Pisces New Moon - At One with the One

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #83, February 19, 2004

The Pisces sea absorbed the Sun into its watery domain just before midnight February 18th PST. The Pisces New Moon is at 1:18am PST February 20 - both the Sun and the Moon are at one degree Pisces, bathing us with an extra dose of Divine energy.


Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. Having traveled through all the signs, this yearly cycle of our journey is completing. We will begin a new cycle soon, when the Sun enters Aries the day of the Vernal Equinox March 19/20. We will embark on a new leg of our journey with another year of experience and hopefully more wisdom, a deeper understanding of ourselves and an expanded perspective of life.

While the Sun is in Pisces, from the 18th of February through the 18th of March, surrender is the theme. We have examined and worked with every other mode of being and doing. Now there is only one option left Let go and let God. We need to take advantage of the last phase of the cycle to connect with the Divine and consciously live in this uplifting and liberating reality. We need to connect deeply with the Divine so we can remember IT during the next eleven lunations. If not, when the Sun enters Aries, we will continue living like we are the only one, feel totally responsible for everything, and ask God who?

Surrendering to a higher power and letting go of control is hard for most of us. Sometimes I feel that at best we give lip service to this concept. My experience is that most of us have no real clue what surrender is all about and how to really accomplish this enlightened feat. For a month a year, Pisces offers to be our teacher and to patiently reintroduce us to the realities of the Divine Plan, Divine Will and Divine Order.


Dont expect a bearded teacher offering us well defined-rules on how to play Gods game. We wont see Maitre Pisces because this cosmic fish is swimming everywhere. We will know IT is here (and there) only by being very attentive, relaxing and feeling its omni-presence. We can see IT only with our third eye which is able to penetrate through the veil of physical illusion.

Pisces lets us know that to try to rationally understand the Divine is a booby trap. And dont ask WHY?! Pisces reminds us that all questions and answers are illusions of the mind. Sounds frustrating? But when we let go enough to allow ourselves to accept Pisces higher wisdom, our mind can become illumined.

Lets ease ourselves into the Pisces relax and release mode. Start by not setting new goals or initiating new projects. Instead, focus on consolidating where you are and being satisfied with what you have. It is time to withdraw into ourselves, to meditate and to let ideas percolate from deep inside ourselves. Our non-goal is to do nothing and simply be with what is.

While the Sun is in Pisces we need to give ourselves permission let go of control. We cant figure out what to do at this time. Dont force action in areas of your life where you feel frustrated and think that you arent making in progress. The surrender, do nothing strategy can be a welcome relief in situations where nothing else has worked. Where you have tried everything else, give the its up to you Universe approach a chance.

During this time we are advised not to push, prod, or be aggressive. Dont worry, a lot can happen without exhausting yourself. Time is not going to stand still. We are just not supposed to TRY to make things happen. If we can let go of even some of our obsessive control trips, the powerful results made possible by allowing a higher power to do ITS work can be impressive. We can witness that something other than ourselves is in charge. Surrender and trust become easier as we witness the magical hand of the Infinite. The more we realize that we are supported by Unknown forces, the easier it becomes to let go.


Pisces offers an opportunity to merge with the One. The goal is for our Divine experience to be so powerful that we carry it with us throughout the coming year. Meditation is the key technology to cultivate the experience of oneness with the Divine. But there are other things that can assist us in surrendering and letting go in our daily lives. Here are two ideas.


We can remind ourselves with affirmations like

I am not in charge of the Universe.

I surrender to Divine Will.

I accept the Divine Plan.

I live in Divine timing.

(Add your own to the list.)

The repetition of affirmations is a mental tool whose usefulness varies. When we reduce them to mindless, repetitious jargon, they have very little power. They are more effective when we say them earnestly and let them penetrate into our subconscious.


Make a list of the situations that you have been working on with no results. What circumstances seem insurmountable? Where have you hit a dead end or cant figure out what to do next? Pick a few choice ones for this month. Every time you start to worry, get angry, feel sad, or get frustrated, turn it over, give it back to the Divine to handle. Hey, God, IT, You wherever/whoever you are, this is yours until March 19th. The time limit will help your mind let go of control. And then repeat 3 or more times the surrender mantra given below.

We all know the basic rules of the Pisces game - Let it unfold - Go with the flow - Relax and release. As you practice implementing this strategy, monitor yourself. The more we get used to playing by the rules, the easier it gets.


Pisces is happy for no reason at all. Actually Pisces is happy because it doesnt block the channels to the Divine with ideas about what it thinks it needs to make it happy. While the Sun is in Pisces, we find that we dont want so many things. We simply desire to be content. And we feel content when we feel the sweetness of merging with the One. Our desire energy shifts to the desire to experience the Divine.

The last house of the Zodiac is about endings and death. It is a time to review our life, to access where we are and to let the seeds that are planted deep in our soul be nurtured so that they can sprout in springtime.

During the time of letting go, we may find ourselves crying and not even know why. Someone once called this good grief. We cry because we are touched by the sacredness of life. We experience sadness because we mourn losses, missed opportunities, life not fully lived and regrets along the way.

The good news is that the Pisces waters accept our tears, wash away our regrets and assist us in letting go so that we can move on. Pisces holds us in the lap of the Divine Mother. We feel safe to be honest, to feel our feelings, to be naked with our truth and then to release our sorrows into the healing cosmic ocean. We find that whatever we are willing to give back to the Divine is readily received by the Infinite force that loves us all equally, without judgment or qualification.

While we swim in the Pisces waters, we discover that we are not so attached and possessive. Our need for control and to be right loses some of its grip. With increased detachment, we reach new levels of relaxation and acceptance of our lives and ourselves, exactly the way we are. It is possible to be more present to the power of now. We are receptive to soul talk with ourselves and others beyond the confines of time and space. What is hidden from view and consciousness during other times of the year becomes accessible. We awaken to another world beyond physical reality and experience that this universe lives inside us.


The first question I ever asked Yogi Bhajan was How can I experience God? He told me, Relax and feel IT. That is what I did. Below are three meditations that facilitate surrender. During and after each one, relax and feel IT.

(1) One way to relax and feel it, is to start with simply being quietly and silently present (1) to your heartbeat, (2) to the breath in your body and (2) to the dark infinite space inside your head. Once we have these experiences, we have something tangible to surrender to.

(2)I personally love Brainwave Meditation. I now call it Divine Connection Meditation. This can be found in Lesson 22 of my Kundalini Yoga Course.

(3) After chanting ONG NA MA GURU DEV NA MO, we often chant the mantra





I bow to the primal wisdom.

I bow to the wisdom of the ages

I bow before the true wisdom.

I bow before the great divine wisdom.

This mantra connects us with the attitude and energy of surrender. It is beautifully chanted on the CD Circle of Light by Gurudas. The call and answer format gives the experience of the Infinite speaking back to us. I love this version and use it often in my workshops.

Chant this mantra in a monotone or with the Guru Das or another CD for 11 minutes a day for 40 days to cultivate the ability to surrender. Also as mentioned above, recite it 3 or more times to facilitate giving your issues, frustrations and disturbing emotions back to God.

May you experience oneness with the One.