Humanology Shift to the Aquarian Age

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #24, August 24, 2000

It has been one year since I started writing this New Millennium Being Newsletter. The exploration of the spiritual path of the astrological signs has been illuminating and fascinating. I have acquired such a deep understanding and appreciation for people and their multiple and rich expressions. It has been fun to observe how each person's path and contribution correspond to their Sun sign.

I am currently writing a second issue on Virgo, Issue 25, which expands the original analysis from Issue 2 to include all the categories that I used in exploring the other signs. This issue will be out in about one week. Virgo is the study of how to be a complete human being. It is thus no accident that Yogi Bhajan, a Virgo born August 26, 1929 has incorporated his teachings under the title of HUMANOLOGY.

Happy Birthday to Yogi Bhajan ! ! !

This summer Yogi Bhajan taught a course on Humanology as part of Level II Master's Touch Training. His first lecture August 1, 2000 set out the basic themes on what is involved in the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Ages. This lecture also sets out his views on how we can become more complete human beings. The link between Humanology, Virgo and Yogi Bhajan's teachings will be made more explicit in Issue 25 on Virgo.

Meditation to Shift to the Aquarian Age

After the lecture Yogi Bhajan suggested that we make a tape recording of our understanding of what he had said, in our own voice and words, and listen to it as a meditation. (He told us many years ago that the most powerful affirmations are with your own voice, and suggested we each make our own affirmation tapes. In the process the duality of the personality and the soul are transcended and unite as one unit.)

Specifically he said, "The fundamental character I have talked about, you have to learn by heart. His is how you will purify yourself. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and silently repeat what you have learned so far. This will cut your insanity. You will start losing the grip of the Piscean Age".

Specific instructions were to sit with the left hand on the heart. Right arm is to the side, with the elbow bent, palm facing forward, fingers and thumb curled in, with forefinger pointing up in the air.

Yogi Bhajan
Yogi Bhajan's Lecture Edited

I listened to the tape of the lecture, which was about 1/2 hour. I took notes on the photocopied notes of a woman who had been present. After his lecture, he asked if anyone could summarize what he said. This woman volunteered and reread her notes. He was very pleased.

I have changed some of the order to make it coherent for myself. I.e. everything about the Piscean Age is in the first section. Everything about the Aquarian Age follows. Below is my summary. I have streamlined the English. Using his words as much as possible, I have tried to make it into a coherent essay. I humbly offer it below. *

Sensory System Shift from Piscean to Aquarian Age

Summary of lecture by Yogi Bhajan, August 1, 2000

Those who have achieved a certain sense of their own purity will be needed by the world at large in the next 12 years. People's minds are going to go empty. We are currently in the cusp of the Aquarian Age. We have already gone through 9 years. There are 12 years left to pass from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.

The Piscean Age

During the Piscean Age sex and sensuality were a primary attraction. Beauty was defined as physical only. Sexuality was the orientation of relationships. People were in pursuit of each other. The dysfunctions in relationships went to the point of obnoxious duality. Perversion became prominent. This is why we find few true marriages.

The Piscean Age was the ugliest of ages. Women were exploited to the brink and debased with the "Don't call me, I'll call you." game. Human beings had no strength, no character, and no taste. Therefore, women gave birth to the most fearful, insecure men who prematurely ejaculated or didn't ejaculate at all. The sexual disorders produced the power of destruction. This is why men created the atomic bomb and fought the world wars. Our sexual habits have been so shallow that the Akashic records have not even recorded them. Sexual intimacy had no depth. Each orbit only intercrossed with the other. They did not merge.

Religion and Reality

Instead of offering people a means to experience reality, religions gave us ugly fanaticism. The ugliest thing that religion did was to teach people to find God outside themselves. The real essence of religion is to teach KARTA PURKH - that God works and breaths in us. Religions taught us that we are inferior. With these self-blinders, we were unable to experience ourselves as a complete unit. The only way to survive has been through the insanity of the ego and the rational reference of "I know nothing." The synchronized person has become squeezed to the point of just physical existence. There are 6 billion ugly ducklings on the planet today. Six billion lost souls with no quantity, no character, and no commitment. We are yo-yos, wrapped up in lies espousing things that are not true. We do ugly things. Each individual tries to surround him or herself with power by building houses and acquiring money. In the end it is just a termite heap.

