The Gemini Path - Mental Reality

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #119 - May 22, 2006
Summary of Gemini

This issue begins a new series on the path of each sign of the Zodiac.

Gemini energy is inherently dualistic and detached (mental and non-emotional). This duality is a source of indecisiveness, chaotic impulses and undirected action. Detachment can lead to an inability to establish meaningful personal connections. Immature Gemini is prone to be disoriented, inattentive and unfocused. Gemini's challenges are, to learn how to find its internal center, and to listen. As Gemini cultivates these talents, its nemeses become its strengths. The consciously evolved Gemini can dance with the ever-unfolding dynamic of polarities, and thoroughly enjoy the cosmic play.

Planetary Alignments
New Series - The Path of the Soul

This month we start a new series, featuring the evolutionary path of each of the 12 Zodiac signs, beginning with Gemini. As we investigate each sign, we need to keep in mind the following:

  1. Every birth chart contains the energies of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. We are each impacted by and interact with all 12 energies.
  2. We each have our own unique configuration of universal energies.
  3. To understand WHERE each energy plays out in your life, locate the house where each sign falls in your birth chart.
  4. To understand HOW each energy is manifested, identify the signs of each of the planets in your birth chart.
  5. The planets and their house placement determine the nature of our evolutionary path.
  6. The sequence of the Zodiac is the archetypal journey of our human life. Each sign represents lessons and issues that we all have to deal with.
  7. As we mature and learn to work with the various challenges and lessons, we evolve and are able to access the powers and the gifts of each sign.

As we study the signs, we discover that the biggest challenges presented by each are also the source of their unique power and fulfillment. The key to finding resolution to their specific issues, is to learn to work with their basic energy. The appropriate activation, balance and integration of energies, allow us to move out of pain, suffering and dysfunctional patterns, into liberating and empowering expressions of the archetypes.

Astrology teaches us that we both find and make our path. We both discover and create our reality. We get in touch with potentialities, and then we make choices, and work to manifest them.

Our Path to Fulfillment

Each sign of the Zodiac represents a path to fulfillment. The twelve signs provide us with 12 keys to access the potentialities and power of our soul. Each one denotes an archetypal energy, which manifests as specific challenges, moods, desire for expression and need for fulfillment. Within each sign is encoded an evolutionary process, by which we can move from the immature/unconscious to mature expressions of the energy. We evolve by learning how to embody the highest expressions of the universal energies of our soul's blueprint. As we do so we become more authentically ourselves, and achieve wholeness and satisfaction.

Our birth chart helps us become more aware of who we are, what we came here to be, and what role we came here to play. Our birth chart is the symbolic representation of our energetic body, within which our evolutionary path is encoded. Similar to our physical body, it evolves. Dissimilar from our physical body, we take our evolved (hopefully) subtle body with us when we depart the physical plane.

Our birth chart denotes the invisible blueprint of our soul's journey. Although we cannot see our inner being in a mirror, like we see our physical body, it is the guiding force in our human incarnation. Our birth chart indicates what we have to work with, what we are here to accomplish, what challenges we will face, and the tools we have to work with to find courage and happiness in this life.

Our Evolutionary Journey

The overall theme of the New Millennium Being, this year, is how to reclaim our free will, i.e. how to extricate ourselves from an unconscious state, and move into conscious awareness of who we are, what we are doing, and why. Our goal is to more consciously participate in creating our lives. Our ability to exercise free will depends upon understanding the energies we have to work with, and learning how to work with them. Our self-empowerment and happiness depend upon making the optimum choices, given our unique makeup.

We learn from an early age how to avoid physical pain. As we grow older we become more adept at calculating our actions to avoid negative physical consequences. Although we also wish to avoid mental and emotional pain, we often continue to put into motion actions, thoughts, intentions and feelings that have undesirable consequences. An understanding of the astrological archetypes helps us identify the invisible brick walls we create for ourselves, and how these walls can come tumbling down.

At the intangible level, we are less aware of the connection between cause and effect. It takes a deeper investigation to uncover how our beliefs and thoughts create undesirable consequences. Studying the astrological archetypes clarifies how certain attitudes and responses create either favorable, or unfavorable, physical and psychological consequences. As we identify the operating laws of cause and effect, and learn to play according to these cosmic laws, we begin to achieve the happiness, peace and satisfaction that we desire.

Be Your Own Authority

How do we cooperate with, instead of resisting or sabotaging, the nature and direction of our own energy? Our task is to identify and eliminate self-negating patterns. To do so, we have to bring into consciousness, unconscious programming. We have to learn other ways to use our energy, and practice making new choices. This is a step by step process where we opt to do things differently - with more awareness. We experiment with what works and what does not. We notice what produces more ease and happiness, and what results in more pain and suffering.

