Inner Scorpio - Master of Self

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #112 - November 3, 2005
Many Sky Events

Wow! Lots going on and that isn't all that is happening!

Featuring Transformation BIG Time!

The Sun in Scorpio announces an in-your-face transformation period that will take us into the New Year. The planetary dance between now and the end of the year offers us more than the normal number of opportunities to let go, move on and shift our reality.

The Libra Solar Eclipse and the Aries Lunar Eclipse in October opened the portal to another evolutionary awakening. We are living in a major period of flux, or the chaos phase of evolutionary enfoldment. The word chaos generally refers to times or circumstances of utter disarray. However, the main tenet of Chaos Theory in New Physics is that behind apparent chaos is a master plan, within which everything is being rearranged. There is an inherent Divine Plan, which unfolds and becomes known in time. It is reassuring to know that the pot may be boiling, but it isn't going to boil over. Although we don't know yet what dish will be served, we will all sit down to dinner in due course.

Between September 2nd and December 24th (except for Jupiter) every planet changes direction at least once. Every time a planet turns direct or retrograde, there is an intensification of energies and lessons. Mars (where we focus our activity), and Mercury (how we think and communicate), turn both retrograde and direct. Venus (what we attract and what brings us pleasure), and Saturn (physical reality life lessons that make it possible to mature and manifest), both go retrograde. Neptune (our divine connection as well as our fantasies), Uranus (radical insights and happenings), and Chiron (where and how we need to heal), all turn direct.

Shifting directions is part of planetary cycles. Direct periods give us an opportunity to activate. Retrograde periods give us a chance to evaluate and integrate. However, ten planetary reminders, combined with two wake-up eclipses and a grand cross (the only choice is change) within four months is intense. We don't have to make decisions immediately, and in some cases it is wise not to, because not all the information is in yet. However, by the first part of 2006 we must make choices that will direct our future, and they can't be the same choices we made in the past.

Grand Cross - Imperative Change

The New Moon (November 1st-2nd) is part of a powerful grand cross or Grand Square between four planets, which are positioned in two oppositions and four squares. This grand cross involves the fixed signs - Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo. The Sun and the Moon in Scorpio oppose Mars in Taurus. Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius oppose each other. Squares and oppositions create energy that obliges transformation. The grand cross is maintained through mid January as Jupiter progresses through Scorpio (replacing the Moon).

Structural imbalances and fundamental issues confront us with a now is the time to do something about this ultimatum. Something will give under all this pressure. What has to give is the dark sides of Taurus (greed), Leo (tyranny of ego), Scorpio (paranoia) and Aquarius (hypocrisy.)(1)

We can get our need for security and pleasure (Taurus) met without greedy indulgence. Accountability will properly trim tab our personal power (Leo). If we own, instead of project our fears, our deepest desires will give birth to our soul gifts (Scorpio). If we focus on putting into practice what we believe, instead of criticizing others, we will help build the community we desire (Aquarius.)

Paradoxically, this cross is in fixed signs, which are the most stable signs of the Zodiac. The energy of fixed signs focuses our attention, consolidates our gains, maintains the continuity of our structures, and offers us time to enjoy what we have created. Therefore, what must be transformed involves our deepest held beliefs, our most cherished institutions and what we thought would bring us unquestioned security. We are being forced to jump into the unknown, without our security blankets. The only thing that is really secure is the light of our own soul. Scorpio helps us enter our inner territory so that we can find it.

Taurus Full Moon - Consider Alternatives

The Taurus full moon (October 15th-16th) gives us a chance to consider alternatives and to take advantage of opportunities. Although we will feel confronted to realign and make choices, this is not a time for impulsive action. It is more a time to clean out our physical environment and cleanse our internal environment. Mercury goes retrograde November 13th at 11° Sagittarius, creating a space for us to examine our motivations and assumptions, to define what is not working and to redefine our priorities. Saturn turns retrograde November 22nd at 11° Leo, (until April 5th, 2006) obliging us to thoroughly assess our integrity, authenticity and accountability. Are we really following our heart? Planets near 11° and the houses containing them are the most directly impacted.

We are advised to wait for both Mercury and Mars to go direct (December 3rd and 15th respectively) to take action. Saturn retrograde obliges us (more than usual) to be disciplined and prudent. The most efficient strategies require a shift in perspective, including dropping no pain, no gain attitudes. If we are truly acting from our soul's directive, less, not more, effort is required. When we encounter obstacles, we need to seriously consider both our modus operandi and our direction.

Uranus' return direct at 6° Pisces, just at this full moon, electrifies the atmosphere. We have had since June 14 to build our personal case for liberation. It is time to set ourselves free from beliefs, situations and relationships, that keep us caged in the box that used to spell security, but which now feels unbearably claustrophobic. The changes we choose need to be real, not just superficial alterations. We may find ourselves embracing situations that we would have never considered before. What once seemed too outrageous or irrelevant now seems doable and inviting.

(Note: Speaking of strange, a huge black crow perched on the railing of my porch and cawed while I was writing this last sentence and then flew off.)

The Unknown Rules

While the Sun is in Scorpio we need to allow ourselves to be attentively present to all the internal and external shifts. It is time:

  1. to gather information and insights,
  2. to get in touch with hidden agendas that don't support us,
  3. to identify our purist motivations that guide our soul's journey,
  4. to clear out our psychological and physical closets (making space for the new), and
  5. to cultivate willingness to move into the next phase of our life's journey.

Scorpio takes us on a visit into the basement of our psyche. Alone (who would want to hold the hand of a scorpion?) we encounter our unconscious, our shadow, and all that we have repressed or tried to hide. Scorpio territory is dark and initially foreboding. At best we are apprehensive. Normally we are afraid. At worst we are terrorized.

