Inner Pisces - Surrender to the Infinite

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #116 - February 23, 2006
Planetary Alignments

Notice if your plans that could have been blocked before, seem to move forward at this time.

Pisces - Ocean of Love

Pisces is the third water sign. In the third and final sign of an element, we touch the pinnacle of power of that element. The water signs express the emotions. The highest resonance of the emotions is our connection with the Divine - universal love.

Pisces is the last and most difficult sign to understand, and there is the rub - we can't understand Pisces. Pisces defies all mental capabilities of the rational mind. We can experience the wonders of Piscean waters only if we are willing and able to plunge into the cosmic sea of Spirit. If not, we will be confused, deceived and endlessly chasing illusions.

The Piscean options are fairly clear cut - confusion or revelation, nebulous or numinous. To navigate Piscean territory we have to rise above the cloud cover of our belief systems, and pierce the veil of our rational mind. We have to look beyond appearances, embrace authentic experience, and perceive from untainted awareness. We may want to experience the Divine, and think we are willing to shift from denial to authenticity, but entering the Divine realm takes more than intent. The road to enlightenment requires a transformation in consciousness that takes time, discipline and devotion. Nothing less than a shift in the chemistry of our brain, and the cells of our body, will do, to make the quantum leap into the dimension of Spirit a reality that we can both experience and live.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Every time the Sun is in Pisces, cosmic assistance is more readily available. This year we are further graced with Mercury in Pisces from February 8th through April 16th. Because Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, the messenger doubles its normal time in the sign.

Mercury moves retrograde at 26° Pisces March 2nd at 12:29pm PST (8:29pm GMT). Mercury returns direct at 13° Pisces March 25th at 5:42am PST (1:42pm GMT). The days just before, during and after Mercury's redirection are optimal times to tune into the Divine. Never plan new projects while Mercury is stationary, either turning retrograde or direct.

Uranus in Pisces adds an electric dynamic to the mix. We definitely want to take advantage of the opening available at this time. Because of Mercury's retrograde activity, Mercury and Uranus will be within 1° of each other between March 24th and 29th. Stay tuned. Their near conjunction (rendezvous) can spark revelations and facilitate the transmission of information not normally available.

Pisces New Moon - February 27th

This New Moon is going to be very Piscean. Not only the Sun and Moon, but also Mercury, and Uranus are in Pisces. Uranus conjuncts the Sun and Moon, promising surprises in many forms - insights, cosmic connections, accidents, wake-up calls, magic or miracles. Although we can't predict what will happen, we can stay tuned so we don't miss it.

Between the New Moon February 27th-28th and March 2nd DO NOT force things. The New Moon and Mercury going retrograde is a perfect time to schedule time ALONE - be silent, relax, be in nature, meditate, surrender and trust. Be aware of your Divine Connection. Don't miss it.

Navigating Piscean Waters

Our focus, at least through March 25th, needs to be on how to navigate Piscean waters. If we insist on running our lives in our habitual I am in control of my reality mode, we could encounter situations that are at the least frustrating. We could also be brought to our knees in humble acceptance of the primal power of the Divine.

In the rational mind, Pisces computes FOG. We cannot figure things out. We feel confused and out of control. We can't find our center, reference points or an anchor. Pisces lovingly obliges us to find and be guided by our inner compass. Pisces makes it both possible and necessary to operate from intuitive and instinctual awareness. If we are willing and able to be present to the energetic waves of our emotional body, we can monitor our participation in the eternal ebb and flow of universal energies. Allowing and accepting our energetic experiences makes it possible to surrender to and trust the Infinite presence, as it uniquely manifests in our being.

Silence and solitude are necessary to tune into the subtle levels of reality. We can't think ourselves into feeling. We can't command ourselves into awareness. We have to stop being distracted and start paying attention. We have to sit with ourselves, with the sole agenda of being present to our sacred self, and the Divine within. There is so much more than meets our normal eye, ear and mind. To expand our perception faculties, we have to turn our senses inward. We have to stop paying so much attention to events outside ourselves, and turn our attention to how universal energies dance through our being.

Pisces teaches us that, in order to evolve, we have to learn how to rely on our subtle sensory perception. In order to understand, we have to perceive hidden meanings. In order to be free, we have to live in uninterrupted connection with the Divine.

The Pisces/Virgo Dynamic - Surrender and Trust

The Capricorn/Cancer pair monitors our accountability. The Aquarius/Leo pair encourages our authenticity. The Pisces/Virgo pair makes it possible (Pisces) and necessary (Virgo) to surrender and trust the Infinite.

