Inner Sagittarius - Evolution of Self

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #113 - November 25th, 2005
Planetary Alignments

There is still a lot going on!

Featuring Evolution BIG Time!

Scorpio's theme song is transformation. Sagittarius' theme song is spiritual evolution. It all boils down to the same thing, just a different tune. Our current phase of evolutionary transformation will be dramatically obvious through the first part of February. So keep the Inner Scorpio - Issue 112 available for consultation. What has felt like massive inner rumblings will manifest in a lot of personal shifts in the next couple of months.

The best channel to tune into is the one transmitted by our heart. We are being forced to make choices about the direction of our lives. We have to make these choices for ourselves. Fortunately, when we tune into our soul's channel, we get valid guidance on how and where to point our compass. Our test is to listen to and be courageous enough to follow the voice of our soul.

We are being obliged to step up to the plate and bat for our own lives. Everyone has their own challenges. There is no free evolution or spontaneous enlightenment for anyone on this planet. The only strategy that works is to focus on where we are being tested, consciously handle these life situations, recognize our lessons, and commit to learning from them. Learning from our life experiences is how we evolve. Self-empowerment is the light we enjoy after persevering through the tunnel phase of evolution.


Yogi Bhajan always emphasized self-initiation. He gave us the technology, but WE have to use it. I remember some of his classes where we endured excruciatingly painful exercises. While we held our hands up, he told us YOU have to do it. I can't do it for you. Do it now, or do it next lifetime. It is up to you. How could you put your hands down with those words?!

We are in a phase of quantum shifts and rapidly speeding up planetary and personal evolution. The required formula is self-initiation. We have to do the work inside ourselves. Even when we get clear guidance, we still have to sit alone in meditation, and work with ourselves from our compassionate, neutral space. We have to be aware of how we are using our emotional energy, and where our thoughts are taking us. We have to PAY ATTENTION to what we are creating and why. We have to shift our physical, mental and emotional states with focus, breath, intention, movement and mantras - the technology of transformation.

The spirit of Sagittarius encourages us. The Archer tells us that we can and will get through our tests. The more we let go of our preconceived ideas and negative programming, the more we can enjoy our evolutionary journey.

Quest for the Truth - Sagittarius New Moon, December 1st

The New Moon highlights the moods and motives of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius Archer aims his arrow toward the sky. His intention is to penetrate into another dimension of reality beyond the duality of physical existence. Half horse, half man, he can find no synthesis that makes him feel whole, or which gives him peace. His quest is to experience the integration that is possible only when he transcends both his animal, and his human, nature. Sagittarius is on a mission to find meaning that surpasses both faith and fanaticism. The Archer longs for an experience that liberates him from beliefs and judgments. The Archer relentlessly and enthusiastically gallops forward toward eternal Truth.

The forces of both Scorpio and Sagittarius are prominent and interactive for the next year. Jupiter (the ruling planet of Sagittarius) moved into Scorpio October 26th, expanding our awareness of unconscious territory through November 23rd, 2006. Pluto (the ruling planet of Scorpio) will be in Sagittarius through November 30th, 2008.

Mutual reception is the term used when planets transit each others associated signs. The issues, lessons and awarenesses of each get highlighted by the other. They help each other make their points. Jupiter expands and even exaggerates our fears and our shadows. Pluto exposes the na&iunl;veté, duplicity and shallowness of our sacrosanct beliefs and values. There is no way to escape their penetrating collusion. They cover all the bases. We are put on the spot and must face the facts as we look into the mirror of our soul.

Everything is out in the open. What doesn't stand up in the light of the truth must be discarded before we can pass go. There is such an urge to move forward with plans to implement our goals, that getting prodded to clear out our psychic closet is a welcome relief. We may feel an itchy discontent and disenchantment with our naïveté. How could I have ever believed that or acted that way? What was I thinking?

We may feel both disappointment about how long it has taken us to get this far, and apprehensive about our desired future, but if we can manage to pop the denial bubble we can liberate ourselves from narrow perspectives, and expand beyond artificial limitations. The past does not have to control us. We can create a new reality from the power of the now.

There is a BIG Universe Outside the Box

The grand cross (which begun last month and discussed in Issue 112) positions Mars (Taurus) opposite Jupiter (Scorpio) and Saturn (Leo) opposite Neptune (Aquarius). Each planet squares the two planets that it does not oppose. Both squares and oppositions are confrontational. Two oppositions and four squares inevitably create friction. We not only have to question our operating assumptions, we have to change them!

We can't pull up the covers, ride out the storm and revert back to old ways when it is all over. We are facing inner hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis. We have to transform from inside and out. We have to get authentically real to find answers to our problems. Our evolution and the quality of our lives depend upon it.

This means, for example, we can't just take a nap if we are chronically exhausted. We have to find out WHY we are so tired, and change our lifestyle. We have to alter our inner foundation as well as our outer expressions, starting out with the beliefs that determine how we interact with ourselves, the world and indeed the Universe.

