Bear Mode and Mercury Retrograde

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #6 - November 3, 1999

The Sun entered Scorpio October 23 and will stay there until November 21. Daylight saving time in the US ended October 31. Summer ended at the Fall Equinox September 23. We are approaching the shortest day and the longest night of the year - Winter Solstice on December 21. November 4, Mercury goes retrograde until the evening of November 24th. Hello! Is that enough hits from the Universe that we are entering the time of the year that I call Bear Mode. Bears hibernate at this time of year. Wise creatures indeed. We might not be able to replicate the bear's behavior, even though we might like to. However, we can certainly use this time of the year to our advantage. We can follow our own bear instincts and use these precious months to turn inward.

The nature of autumn and winter energy invites us to pursue our inner journey. This is the best time in the annual cycle of death and rebirth to meditate, to cultivate our intuition and to get in touch with our internal powers. The feminine principle is the most prevalent during the fall and winter months. Our desires for explanations and understanding is replaced by a deep need to experience the nature of our being. Goals that seemed so important in the masculine mode no longer grab our attention. There is no place to go. We realize that we are already there.

Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio energy is the archetype of "the dark night of the soul". Scorpio obliges us to feel our feelings, to get in touch with our deepest emotions, and in the process to become a master, instead of a slave of our emotions. Scorpio reminds us that real power is internal power. Kundalini Yoga and the internal martial arts are about cultivating the dynamic powers that flow through our bodies. Used wisely, Scorpio energy facilitates profound, thorough and lasting changes in our very being.

Shortest Days, Longest Nights

With less sunlight, we must tune into our own inner light for inspiration and energy. "The dark night" typically helps us get in touch with the fear, anger and sadness that are blocking our light from our own view. Befriending our negative emotions is a necessary step in our self-empowerment process. But we must be careful not to indulge to the extent that we become victims of destructive patterns. Befriended, fear transmutes into prana or energy. Anger transmutes into light and energy for action. Sadness transmutes into bliss. This transmutation that is an important goal of our inner journey.

We can also simply use this time to focus on our own light. The light of our Soul is always present, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. We can do this by turning our attention to our heart and feeling the warmth that is self-generated simply through attention and by placing our hands on our heart center. We can also focus on our third eye until we awaken the light in our mind.

Mercury Retrograde

Three times a year Mercury moves into a position in the sky relative to the Earth where it appears to go in a backward direction. Although it is not really going backwards, its energetic impact on the Earth is altered. Mercury is the Planet associated with communication, the mind, and electrical equipment and phenomena. During this 21-23 day period, communications are often disrupted, misinterpreted or out of sync. This is a good time to practice clear and direct communication skills. It is also a good time to develop patience when things don't happen exactly the way you want them to. It is an opportune time to notice reality as it IS, as opposed to how you would like it to be or perceive it through your belief systems and desires.

Mercury retrograde is not a good time to sign contracts unless the intentions of both parties are sincere and clear. From personal experience, I would recommend not buying any electrical equipment or computers during this period if you have a choice. The main touchstone during this period is not to force anything that does not feel in the natural flow of things.

If we are in sync with the energy, it can be a very positive experience. The mind wants to relax during Mercury retrograde. If we allow ourselves to let go, it is a wonderful time for deep meditation. When our mind relaxes is grip, our heart can open. It is also therefore a great time to open our hearts to others and ourselves. It is a caring personal time to be with each other and ourselves in an intimate way. We are less possessed by our obsessions. Let your intuition and instincts run the show. Let your heart open and enjoy it. Your mind will take over soon enough.

The best days for meditation are the days Mercury goes retrograde and direct and the days just before and after. This month that is November 3-5 and 23-25. One can feel a bit disoriented these days, but if you use the energy to consolidate and regroup, you can find the energy soothing and productive.

It is important to be aware that the weeks before Mercury goes retrograde are often filled with activities and action. Then all of a sudden things seem to slow down and we wonder what went wrong. Nothing went wrong. The energy simply shifted. It is time to consolidate and let the Universe do its work. The energy for action will pick up in the days after Mercury goes direct. In the meantime, clean out, organize and get things done that have been lingering on your to-do list for too long. Clean up the old and prepare for the new.

It is not a good time to initiate new projects, unless they effortlessly or spontaneously happen. No force, no fuss and you will be fine. Projects can come to fruition during Mercury retrograde. This is partly because we have already done the work and also because we can let go enough to let things happen.

You will find more information on Mercury retrograde in Issue 49 - Mercury Retrograde - Deep in the Heart Chakra.

Depression or Message

People often feel depressed during this time of the year. My theory is that depression is one manifestation of being outward when we are supposed to be inward. Our emotions are trying to get our attention and coax us into a deep intimate relationship with our own psyche and soul. And as I intimated above, we will most likely experience "a dark night" before we find our inner sun. That is the nature of the human journey. If we embrace our dark reality instead of resisting it, we will be supported and encouraged along the way and get to our light side quicker.

A first step in embracing our emotional energies is to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. The adventure gets better after our peaceful acceptance of what is. We might not like our personal reality at all times, but at least we will not be fighting ourselves. One of the gifts of self-acceptance is simply feeling cozy being with ourselves. So cuddle up with your teddy bear, hug yourself and enjoy the Bear phase of the year.

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