Spiritualizing Matter


by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #93 August 23, 2004

The Sun enters Virgo territory August 22 at 11:53am PST and stays through September 22 at 9:30 AM PDT. The FULL MOON in PISCES is August 29 (7:23 PM PDT) or August-30 (2:23am GMT). The VIRGO NEW MOON is September 14th (7:29 AM PDT, 2:29am GMT)

ARIES teaches us to cultivate a sense of our own identity. TAURUS teaches us to take care of ourselves and make sure our basic needs are met. GEMINI gives us the gift of inquisitiveness so that we can expand our minds and learn about life. CANCER takes us into our inner world so that we can befriend our emotions. LEO gets us in touch with our creativity and teaches how to make our hearts sing.


In Virgoland we integrate the lessons of the first five Zodiac signs. Our goal is to consolidate ourselves so that we can operate in the world in our own purity and wholeness. Virgo asks us to identify what is lacking so that we can proceed to refine our health, gain emotional maturity, establish physical wellness and acquire vocational skills. However, dont expect that you will graduate someday into the perfect body, with immortal health, in a state of emotional ecstasy and with all the skills you need for your job. Virgoland is like a finishing school that never ends.

Virgo offers us the promise of the deep joy that comes from feeling complete within ourselves. We learn to walk and work in the world with a solid sense of our own presence. When we enter Virgos domain, we have been kicked out of the nest. We are on our own, no longer taken care of and protected by our family. We have to learn how to make it in the world on our own. In the last house below the horizon in the birth chart, we enter the office of life with on-the-job training.

Virgo teaches us that our personal well-being is a prerequisite for serving and interacting with others. Healthy and vital, with a sense of stability and comfort within ourself, we build up confidence to serve in our own unique way and to cultivate friendships and partnerships.

Virgo seeks to attain greater levels of mastery in many areas in order to feel competent to deal with worldly tasks. The more we have integrated the lessons of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo, the easier it is to navigate Virgo territory. In Virgoland we must consolidate a sense of Self, identify the service we wish to offer the world and define our path. Before we enter the vast unknown world above the horizon, Virgo teaches us that no matter how many friends, colleagues and partners we share life with, we walk our soul path alone.

For Virgo, the basic requirement for success in the world is our own personal integrity. Virgo offers us the council that relationships are a distraction until we have got ourselves together. If we truly achieve the independence that Virgo symbolizes, we will attract co-creative, not codependent relationships. Instead of disaster and disappointment, we will move on without fanfare when there is no longer a fit. We wont feel like a victim of life. We will engage in life as a self-responsible and self-sufficient adult.


In order to understand (and appreciate!) Virgos path we need an understanding of the three energetic categories that define the Zodiac signs and the houses. Keep in mind that we all have a combination of these energies and need to learn how to work with each of them.

(1) Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are the movers and the shakers. They DO things. They initiate. They make things happen. They are the action kids on the block. planets in the corresponding 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses operate energetically to move things forward.

(2) The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) hold things in place, provide stability and offer a firm foundation. The fixed signs conserve, hoard, relax and enjoy. planets in the corresponding 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses have a steady, sustaining and nurturing playing field.

(3) The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) make adjustments, adapt, welcome the new and let go when it is time to move on. The mutable signs experience life in the middle, between cause and effect. planets in the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses operate in a constantly changing environment.

Cardinal signs create. Fixed signs hold on. Mutable signs negotiate the space and flow with the evolutionary winds. The contribution of the mutable signs is indirect, hidden and in our society often unappreciated. (Feeling unappreciated is endemic among Virgos. Hopefully this edition will help rectify this injustice.) They do the dirty, unapplauded work and act as the shock absorbers. They walk the tight rope, fight the wars, and clean up the messes. Their tasks make it possible for things to move forward and not get stuck.


The action-oriented cardinal signs often look over their shoulders smugly and wonder what are those mutable signs doing? The answer is they are furthering the evolution of humankind. They are moving the storyline along.

