Eclipse and the Full Moon

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #55, November 19, 2002

Tuesday November 19th at 5:35PM PST (CA USA) is the full moon in 27 degrees Taurus and a lunar eclipse.


At the time of a new moon, both the Sun and the Moon are in the same astrological sign. There is alignment and understanding between our identity (Sun) and our feelings, emotions and unconscious (Moon). The new moon initiates a new 12-month phase in our lives in areas related to the zodiac sign and its house placement in our natal chart. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions and initiating action.


At the time of the full moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. This is the 6-month half way point in our yearly cycle. It is a time of assessment of our progress. It is time to evaluate our satisfaction level in this area of our lives. Taking stock helps us trim tab our intentions and decide our course of action in order to achieve satisfaction during the last 6 months of the cycle.

One way to carry out this assessment is to investigate the level of integration of the two signs that are in polarity. Taurus and Scorpio are opposing each other this full moon. Hopefully we will find out that they are supporting each other and uncover other ways to increase this support. If not understood and nurtured, polarities can easily breed conflict and confusion in our lives. Ultimately, however, polarities synergize to move us to deeper levels of power, passion and purpose.


The Taurus full moon November 19th, 2002 is accompanied by a lunar eclipse. When the Moon is elipsed, or covered by the Sun, the subconscious is hidden from view. With our deep emotions elipsed for a short time, the Sun shines even more intensely. Our ego is exposed, our soul is illumined and our destiny path is revealed. The optimal thing to do at this time is to be open to receiving information from your soul. Let the light of your consciousness reveal its secrets without trying to figure it all out in your mind.

For a few days live in the open question -- What is my soul trying to tell me about my true identity and mission in life? Both solar and lunar eclipses impact us for weeks before and sometimes months after the actual event. This is an opportunity for clarity, which can bring us resolution and renewed purpose.


The full moon November 19th is in 27 degrees Taurus, which means that the Sun is in 27 degrees Scorpio. This is approximately 13 to 20 degrees before the Saturn/Pluto opposition (Gemini and Sagittarius), which highlighted our lives for almost two years (see preceding issues). What this means is that the issues that were featured in your Saturn/Pluto standoff are probably also featured in this Eclipse/Full Moon. Although the signs are different, the issues are up for examination again. Yes, again! This time we get to examine them more closely in terms of our emotional and security needs. Have we made progress in getting our basic needs/soul desires met in these areas? Are we listening to our feelings, paying attention to their messages and taking action to nurture ourselves?


The following questions can help us determine how we are doing in the polarity arenas confronting our consciousness. These questions are just openers. I am sure you will each come up with the questions most relevant in your lives.


Is my identity crystallized enough to support freedom and independence (as opposed to co-dependence) in relationship?

Do my relationships support the expression of who I really am?


Am I able to nurture my emotions and achieve the emotional balance within myself that supports deep connection and co-creation with a partner? (as opposed to igniting ego conflicts and creating traumas- drama standoffs.)

Are my relationships deep and meaningful enough to satisfy my soul desire for intimate connection?


Can I compassionately communicate what I want from the perspective of win/win and upliftment for all? (as opposed to victim communication that creates conflict.)

Does my spiritual path help guide my selection of life experiences so that I choose those that bring more meaning into my life?


Does my internal connection, home and family create supportive environments from which to pursue my destiny path in the world? (as opposed to internal fear of the world and critical, non-nurturing home environment.)

Does my career and destiny path give me the deep satisfaction that supports my inner peace, which I bring to my family and home?


Does my personal creativity and enthusiasm for life contribute to my community and the well-being of the whole? (as opposed to being depressed about being unexpressed and projecting gloom into the world.)

Do my contributions to my community and the world uplift my spirits and support my unique creativity and expression?


Does my health, well-being and wholeness in body, work and service embellish my connection to the Divine?

Is my connection with and trust of Spirit supportive of my well-being and contribute to an attitude of gratitude in carrying out the daily chores of life?


As you ask yourself these questions, listen to your body for the answers. Tune into your sensations so that you connect to the instinctual/intuitive messages of your soul. It is a time to feel and listen. 'Tis the season of communication between Soul and Spirit.