remains in its home sign for 14 years through 2026. Chiron entered Pisces in February 2011, where it remains for 7 years until April 2018.

Chiron represents that which must be healed for us to be empowered and to own and offer our gifts. Chiron is about overcoming deep wounds that control our psyche and prevent us from being successful in the world. All our healing during this time will influenced and supported by Pisces and its polarity Virgo.


Every Zodiac archetype in its own way challenges us to become more conscious and aware and thus to expand our perspective and way of dealing with life. Each archetypical path holds the promise that by learning our lessons and acquiring greater levels of maturity we can achieve positive outcomes and a better future.In the initial phases of our development, our hopes, motivations and aspirations deal with the demands of physical reality and thus often remain earth bound.

The inner fast moving planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn) and the first six houses of the birth chart deal with (1) personal survival, (2) building of an individualized identity and (3) achieving finite earthly security, safety and nurturing.


The outer slow moving planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and asteroid Chiron) symbolize themes dealing with the evolution of consciousness that expose (1) the boundaries of our human ego, (2) the limitations of our ability to control and (3) the relativity of our mentally contrived and finite ideas of value, security, success and purpose.

The challenges presented by these archetypical energies are intended to lead us to true freedom, power, peace, love and liberation. They guide us to discover, create and maintain a sense of security through our inner connection with the Infinite.


The Pisces/Neptune archetype represents the last phase of our human journey. Their arena and lessons deal with

(1) that which is totally beyond our control and that which confronts us with the limits to our ability to understand and to be in charge of our lives.

(2) the universal and natural forces that operate and influence us regardless of whether we understand them, accept them or deny them, love them or hate them.

(3) the laws and principles of existence that exist independent of our will and actions. We are absolutely powerless to change the laws and the energies that hold the universal fabric together and determine its evolutionary flow.


Pisces and Neptune open the door to the non-physical realm of Spirit, where the rules of the game change dramatically.

* The futility of our earthly goals to create a sense of permanence are exposed.

* We are obliged to move beyond our humanly defined aspirations and desires.

* We must adapt to unexpected occurrences and submit to cosmic laws.

* We are challenged to upgrade our concept of reality, as we connect with eternal truths and cosmic energies.

* We are forced to re-evaluate operating principles and assumptions, which are valuable in the physical plane, but are irrelevant in dealing with non-physical reality.

* We must recognize and accept the limits of our individual power and our inability to control the non-physical world.

* We must release our need to control and redefine our hopes, desires and wishes.

* We must expand our consciousness so that we can view existence with clarity - without mental distortions, emotional neediness and egotistical demands.

* We must see the world from a neutral perspective and accept life and events as they present themselves.

* We must train ourselves to operate in life from the vantage point of what IS, rather than from our opinion of what we think should be or how we wish things were.

Wow, that is profound and life altering! That is the healing intent and function of the Pisces/Neptune archetype. Keep this list handy to monitor and guide your personal healig and evolution over the next 14 years.


Our relationship with the non-physical realm always confronts us with the question -'How do we deal with the vast part of reality that is both beyond our control and part of our being?'

Fear, intimidation and overwhelm are a result of our limited experience and a belief system that defines "God" as a force outside of ourselves. Pisces and Neptune lead us on a journey of discovery where we (1) expand our awareness, (2) develop a relationship with these unknown forces, (3) experience the reality of unity and connectivity and (4) align with the untapped potential that is always available.

We learn to harmonize with Infinite forces and live by natural laws. Harmonization requires humility, trust and surrender to that which we cannot control or change. As we let go of control, we are able to take advantage of the principles and energies that support our existence. We can enjoy the gift of being alive. We are able to live in gratitude for the miracle of life.


The Pisces archetype is the most vulnerable because of its inherent innocence. The Fish can feel used, abused and victimized. It is unable to get tough, decrease its sensitivity and become less compassionate and caring. Nevertheless, it is compelled to deal with the complexities, challenges and confusion of life. So what are we supposed to do?

Coping strategies that don't work include

(1) addictive escapist substances and activities like drugs, alcohol, food, computer games, television, etc., which we use to indulge in illusive attempts to withdraw from what we perceive as cruel, inevitable and unjust.

