Pisces - Fantasy or God Channel

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #102 - February 23, 2005

The Sun moved into the dreamy Piscean ocean February 18th at 5:32am PST. The Fishes swim in the celestial waters through March 19th. Pisces' motto is Let go and let God. Most of us think this is a good idea, but most of us don't know HOW. The practical application, of implementing this surrender dictum and incorporating its implications into our psyche, escapes us. The key phrase here is escapes us. Pisces and its lessons are subtle, illusive and definitely beyond the scope of our rational mind. Trying to analyze anything related to Pisces is like trying to catch a swimming fish in a moving current with one hand. It is frustrating, it is impossible, and we finally give up.

So there we have it. Giving up is the solution, but not giving up is being defeated, resigned to failure or grudgingly doing without. Pisces is about surrendering to what IS and to a power greater than ourselves. Surrendering is, of course, an illusive concept. To get close to understanding Pisces' lessons and message, we have to jump into its waters and swim with what it is trying to teach us.

Pisces/Neptune Reality

Pisces has access to something very special that we all want. Pisces has direct access to the GOD channel. Our ultimate human lesson is to reconnect with the Divine in our physical form. Pisces has the key to the rabbit hole that leads us to God territory.

As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces leads us to our ultimate experience of oneness with the Divine. In the Pisces ocean we experience our inherent unity with all life and all existence. Our separateness disappears as we merge with the One. Pisces opens our minds to the ultimate truth, that we are all inherently part of the Divine, and all equal in the grand scheme of the Universe. Pisces and its mentor planet Neptune welcome us into the vast and inclusive universe, that is large enough to include even those who do not believe, acknowledge or experience our oneness. No one and nothing is left out in the infinite cosmic ocean.

Pisces and Neptune are masters of mystical territory. They are totally comfortable in nonlinear reality. They don't have to prove anything. They experience, sense, feel and inherently know truths that exist independent of the rational mind, beliefs and scientific proof.

Where Pisces and Neptune fall in our birth chart, is where these energies present us with opportunities to expand our awareness beyond our personality and physical identity, to experience union with a force vaster than ourselves. The same is true of the 12th House, which is the home of Pisces and Neptune. Planets in the 12th House bring attention to spiritual lessons and experiences.

Two Sides of Pisces

Whatever our spiritual or religious orientation, we all have the urge to unite with a greater power. The question is, how do we deal with this drive? How do we satisfy our need to sense union with transcendent reality?

Not everyone actively pursues mystical experiences. People addicted to rational left brain reality resist (and even resent) Neptunian reality. Many people also look in the wrong places, and use inappropriate means to attempt to achieve transcendent experiences. These false attempts to connect with the Divine help explain why the asleep, unconscious expressions of Pisces and Neptune are associated with illusions, fantasies, deception of self and others, delusion and disillusionment. The Neptunian dark side expresses itself in behaviors related to victimization, suffering, addictions, renunciation, martyrdom, and desperate and misdirected attempts to achieve salvation (including suicide).

The touchstone that must guide us on our Piscean journey is our goal of expanding our awareness. We want to wake-up and stay awake. We have to awaken our consciousness and stay as awake as possible. Anything that puts us to sleep, drugs us, disconnects us from our body, distances us from ourselves, and is used as a substitute for veritable inner connection with the Divine, falls into the dark side categories, and automatically sets us up for less desirable wake-up calls.

Beware of the Fantasy Channel

Meditation is a primary means to cultivate an inner awareness of non-physical reality. However, if we get too absorbed in our inner world, through meditation, day dreaming or mental fantasies, we risk using the good and the bad methods to escape from participating in the world and taking responsibility for ourselves. The fact is that the cultivation of inner connection takes work. So many people try to find less demanding means to satisfy their need for connection.

The first goal of meditation is to access the GOD channel. Less reliable methods can deliver us to the fantasy channel. False keys include drugs, alcohol, addictive sex, excessive television, computer games and any other concoction that diverts our mind from an authentic experience of the Divine into escapist substitutes that occupy our attention, so that we can avoid facing pain and our life challenges.

Humans do have an innate ability to become addicted, but we are supposed to use this capacity to get hooked on the Divine. Our common additions are misdirected attempts to get to God. These escapist routes get us stuck in useless diversions that disconnect us from our mind, body and emotions. Our goal on Earth is not to escape physical reality, but to embody God.

Deception in Relationships

Pisces, being a feminine water sign, activates a subconscious urge to return to the womb, where we are taken care of without worry or care. Dysfunctional responses, to this urge to re-merge with our mother, abound in relationships. Those who are looking for a Mommy substitute in a partner might try relating to the Divine as Goddess, instead of some masculine archetype of God.

Attempting to merge with a person, instead of with the Universal Force, opens us up to disappointment, deception and disillusionment. We can blame others for letting us down and lying to us, but the truth is that we deceived ourselves and believed the lies we wanted to hear. Another person is at best a temporary substitute for the Cosmic One. Codependence confuses the boundaries of the ego and the Self.