The shallow character of man is demonstrated by his ego, which is slanted like a snake that throws poison out at you. We never see a person talk about how much satisfaction, containment, commitment, character and realization he or she has. Our minds are focused on competition, who fucks who, how naked we are. When the human race starts making open, obnoxious mockery of themselves, nothing is sacred anymore.

The Aquarian Age

In the Aquarian Age the main need is for knowledge and for creative legacy. People are looking for fulfillment of Self through purity, piety, individuality and reality. People don't want to practice duality anymore. Sexual pursuits will not be the main attraction. The driving force is a new sense of the individual. People will develop a SENSORY SYSTEM where the individual will find himself complete.

Communication in the Aquarian Age will be humongous. Everyone will have every knowledge. The whole world will be at your disposal.

Physical intercourse itself will no longer give one a sense of satisfaction. Only our self-sensory system will give us satisfaction. We will develop this self-sensory system over the next 50 years. As we develop our personal sensory system, we will become straight and simple. We will experience beauty as internal, not external. Each individual will be able to reach out with such dignity, devotion and a lofty sense of self. The elevated beauty of the human character will be bewitching and so realized that any attempt by another person to manipulate another will not work.

Our goal is to build a foundation for the New Age. Only people of experience will be liked, respected, understood, and talked to in the Age of Aquarius. For the past 5000 years religion has taught you to redeem your soul. Religion is obsolete. YOUR SOUL IS ALREADY REDEEMED. What needs to be redeemed is your cheapness, not being true to your words, your shallowness, your commitment and your character.

Human Spirituality

Spirituality to most of the world is nothing but show business. No one is deeply sincere into the fact that they are factual. People don't believe they are real. It is a fact of life, a fact of existence that we are born in the image of God. This is it. HESHEIT is the totality of God. There is nothing more beautiful, more worthy, more conscious than you. It is a fact. The time has come for SELF-VALUE. It is time to be to be. I am. I am. We should not be searching for God. WE SHOULD BE GOD. We should not trust in God, we should dwell in God. We should open ourselves to the experience that God is coming through me. God is cleansing me. God is creating through me.

You have to become aware of how ugly we have made this earth and how beautiful it is supposed to be. We are not supposed to be enemies of God. We ARE God. Every grain of sand is God. We have to have our subtle body, our sophisticated self to see it. That is why in the last 33 years I (Yogi Bhajan) did not fit into your psyche and your reality. You are a collection of molecules living in a pranic body. So long as the psyche can't merge in you, you will have no awareness. The human is a combination of pranic body and psychic body. Creation in proportion makes you clean and clear. You stop searching and begin practicing. Your flow becomes vast as the Universe and sometimes beyond the Universe.

I don't want anybody because I want everybody. That is a difficult concept. You have authenticity. I want to be as it is. I go with the flow of the psyche of the Universe as it takes me, as it moves me, as it desires me. When man lives like this he will stop cutting corners and come to real existence.

Senses of the Soul by Guru Meher Khalsa

Senses of the Soul by GuruMeher Khalsa

Emotions are the senses of your soul. Recognizing emotions as guides and allowing them to help you transcend suffering and thrive will lead to a peaceful, abundant life. This book provides a complete training in the benefits and use of your emotions. It contains both the information and the practical experiences you need to change and grow.

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Greatness through our Sensory System

(1)The time is not too far away when anyone can be great, when we can't cheat each other. We can help each other. We can deal with each other as equals. Love of existence of our life, breathing reality and the flow of psyche will give us a flow of self within self. Our sensory system will be developed and become our archangel protecting and glorifying us.

Those who hustle and hassle will die suffering. Your mind will direct you toward the right channels. Our future is now. The time has come to tap into your meditative mind and tune into what comes to you. Just don't be ugly by diversion. Don't create fantasies and imagine what is unreal. Our presence is our purity. Our projection will give us satisfaction and exalt us to nobility. We will master ourselves in our service, our character and our commitment. The most important thing we will have is our individual grace. Individual grace is the most wanted thing today. Our nobility is our projection. We will be gracious, kind and compassionate. These are our essential features.

Our creativity will be our sensory system. Through our sensory system, we will be over flowing with energy, touching and feeling the hearts of people, filling their cavities. We will act as great and our flow will fulfill the hearts of others. The gratefulness with be experienced in renewed relationships. We will create a new humanity. We will have a new sensory system and thus will establish the Age of Aquarius.

References and Footnotes

1. You will find much more information about the human sensory system in Lesson 18 of my free online course on Kundalini Yoga.


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