A Time of Profound Transformation

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #123 - September 23, 2006
Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune Define the Rules and Set the Tone

Are you experiencing intensified and accelerated life changes at this time? You are not alone! Many people are in the middle of major transitions in all areas of life, including self-image, career, family and relationships. Studying the interactions of some of the major planets can help us understand the significance, and depth, of the changes that we are undergoing.

We will experience the energy of the Solar Eclipse/Virgo New Moon/Vernal Equinox September 22nd, and the Jupiter/Neptune square (climaxing on September 24th) as a significant ending and major new beginning in our life journey.

THe Players - Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune

This issue of the New Millennium Being features the ongoing powerful T-square between Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Aquarius. These configurations of astrological energies activate deep shifts in consciousness:

  1. Saturn and Jupiter square each other for the third and final time October 18th. This square activates a sense of urgency to define our destiny path and to implement our social contribution.
  2. Jupiter and Neptune square off for the third and final time on September 24th at 17° Scorpio and Aquarius. This square calls for a spiritual upgrade.

    These two squares made re-evaluation the major theme for the first three-quarters of 2006. This contemplative phase is nearly over. Now is the time to take action!
  3. Saturn opposed Neptune for the first time August 31st. Their interaction will last through the summer of 2007. The evolutionary goal of their confrontation is to oblige us to evaluate the relationship, between physical reality and the truth of universal laws. The end result should be a consciousness shift, awakening us to what is True, and motivating us to live this Truth.

Although these squares and oppositions do not occur simultaneously (as they did, joined by Mars in Taurus, in December 2005), their interaction is close enough to intensify the energies and messages from these planets and the fixed signs.

Change of Direction

The major planetary alignments discussed in this issue began in December 2005, and continue until June 2007. Together they indicate major life changes, both personally and collectively. When the outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are involved in oppositions and squares with each other, or with Jupiter and Saturn (the so called social planets), that orbit between the outer collective planets and the inner personal planets, major transformations can be expected.

Whether we know about these astrological happenings or not, we feel and are influenced by the energies. Our response could be anything from enlightenment to abysmal destruction. Wherever we operate on the spectrum of functionality and consciousness, we are impacted by the forces that create both evolutionary and revolutionary change.

The oppositions and squares involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, currently symbolize major life changing transformations. In Issue 121 we discussed the Saturn/Jupiter squares. In this issue we discuss the Saturn/Neptune opposition, the Jupiter/Neptune square and the impact of the T-square of all three planets.

The Message - Fixed Signs Mean Business, Take Responsibility for Your Life

Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are all in fixed signs, so their interactions deal with the issues of these immovable forces. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Saturn is in Leo. Jupiter is in Scorpio. Neptune is in Aquarius. The fixed signs consolidate energy and focus our attention.

The fixed signs represent the four sources of human power and potential:(1)

  1. Taurus represents the body and all forms of resources that come from the earth.
  2. Leo embodies Spirit and soul which is expressed through our heart and our willpower.
  3. Scorpio embodies our emotions and soul power, with the deep introspective and transformational capacity to let go, regenerate and evolve.
  4. Aquarius represents the higher/neutral mind, which when accessed gives humans the capacity to access the universal mind and all its wisdom and genius.

Collectively, the fixed signs represent:

Their messages are obvious.

When major planets interact in fixed signs, we are reminded that we are individually responsible for managing our own lives. It is time for each of us to identify our unique gifts, and to use them productively. To passively hope for the best, and wait for life to happen to us, is the denial mode for misusing power. The message is clear - You are in charge. Become the CEO of your own life!

The Mode - Squares, Oppositions, T-Squares and Grand Crosses

T-squares and grand crosses are formed with 3 or 4 (or more) planets squaring and opposing each other, in the same modality (fixed, cardinal or mutable). Because of the retrograde movement of the planets, they usually square or oppose each other two or 3 times. During the first and second interactions involving retrogrades, we can feel the pressing need for change, but may be frustrated by obstructions and the snail-like pace of our progress. During these times, we are being given a chance to internalize the cosmic forces into our psyche.