If we use the energy and presence of another person to substitute for our own wholeness, we set ourselves up for rude auric and psychic shocks, when that person is no longer intermeshed in our lives. If our identity is dependent upon our relationship, or if we feel that we don't exist outside our relationship, we are in some way trying to use our relationship to substitute for union with the Divine.

Illusionary Substitutes

Any form of addiction is an illusionary substitute for cosmic connection. Addiction numbs and blurs the ego and makes it fuzzy around the edges. Addiction can make you feel like part of something larger than the self, because the boundaries of the self have been blurred by the substance. While you are under the influence of anything to which you're addicted, you may experience euphoria, a lessening of needs, or a blunting of painful stimuli, rather like the action of an anesthetic.(1)

A relationship, a substance, or an activity, is an addiction if you feel threatened or extremely anxious by his, her or its absence. It is the absence of our Divine connection that leads us to find false substitutes. However, drugs create holes and weakness in the aura. They cause a disintegration and fragmentation of our electromagnetic energy. Our natural light becomes dull. Under the influence of drugs, the aura looks like an unstable gray cloud instead of a solid, radiant light. A fragmented aura gives us the illusion of union and oneness. A strong aura is cohesive and allows us to experience a sense of self, and to have energetic boundaries. Then when we merge with another, we don't lose ourselves.

Our Journey is Complete

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, the third and last water sign and the fourth and last mutable sign. As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces represents the last leg of our human journey. For the yearly cycle, another ring around the Zodiac is over. Symbolic of our life cycle, the human incarnation is almost complete. We can try to resist the inevitable, but our efforts will be in vain. Pisces teaches us that the only strategy that gives us peace is acceptance and surrender.

Transmutation of the Emotional Body

The water signs embody emotional energy. When our emotions are unconscious, we are manipulated by them. As a result we feel needy and out of control. We want, without even knowing what we want. We need something and we can't even identify what it is.

Cancer, the first water sign, connects us to our human emotions, and how they flow like an endless river through our body and consciousness. Scorpio takes us to the depths of the river or sea, where we have to filter through the muck to find the hidden treasures. Both Cancer and Scorpio introduce us to the fact that our emotions are the messengers of the subtle communications of our soul.

As the last water sign, Pisces delivers us to the vast ocean of eternal love. Pisces transmutes our emotions into devotion. Our longing for the Divine is finally fully realized and embodied. Our emotional body is transformed from mentally fuelled commotion to the soothing waters that nurture us with infinite caring.

Mutable Messages

Pisces is the last mutable sign. Each element has one cardinal (action), one mutable (adjustment) and one fixed (stable) modality. The three modes represent the three aspects of GOD:
G = generate. O = organize. D = deliver.

Evolutionary change happens through the continuous unfoldment of:
G = initiating, O = aligning and D = solidifying.

Our culture focuses primarily on G - taking action to accomplish specific goals and on D - holding on to what we have, which reflects a limited understanding of the significance of O - the power to appreciate, enjoy and love what we have.

The intermediary step between action (G) and accomplishment (D), of being flexible and allowing the seeds we have planted to grow (O), is too often overlooked. Change means both that the old must die and the new must be born. We impatiently want the new as soon as we have taken our first steps, and possessively hold on to the familiar in order to not rock the boat. In sum, we are unwilling and unable to accept the unsettling and chaotic phase of mutable transformation.

Pisces makes sure we get the mutable messages - allow, surrender, trust and have faith. There is absolutely no way we can control the Infinite. We can foolishly try to avoid it and deny it, but IT exists totally independent of our whims, wishes or beliefs. We can try to fight IT and curse IT, but the great eternal IT is imperturbable. It doesn't even fight back. It just swallows us up. Alas for our limited ego, but fortunately for our soul, we finally realize that the only strategy that works is surrender. We eventually learn that if we don't surrender, we are going to get stuck. The adaptable mutable signs instinctively surrender to avoid their own undoing.

Steps Toward Surrender and Devotion

Mystical writings are often focused on glorifying God. The mystics' hymns are inspired by their devotion to the Divine. Glorifying, devotion, surrender and obeying the Divine are all universal mystical/spiritual/religious concepts. What do these phrases really mean, and how can we actually accomplish this task? There are at least five steps:

(1) Access the Neutral Mind Channel

First we have to enter into our neutral mind and consciously experience the infinite space and unchanging energy that is always there. This is an essential first step that provides us with a critical baseline to proceed. The neutral mind is the entrance to the rabbit hole that delivers us to the Divine. In the neutral mind, we are able to experience the qualities of the Divine - stable, peaceful, ever-present, neutral, non-judgmental, fearless and loving.

(2) Meditate and Focus

Once we have found a glimpse of what we are searching for, we have to focus on it and build up ITS presence in our awareness. To qualify for glorifying God, we have to meditate on this experience and these qualities, and hold them in our consciousness at all times. A big order, but it has been done. It is possible, and the results are definitely worth the effort.