The mutable signs are about movement, but not about aggressive action. They create movement within and between situations. Their capacity to go back and forth, around and within gives them the ability to weave facts, circumstances and realms together. They blend active and stable energies into evolutionary progress. They move above and below, inside and out, here and there, between you and me for varying directions converge at the center of these signs. To people who are strongly fixed or cardinal, those whose energy isnt led astray once set in motion, this may seem aimless, wasteful and ill conceived. But thanks to the bees, fertile winds, and floods, pollen is dispersed, seeds are scattered, and new growth comes into being. *(1)

The mutable signs are not really focused on a concrete goal. These are signs of journeying, of learning through an ever-changing, constantly shifting sense of self and the world. Their perception is extra sensorial. Their attention is on what is shifting, what is out of sync. They are aware of slippages between worlds, of mutations and inconsistencies, and they are drawn to what is at variance with the norm. *(2) They find the way through in unsettled times, come up with solutions, adapt to change. In their back-and-forth, their contradictions and conflicts come the possibility of choice and the promise of a larger, awareness, the ability to see all the experience as part of the undivided whole. *(3)

Unlike the focused cardinal energy or the restrained fix energy, mutable energy is irregular and undirected, which can be experienced as excessive, unidentified agitation. The goal is to make the movement relaxed and rhythmic. This can happen through the blending of the three energetic qualities, the mutable specialty.

The most difficult thing, however, for the mutable signs is feeling pulled in different directions at the same time. The incessant internal tugging happens because the mutable signs are the bridges between worlds and serve to bring different dimensions of reality together.


Each of the mutable signs makes its own specific contribution. Gemini observes everything in life with a sense of detachment and humor, and in the process learns how this world operates. Gemini is fascinated by the fact that nothing stands still. Everything is in constant motion. It is the thrill of life as a perpetual motion machine that keeps Gemini always alive and forever young.

Virgo is right in the thicket of life, trying to implement ideas and to figure out what works and what doesnt. Virgo identifies and devises the best techniques to fix the fixable. Virgo is constantly adapting to the limits of the physical body, the continuous feedback from life experiences, and the changing requirements and demands of the work environment. Virgo mottos could be keep updating yourself, be adaptable and increase your effectiveness.

Virgo needs assistance from both Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius opens the mind to explore other ways of looking at things. The centaur expands the mind to access new perspectives, and in so doing discerns the deeper meaning and significance of events.

Pisces knows how to enter the worlds beyond, where it is easy to let go of the unfixable and move on. Pisces ventures way beyond the confines of ordinary logic and accesses the Divine.


Ask a Virgo they usually do not want to be in charge. They just want to do their job and do it well, without interference and bother. This rarely happens because their job is to deal with the interference and the snags. Many Virgos feel conflicted because they arent aware of the importance of what they are doing. They havent been able to identify the nature of their path. So what IS Virgos job? Virgos job is to balance, adjust, absorb and integrate all the pieces so everything runs smoothly. Virgos job is not to hold on to, or to challenge what is happening. Virgos job is to simply be with what is as it evolves and deal with it appropriately, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Virgos domain is in the middle of on-going tasks, from which there is no reprieve. Virgo is constantly on duty. Virgo experiences peace, not from escaping. Virgo experiences peace from being in the flow, allowing, giving up resistance, and relinquishing the need to be in control. Virgos sense of satisfaction comes from doing the job effectively and efficiently. Virgo grabs a fleeting moment of contentment from a job well done before the next incident, trial and test. Virgos contribution comes in the evolution, not the definitive conclusion.


Gemini is the nave child. Virgo is the apprentice, who with maturity becomes the priest/ priestess. Virgos job does not change. Virgos approach to the job changes. Mature Virgo sees the perfection of the process and witnesses the unfoldment of evolutionary change. The key is realization that this process is continuous. It never ends. Mastery comes from willing participation in the process, not in reaching the end goal. There are many endings, many beginnings and many in betweens. Virgo embraces them all. Virgo (the spinster) weaves the web of life.

