Index - by Date

01Solar Eclipse and the Grand Cross
02Virgo's Path to Perfection
03After the Eclipse
04Libra's Balancing Act
05Scorpio, Born Again and Again
06Bear Mode and Mercury Retrograde
07Sagittarius - Vision for the New Millennium
08Sagittarius - Life Goals
09Winter Solstice - Full Moon
10Capricorn - The Descent into Stillness
11Capricorn - Ascent up the Mountain
12Aquarius: The Divine Revolutionary
13Pisces - Wake-Up and Stay Awake
14Pisces Addendum - Surrender
15Aries - I am Myself
16Taurus - I Desire the Light
17The Taurus Party - Aspects & Cycles
18Gemini - My Inner Child is my Twin Soul
19Cancer - In the Sanctuary of my Soul
20Three Eclipses in One Month - More Good News!
21Leo - I am The One
22Follow Your Dreams
23"I Am" Leo Meditation on the Self
24Humanology Shift to the Aquarian Age
25Virgo - Perfecting Humanness
26Venus - Goddess of Attraction and Higher Love
27Pluto - Soul Growth and Soul Lessons
28Jupiter - Santa in the Sky
29Saturn - The Alchemy of the Soul
30Uranus - Wake-Up and Stay Awake
31Neptune - Me and God are One
32Mars - Deliver or Destroy
33Earth - Taurus Connection
34Mercury - Messenger of the Gods
35Moon Shine and Enneagrams
36Here Comes the Sun
37Inner and Outer Peace - 9/11
38Knowledge, Worldviews, Astrology and Kundalini Yoga
39Devotion and Destiny
40A Time of Connection
41A Prosperity Paradigm Shift
43Saturn-Pluto Opposition
44One Sacred Moment in Time and Space
45Containment - The Lesson of the Crab
46Live and Love in Consciousness
47Virgo New Moon
48Peace in the Heart
49Mercury Retrograde - Deep in the Heart Chakra
50Wholeness and the Dance of Polarities
51A Time to Let Go and Feel Loved
52The Aries/Libra Dance - Self and Relationships
53Divine Doggie Grace
54The Taurus/Scorpio Dance
55Lunar Eclipse and Taurus Full Moon
56Achieving Inner and Outer Peace
57New Year Self-Evaluation, Mercury Retrograde
58More on Mercury Retrograde
59Aquarius New Moon - Awaken to Your Destiny
60Full Moon and Saturn/Pluto Completion
61Heart Love or Head Fear
62Uranus in Pisces - Reality Revolution
63Paradigm Shifting with the Mul Mantra
64Yogi Bhajan Speaks, on War and Inner Peace
65Manifesting Prosperity by Working with Our Emotions
66Lunar and Solar Eclipses: Catalysts of Change
67Solar Eclipse: Emotional Meltdown
68New Moon in Gemini: New Reality
69Capricorn Full Moon and Male/Female Polarities
70Full Moons and Integration of the Polarities
71Mars in Pisces - Time for Change
72Full Moons and Cosmic Fireworks
73Libra - Connecting with Our Neutral Mind
74Harmonic Concordance - Face the Light of Your Soul
75The Harmonic Concordance Explained
76Love Yourself Today
77Cultivating Self-Love
78A Gratitude and Giving Game
79Inner Allegiance to the Infinite
80Set Yourself Free - the Power of Neutral
81Aquarius - Me and My Tribe
82Be My Own Valentine
83Pisces - At One with the One
84Pisces/Virgo Full Moon
85Aries New Moon - A New Beginning
86Who We Are is What We Get
87Taurus - How do I Grow My Garden
88Venus Makes Love with the Sun
89Gemini New Moon - Celebrate Life and Rebirth
90Feng Shui Your Inner Environment
91Making the Divine Your Companion
92Leo - Embrace Our Inner Lion
93Virgo's Mission - Spiritualizing Matter
94Libra - Relationships Begin in the Heart
95Five-Pointed Stars Light Up Our Lives
96Death's Divine Embrace - Thank You Yogi Bhajan
97Scorpio New Moon - Past Demon or Future Ally?