Pisces is a sign of the Divine. Virgo is a human sign. Pisces guides us to remember our spiritual essence, so we can merge into unity with the One. Virgo makes it possible to live from the stance of unity. Virgo is the personified soul. Virgo is the soul here on Planet Earth to have a human experience. Virgo is the priest or the priestess, who attains mastery in the physical realm by achieving body-mind-spirit integration. Pisces provides the connection with the Divine so we have something reliable to trust. Virgo offers us physical reality situations to test our ability to let go and let God.

Virgo Lunar Eclipse - March 14th

Every six months the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned precisely enough to eclipse each other. The light of the Moon is darkened by the shadow of the Earth. When the Moon is eclipsed we can see below our subconscious fears into the purity of our essence. We perceive beyond our beliefs, and discover truths that were heretofore hidden from our view. The truth illuminated at this eclipse, is that matter and spirit are simply two different forms of the same universal energy.

Pluto squares both the Sun and the Moon at this eclipse. Pluto continues to strip away false perceptions and identifications so that we can be more real. The more illusions we release, the closer we get to the purity of our own heart. This eclipse will help awaken us to our soul identity, and to our intimate connection with the Universe.

The asteroid Juno also squares the Sun and the Moon and opposes Pluto. Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage. Juno represents the principle of feminine power and equality.(1) Juno in Gemini creates open and honest communication in partnerships, thus facilitating more equitable exchanges, and more authentic interactions between the sexes.

The Sun, Moon, Juno and Pluto form a mutable grand cross. The mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces make adjustments and realign energies so that a new integration and balance can be achieved. This grand cross foretells a radical shift in how we relate to each other and the Universe.(2)

How to Know the Unknown

Pisces' territory is the invisible, the unknown and the non-physical. So the relevant questions are:

  1. How can we experience this reality?
  2. How can we navigate our lives in this reality?

We cannot effectively operate in Piscean waters, without first actually being aware of the invisible dimension of reality. Our senses are conditioned to perceive physical reality. Our minds are programmed to deal with physical reality. Trying to deal with non-physical reality from our rational minds creates frustration and inexplicable anxiety.

When we are not consciously connected to the invisible power and infinite space of the Divine, we experience the lower vibrations of the invisible world - the collective unconscious, our own subconscious programming, and shadows and other expressions of an eternal fog. If we aren't tuned into the Divine channel, our disconnection manifests as a veil that separates us from our soul and the Infinite. We can become a victim of our own blindness and master of our own undoing. We may think that hidden enemies are after us, that God doesn't love us, or that we are unworthy of Divine Grace. Disconnected from our own eternal essence, and unaware of how our actions, thoughts and emotions create our reality, we continue to perpetuate our familiar, limited reality.

In Pisces' territory, we can also get lost in our inner fantasy factory. Lured by the escape route of the dream world, we easily lose our connection, with our physical body and our mental faculties, that makes it possible to effectively operate in physical reality. Escapism, whether facilitated by drugs, alcohol, fanatical ideologies, or simply the inability to be present, becomes our preferred mode of operation. Whether we recognize or repress our insecurities, in this state of helplessness, we project neediness.

The bottom line, is that we have to become more conscious before we can deal with Piscean energy, and the challenges that it presents, and before we can claim its sunken treasures. Cultivating consciousness requires disciplined training - not Pisces' preferred cup of tea. That must be why Pisces got paired up with Virgo, who possesses the grit and the perseverance to do what it takes to find the gold. Whatever our approach, we are continually tested by the Divine.

Invisible Dangers and Gifts

Both the dangers and the gifts represented by Pisces are invisible. The dangers lurk in our subconscious, created by past and present life karma. The gifts can be hard to access, because we first have to connect with who we really are. If we feel insignificant and unworthy and lack a sense of identity and purpose, we won't have the keys to open our own treasure chest.

Until we are able to lift the veil between physical and non-physical realities, and actually experience the Divine dimension, we are going to react to Pisces' energy by being spaced out, lost, forgetful, confused and delusional. Our choices can land us in prison, a hospital or a mental institution. To escape the challenges of physical reality, we may also head off to an ashram, monastery or the wilderness. The latter does have its advantages over the former. If we choose the latter and take advantage of the reprieve from the psychological warfare of modern society, we have a chance to use our perceptive faculties to zoom ourselves into Gods world.