Our soul alone contains the total records of our history. We are thus the only one who can know who we are and what works for us. Therefore, we must look within ourselves:

  1. to forge our path,
  2. to seek guidance and
  3. to find validation.

Ultimately our inner self is the only valid judge of the choices me make, what we do, and why. Therefore, you and only you can be your own authority. Through experimentation and experience you can determine which modalities, beliefs and actions lead to satisfactory and productive results, and which ones do not. Becoming your own authority is how you activate and reclaim your free will.

The Gemini Path

Aries awakens us to our innate aliveness. Taurus helps us discover our body and how to take care of our basic physical needs. Gemini introduces us to the third step in our personal discovery and development - the mind. The first air sign opens our awareness to the mental functions of speaking, thinking, analyzing and communicating. In Gemini territory we move into our immediate surroundings. We become curious about objects and our environment. We are eager to explore and gather information. We want to be mobile and enthusiastically encounter the activities of daily life.

The Gemini path begins to address how to deal with both the imbalances, and the powers of the mind. Our goal is create a mental structure that is appropriately stimulated, practically functional and at peace.

Mental Gemini energy is quick, adaptable and programmed for pure logic. Gemini must have mental stimulation. The icing on its cake is variety. It must connect with a kaleidoscope of people and situations, and experience diverse sets of challenges to realize fulfillment. The Gemini path, is to shift out of trying to get its need for mental stimulation from an indulgence in excess trivia, superficial contacts, shallow conversations, and meaningless excitement, into more purposeful forms of activity.

From Cold to Endearing Communication

Gemini can talk a lot without engaging in any real communication. His quick logic, flippant attitude and witty remarks can leave a cold flavor to personal encounters. What initially appears as friendly can lead to mistrust. Avoiding depth and personal feelings, can leave the impression of talking to a hyper-drive computer, instead of a real person. At the immature level, Gemini seems more interested in a battle of wits than authentic, compassionate exchange.

To evolve into a mature expression of Gemini energy, we have to identify Gemini gifts, and then learn how to use them. Gemini is naturally light-hearted, friendly, congenial and witty. Gemini can use its cheerful nature, and ability to be detached, to put people at ease and then inspire and uplift them. The ability to take things lightly is a wonderful gift in this world, where most of us take every minute detail so seriously.

The Art of Listening and Intuitive Reception

The most basic Gemini lesson is to train ourselves to listen - first to ourselves and then to others. By listening inside our mind, we can quickly tune into our intuition. With our intuitive sensitivities activated, we can listen to others and perceive the deeper meanings of their conversations. We can grasp a wider perspective and see the bigger picture. Then we are able to connect with them at a more meaningful level.

Gathering and sharing insights in a playful, optimistic spirit is deeply satisfying for Gemini, and endears him to others. It is a skill that we can all use to keep our hearts open. In this way, Gemini teaches us how to use our mind and mental abilities for meaningful, compassionate communication. Tuning into the larger picture, and offering a higher perspective, can lighten our burdens.

The Gemini mind can find the mental satisfaction that it needs when it shifts to intuitive reception mode. The ability to intuitively translate information is an extremely valuable tool. When the Gemini curiosity is tuned into the intuitive channel, it can receive answers to questions, instead of being stuck in a perpetual question machine.(1) Wise Gemini teaches us that we must trust that there is an answer, and to listen for it. We must learn to focus and open our mental space to receive clear guidance. As we get into the habit of listening for answers, before moving on, we can tap into deeper truths and wisdom. Completing the question/answer cycle and finding deeper knowledge is satisfying for the Gemini mind.

Intuitive/Instinctual Awareness Takes us beyond Duality

We are not going to tell Gemini to feel his emotions, because this mental sign will only endlessly discuss this idea, make a joke out of it, or change the subject. Gemini's path to sensitivity is to first develop intuitive awareness. Once the twins trust their innate knowing, they will be ready to access and accept the instinctual knowing available in their bodies.

Immature Gemini energy uses the mind to try to escape the emotions. However, lost in our mind, we experience isolation. Preoccupied with mental gymnastics, which do not lead to practical results, we can lose confidence in ourselves. The Gemini path requires learning to trust our instincts. We must tune into and follow our gut messages, to escape the duality of the rational mind. Our intuitive/instinctual mechanism makes it possible to wisely choose one option over another.

As we learn the limits of logic, we can use our mental talents to focus beyond mental chaos. Once we transcend the need to be right, we can use our intuitive skills to achieve practical results. Our responses to situations can be right on target. We find that the excitement we desire comes from tapping into our inner knowing, and using this to inspire and uplift others.

A Center Amidst the Activities

Scattering energy over frivolous pursuits is one of Gemini's worst downfalls, but we can't tell Gemini to give up his need for multiple avenues of excitement about life. The twins are here to enjoy themselves.