(2) avoidance, which includes being reclusive, finding excuses to not engage or interact with others, and hiding from anything that feels threatening or challenging.

(3) self-pity, shame and blame

(4) relying on wishful thinking, hope, and chance, which just subject us to fate.

Strategies that work include

(1) recognizing and accepting our vulnerabilities and sensitive nature

(2) realizing that self-empowerment and growth is both necessary and inevitable

(3)acquiring strategies to protect ourselves and taking responsibility to the best of our ability

(4) acquiring and using skills that help us transcend our vulnerability, helplessness and feelings of inadequacy

(5) taking steps that give us a sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, independence and power

(6) identifying and developing our gifts and offering them to the world

(7) Ultimately we have to find meaning and help by connecting with and surrendering to a higher power. In the dimension of Spirit, we are obliged to give up control, relax, listen and obey.


Our human ego is our identity structure.We need it to operate consciously in life. Without the active participation of our individualized ego, we are run by animal instincts and subconscious programming and blindly subjected to the forces of nature. It is through our ego that we develop our personal responses to life so that we can meet our own needs, find a sense of security, create from our personal blueprint and interact with self-honesty and integrity.

Through our ego we identify what is within our control and what lies outside of our control. This distinction is very important.

Our ego is needed to form an identity that we can relate to and express. But our ego identity must evolve to deal with life. And it must undergo a metamorphosis to be able to integrate unknown factors, to relate to what is beyond our control and to develop a relationship with the Infinite.

Our limited ego is the cause and result of limited consciousness that perceives a separation between self and universal forces. One of our major Neptune/Pisces lessons is to awaken to the reality of our personal oneness with natural and cosmic forces.


The first six Zodiac archetypes pressure us to establish a separate sense of self and to achieve healthy autonomy in order to be able (1) to take responsibility for our lives, (2) to make the necessary effort to meet our basic needs and (3) to become effective, productive and successful in surviving and learning from our human challenges.

Virgo is Pisces' polarity and partner in life. The last of the personal signs, Virgo represents the consolidation of our efforts into an independent man or woman. Virgo tests us (1) to acquire the skills necessary to survive,(2) to establish an efficient, flowing daily work routine and (3) to maintain our physical health, and (4) to keep our physical reality in order.Virgo is concerned with logistics, logic and practical results.

Virgo is assisted by the Gemini archetype, which represents our ego need and ability to logically gather and make sense of information that helps it navigate life. The Virgo archetype represents our ability and efforts to employ information to develop skills, to use resources to meet our needs and to empower ourselves to be more and more in charge of what we do and create. These two archetypes support us in gathering and making sense of facts and information so that we can actively and effectively participate in our lives.

In traditional astrology (before the discovery of the outer planets) both Sagittarius and Pisces were ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter represents our innate urge to venture beyond the confines of the known, to expand our potential to live more meaningful lives. Sagittarius is willing to take risks in order to take advantage of possibilities that can manifest only if we are willing to enter new territory. The Archer intuitively knows that there is always more and is driven to search for and integrate expanded realities into its consciousness. Pisces leads us further on our quest to experience our oneness with the One.


Every archetype leads us on a journey to become functional, empowered and conscious men and women. Below are seven developmental stages and evolutionary themes of our journey. In this issue we discuss these phases as they relate to the Pisces/Neptune archetype.In future issues we will discuss the other Zodiac signs as they are being impacted by the Pisces Factor in the next 14 years.


In our initial unconscious state we exist in a state of uncorrupted purity and innocence. In our ignorance, (1) we lack boundaries, (2) we have only a vague sense of identity, and (3) we are unable to discriminate and make wise choices for ourselves. The human journey is designed so that hopefully our parents and environments initially provide us with safely, security, protection and our basic emotional and physical needs.

However, this protected state does not last long. We are required to learn how to take care of ourselves. If we resist growing up and indulge in entitlement, illusions, irresponsibility and negligence, the reality head Master and Mistress of Earth School wake us up with rude shocks.