Of course, most of us can't just take off for extended periods of time; and our path this lifetime is to figure out how to establish our Divine connection, and stay connected in an urban setting. Our get-away time and training is in yoga and meditation classes and retreats, and in our daily personal (or group if available) Sadhana. Our real choice is not where we will go physically, but how we choose to use our vast inner world. We can either drive ourselves nuts with our stories, or we can devote time every day to clearing and reprogramming our psyche. If we are willing to look inside, we can access a new playing field.

This is what we need to do while the Sun and Mercury are in Pisces. Sun in Pisces helps us access our heart. Mercury in Pisces connects us to our neutral mind. The heart has only one channel, which connects to the neutral mind. When we are in our neutral mind, our head is able to bow to our heart. Head and heart become one. Our personal wholeness opens the door to cosmic oneness. We have entered the elevated state of Pisces.

Acknowledge Our Evolving Soul

To optimally operate in Piscean territory we have to acknowledge our spiritual nature, and accept the past and present consequences of being an ever-evolving soul. This means specifically living from the facts that:

  1. Our past actions and lives have determined who we are and what we are here to learn this lifetime.
  2. Our choices this lifetime are at this moment determining the evolutionary course of our soul.

Wow! That makes me sit up straight!

Shifting to an evolutionary soul perspective adds a whole new flavor and existential meaning to our lives. Instead of being satisfied with a glazed over consciousness, we become eager to find out more about ourselves. Waking up becomes much for interesting, essential and meaningful. Taking responsibility for our own lives becomes a welcome relief, that can deliver us from daily drudgery and victim mentality.

Our tests and challenges are no longer acts of the evil hand of fate, but entrance exams that earn us access to the spiritual realm. Our heart becomes our Geiger counter, directing us to the place inside where we experience courage, strength, beauty and love, at a whole new level. Deep no longer means depression. Deep leads us to our hidden treasures. Spiritual aging becomes an asset; we have finally earned the right to our soul's trust fund.

Pisces teaches us that opportunities are always available. We just have to make ourselves available to perceive them. Our gifts were always ready to be claimed, but we have to prepare ourselves to claim them. We have to be in our heart and in our body to be available and receptive.

We all Participate in God's Scheme of Creation

We each participate in the evolutionary flow and unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Aquarius reminds us of this fact, and helps us identify our role. Aquarius jolts us to ask ourselves - What do I love? What do I love to do? Who do I love to be? To find out, and to be guided by our soul, we have to deeply listen.

Pisces tells us that everything is cosmic love. Pisces reminds us, again and again, that ideas and ideology will not connect us to the Divine or to our soul. No amount of talk will lead us to our destination. No amount of study, repetition of creeds, profession of dogmas, or association by labels, will deliver us to our destiny. The teachings have to be put into practice. We have to find a technology that works and DO it.

Pisces teaches us that God is not a celestial miracle worker, intervening and doing things on our behalf at our request. God/the Divine is the totality of infinity, which exists and operates through immutable laws. Our prayers and intentions can be answered only if our thoughts, actions, and indeed our being, harmonize with these laws. It is our harmonization with the essence and code of the Universe which makes it possible to operate in a synchronistic mode, and to create what may appear to be magic and miracles. His Will refers to the immutable laws. In order to effectively exercise our Free Will, we have to learn how to consciously operate according to these laws.

Every human being is animated by the Source, and has the capacity to stand tall and take their place in Gods Scheme of creation. We earn our place by connecting with the Infinite, harmonizing ourselves with its mode of operation, and then, by making choices through our Free Will that are in alignment with our soul's intent and destiny path. This alignment is necessary both to realize our soul essence or essential nature, and to live our dharma.

The attainment of this subtle awareness, and state of consciousness, is possible only through our own efforts. No amount of external practices, ritual or ceremonies will awaken us to the Divine within. Only by our internal focus and cleansing can we reach a stable state of Divine Connection. We must tune into the Divine channel, attune ourselves to the Divine attributes, and become aware of Divine laws. Then we must love our experience in every cell of our body. Harmonious consciousness (aligning our will with Divine Will) is achieved by loving God in ourselves. As we blend with the Divine, our being is further purified and we merge into Oneness.

Expand Your Ability to Trust

The cosmic vibration of Pisces makes it possible to surrender to and trust the Infinite. From time to time, some of us give lip service to the concept of Letting go and letting God. However, most of the time, we act as though we have to figure out and do everything ourselves. We hope our prayers will be answered, but we don't trust that they will. Usually what we call surrender is, in reality, giving up, but only after we have exhausted our schemes. Pushed into a corner, we quit trying to manipulate events, and hope that things will work out.