The energy of the squares and oppositions in a T-square turn up the heat real high, to boiling point! We are obliged to deal with what is in our face, until we find inner and outer resolution at a higher level of consciousness. We have to break through our resistances and take appropriate action, to move out of stuckness into a workable solution. We will not pass Go with superficial, cosmetic changes. We have to move up an octave in maturity. Our outer actions must be matched with a real internal transformation of consciousness. Only actions, that flow from a higher level of internal alignment, succeed.

Squares and oppositions are the most intense when they are exact. The intensity builds up before the exact moment, and subsides afterwards, but the pressure does not really go away until we change. Squares and oppositions transform through intense pressurization. The good news is that the energy is available for radical transformation. Our job is to take advantage of the opportunity for profound change.

In the unconscious human psyche, and in the initial phases of these planetary interactions (T-squares), these energies seem to create conflict and antagonism, pulling us simultaneously in different directions.(2) Our reactions to these apparent contradictions can be stressful, agitated and confused, which can lead to both unbalanced responses, and lack of response, because we just don't know what to do.

However, as we continue to be confronted by the fact that we must deal with each of the four energies, we realize that we need them ALL of them to operate optimally. Indeed we need:

  1. Earth/body - resources,
  2. Fire/Spirit and soul - heart and willpower,
  3. Water/emotions - soul power and desire/motivation, and
  4. Air/Mind - neutral and universal minds merged.

The evolutionary purpose of these powerful interactions, is to deliver us to an expanded level of conscious functioning. Our task is to learn how to use the gift of each energy simultaneously. As we do so, we become adept at tapping resources, whose harmonization makes it possible to live life at a higher octave.

Saturn in Leo - Heart and Willpower

Saturn in Leo is one of the major players in the Jupiter/Saturn square, and the Saturn/Neptune opposition. The evolutionary goal of Saturn in Leo is to induce growth and maturity in the area of personal creativity. Saturn continually raises the bar, forcing us to raise our standards,(3) increase our performance, strengthen our will and prove our self-worth. Saturn always applies more pressure and expands the requirements for success. In the initial stages we can feel overwhelmed and crushed by the challenges. Our self-confidence and self-esteem may take a dip, as we question our ability to measure up to what is being asked.

Fortunately, the tough Saturn stance comes with the satisfaction of a job well done. The good news is that as we toughen up and mature. We deepen our appreciation of ourselves. We find more satisfaction in what we do. And our lives become more meaningful and purposeful.

Saturn in Leo makes it clear, that if we really want to leave a legacy, we have to follow the path of our heart, and offer our unique gifts to the world. Leo's fire furnishes the heart and willpower to do so.

Jupiter in Scorpio - Emotional Passion for the Soul

Jupiter is the other major player in the Jupiter/Saturn square, and the Jupiter/Neptune square. Jupiter entered Scorpio late October 2005. Jupiter in Scorpio is the master muckraker. Jupiter in Scorpio expands and brings to light what is hidden. It exposes abuse of power and distorted truths. The goal is to clarify what needs to be known, released or altered, in order to move forward with authenticity and integrity. Lies and deceit, to both ourselves and others, will be made known. Ego trips, superficial stances and childish programming will not be tolerated. We have to be genuinely honest and avoid debilitating compromises. Only when we are true to ourselves can we move to our next level of empowerment.

Our limitations and weaknesses are exposed, not to humiliate us, but to give us a chance to find our inner power, and to move forward more authentically and effectively. Jupiter in Scorpio reveals a deep desire to experience more passion and meaning in life. To move up a notch, we have to face how selling ourselves short creates financial hardship and emotional deprivation. We have to fill our inner void of emotional neediness with real heart-felt soul connection. We have to look inside for the Light and the power, to deliver us to a more meaningful and inspired reality. We have to know our value, upgrade our self-assessment score, and command what we are worth.