98Sagittarius: Path with a Purpose
99Stillness and Silence at Solstice
100Capricorn - Leader of My Own Life
101Aquarius Set Myself Free
102Pisces - Fantasy or God Channel
103Aries Within - Connecting with Our Force
104Taurus - Self-Sufficiency and Manifestation
105Gemini: Upgrade Your Inner Conversation
106Inner Cancer - Creating a Space for Your Truth
107Holding a Space for Your Truth
108Inner Leo - Embracing the Unknown
109Inner Virgo - Mastery in the Moment
111Inner Libra - Inner and Outer Relationships
112Inner Scorpio - Master of Self
113Inner Sagittarius - Evolution of Self
114Inner Capricorn - Reclaiming Our Free Will
115Inner Aquarius - Our Authenticity Revolution
116Inner Pisces - Surrender to the Infinite
117Inner Aries - The Journey of Self
118Inner Taurus - Welcome to Inner Reality
119The Gemini Path - Mental Reality
120The Cancer Path - Emotional Security
121The Leo Path - Activate Your Heart Light
122The Virgo Path - Spiritualizing Matter
123A Time of Profound Transformation
124The Libra Path - Finding Balance in Neutral
125The Scorpio Path - Hidden Truth and Treasures
126The Sagittarius Path - Spiritual Workshop called Life
127Winter Solstice and the Holiday Season
128Capricorn Initiates the New Year
129The Aquarius Path - Set Yourself Free
130The Pisces Path - Devotion to the Divine
131The Aries Path - My Unique Experience of Myself
132Honoring Death and Dying
133The Taurus Path - Enjoying Our Physical Experience
134Gemini Lessons - Listening and the Inner Observer
135Cancer Lessons - Retaining Your Emotional Power
136Leo Lessons - Let Your Inner Sun Shine
137Eclipses - Transformation and Change
138Virgo Lessons - Align with Natural Flow
139Libra Lessons - Heart Opening in Neutral
140Scorpio Lessons - Emotions and Evolutionary Change
141Sagittarius Lessons - Spiritual Transformation
142Claim Your Gift and Come Home
143Capricorn Lessons - Spiritual Transformation
144Aquarius Lessons - Wake-Up the Collective Heart
145Pisces Lessons - The Urge to Merge
146Aries Lessons - I am Consciousness, I love Me
147Taurus Lessons - Prosperity, Creation and Magnetism
148Gemini - Another Way?
149The Cancer Journey - How to Find Love and Heal
150The Leo Journey - Our Heart is Our Sun Center
151The Virgo Journey - Our Field of Reality
152The Libra Journey - Accessing Our Neutral Mind
153The Scorpionic-Aquarian Election
154The Sagittarius Journey - The Arrow of Destiny
155The Capricorn Journey - Master of Our Own Life
156The Aquarius Journey - Set Yourself Free
157The Pisces Journey - Living in the Big Pond
158The Aries Journey - Reassessment and Rebirth
159The Taurus Journey - The Fire of My Soul
160Gemini - The Path of Humor
161Cancer - The Feminine Polarity of My Soul
162Leo - The Light of My Soul
163Virgo - Service and Sadhana
164Scorpio - Understanding My Emotional Body
165Sagittarius Journey to Higher Consciousness
166Capricorn - My Universe
167Aquarius - Do Only what Only You Can Do
168Pisces - Expanding Our Reality
169Aries - One and Oneness
170Planetary Wake-Up Call 2010
171Chiron in Pisces and the Dynamics of Love
172Cancer Mother Awakens Us to Wholeness
173Mercury Retrograde - Inspiration and Guidance
174Libra and Scorpio - Relationship with Your Truth
175Taurus and Scorpio - Cycles of Transformation
176Sagittarius and Gemini - Perception and Truth
177Our Inner World Creates Our Outer Reality
178Numerology for 2011 - Who Is Your Guru?
179Reality Shift 2011 - My Inner Reality
180Aries - Soul Reality and Consciousness
181Earth and Taurus - Rebirth of Feminine Archetypes
182Gemini - Playful Wisdom and Truth
183Cancer - The Flowing Mode
184Leo - Soul Awakening
185Virgo - Integrating Matter and Spirit
186Scorpio - Transformation, Transitions and 11-11-11
187Sagittarius - Gift Consciousness
188Capricorn - 2012 and Physical Reality
189Aquarius 2012 - Freedom in Your Heart
190Neptune's Pisces Journey - 2012-2026
191Aries - Ego to Soul Consciousness
192Taurus, Prosperity and Earth Mother Love
193Gemini Loves Life
194Cancer and Mother Love
195Leo, Heart and Creativity
196Virgo - Get Real
197Libra - In Relationships with Everything
198Scorpio - Torment or Power?
199Sagittarius - Expansion and Truth
20012/12/12 and 12/21/12 Shift
201Capricorn, Authority and Truth


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