Virgos path is a windy and winding road. Virgo must stay on its path not get distracted and not try to fix everything along the way. Virgos destiny to serve does not include martyrdom. Virgo teaches us to focus on our own path and to let other people follow their path and take care of themselves. Virgos constant test is to stay in the heart and not to be swayed by stories fabricated in our head.

Intelligence, understanding, quickness and adaptability are common Virgo traits, but not calm!

Virgo will feel conflicted until it learns how to be at ease and balanced and stay in the eye of the storm. Virgo needs to first get clarity about what is really going on. Then Virgo must shift the energy by doing what it can, while at the same time going with the flow and surrendering to what it can do nothing about. Virgo is in an on-going healing crisis until it figures out how to be comfortably in the body, how to accept lifes ups and downs, and how to stay in the heart.


The mutable signs offer us some very basic spiritual lessons and tools on how to deal with life.

Go with the flow of the tides (Pisces).

Move with the wind (Gemini).

Roll with the punches (Virgo).

View from on high (Sagittarius.)

Be in the now.

Allow and accept what IS

Be adaptable and flexible.

Live life day to day, moment to moment.

Let go of the past.

Integrate new experiences and grow.

Embrace the Unknown and allow in assistance.

What could be more healing for our go-go action-oriented culture than to operate with the above wisdom? The wise acceptance approach to life could soothe the duality that is produced by alternating from trying to change things (cardinal) to holding on to traditions and beliefs that no longer serve us (fixed).


All the mutable signs have duality built into their constitution. Virgos duality is between the mundane and the sacred, between the Earth and the heavens. Virgo is an earth sign. She holds a sheaf of wheat in one hand, symbolizing feminine and earthly fertility and the capacity for birth, growth and renewal. The wheat is illuminescent. The star like quality symbolizes the infusion of matter with Spirit. The Virgin also has wings, further indicating that her mission is to bring spiritual energy down to earth. She is an angel who has incarnated in physical form. In her other hand she holds a feather plucked from her wings that is a writing quill. She is the writer who reveals the mysteries of life and brings useful ideas to the world. *(4 )

Virgo holds many seeds, each with their own potential to give life. She knows that what we plant determines what we harvest. She is constantly calculating what ideas to plant, when and where. As the seed needs time in the earth to be nurtured, Virgo needs regular periods of retreat to replenish herself with both the warmth of the earth and the clear Spirit of the heavens.

Virgo looks down to the Earth with the intent of seeding the planet with nurturing Goddess care. Her duality has become invisible, sometimes even to herself. Misunderstood, she suffers alone. She must identify the source of the tension that knows no peace.

In her human incarnation, the winged angel is obliged to accept the imperfections of the world. In fact, one of her soul lessons is to learn to deal with the faults and the failings of human existence. To claim her power, this mysterious being must integrate her dual nature. When she defines her path as the servant of Goddess (not of man), she can access her power to create life. Just as Virgo must choose, she invites us each to choose our unique path. Who do we choose to be? What is the divinely inspired nature of our journey?


Virgo is driven by the need for efficiency, competency, discrimination, service, self-improvement and problem solving. Archetypal Virgo characters include the efficiency expert, troubleshooter and the fix-it person, who can analyze a situation and come up with practical solutions and techniques for accomplishing a complex task. Virgo is the critic, good and bad. Virgo includes all degrees and shades of the obsessive-compulsive worrywart. *(5)

Developmental stage

Each sign of the Zodiac represents a natural phase of human development. Virgo represents the apprentice stage of life from the age of 19 to 26, when we enter the work force, learn a trade, give birth to the worker-self and develop remunerable skills useful to the community. This is a training period, where we are likely to make mistakes and be concerned with efficiency and competency. We are learning to manage all the tasks required to be an adult and to do so we must repair and maintain our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Behavior traits

Virgo is meticulous in its focus on details, skilled in task management, discerning in the perception of differences, helpful in a pragmatic way, analytical in finding solutions to problems, and adept at finding better ways to do a job. There is a methodical, systematic quality to Virgo behavior, with an appreciation for order and routine. No sign is more technical, thorough, and exacting than Virgo. *(6) Virgos focus on understanding what does not work, correcting mistakes and fixing what is out of line and making improvements is a most valuable contribution to any endeavor.

