Winter Solstice - Full Moon

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #9, December 18, 1999
A Special Occasion

Tuesday December 21st is a very special day. It is a Full Moon in Cancer and it is Winter Solstice. The Solstice, or the shortest day of the year, coincides with the Sun crossing into Capricorn at 11:44pm Tuesday the 21st. This moment of standstill for the Sun can be the most meditative and peaceful of the whole year.

This is the Last Lunar event of the Millennium: This Winter Solstice coincides with the Full Moon for the first time in 133 years! At this time, the Earth is closest to the Sun, and the Moon is closest to the Earth. Since the Full Moon on the Winter Solstice occurs in conjunction with a lunar perigee (point in the moon's orbit that is closest to Earth), the Moon will appear about 14% larger than it does at apogee (the point in it's elliptical orbit that is farthest from the Earth).

The Earth is also several million miles closer to the Sun, than in the summer. Sunlight striking the moon is about 7% stronger. This makes it brighter. The Moon of this Solstice will be the biggest and brightest we have ever seen. It will seem like daylight during the night-time hours, AND it hasn't happened this way for 133 years!

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and joy goes direct or forward in Aries (sign of new beginnings and energy for personal initiatives) on December 20th. Energetically this translates into optimistic moods and vital energy to move forward in our life adventures. You may feel that areas of your life that seemed blocked for the last few months are now wide open for support, expression and direct action. There is an expansive window of opportunity to let go of the past and embrace our goals, intentions and Self for the New Year and New Millennium.

The Moon is in Cancer, a perfect time to nurture yourself and your New Year's goals and to share with others. The Sun in Capricorn gives us the perseverance to do our part in realizing our dreams.

The Full Moon is about completions and letting go. When we let go of the past, we can embrace the moment and let it illuminate our path for the future. The five days from December 20 to December 24 represent a Portal or doorway into the future. Meditation during this time can be both personally powerful and beneficial to the Planet. These moments of stillness provide us with an opportunity to expand our awareness, to anchor into our essential Selves and to prepare to move into unknown territory.

Time to Meditate

Actually the Moon is full at 9:31am PST on the 22nd. So the calendar says that the Full Moon is on the 22nd. However, for those living in the Western Hemisphere, the energy of the Full Moon will be the most powerful in the evening of Tuesday the 21st.

The energy is always more intense before the astrological event and diminishes after the event. (Not New Moons) The energy is like a train coming toward you before the Full Moon and like a train moving away from you after the Full Moon. To get the maximum effect and energy, the meditation should be done before the peak of the Full Moon. Winter Solstice is on December 21st, so this works perfectly. A similar principle applies to the Solstice. When the Earth changes direction, the energy emitted from the light is more powerful than after the fact. Therefore, we should plan to meditate before, rather than after.

The recommended meditation is The Tantric Healing Ring. This is a very special meditation that is to be practiced only on the Full Moon, New Moon and the 14th day of the New Moon, which is always just before the Full Moon.

Kundalini Yoga - Tantric Healing Ring Meditation

Benefits of the Meditation

The Tantric Healing Ring generates a tremendous healing energy which is experienced by those participating and can be directed towards any person - a member of the circle, someone at a distance, or someone located in the center of the circle.

Everyone can place someone who they wish to receive the healing energy in the center of the circle. The intention is enough for them to get the healing. Be sure to include Yogi Bhajan in the center of the circle in gratitude for sharing Kundalini Yoga and this meditation with us and the world. There is enough energy for everyone. Once the intention is set, let it go and concentrate on the experience.

I suggest that everyone also state to the group their major goal and intention for the New Year and place it in the circle for activation. You may notice that you want others' goals. Everyone gets everyone else's goals, if you choose! We are all one!

The participants focus their attention on the experience and let themselves be filled with the sound, acutely listening to and tuning in to the call. During this meditation one becomes aware that each person is a part of oneself. It is truly a heart opening experience.

How to do the Meditation

At least eleven persons are required to do this special meditation. Sit in an unbroken circle. Use cushions or other props to position yourself in any comfortable, cross-legged position that helps you keep a straight spine. Hold hands with the left palm up to receive and the right palm down to give.

Once the circle is set and meditation has begun, no one should leave or join the circle. Latecomers can sit outside the circle and participate in the answer chants.

One person begins by sweetly and powerfully calling WAA HAY GUROO in a monotone. WAA and HAY each have one beat, and GUROO has two beats. Once this mantra has been called out, the other members of the circle answer with WAAHAY GUROO, chanting as described above. The caller then says SAT NAAM softly. Then the person sitting to the left of the caller becomes the next caller, who then calls out Waahay Guroo. The group answers Waahay Guroo; the caller says Sat Naam, and this continues clockwise around the circle.

Inhale as the mantra is being chanted by the caller and exhale as you chant the mantra in response. This should be practiced for at least 11 minutes and preferably for 31 minutes.

WAA HAY GURU means ecstacy. When we chant it, we claim our natural right to be happy. SAT NAAM means to call upon the Truth.

This meditation is only to be done on the days of the Full Moon, the New Moon, and the eleventh day of the New Moon. The minimum number of participants is eleven people and the ring must not be broken for any reason.

To change our lives, we must change our energy. This event and this meditation give us a powerful opportunity to step into a new reality at this auspicious moment of time.


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