Heart Love or Head Fear

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #61, February 14, 2003

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Today we get to look at how at each moment we choose to live in love or let ourselves be taken over by fear. We can choose love if we come from our hearts. In your heads, it is easy to succumb to fear. If we find ourselves in doubt and analysis mode, we are in our head. If we simply know, we are in our heart. We can move back into our hearts by simply shifting our attention to our heart and to the wave of our breath in our chest. Valentine's day is a great day to practice because the energy of love is in the air.

It is a very interesting time to tune into the shifts in energy on the planet and how they impact us. I was telling my students in my San Diego class the other night about what was happening and they were so relieved to know that what they were feeling was not just about themselves. We can use this information to help us learn how to deal with the energies. Fortunately we have the technology of Kundalini Yoga to help us integrate the quantum shifts that are happening at this moment and will continue to happen very intensely for the next decade. Our goal is to learn how to intentionally manage the intensity.

I have already discussed the intense New Moon in dramatic Leo Feb 16. Mars will side up with Pluto to oppose Saturn until Saturday the 22. Because Mars is a fast moving planet (staying in one degree only 2 days) it will be off on another adventure by Sunday the 23. The results of this stand off will be determined in our own consciousness.


The fundamental question facing us individually and collectively is "Will we choose to live in love or fear?" Both Aquarius and Pisces strongly support the side of love. They work together to revolutionize our consciousness. The Sun in Aquarius (until February 17) tunes us into a higher vision for ourselves and the planet and reveals to each of us what we can do to serve humanity. We realize that together we can co-create a more equitable and peaceful world.

The Sun moves into Pisces Tuesday February 18 and will be in the Pisces zone through March 19th. The New Moon in Pisces is on Sunday March 2nd. The last sign in the zodiac and the 12th and last house of the astrological chart, Pisces brings us to a state of completion. In the arms of Pisces we can surrender into Divine consciousness and merge with our higher selves. Pisces guides and feeds us with spiritual inspiration.

It is very appropriate at this time to let ourselves be inspired by Aquarian humanity and be nurtured by Piscean Spirit. Both offer us the energy to choose love over fear. If fear dominates our psyche, individually and collectively, we can create war. If love dominates our psyche, we can create peace. Fear is fueled by a disconnect in our consciousness with the Infinite. When we feel separate from the Divine, we create a lot of problems for ourselves. Pisces and Neptune are the master teachers who facilitate our Divine Connection. Connection removes fear and creates a state of trust. Conscious connection to the Divine makes our lives rich and full.

Take time to notice on Tuesday February 18th how the energy shifts as the Sun moves into Pisces and how it impacts you. You will need this connective energy to deal with the last Saturn/Pluto standoff, which will affect us through the end of the month.


The Saturn/Pluto energy will be most intense the last two weeks of February. Saturn has been retrograde in Gemini since October 11. The slower moving planets stay in retrograde longer than the faster moving planets. Saturn will go direct just before midnight Friday February 21. Since Saturn is a slower moving planet, its stationary period (the time that it takes to shift from apparent backward motion to direct movement again) is also longer.

The good news is that Saturn will now move ahead and no longer be opposing Pluto. But as I said in Issue #60, not before this last confrontation with Pluto. Saturn resists change and Pluto requires it at the deepest level of the psyche. So if the energy feels very heavy to you, it is! As I discussed then, use this time to evaluate, assess and prepare yourself to move on.

We have discussed how the retrograde movements of Mercury affect us. This is an excellent time to tune into how the retrograde/direct movements of Saturn affect us. I am pointing out these planetary movements because we are becoming more and more sensitive to energies. The more we are aware of what is happening, the more we can use the energies in a productive way. And at the very least we don't have to drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out what is the matter with us.

Each one of us in our own way, can take advantage of this window of opportunity to hold a space of peace in our own hearts. We can raise our own consciousness to a higher level. We can make our contribution to making peace a reality by creating understanding and communicating with honesty and compassion with everyone we encounter. Who we are, what we vibrate and what we each do impacts the collective consciousness. Let us each take a stand in our own hearts for peace.


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