While the Sun and Mercury are in Pisces, we have an opportunity to expand our ability to trust. One major way our inability to trust manifests is as worry about ourselves and others. The more we connect with universal energies, the more we realize that the Universe really does take care of things, and arrange karma to be paid off or rewarded. This realization can help release us from our need to control and to inappropriately take care of others. Everyone is connected to Source. The more we increase our awareness of this fact, the more we will be inclined to focus on our responsibility to cultivate our conscious connection. Everyone has their own path and has to figure this out themselves. Interfering in others' evolutionary processes is not a good idea. Our job is to learn to trust the Infinite and to trust ourselves.

To trust ourselves, we can't be in denial about our soul nature, and what we are doing to avoid relating to our soul identity. To trust ourselves and the Infinite, we have to have an experience of something we can trust - a knowing of an energy or presence that is always there. Trust comes from knowing. Knowing comes from experience. Yoga and meditation are about opening ourselves to an infinite experience of self and beyond.

Belief vs Experience

Pisces says "don't believe me or anyone else. Find out for yourself". Belief doesn't even compute when stacked against experience. When we can begin to distinguish between belief and experience, we have begun our journey from illusion to reality. Of course, not all beliefs are illusions. Some are confirmations of reality, but only through experience will we be able to tell the difference.

The simple truth is that there is more going on within ourselves, and in the Universe, than any of us can ever imagine or experience. Our spiritual journey is about gradually cultivating an expanded awareness, so we can tune into our soul and universal reality.

We can start by slowing down and shifting into neutral, so we can look at life through a clear lens, and listen without monopolizing our thought waves with chatter. The REALITY channel is available to everyone at all times. Free of charge. Check it out. It is far more interesting, beneficial and enlightening than our stories. Life is precious. Experiencing every moment of life as it is, instead of how we wish it were, or think it should be, is a sacred gift that only we can give ourselves.

Pisces' Touchstones

During this time we can facilitate our journey by honing four Piscean guidelines:

Kundalini Yoga - Meditation on the Divine - Surrendering Head to Heart

Pisces asks us to simply feel and be present. The first question I ever asked Yoga Bhajan was "How do I experience God?" He told me, "Relax and feel it". That is what I did. It has taken me a long time to learn how to relax, and a long time to learn how to feel. But each step of the way, I become more aware of the universal energy in and around me.

We can awaken our Divine Connection by directing our senses toward deep inner listening and feeling. (See Issue 115) I have found that loving what I feel consolidates my experience. Using my emotional body to love my sensations creates an alchemy between physical and non-physical reality. Loving our experiences merges body, mind, emotions and Spirit. Over time we find that we are in love for no identifiable reason. We swim in the Piscean ocean when we are simply in love with love.

This month we want to focus on silence after each Kundalini Yoga exercise and following mantra meditations. The exercises and the mantras clear the space in and around us. When we are done we need to pay attention, and simply listen to and feel the dynamic silence and stillness of the Divine.

Gong - The Nucleus of Sound - CD - Yogi Bhajan

In Gong - the Nucleus of Sound, Yogi Bhajan demonstrates, in this wonderful 1988 recording, his superb and subtle technique, producing profound vibrations from this powerful instrument to heal your body, mind and soul.

The vibrations from the gong act on your entire being, to carry you into a state of deep connection and relaxation.

The sound of silence is ever present. Our job is to tune into it. Another powerful way to clear our inner space is to listen to sounds of the gong. The gong produces a sound closest to the cosmic sound. The CD Gong - The Nucleus of Sound by Yogi Bhajan can help you merge into the cosmic sound.

We can also facilitate inner listening by adjusting the position of our head, which determines the relationship between our head and heart. CHIN LOCK is the term used to position our head so that our head rests on the top of our spine, instead of protruding forward. By tucking our chin and pulling our head back and up ever so slightly, our spine is pulled upward and our heart forward. With the chin slightly down, our natural gaze is toward our heart. To find the position that activates the connection between your head and heart takes experimentation. It also takes continuous awareness and adjustment, as we easily slip into a slumped posture. Practice chin lock during your meditation and while doing most Kundalini Yoga postures. Also be aware while you are sitting at the computer and walking. Every moment offers us the opportunity to align with the Divine.

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