The Virgo Mind

The Virgo mind is naturally skeptical and oriented towards problem-solving. Virgos devotion to efficient functioning is complemented by its competent, industrious, pragmatic, systematic and precise method of operating. Virgos natural reticence comes from the need to be careful, to examine things closely, to question assumptions, and hold judgment in reserve, until the empirical facts are in and the proof is documented. Virgo takes nothing at face value.

In the Virgo mind, the parts take precedence over the whole. Virgos must take things apart to see how they work. Virgo focus on the reductionistic narrowing vision to discern minute differences is both its strength and weakness. *(7)

Potential Dysfunctions

Virgo must be careful not to become over-critical in its fault finding. Cornered in its own mind, Virgo can succumb to overcompensation and obsessive, compulsive disorder OCD. Other Virgo dysfunctions include perfectionism, inability to grasp the big picture, preoccupation with trivia details and criticalness. Virgo can lose the heart of Leo fun in its excessive devotion to work and productivity at the exclusion of pleasure. It can become indecisive out of fear of making a mistake and fear of loss of control.


To access the power and potential of any sign of the Zodiac, we must work with the energies and claim the gifts of the other signs. The proceeding sign always sets the stage for the successful unfoldment of the following sign. Leo teaches us to find and operate in this world from our heart. Virgo MUST stay in the heart, to survive the torment of witnessing the weaknesses and failings of human beings.

The dialectic between opposing signs is especially important because they are complements. When opposing signs are in balance, certain traits emerge that transcend either sign individually and allow for the heightened functioning of both. Conversely, if opposing signs are not in proper balance, problems result that can be resolved only via reconciliation of what appear to be mutually exclusive alternatives. *(8)

Virgo must attain synergy with Pisces. Each of us must learn to integrate this dynamic in our consciousness. We all experience the difficulties that arise from lack of integration of any of the polarities. The Full Moons bring these dysfunctions to our attention so that we can learn and benefit from the blessings that accrue from successfully combining what each polarity has to offer. (Discussed below)


Virgo and Pisces represent two very different modes of knowing.

Virgo relies on the thinking and analysis of the rational mind. Virgo is the skeptic, who insists that truth be proven by empirical observable data. Virgo is the king of the mundane, secular world of science and research; champions the importance of critical thinking. *(9) If. contemptuously rigid in defining the real in terms of the physically measurable and blinded by allegiance to empirical facts, Virgo can also be the agnostic.

Virgo focuses on the microcosm. Its perspective is reductionistic. Parts of the whole are examined in terms of external properties. The outer, measurable world is its domain.

Its discriminating eye is critical and intolerant of mistakes. It seeks to fix problems.

Pisces is the complete opposite. Pisces focuses on the macrocosm, which is holistic, cosmic and inclusive. Pisces relies on feeling and intuition. Pisces domain is the reality of non-physical dimensional plane. Pisces is queen of the imaginal, numinous world the realm of archetypes, angels, the supernatural, which can be known only through direct spiritual experience Pisces is the true believer whose visionary ideals and unquestioning faith inspires by example. *(10) Of course, Pisces blind faith and lack of critical thinking can lead to belief in things that are imaginary and illusory. That is one reason why Pisces needs Virgo as much as Virgo needs Pisces.


