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"I've studied astrology for 28 years and have a nice astrological counseling business. The material you've done on the #30-Uranus, August 11, 1999 solar eclipse and perfection of Virgo is the best I have ever read. Your writing ability is a God thing, so beautiful and well done." N.A.

"I hope you don't mind my emailing you directly. I love your astrological commentaries. They are the smartest, most informed and most spiritually satisfying pieces I have ever read on the subject. I really hope you are preparing a book on this. It would be a major contribution." H.S.

"I have been receiving your astrology newsletter since the summer and I love it." S.S. Vancouver

"I read the article regarding the August 11 Eclipse and found it to be very profound ... I was moved by it. "

"I love the clarity of your explanations. They are so informative too. I now have an appreciation of universal energies, and an understanding of some of the basic astrological concepts. Your profound analysis has made my life richer. Thank you."

"While I have a passion for knowledge about Kundalini yoga I know from experience that if I try to intellectualize my experiences, the spiritual high goes away. I have just finished my 40 days doing the Guru Ram Das meditation posted in the "New Millennium Being". I have a overall experience of well being with myself and the whole world. I have a lot of energy. It has lasted for over a day. I'm just going to enjoy it!" - B.K.

"I simply want to speak out my thanks for the first news - which I received and read today about Virgo. I happen to have a Virgo moon (along with Pluto in Virgo in the tenth house) and could REALLY appreciate what I read. It has been some time that I have enjoyed reading and absorbing such wonderfully written info."

"I came by Yoga Technology quite by "accident " and I am happy that I did! I had a look into the solar eclipse news this evening and found even though the eclipse is over, I could understand what I have been feeling & experiencing before and after. I am incredibly inspired and very thankful that I have come across your website. Thanks so much." - I.T.

"I would greatly appreciate it if you would kindly send me your piece on the eclipse and Grand Cross. I had a chance to look at it and was amazed with its accuracy in my life and would like to share it with others. Yes, I would love to receive more articles from you - they're fascinating."

"it was really enthralling to read your article on the solar eclipse of 11th Aug. I would like to know more on it n also would want to read more of your research work I am a doctor ( medicine) .and am preparing for my post graduation tests hope to hear from you soon."

"Hi. I enjoyed reading your article on the cosmic cross events. It shed light on the subject and helped to clarify some things which have been going on lately. I would appreciate being placed on a mailing list ot receive more articles. Thank you. Peace" - Diane


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