After the Eclipse

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #3 August 28, 1999

Some people seem disappointed that there were no cataclysmic events on the day of the August 11th Solar Eclipse and Grand Cross. Someone even said to me, maybe astrology doesn't work any more. Well there was the earthquake in Turkey which was right on the path of the Eclipse! Just took a few days to shake loose. There is a tendency in our psyches to look to the external world for proof of what is real or actually happened. If we need events, I have heard lots of stories about people losing their purses and valuable jewels. Someone else acquired a long awaited computer system that will allow her to share her special projects with the world.

Many people have moved, are now planning moves, selling their houses, relocating, changing jobs and professions and ending old or entering new relationships. You may have gotten an idea to relocate, start a new business, start or complete a relationship, well before the actual Eclipse, but the intense, consolidated energy propelled you to take action and get excited about the possibilities ahead. The point to remember is that this and other Eclipses are evolutionary processes that percolate over time. So stay tuned to your own inner guidance, watch the road signals and hold on to your purse.

I have noticed that in many different ways people are getting personal wake-up calls. Inner earthquakes are shaking up our own psyches. After reading my Eclipse article, a young skeptical Gemini man who had been job searching for months commented, "I will believe it, if I get a job on the Eclipse". And sure enough, the day before the Eclipse (the Grand Cross was already powerfully in action) he got the job offer he wanted.

You Are Making a Difference

I think it is quite to the credit of all the human beings on the Planet who have meditated, prayed together, aligned themselves with the Light, consciously chosen to follow a disciplined spiritual path and served others and the world, that the energy of this event has been directed more toward inner than outer wake-up calls. Yogi Bhajan said that the energy of this Eclipse would take us either toward the Light or the Dark, depending on how we choose to use it. Maybe the foundation of Light we have been building is reaching a critical mass, which I understand is very small. One estimate is 1/10th of one percent of the world population.

One channeled source stated that "We have seen how just one individual's choice to integrate instead of judge or condemn has caused a probable tidal wave to decrease by 100 feet or a hurricane's winds to decrease by 50 mph".(1)That is the kind of news I like to read. It confirms our power and role in determining earth changes and the outcomes of energy shifts. We each do make a difference!

Spaciness, Emotionality and Clarity

I have noticed that since the Eclipse a lot of people seem to be very spaced out, complain about fuzzy headiness and absent mindedly lose or forget things. I am glad I only lost my bathing cap and goggles, and not family jewels and a 10 caret diamond! I have also noticed that many people's emotions are more out of control. My emotions seem to be more on the surface, less hidden. As a result it is easier to be present to my own energy. I also experience a deep desire to be more detached and am more capable of not reacting. I can separate myself from others easier. This is great news for a Cancer.

Yogi Bhajan told us a couple years ago that humans would become transparent. At first this evoked images of Alex Grey's paintings where all the inner workings of the human body are colorfully visible. Now my perceptions of what gets in the way of our success have become more acute. It is so clear that when we are not ourselves, not centered, not relaxed and are afraid, depressed or angry, life simply pitches us curved balls that create pain and struggle.

The veil between humans and other dimensions of reality is also becoming more and more transparent. Universal knowledge is more readily available. I find that metaphors and symbols speak more clearly to me. I just think about an astrological sign, for instance, and a whole treasure chest of insights flood through my mind.

A Time of Rebirth

I have also noticed that some people feel like this is their time and things are really working for them. Others can't figure out what is the matter, why things aren't working like they usually do. As one friend said, those of us who have done "the work" i.e. our emotional-spiritual healing are being fully supported on our destiny paths. For these people, it is a wonderfully creative and productive time. The past seems more and more distant and the future more and more exciting. For those whose path is not clear yet, it is a time enjoy the Void from which all creation springs, to feel cozy in one's own womb before the rebirth into a new reality and a new life.

You Are Not Alone

If you are experiencing extreme energy and emotional shifts, you are not alone. One moment we can feel very energized and then another exhausted. Our emotions can swing from elation to edgy, irritable moodiness. What many of us feel can be partly explained by the facts that the Planet is going through a dimensional shift and humans are undergoing changes at the cellular and DNA level.(1) Yogi Bhajan says that the Earth is shifting on its axis and when it has shifted one more degree we will be fully in the Aquarian Age in 2012.

Vibrationally the Planet is shifting to the higher frequency of the heart. This is why everything seems to be speeding up. We have to align with the energy, or feel left out and oppressed by it. A new reality is being birthed, which means that the old one has to die. So if you feel like your are losing something, you are. With the death of the old, comes the rebirth of the new. Many of us feel like we are gaining something. That is true too.

I was intrigued by this channeled statement "Now is not the time to be consumed with pushing and trying to make things happen. Whatever you are trying to do out of fear will not manifest anyway".(1) That is good news. I hope that is true for the whole world! Do we hereby declare that the pain and struggle mode is obsolete and will be recycled into the cosmic Void? I certainly hope so! I do have this wonderful feeling that things can only get better.

Aligning with the New Energy

We can align with the new energy by living in our hearts and aligning with our higher purpose. Those who resist and live in denial will face challenges, that force them to clear repressed emotions and destructive programming, so that they too can live in the reality of compassion and service. "No amount of drugs, alcohol or other medicating addictions will stop them from feeling the emotions that need to be expressed and released".(1)

How can we facilitate our personal transition and transformation? Listen to and follow your Higher Self. You will be protected, guided and the doors of opportunity will open for you. More water, protein and potassium will help with the fuzzy headedness and fatigue.(1) Spending time in nature will facilitate your connection with your Higher Self, heal the emotional body and stay present in the physical body.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Opportunities

We can pass these events off as accidents, chance, good or bad luck or karma, but when we do we are the losers. We are constantly co-creating events and opportunities with our celestial partners that help us grow, create a deeper trust with the Unknown and establish a more profound relationship with our own Higher Self. The wise person takes advantage of every situation to gain a deeper understanding of the forces of the Universe, an appreciation of our interaction with it and gratitude of our innate abilities to establish a profound relationship between ourselves and cosmic forces. Call it God, call it HESHEIT as Yogi Bhajan likes to say, or don't call It anything. The reality is SOMETHING IS GOING ON! The more we align with It, the better our life works. The more we consciously interact with It, the more we develop our free will. The more we play with It, the more fun we have.

So don't miss out or short change yourself in any way. We are all here to learn how to wake-up, to be supported, and to enjoy the cosmic play. May you dance with passion and grace at the center of your own universe!

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