Virgo and Pisces offer us two very different approaches to problem-solving. Virgo offers us ways to deal with situations (problems and predicaments) that have at least a potential for solution or resolution. Pisces offers us ways to deal with the givens unfortunate circumstances that we cannot change - death, and the realities of life, i.e. our body type, color of skin, the weather, the number of hours in the day, etc.

Virgo offers solutions to clean things up, to improve situations, to resolve problems and to mend what is broken. Thank God for Virgos problem-solving abilities. But what about things that cant be fixed?

The insolvable, the unchangeable, what is beyond our control is Pisces area of expertise. Pisces helps us accept what cannot be changed, forgive what cannot be undone and trust in a force and plan bigger than ourselves. Pisces helps us deal with what has no remedy. Pisces offers us compassionate understanding, a warm lap and loving arms when the only options are acceptance, forgiveness, trust, surrender and moving on with the evolutionary unfoldment of life.

The Serenity Prayer is the perfect Pisces/Virgo integration:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, (Pisces)

The courage to change the things I can, (Virgo)

And the wisdom to know the difference. (Both Virgo and Pisces)


Virgo and the Sixth House are where our Leo dreams hit the fan of life. We have to adjust to limitations and restrictions. We also have to let go when an adventure has taken its course and let it die a natural death. We have to move on. In the first case we have to adapt to outer forces beyond our control. In the second, we have to accept the cyclical nature of life and death.

Our success, and indeed our happiness, depends upon our flexibility, versatility and ability to let go and detach. If we approach our experiences as teachers and are willing to learn, we can build up a deep reservoir of contentment and solid foundation of maturity.


The sixth house is where our daily life happens. The sign on the cusp of the 6th house is an indication of HOW our day-to-day routine unfolds. In addition to the signs and planets in the sixth house, we need to see where Virgo is in our birth cart. The house or houses with Virgo energy will confront us with Virgo issues. The opposing house will be our refuge.

Below is a very brief statement of the subject matter of our sixth house related to the sign on the cusp.

Aries self, one thing right after another, which we take personally

Taurus money and financial matters, security issues, how to take care of yourself.

Gemini a lot of activity and stimulation, discovery of the mind

Cancer about the home, family, food, emotions

Leo tests of the heart and self-worth

Virgo health, work, home, daily chores

Libra relationships, creating harmony, peace and equality

Scorpio business dealings, emotional issues, deep inner probing

Sagittarius education, travel, spiritual matters

Capricorn business, career matters

Aquarius working with others to change things, need for freedom

Pisces God, karma, letting go and letting God


The sixth house is often passed over as boring. Or we hope to avoid the issues presented there. But considering that our daily routine, work and health consume the greater part of our attention and time, a more enlightened attitude could extricate us from the humdrum of existence and our frustrations with our chores. As Thich Nat Hahn, Buddhist monk and teacher, says no more chores, no more life. When our chores are over, our life is obviously over too.

Daily life symbolized by the sixth house requires constant adjustment to reality as it presents itself. Given this reality, we must be aware and willing to accept that things often do not happen the way we want them to. We build mastery through interacting with life. We acquire new techniques, adapt new approaches and reach new understandings that help us live more productive, efficient and satisfying lives. The conflict between the way we want things to be and the way they are is the fodder for issues such as victimization, insecurity, and stress. Without a higher perspective of life, these issues become chronic and we live in perpetual crisis and discontentment.

The brick wall of physical and human reality is the stage of the sixth house. Yes, our options are limited. We cant have everything exactly the way we want it all the time. We are not going to get constant attention and be appreciated for everything we do. In the sixth house, it is our attitude that gets us through. We have to shut off the inner critic and appreciate ourselves for the effort that we put into all our endeavors. If we dont we will suffer from chronic stress and depression.