Our garden of Eden is crudely invaded by realities of life that demand that we learn how to take care of ourselves, be accountable for our choices and take responsibility for our lives. When unexpected and 'undeserved' awakenings occur, we can feel victimized, rejected, invalidated, and deprived of what we had considered to be a guaranteed state of protection, certainty and security. When theseassumed 'rights and privileges' are abruptly taken away, we can experience anger, bitterness and disillusionment. The chaos, loss and breakdown in our reality exposes us to our vulnerability, lack of control and confronts us with a loss of innocence. Pisces specializes in all forms of loss.


At some point (and the sooner the better) we have to face and accept the nature of our human journey. There is no perfection and no free lunch offered in the curriculum of Earth School. Work, effort and personal responsibility are required. We are here to learn, to grow and to evolve into every greater levels of maturity and consciousness. We realize that we have no choice but to get with the program. We enrolled the day we were born.


We engage in training, gaining skills and education that enable us to take care of ourselves and direct our lives. Self-preservation makes it necessary to get to know ourselves, to access and use our talents, and to find out what works and doesn't work for us. The individualization process includes letting go of unsupportive conditioning and externally imposed directives that interfere with cultivating self-awareness. We have to establish boundaries, tap our internal guidance system and release our need for external validation. In the process we gain self-definition, self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence.


A strong identity structure makes it possible to move further into the inner phase of our journey. We realize the value, yet the limitations, of our ego. To cultivate inner knowing, confidence and power that we can really trust, we have to let go of the way we want things to be andaccept things (and ourselves) the way they/we are. We have to let go of (1) attachments that constrain growth, (2) desires that keep us earth bound and (3) external references that distance us from our soul. We have to listen to, follow and trust our intuition and inner guidance system.


Our inner journey takes us into new territory, where we connect with Spirit and establish our Divine connection. The Infinite must become a real experience to move beyond illusions, blind hope and dogmatic faith.We must transcend our need to rationally explain and understand that which we cannot see or measure. Mental concepts and analysis just get in the way. We are rewarded for our inner work with the gifts of humility, trust and the ability to surrender to a higher power.


In consciousness we connect with our gifts and define our mission or service we came here to offer. Our efforts to contribute to the collective come from our soul. At this stage, our life calling is a sacred offering. Our work becomes worship.


We will now discuss the seven stages more in depth as they related to the development of the Pisces archetype.


Our inner Pisces naïvely yearns to return to our initial innocence in a carefree paradise where we are taken care of by the all-loving Infinite One and Eternal Mother. In our naïve state, our quest for the perfect solution is defined in human, not cosmic. terms. We believe in illusions that will save us from the trials and tribulations of'terrible world ocean.' We pray to be delivered to the shores of nirvana without worldly struggles. We hope to escape from the efforts that we must make to evolve into the consciousness of Love that our soul has embodied to experience in physical reality. Our dreams include idealized relationships, money tree prosperity, job and career without hassle, etc. The illusionary components of these wishes include the following:

(1) These dreams relate to human and physical reality where idealized perfection is not available. We live in the physical dimension of reality where contradictions, conflict, loss, struggle and pain are part of the evolutionary self-empowerment process.

(2) We seriously misunderstanding of the nature and purpose ofEarth School and why our soul has embodies. As a consequence of our ignorance, we subject ourselves to unnecessary pain and conflict. We are here to learn how to become conscious. There is no way we can escape learning our lessons that make consciousness possible.

(3) Our focus on and preoccupation with our physical goals reflects the fact that we are still unaware of why we are here. We have not yet identified our soul's yearning for Divine Connection in the physical plane. Our consciousness is not yet ready to have these experiences.

Indiscriminant and innocent trust based on ignorance, naïveté, passivity and the undeveloped skill of questioning get us in serious trouble.Confronted with our personal package of life challenges, we discover the imperative need to take responsibility for and fully participate in our lives. To survive we have to learn and operate from the basic laws of life. We have to become conscious. And we have to learn how to take advantage of what is available, but accessible only if we develop the skills to take advantage of our personal and cosmic resources.


There is a brutal, cruel aspect to survival that shatters our innocence and makes us feel afraid, vulnerable and alone. Our naïve trust of and dependence upon others can prove to be costly and even fatal. Those who suffer most are the most naïve, innocent and sensitive. At this stage of Earth School our vulnerability can make us feel like a victim. It is very important to understand that we are being challenged to learn discrimination skills, to develop a sense of self-worth and self-esteem, to feel deserving, to learn how to ask questions, to take action to support ourselves and to learn how to get what we need and deserve.