Gemini needs a variety of outlets to express its ambitions. However, the inability to define, commit to, and thus complete long-term goals, is a source of frustration for Gemini. The wise Gemini teaches us that we must find our inner center, from which we can astutely direct our diverse pursuits. Cultivating an inner point of focus is critical to stabilize the Gemini mind. From our internal focal point, we can come to identify with our consistent spiritual identity. We discover that our soul has a coherent philosophy, around which we can organize our worldly activities. When we are centered and guided from within ourselves, we appropriately attract the variety of people, situations and experiences that are needed to experience satisfaction.

Freedom in the Mind

Without mental discipline we have limited choice in life. The duality of the lower mind ensnarls us in a confusing jumble of mental, emotional and spiritual disorientation. Only those who are willing to commit to the discipline of training their minds can find true freedom and peace.

Without the disciplined capacity to be attentive and available, we remain in a cluttered prison, that condemns us to the fruitless intrigues of our mind. Liberating ourselves from the confines of our lower mind requires rigorous training to switch channels. Only by tuning into the neutral channel can we point ourselves in the right direction, and undergo the authentic transformation that our mind craves.

The mind that is directed towards the deepest spiritual fulfillment does not indulge in every passing thought. It remembers its larger purpose, which is to pursue its path toward the Divine. Its goals are freedom, purity, truth and peace. To achieve these goals, our mind must aim its intention at clarity, and focus its attention on the openness of pure space. Only with refined discernment and inward focus can our minds fully participate in the unfoldment of an expanded reality, and a sublime experience of the Divine, that transcends the chatter of our rational mind.

Dealing with Duality - Gemini New Moon / Sagittarius Full Moon

The Gemini New Moon supports us in being open to new ideas. It encourages us to think outside our habitual box, and to let go of beliefs and attitudes to make this possible. It brings our attention to the mental aspect of our being, and how everything in our mind - thoughts, beliefs, intentions and divine connection - determines the nature of our life experience. It is time to examine what is in our mind and how it is creating our reality. It is also time to acknowledge HOW our mind works, and learn how to use this amazing masterpiece of consciousness in the most beneficial ways. The mind is our mechanism to access information from the most banal aspects of physical reality to the most elegant configurations of non-physical reality. Through our mind we acquire the knowledge that opens the doors to peace, power, wisdom and all the aspects of the Divine.

Duality, and how to befriend and transcend it, are the featured themes of both the New and the Full Moons. The Gemini twins embody duality. Gemini's opposing complement, Sagittarius, furnishes the formula for a synthesis. Duality has many expressions. The lower expression is judgmental, categorizing into good and evil, black and white. With reflection upon our life experiences, we can elevate these categories into what works for us and what doesn't, what brings us closer to our goals and what distances us from peace and happiness.

Our soul is indeed on planet Earth to have human experiences. Gemini thrives on experimentation, and likes to experience everything. We can learn from Gemini how to enjoy exploring life, and how to participate fully in this grand adventure. Gemini is also master of observation and detachment. Gemini has a high degree of tolerance, which is good. Its lack of discrimination is, however, not so good. A Sagittarius once remarked that Gemini has a disgustingly high degree of tolerance. A workable balance in the domain of tolerance could benefit them both.

The Gemini twins represent our mortal/human and our immortal/soul nature. Obviously both exist simultaneously. So our Gemini task is to establish meaningful communication between the seen and unseen aspects of ourselves. Communication is the bridge between the two realms of existence. Gemini's first instinct is to talk, but human talking bypasses the ears of the soul. Our human mind can communicate with our soul through intuition, listening and the higher mind. Sagittarius is the wise mentor who shows Gemini the path to the higher mind.

The Sagittarius Full Moon highlights the reconciliation of mundane and spiritual realities. Gemini exudes a youthful, delightful innocence. However, at some point Gemini must learn to take responsibility for himself and his life, or he remains the puer/eternal child. Sagittarius helps Gemini find his higher purpose and spiritual direction. Even errands and daily chores can be enjoyed, if our minds are relaxing into the Divine Presence that exists everywhere and in every thing. Sagittarius helps us extend our antenna so we can connect our humanness with Spirit.

Sagittarius Full Moon - June 11th

When Gemini and Sagittarius interact, we get a chance to examine how we integrate our micro and macro realities. Gemini assembles the facts. Sagittarius pulls it all together, and makes sense of it from the big picture. Take advantage of this full moon, to evaluate your activities from the perspective of your vision for your future. How can everything fit together so you can accomplish your life goals? Start outlining your next 4-5 year plan.