I sum, the sixth house is about work, health, daily life and how we deal with personal crises. We will always have to do something about one situation or another. Welcome to Planet Earth. Our options are often limited, i.e. we cannot change the fact that we have to make a living to pay the rent. There is no lottery escape route. We live in a human body. We have to take care of it. If we are ill, we have to rest and do what it takes to return to good health. Whatever our crisis, we must restore ourselves and our lives to balance. Our tests require patience, endurance, faith, and the ability to learn from experience.


The basic question is how we choose to meet our challenges. We can acquire new skills and we can change our approach and attitude. The latter often seems to be the most challenging, but absolutely essential and very rewarding in terms of results. In the sixth house we are looking for results. The bottom line is that we are transformed. Something changes inside us, when we give up suffering and allow ourselves to grow. A fundamental reorientation of the psyche occurs when we move out of a victimization mindset into the vast arena of free will. The latitude of personal choice is not infinite, but it is far greater than most of us realize or choose to take advantage of.

The sixth house is traditionally about alchemy. The alchemy happens first in our mind. Virgo is ruled by Mercury - the mind which gives us the ability to reason, to strategize and to respond appropriately. Appropriate response can happen by an attitude adjustment about our daytime activities and how we use our time. Instead of going through the day mechanically like a machine, we can live in the moment magically like a child. We can infuse the mundane with the sacred. Here we arrive at the core of the Virgo mission to spiritualize matter.

Virgo invites us to cultivate personal magic by making our routines into rituals. *(11) We can choose to feel the power of Spirit that makes our movements, breath and actions possible. Instead of going numb to the moment, we can feel the aliveness of the present and how we respond and react in it. Giving importance to the present and meaning to our daily activities can be pleasurable, practical, and productive. Virgo invites us to become the high priests and priestesses of our daily lives. *(12)

Most humans experience a quiet inner satisfaction in a regular structure. The secret is to enjoy the motion within the structure. The gift of finding the balance of action within structure brings a sense of quiet relief. We are not searching for external triumph in the sixth house. We simply want to be relaxed and at peace in the enfoldment of the day. The Virgin knows that lasting peace comes from connecting with Spirit in our bodies from gently and lovingly holding the Divine in our sacred temple.


A whole series of celestial events conspire to make this Full Moon a double whammy. The Uranus involvement arouses emotions and adds extra stimulation to our nervous system. This electrifying energy makes it a challenge to stay focused, centered and grounded.

* Two days before the Full Moon, the Virgo Sun opposes Uranus at 5° Pisces. The message is wake up and think for yourself.

* Just hours before the exact Full Moon, Uranus conjuncts the Moon at 4° Pisces. Our emotional cool will be challenged.

* Pluto turns direct at 20° Sag August 30th. The deep probing forced upon us by five months of Pluto retrograde (since March 24th) should have prepared us to release some sabotaging beliefs and attitudes, to claim some hidden strengths and to own some deep desires.

* September 2nd Mercury goes direct. We now have the green light to move forward on projects we have been holding close to our hearts.

* At this Full Moon, Venus and Saturn are less than 2° away from exact conjunction at 23° Cancer, signaling the need for a reality check on both what we love and cherish and what factors limit their attainment.

Sun, Mars and Jupiter, all in rational, practical Virgo, goad us to ask what is relevant and what is the most effective means of accomplishing our goals.

The Moon in Pisces whispers in our ears that we can know by listening to intuition, following inner guidance, and trusting Divine intent and will.

This Full Moon could well provide the jump start for a quantum leap forward in awareness and contribution IF we (1) trust the Earth to support us and allow ourselves to be grateful for Virgos abundant harvest. And IF (2) we trust the Universe to support us. Pisces opens our awareness to experience the invisible hand that is present at all times in all circumstances.

Spiritualizing matter is the all encompassing theme.

The Pisces/Virgo Full Moon invites us to integrate two very different approaches to problem-solving. Virgo insists that we use our capacity for critical thinking to achieve clarity on what can, needs to be done and how. Pisces makes sure we allow for ambiguity and have a humble appreciation of mystery. Rigorous investigation will make sure we dont get caught in situations that cause more problems. Trust of the ultimate Source could mobilize the help inaccessible through our own efforts. The key to achieving the integration demanded at any Full Moon is to realize that this happens inside our own psyche.