(3) Let Go and Surrender

The more we hold IT in our consciousness, the easier it is to flow into the release phase. To let go of control, we have to have an experience to surrender to. Instinctually, we will hold on until we feel safe enough to let go. Surrendering is not an intellectual decision. It is a gut response, that is possible when we feel the cosmic safety net well in place. The more we experience the power and presence of IT, the more we can release and allow what is happening. The determining factor is our experience that IT is, was and always will be there. To be able to surrender, we have to be able to trust that what we are surrendering to will be there for us no matter what.

(4) Trust and Faith

The next step is trust and unquestioned faith. Veritable surrender permeates all three modalities. We jump into the unknown with every action and breath we take. We really don't know what will happen. Our actions are only one variable. Other factors include our subconscious programming, our karma, our hidden agendas, our unconscious intentions, not to mention our interaction with other people, places and circumstances known and unknown.

The best we can do is to direct our actions toward the highest good, and then let the results come in as they will. The phase of alignment, when we are in the middle of cause and effect, is the time that our faith is tested. Do we have faith in our own soul? Do we have faith in the Universe? Can we let unknown forces do their thing, and get out of the way to allow silent assistance?

(5) Love and Loyalty

The icing is love and loyalty. No matter what happens we love the Unknown, the Great Cosmic IT. We loyally honor, serve and obey this Universal Force, without question and qualification. Our devotion permeates every cell of our body, and infuses every action and breath.

Virgo Full Moon - February 23rd-24th

The Virgo Full Moon is February 23-24 at 8:54pm PST (4:45am GMT). The Moon is at 5° Virgo and the Sun is at 5° Pisces. At each Full Moon, we can take the sting out of the apparent contradictions and potential conflicts, by taking advantage of the alignments of two complementary forces. The Virgo Full Moon supplies us with the earthly energy to ground our Pisces spiritual experiences in our body, and to experience the Divine in our daily lives.

This Full Moon may be especially volatile because Uranus, at 6° Pisces, is conjunct (at the same degree in the sky) the Sun and opposing the Moon. The wild card, Uranus, adds electricity and lightning to the mix. Although the surprises and shocks may seem to come out of the blue, with a closer look we acknowledge that the storm has been building for some time.

Uranus breaks up patterns, beliefs, relationships, and realities that we hold on to far beyond their usefulness or applicability. If we can't let go on our own, Uranus will step in and do the deed for us. Uranus catapults us into an expanded awareness, of what exists beyond our ordinary senses and perceptions. Opposing the Moon in Virgo, we will become more aware of the unity of matter and spirit.

The asteroid Juno, Roman goddess of marriage, also conjuncts Uranus and the Sun. Juno teaches us that relationships and partnerships must be based on equality to achieve the ultimate marriage with the Divine. Relationships that don't at least strive for this balance might well undergo some radical shifts at this time.

The high voltage of this Full Moon requires us to pay special attention to our diet, and find ways to ground the rarefied signals that Uranus is transmitting this week. Our bodies are being rewired so they can hold higher vibrations and access larger dimension of reality. During periods of accelerated growth, extra nutrients are necessary for building new structures. This makes eating whole foods rather than processed products more important than ever.(2)

Use the Virgo energy to stay in your body, and not to try to obsessively figure things out. The more we are present inside our skins, the more we will be available to receive the insights and breakthroughs of consciousness that revolutionize our beliefs and our being. Integration is a major theme of this Full Moon week. The important thing to remember, is that the integration of the physical and spiritual, and the feminine and the masculine, begins inside ourselves.

Pisces New Moon - March 10th

The Pisces New Moon at 19° Pisces is March 10th at 1:12am PST (9:12am GMT). This is an inner time. We need to give ourselves time to be alone. Our spiritual yearnings must be fed through our personal direct connection to the Infinite. Be aware, not to fall prey to trying to satisfy the desire of your soul for authentic connection with food, sex, drugs or any other false substitutes.

Pisces is the ultimate teacher of Be here now. Use this New Moon to tune your mind to the infinite neutral GOD channel. Relax and allow your emotions to effortlessly and rhythmically flow. Hold your mind stable, while your emotions adjust and connect the evolutionary energies in physical reality. Allow both transformation and harmonization. In silent meditation be aware of how your mind holds an open pure space of love, and how your emotions integrate and transmute subtle energies. Merge with the Fishes as they silently and stealthily swim with and against the current, to deliver you to infinite realms of peace and love.

Kundalini Yoga - Meditation to Open the God Channel

Then relax and listen deeply. Hear the sound of Sat Nam vibrate throughout your body. Be in the cosmic sound and hold the vast space inside your skin. Surrender to the vast Unknown. Come out of this deep state by loving your experience in your body. Feel that you can carry this feeling with you wherever you go.


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