In the light of this full moon, we can get a better view of how our thoughts create our reality. As we become aware of the power of our beliefs, we realize the urgency of examining and changing our mental filters and assumptions. The Gemini twins gather information. Sagittarius filters the information for relevancy and truth. Both, however, can deceive us. Gemini can burden us with information overload, and confuse us with too many unsubstantiated facts. Sagittarius can lead us in the wrong direction through blind faith, and misguide us with opportunistic gullibility.

Gemini can limit our perspective, through rationalization and detachment from emotional and physical realities. Sagittarius can prevent us from seeing the truth through ideological fanaticism.

The powerful role of Pluto at this full moon, intensifies the warning to deeply examine how we view ourselves and the way things are. Pluto conjuncts the Moon, opposes the Sun and semi-squares Jupiter in Scorpio. These three aspects are all confrontive. They make sure we get a clear and magnified view of how we deceive and mislead ourselves. We aren't going to just ride this wave to its sweet merger into the cosmic ocean. By getting closer to our personal and universal truth, we will be deeply transformed.

Added Celestial Support

At the Full Moon, Mars conjuncts Saturn, adding the dynamic impetus for action. Cosmic support is available to release limiting misconceptions and self-defeating habits, to wake-up to broader horizons, to focus on where we want to go and how to get there, AND TO TAKE ACTION.

There is also a fluid energy at this full moon with a grand trine in the water signs, i.e. 3 planets are in water signs, and they form 120° angles to each other. Mercury is at 13° Cancer, Jupiter is at 10° Scorpio (retrograde), and Uranus is at 15° Pisces.

Trine energy is flowing and supportive. It helps us relax, and the more relaxed we are, the more we can take advantage of the opportunities coming our way. The trick with trines is that we have to take the initiative. Although Mars doesn't figure in the grand trine, its tour through Cancer (April 15th through June 3rd) adds to the watery, emotional atmosphere.

On June 18th, Uranus goes retrograde at 15° Pisces. It is time to connect deeply within, and to receive Divine guidance about our destiny direction.

On June 21st, the North Node moves from Aries to Pisces for the next 18 months. (The Nodes go in reverse.) Our collective goal at this time shifts, from establishing our personal identity, to establishing our Divine connection where we experience our oneness.

Kundalini Yoga - Training Your Mind

It is imperative that you train your mind.

  1. The Breath and the Mind. The easiest way to begin training our mind is to experience the relationship between the breath and the mind. When our breath is fast and shallow, our mind usually races and is out of control. We are prone to be more fearful, defensive and stressed. As our breath slows down, we start to relax, become more present and available to input, without being overly reactive. When we slow our breath down to 4 or less breaths per minute, we begin to enter a meditative state. During the month of Gemini (and beyond), practice watching your breath, and consciously slowing it down to 4 or less breaths per minute. Monitor your mental, emotional and physical states as your shift your breathing pattern. Train yourself to be more conscious of the relationship between your breathing and thinking. Power of the breath helps us get in touch with the power of the mind.
  2. Find Our Internal Center. When our breath is slow and deep, our mind is available to access our neutral channel. Follow your breath in your body, until your body relaxes and you feel the rhythm of your breath in your chest. Then use your breath to open the space in your mind. Look and listen inside your head, and continue to use your breath to open the space inside your head, until you can comfortably connect with a clear, open space. This space is your haven - your inner sanctuary. Take time to enjoy being in this neutral channel.
  3. Staying in Neutral. One of our biggest challenges is to learn to stay in our neutral channel. We can find it in meditation and then we lose it. Our next task is to investigate what specifically takes us out of the neutral channel. Three of the principle ways to revert back to our rational mind are the following:
    1. Analyzing, rationalizing and explaining.
    2. Dissatisfaction with what is and the desire, as well as the attempts, to change what cannot be changed.
    3. Attachment and attention to something outside ourselves.
    Monitor the above activities in your mind, and start training yourself to go back to neutral.
  4. Stopping those Thoughts. To deal with information overload, and to stop undesirable thoughts, we have the technology of sound. We each need to pick a mantra, and have it handy to repeat every time we have a thought that could take us a place we don't want to go. Yogi Bhajan has given us dozens of authentic and powerful mantras. One great way to install a mantra in your mind is to listen to it continuously on a CD. A great online resource, containing a huge range of mantras is Sikh Net. Browse around and allow your intuition to guide you to the recordings which best soothe your mind.
  5. Mind and Mouth. All of the above help us investigate the relationship between our mind and mouth. One of our goals is to stop and think about what we say before we say it, first making a conscious decision about what we want to share with others, and then putting it out to the Universe.
Gemini/Sagittarius Touchstones

Gemini: Are we having fun yet?
Sagittarius: Doing our destiny is fun.

My two favorite bumper stickers:
Prevent truth decay. Be true to yourself.
Don't believe everything you think.

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