The severity of our abuse, defeats and loss serves to wake us up to the necessity to get real. We have to give up fantasies, illusions, and unrealistic hopes of being saved by anything other than ourselves.

We wake up to the fact that we must cultivate a sense of inner strength that gives us the confidence and capacity to deal with life's challenges. We must learn to trust ourselves to successfully deal with adversity.


We are born in a state of purity and freedom, but human life requires that we grow, evolve, develop our individual identity, act responsibly and be accountable for the choices we make. We have to learn how to manage ourselves, direct our lives and deal with unknown forces and unexpected circumstances.Effort is required to protect, nurture and take care of ourselves. Even basic maintenance and survival without the frills demand work on our part. Passivity and neglect throw us into chaos, pain and subject us to brutal consequences.

Work and serious effort is required to attain and maintain the freedom, love, peace, happiness and prosperity that we all yearn for. We earn these gifts by facing and dealing with our life challenges, by learning our lessons, by developingconscious awareness and by attuning our being to the flow of the forces of nature.

The unknown always keeps us guessing. New circumstances inevitably force us to learn, to develop life skills, to wake up and to stay awake.


Archetypical Pisces energies express the collective consciousness (that which we are all aware of) and collective unconscious (that which influences what we believe, think, how we act and respond without knowing why.) Pisces is easily influenced by both and has a hard time disassociating from collective concerns.It is our connectivity that creates trends, common tastes, mass demand for the same items and popularity of stars, heroes, ideas and ideologies. Pisces represents public emotions, universal dreams, hopes, myths and symbols.

Pisces sensitivity makes it vulnerable to collective forces, external energies and impressions. A consolidated ego identity is absolutely essential to protect and deal with what can put an overly open and available person into a state of confusion and overwhelm. We have to be able to remain centered and contained to avoid being 'sucked' dry and consumed by demanding and needy people and situations.

To avoid being controlled, manipulated and confused, we have to separate our consciousness from codependent relationships and mass consciousness. Without a strong sense of self and self-value, we offer ourselves as prey to lurking predators.Our ego/identity development makes it possible to operate as separate, individualized men and women. We disentangle ourselves from dysfunctional situations by shifting our need to be saved by external forces to relying on ourselves.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are the result of building an identity structure with clearly defined boundaries and distinctions. We define and empower our Self as we put forth the effort needed to survive and thrive and as we continually upgrade our life skills.

* We learn how to support ourselves by getting an education, learning new skills and getting a job.

* We liberate ourselves from abuse and co-dependence by ending destructive partnerships and by creating boundaries and respect in relationships that can be upgraded.

* We end destructive addictions by doing what it takes to get clean and sober and by adopting habits that support our well-being and redirect our need for connection to a higher power.

* We feel needed and valued by our community, when we offer our skills and gifts in a way that we are compensated for our contribution.

[5] Developing Awareness and Consciousness - HIGHER PERSPECTIVE

Our Pisces challenges require an inner foundation of identity and self-confidence that we acquire as we learn the self-empowerment lessons of the first eleven Zodiac archetypes. When we get to the Pisces stage of our personal development, we must be on firm ground to enter a whole new dimension of reality. Many of our Pisces problems and dysfunctions are rooted in the fact that we have not yet built and inner structure that can support us in the final stage of our humanjourney.


We can become disillusioned if we operate from beliefs that 'spirituality' makes us invulnerable to life's challenges and if we adhere to illusions of exemption from pain, struggle. Hope and faith can serve to motivate us. But projections of unrealistic desires and expectations disconnect us from what is and distance us from what we can do to improve our situation. Mental manipulations feed our fears, increase our resistance and subject us to inner conflict.

Instead of being consciously and unconsciously driven by expectations of perfection and paradise, we can make ourselves available to know the unknown. Instead of being trapped by hopes to be rescued from making any effort and illusions of a painless, perfect existence, our desires can be directed to awaken our consciousness.