But Scorpio leads us into Pluto's underworld, not to intimidate us, but to get us in touch with our truth. What we don't know and don't want to face, or take responsibility for, does hurt us. In fact, it is our inner demons that create our reality. Our mission is to find out how to turn the light on in our inner cave. Our goal is to become completely honest. Our purpose is to shine our soul's light into the fear ridden corners of our psyche, so that we can experience (not just desire) love.

Scorpio - Master of Self

Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac. One of Scorpio's bumper stickers is GET REAL.

There is nothing more real than Scorpio. In Scorpio territory we discover authentic passion and power. In the mysterious underworld we experience the evolutionary force which creates death, birth and regeneration. Scorpio teaches us that profound transformation happens only in the depths of ourself, where we acknowledge both our lies and our truth. Scorpio's mentor, Pluto, opens the door of our unconscious so we can identify the causes of our dysfunctions, and recalibrate the very core of our being.

A seeker of the first order, Scorpio mocks superficiality. In Scorpio territory, we find out where we are lying to ourselves, why we deny our higher self, and how fear sabotages our best intentions. It is only after penetrating to the depths of our being, where only Scorpio is eager to go, that we connect with our soul essence. Pluto gives us a thorough tour of our psyche, featuring all the unconscious monuments that direct our life. Our inner journey introduces us to the lessons of our soul, links us up with our innate potential, and sends us off with a powerful sense of purpose and dedication. Once again we are profoundly transformed as we pass through another evolutionary growth cycle.

Pluto teaches us that we regenerate ourselves by letting go of what we cannot control and by, instead, focusing our energy and attention on transforming ourselves. Pluto teaches us that SELF-MASTERY is our primary life goal. Our task is to accept the challenges within ourselves, and to use each one to bring us closer to experiencing our own divine nature. We are urged to embrace every life experience as an opportunity to deliver us to new levels of self-awareness. With purpose and passion we engage in our evolutionary journey to achieve mastery of our Self.

By its power to give and take life, Scorpio possesses the gift of being able to leave the past behind. While the Sun is in Scorpio, claim this power, and shut the doors of the past behind you. If we choose to use this magic, we can decide to no longer be a victim of destructive thoughts. We can soar into the future like an eagle with glittered wings.

Claim Your Inner Authority

Scorpio's main directive is Claim your inner authority! To become our own authority we have to:

  1. pay attention to our deepest feelings,
  2. listen to their messages, and
  3. FOLLOW their advice.

YOU know what you need to do. Your soul is guiding you. How could anyone else, besides yourself, have knowledge about what you are supposed to do with your life?

Our soul instinctually and intuitively guides our life's journey. While the Sun is in Scorpio, open your heart to yourself, feel the motion in your gut, and tune into the neutral channel in your mind. Penetrate into your consciousness. Dig deep into your soul. Find your truth and LIVE IT with each breath.

To access our inner guidance system, we have to pay attention to where and how we either force or restrict our breath and the flow of our energy. Pay attention to your abdominal area, and feel where and how you tighten or loosen up. Watch the flow of your breath, and notice when and why you hold the breath in or out.

Identify how you reach for validation, guidance and approval from external authorities, and then, gently and lovingly, give yourself permission to follow your own soul. If you start now and do this every day, by the time the Sun goes into Sagittarius, you will notice a dramatic shift in your psyche. You will feel freer, happier, more secure in yourself, and more empowered from within.

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Kundalini Yoga - Adi Shakti - Primal Mother Power Meditation

Scorpio connects us with the primal power of the Kundalini, which awaits our attention to be awakened. Deep within every man and woman the Divine Feminine dances. Our most debilitating unconscious fear is of the power of life, death and birth - the evolutionary power of the Divine Feminine. We can choose to embrace this power (or not). Our most powerful transformation occurs when, instead of condemning or trying to deny the Divine Feminine, we willingly dance with this creative power.

Chanting the Adi Shakti mantra, which invokes the power of the Divine Feminine, is a positive and powerful way to evoke and align with this transformative power within us. Pluto bows, Scorpio soars, and our soul is set free when we chant the Adi Shakti mantra.

It is said that this mantra can be used when the stars are poorly aspected. I would interpret this to mean that this mantra aligns us with universal forces so that we can take advantage of planetary influences.(2)

Adi Shakti (Primal power)
Adi Shakti
Adi Shakti Namo, Namo
Sarab Shakti
(All encompassing power)
Sarab Shakti
Sarab Shakti Namo, Namo
Pritum Bhagawati
(That through which creation happens)
Pritum Bhagawati
Pritum Bhagawati Namo, Namo
Mata Shakti
(Divine Mother power)
Mata Shakti Namo, Namo
(Namo means to call upon and to bow to.)

Sit quietly with your hands on your knees with thumbs and forefingers touching. Repeat in a monotone, in the traditional tune indicated in the manuals listed below, your own tune, or chant to the Adi Shakti CD by Gurudass(3) While chanting this mantra, listen to the mantra as a vast cosmic flow that freely moves through your body. Also experience the current of energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head, like a brilliant stream of radiant light. Welcome the primal creative power of the Universe into your being.

References and Footnotes

"Scorpio New Moon, Taurus Full Moon", by Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer, Issue #123, Oct/Nov 2005, pp. 111-112.

1. Austin, p. 111
2. Meditations using this mantra are found on page 171 in Sexuality and Spirituality, 2nd Edition and on page 163 in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World (2nd Edition).
3. It is very powerful and uplifting to chant this mantra with the Gurudass CD Adi Shakti.
Listen to the sound clip. It is beautiful. This is chanted in a call and answer. Listen to the first recitation and then chant with the second.


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