Holding a Space for Your Truth

By Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Number 107 - July 3rd, 2005

Dear Friends,

Sat Nam!

On the occasion of my birthday July 3rd, I would like offer you one of my essay poems - "Holding a Space for Your Truth."

We can create our sacred space in meditation and during our spiritual practice. We do so by being aware of what we see and hear inside our head, heart and body and by being sensitive to what we feel inside our skin. Our inner awareness is our conscious sacred space. Our goal is to be able to hold and nurture our space of love every moment of the day.

After you have connected with your sacred space, place your intention for yourself and your life in your heart, and nurture it with love. Each one of you is totally unique and special. It is very important that you hold the space to create and live your destiny path. Even if you do not know what it is, hold the space in your heart for yourself to shine, to be happy, and to live a fulfilling life.

In my sacred space this year, I hold the intention for vibrant health, a joyful experience of my soul in my body, and to have all the support and resources necessary to publish my books, and bring my trainings to the world.

Even though most of us have not met, I feel a special connection with all of you. Thank you for being a part of our community of light and love. My prayer for you is that you always remember that your light, your kindness and your prayers, all help create our collective contribution to the world. Together we make a difference more than we will ever know.

Many blessings to all of you,
Guru Rattana :+)

Holding a Space for Your Truth

By Guru Rattana Ph.D.

Creating our inner space is an on-going aspect of life. Our inner space is what makes it possible to feel stable, whole and content. May the words below inspire and guide you to nurture and hold the space for your truth.

Holding a space within is about alignment.

In this case, doing nothing is doing something very special.

We clear our internal space so that we can line up

with the Universe

with our higher self

with the forces of nature

with the most advantageous possibilities.

Potentially everything is possible.

Yet it is our inner space that determines

what is probable

what can occur

what will actually happen.

We can help the best possible solution to occur by being

consciously available

patiently receptive

securely at home in our body.

Creating a space is about

removing the blocks

turning down the static

eliminating the interference

turning off the red lights.

Space is an open arena in our psyche. Space is



without preconceptions of what

should be

could be

actually is.

Cultivating Our Space

The goal of space is to get out of the way.

The nature of space is receptive.

Space is the feminine aspect of being




The purpose of holding a space is to create room for the Truth

to penetrate our being

to define our actions

to nurture our soul

to impact our environments.

Our intention is to create a sacred space for the Truth to live.

To invite in the Truth we must cultivate a place within which is





We must simply BE in our space without


requests or


When our inner space is in a state of commotion, the Truth

ricochets off

gets distorted

is disturbed

does not feel at home.

The task of space is to cultivate

awareness of body, mind and emotions

the ability to observe

the mindfulness of being

the cognizance of consciousness

the sensation of being present

the art of making each moment sacred.

Our Playing Field

The tricky aspect of space is that if you do not hold it, it dissipates.

And so does the Truth.

Our mind succumbs to mass consciousness.

Our psyche reverts to subconscious programming.

Truth is like water.

It needs a container or it dribbles out.

It needs a clear vessel or it gets polluted with our




random thoughts

and societal lies.

Space is our playing field where we co-create with the Universe.

We may think that we call the shots.

But if our field is muddy with negative emotions, they will run our show.

What we project to the Universe is distorted and misunderstood.

Our goal is to co-create from love, not from fear.

In a clear space we can identify and relate to three levels of truth

our personal truth -

our energetic identity

what works for us

circumstantial truth

what is actually happening and why

uncensored and uninterpreted by our ego

universal truth

what is

was and

will always be


Our Womb of Creation

Creating a sacred space is an activity that we must learn to value.

Space is a place where empty is full. Full of

possibilities to be birthed

potential to be expressed

raw energy ready to be claimed

spirit ready to be manifested

our soul eager to be embodied.

Our sacred space is our womb of creation.

Our seeds are planted in this space.

Everything we do is born from this space.

All events in our lives unfold from this space.

How are we nurturing our seeds?

With fear or with love?

With anger or with acceptance?

Is there room to comfortably grow?

Or are the conditions crowded?

Space is where we create the fertile ground

for joyful growth to take place

for wonderful things to happen

for something special to be created

for magic and miracles to occur.

How do we cultivate, protect and monitor our space?

We get up early and join the space of the Universe.

When we leave the house, we take our space with us, tucked safely inside

our heart.

At each pause in the conversation, we hold our sacred space.

In intervals in activities, we reconnect with our sacred space.

We do our best to keep consciously connected to our heart at all times.

Relating to Our Sacred Space

When in doubt about what to do, create a space for it to happen.

When in limbo, create a space to obtain clarity.

When frustrated, create a space to calm yourself down.

When stressed, slow down and reestablish your harmonic rhythm.

When upset, create a space to restore balance.

When in doubt, be silent and listen to the truth.

When blocked or confused, clean house.

Do not clutter your space with

what you think you have to do

what you are afraid will happen

your limited interpretation of the events.

Your sacred space is your haven where you can



reorient your thoughts

reposition yourself

realign your actions.

Your sacred space is where you

open yourself up to receive instructions

allow yourself to be guided

prepare yourself for strategic action

accept things the way they are.

When your space is clear, events can unfold




because you are

at peace

not resisting

not trying to make things happen.

because your light is an irresistible magnet.

You can put your requests on the periphery.

You can define your borders and set your boundaries.

But the less restrictive you are, the greater the playing field.

The more general and all inclusive requests are the best

well-being and health

a loving solution

to achieve what you came here to do.

A Requirement to BE

To create a sacred space we must

let go



return home.

When we are creating a sacred space nothing is a lot.

It is where we come back to zero

so that we can anchor in.

It is our starting point

where we initiate.

It is where our act of surrendering to the Unknown

releases the struggle.

In the world of do, do, do, we must give ourselves permission to BE.

To create a sacred space is not only a legitimate activity, it is a requirement.

It is required for our own




It is required for optimal creation to occur.

It is required for something new to be born.

It is our sacred space that allows us

to free ourselves from the bonds of past karma

to accomplish things with less effort

to lovingly support ourselves

to let the Truth guide us and the Universe assist us each step of the way.

Poem 496 Copyright by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. Written December 19, 1997


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