Sagittarius lets us know that looking outside the box can feel comforting. There is a big universe out there (and in there). If we dare to peak outside our fears, we can perceive it as wonderfully supportive. Instead of the power trips we orchestrate to try to feel safe and get our needs met, how about a real power move? How about aligning our personal will with Divine Will? We will have to live by universal laws and honor the basic law of cause and effect, but we are subject to these laws, whether we choose to be pushed around by them or take advantage of them. Hmm! Speaking of personal evolution, changing our modus operandi at this level is bound to delight our soul.

Gemini Full Moon - December 15th

While the Sun is in Sagittarius, we are motivated to identify both personal and impersonal truth. The action packed Gemini Full Moon will certainly help expose where we have fooled ourselves, bought into false interpretations, and narrowed our perspective with selective information. The main counsel is to tune into and trust our instincts. We simply can't operate with integrity and authority if we listen only to our minds.

The Sun conjuncts Pluto right at this Full Moon. When the Sun joins Pluto, they illuminate hidden truths, expose well-kept secrets and reveal hidden agendas (more Scorpio themes). Whatever has been covered up bubbles to the surface. Falsehoods, inconsistencies, pretexts, rationalizations - all forms of denial - are seen for what they are, not for what we thought we could get by with. There may be a lot of squirming as we are forced to come clean.

Five Year Review of the Jupiter and Saturn Cycle

Jupiter and Saturn joined together May 28, 2000 at 23° Taurus. A Saturn/Jupiter conjunction signals a new 20 year cycle - the end of one political, economic and social era and the beginning of a new one. Significant shifts happen in our personal lives as we are launched into another phase of our human journey. What were you doing, thinking, planning and learning spring/summer 2000?(1) We may not have been consciously aware at the time of the significance of the shifts created by the conjunction. However, in retrospect we can observe the impact on our lives.

Turning points in a planetary cycle, such as the Saturn/Jupiter cycle, happen first, of course, when the two planets conjunct (the end of the old and the beginning of a new cycle.) The subsequent turning points take place when the two planets square each other and when they oppose each other. We are right at the beginning of the second phase in the cycle the first square. Jupiter in Scorpio is squaring Saturn in Leo within a day of the Full Moon. Now is the time to evaluate our intentions, direction and the progress we have made in the last 5½ years.

Outer evolution requires inner evolution. The current energetic dynamic makes it possible to alter or further align our course, by finding the optimal way to utilize two aspects of power. Jupiter expands our vision of what is possible. Saturn defines our physical limitations. Jupiter gives us hope. Saturn gives us the grit to keep going. We can use Jupiter energy to let go of limitations, and Saturn energy to define realistic parameters for our dreams. When these two forces are balanced, we can optimistically pursue realistic goals.

Planets Going Direct - Mars December 9th, Mercury December 3rd

Mars went retrograde October 1st at 23° Taurus, obliging us to stop and take a look a what's happened since the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 23° Taurus in 2000. Mars goes direct December 9th. Mars will be opposing Jupiter and squaring Saturn for the rest of 2005. Our Mars/Taurus issues are still up for evaluation, demanding action and requiring transformation. We have to make some fundamental changes in the way we relate to personal and collective resources, how we handle money and support ourselves, and how we meet our basic needs for physical and emotional security.

Mercury goes direct December 3rd. We will feel more comfortable taking action after both Mars and Mercury go direct, but the real action probably won't start until after the first of next year.

Kundalini Yoga - Awareness and Alignment Sadhana

Our best strategy for the rest of 2005 is to cultivate awareness and alignment. The optimal way to become aware of and to align with our soul and the Universe is to have a daily spiritual practice or Sadhana. Practising Kundalini Yoga and meditation is a wonderful way to optimize each day, but we have to PAY ATTENTION too! We can't just mindlessly do the exercises and repeat the mantras and expect awareness to be the result. We have to feel what is happening inside ourselves.

One of my favorite ways to focus my attention during my morning Sadhana is to concentrate on aligning myself with the Universe. Each day is a special day, and I want to balance myself so that I can be in sync with universal and natural forces.

Whatever mantra you choose, use it to align yourself with the Divine. Set the intention that all your actions, thoughts and words this wonderful day will reflect universal truths, and respond to universal energies, is the most beneficial way.

Lets say you are chanting SA TA NA MA. Allow the sounds to integrate:

into your consciousness.

Or if you are chanting the Adi Shakti mantra recommended last issue, focus your attention first on feeling the aliveness in your body, and then surrender to this primal power, the creative force of the Universe, the Divine Mother presence. Whatever mantra you chant, each one synchronizes you with the primal qualities of the Universe.(2)

Chanting and recitation of mantras is how we communicate with the Universe. Activate your conversation with the Divine until the end of the year (and then keep going the rest of your life :+). Who else is more worthy of your ear? Who else is there to talk to, that really knows what's actually going on? Change your conversation and change your life!

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1. See Issue 17 - May 2, 2000, The Taurus Party - Aspects & Cycles
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