Our Pisces experiences can demystify what once seemed unapproachable, unavailable and intimidating. Fear, timidity and weakness are dealt with through acquiring comforting and illuminating inner connections with higher powers and by becoming more conscious of our soul. Inner liberation and freedom come as a result of inner experiences and not because we held our breath and jumped off a cliff.

As we discover the purity and light of our soul, we also discover that our fears are rooted in our shame, blame conditioning, collective illusions and beliefs that feed insecurities and diminish self-worth. We discover that we are limited by our undeveloped consciousness and inadequate and inappropriate training. And we realize that we have the grit, the soul and the cosmic support to unlearn and let go of what does not serve us.


Pisces existential pain that is a result of our longing for paradise lost is resolved only by authentic experience of the Flowing Force in physical reality. Our ability to accept the pain and work involved in our inevitable evolutionary process is made possible when we are able to deal with life (and ourselves) from awakened consciousness.

Our Pisces lessons teach us that the real ultimate is not a free lunch, an indulgent life of ease or guaranteed security, but an authentic connection with the Infinite One. We find inner peace and feel supported because we align with and live by higher laws.


Pisces teaches us that illusions are created from attachments, expectations, beliefs, hopes and desires that direct our emotional body to the finite instead of to the Infinite. Pisces takes us beyond the restricting boxes of concepts and convictions.

Pisces directs our attention inward so that we can identify how our beliefs, choices and perceptions create how we experience reality. Our Pisces' path is about freeing ourselves from distractions and illusions through direct experience, illumined perception, willing receptivity and acceptance of what IS.

(1) Acceptance of reality as it presents itself does not require liking or condoning what is happening.(2) Acceptance offers us openings to learn and to gain insights that can guide our actions (or non-actions). (3) Acceptance directs us toward the future and releases the past. (4) Acceptance frees up energy that we can use to transform and change that which is within our ability to do so. (5) Acceptance opens the door to inner peace, clarity and inspiration.


Our Pisces journey makes us aware of the fact that in the state of perceived separation we are seriously limited. We recognize that life's 'problems' arise from the very nature of the trial and error learning process in Earth School. Inner conflict and contradictions are the norm in a world where we must always figure out what to do without adequate information.

Pisces and Neptune direct us to an expanded consciousness for help. They guide us into a neutral, clear and humble zone where we are open to soul and Infinite guidance. We realize that even our sense of expanded self is limited and sees the world through self-colored glasses. But we can make ourselves more and more receptive to the truth. Pisces opens the door to the Infinite so that even in our limited capacity we can make ourselves more and more available to making the Cosmic Force a supportive partner in life.

The Pisces archetype connects the dots in a matrix of unity, where everything shares the universal forces which gives us all life.

Ultimately our will/ego is able to align with Divine will or the Flow of Cosmic Force. We are not passively carried away and subjected to the whims of fate. We are synchronized so that we are able to act and react in harmony with the Divine Flow. It is a dance in which we consciously and joyfully participate.


As we awaken to the light of our soul, we merge with the Universal Light. Encoded in our being is the mission that we came here to accomplish and the destiny path that we are to follow.Each one of us has something special to contribute. Virgo connects us with our 'job.' Pisces teaches us that it how we do our job that is important. We are here to share light, love and peace each in our own special way.

We return to the basics and find that things aren't as complicated as we thought or imagined. Embodying Love is our mission. Sharing Love is our destiny. All we really need is Love. All there IS is Love.


Meditation is required to experience the non-physical reality of Spirit.

After you do any pranayama or mantra meditation take 5-15 minutes or more to silently meditate.

To activate your inner connection, do chair pose or interlace your hands 4 inches above your head and do breath of fire for 1-3 minutes or more.

Go inside and deeply listen to Silence.

Become one with silence.

Be Silence.

Love Silence.

Surrender to Silence.

Silence is Love.

Don't float away. Stay in your body, inside your skin, sitting on the Earth.

Don't space out, stay conscious and in feeling awareness.

Sounds simple. Maybe. Sounds easy. Maybe, maybe not. Silent meditation takes vigilant practice. So don't just pump the exercises and do the mantra meditations and jump up to start your day. Take advantage of the days in Pisces and Mercury retrograde to enter your inner reality and connect with the Infinite.

Check out my Kundalini Yoga course Lesson #2 on Silence and Intuition.


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