The themes of this New Moon are Quality control and Get going.

The Virgo New Moon is joined by Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Ceres - all in Virgo. If you want to know what Virgo energy feels like, pay attention on this day. Yes, pay attention to details. Use your mind to discern what the problem is and what needs to be done about it. What facts and interpretations are essential and which ones are extraneous? How are YOU going to use your skills and vital energy to accomplish your goals and to proceed on your path?

Pluto at 20° Sagittarius squares the Sun, Moon, Mars, Ceres and Vesta, causing us to question our beliefs, paths, conditioning, conventional wisdom and collective structures. Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon will spur us to get organized, to be practical and to take action. What is essential and best for you? What is your path and how can you move forward?

Make this New Moon about YOURSELF, your integrity, your health, your purity, your wholeness and your autonomy. You will probably be aware of your imperfections and limitations. But dont get stuck there. Take some time to glean wisdom from the field of life. Carefully examine your thoughts, reactions and standards. Differentiate between preciseness and pickiness, humility and self-depreciation, and service and servitude/martyrdom. *(13)


We all know that the mind works better when it is uncluttered with worry and not preoccupied with thinking about things we cannot change. We are also aware of the mind/body connection, how our thoughts create stress and emotional turmoil, which in turn is on the major causes of illness. While the Sun is in Virgo is a perfect time to investigate how these truths operate in our own lives. Here are some ideas on how to get real in dealing with our mental sabotage. Our task is to make mental adjustments and to release thoughts that create the undercurrent of discontent and keep us on edge.

The theme is discerning, and ACCEPTING, the difference between a situation and a given.

Situations have solutions, givens dont.

1. Make a list of situations and uncomfortable givens that are on your mind. The first consists of problems and predicaments that you can do something about. The second consists of circumstances that you can do nothing about that are totally beyond your control.

2. Identify what you can change the two basic categories are (a) action that you can take, (b) attitudes that you can adjust or approaches that you can adapt.

3. Take one action. Maybe more, but the important thing is to get started and not get overwhelmed by too many things to do.

4. Identify and catch your default programming fear of the future, mistrust, belief that things will not work out, belief that you have to struggle and that life is hard.

5. Adjust one attitude. Find a substitute and insert that thought when the negative attitude appears. If your attitude is that things are always difficult then start adding the thought that things CAN actually happen quickly, easily and without effort. Again just pick one. Start simple. We arent going for a complete overhaul of the psyche. However, planting one seed can create some very significant changes.

6. Take one given that you have a negative obsession about and every time it starts to upset you or preoccupy your mind, chant:

Ad gu ray na meh (mayh)

Jugad gu ray na meh

Sat gu ray na meh

Siri guru day vay na meh *(14)

Remember, the antidote is in the opposite sign. In this case the antidote to Virgos obsessive thinking is Pisces sweet surrender. For this we need divine help. The divine mantra (above translated) for the task is:

I bow/surrender to the Infinite teacher/Guru

I bow/surrender to eternal wisdom.

I allow/bow to the Truth.

I bow and let go to the great unseen wisdom.

Bowing, surrendering, letting go and allowing imply that we let ourselves learn gently, lovingly and easily.

This mantra can be chanted for 11 or more minutes every day as a meditation. There is a beautiful CD by Gurudass with this chant. *(15) Also chant this mantra while you are doing your daily chores and activities.

The situation that you choose does not have to be some heavy calamity. How about doing something about the routine crises you create in your mind? How about obsessing about the traffic, the weather, the time of day, doing the dishes? How about accepting and rhythmically enjoying your daily chores? This subtle shift in consciousness could change your whole life. This could be the opening to becoming the priest or priestess of your daily life.

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