Neptune in Aquarius - Merge with the Universal Mind

The evolutionary goal of Neptune in Aquarius, is to open our mind to the universal mind and universal truth. Dogmas based on blind faith dissolve in Neptunian waters. These include religious, political and economic ideologies. For example, the idea of the supremacy of scientific method and technological progress is being reassessed, in the face of the consequences of global warming, pollution and environmental destruction. Neptune simply and silently erodes beliefs, systems and institutions that don't comply with universal laws.

Fraud, excesses and abuse get exposed in the higher court of Neptunian truth. The Saturn/Neptune opposition ushers in a period of dissolution and reformation of identities, principles, institutions and governments; whatever is oppressive and corrupt becomes obvious and intolerable.(4)

At a personal level, we are being invited to ask ourselves, What do you believe that is NOT true? What do you not believe that IS true?

What about Taurus?

A complete T-square has four arms (or legs), one from each of the elements. Taurus is missing in the three planetary interactions we are discussing. The missing arm or empty leg indicates what is needed for resolution, and offers a way out of our dilemma.(5) Taurus represents resources. Taurus also represents values. To find solutions we need to ask ourselves, How can we best use our time, energy and available resources? What do we value? What do we want? What will bring us true satisfaction?

(1) Saturn and Jupiter Square it Off

Saturn in Leo has been powerfully interacting with Jupiter in Scorpio since December 2005. Because of the retrograde movement of the two planets, their square occurs three times. The first occurred December 17th 2005, when Saturn was retrograde. The second exact square was June 22nd-23rd, when Jupiter was retrograde. The final square will be exact on October 18th this year, when both planets are in direct motion.

(Saturn is also transiting Pluto, and will be impacting the lives of all those in the Pluto in Leo generation (born October 8, 1937 through June 11, 1958). The implications for our lives, of both the Saturn/Jupiter square and the Pluto/Saturn transit, were discussed in Issue 121.

(2) Jupiter Squares Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune will square each other for the third and final time. September 24th, just after the Vernal Equinox and the Solar Eclipse Virgo New Moon. The first square was January 27th at 17° (Neptune was retrograde.) The second square was March 15th at 19° (Jupiter was retrograde.)

Interactions between Jupiter and Neptune trigger spiritual, ideological and excess issues and crises.(6) The evolutionary outcome will eventually be spiritual growth and maturity, but the process to get there can be gnarly. First, we have to become aware of how we are projecting ideologically limited, utopian indulgence (greed), and fear and anger based interpretations of the truth. Together these planets also expose and create the conditions where financial excesses (debt), and other addictive dysfunctions, become overwhelming. The racket is no longer artificially sustainable. We have to get real, and deal with the nitty gritty of extricating ourselves from holes we have dug.

It is hard enough to see and admit what we are doing. Relinquishing our self-serving beliefs, attachments to profitable falsehoods, wishful thinking and ingrained conditioning, can be even more challenging. Fortunately, Neptune and Jupiter can also provide the inspiration and higher knowing, that makes this release process possible. They also offer us the cosmic goodies, that make it highly pleasurable, profitable and powerful to surrender to the truth of our soul, and the Divine IT.

(3) Saturn Opposes Neptune

Saturn commands the physical world, and rules with the laws and limits of physical reality - time and space. Neptune's domain is the non-physical, formless reality of Spirit. Its approach is elusive and even confusing. Neptune unifies by eroding ideologies and perceived divisions, that cause separation, discord and distrust.

For the first of 3 times, Saturn in Leo exactly opposed Neptune (retrograde) in Aquarius August 31st. Because of the retrograde phases of the two planets, they will oppose each other two more times - February 28th, 2007 and June 25th, 2007 (respectively at 18°, 20° and 22° Leo and Aquarius).

Saturn circles the Sun every 29 years, Neptune every 168 years. When Saturn and Neptune join (conjunct) each other, and then oppose each other, during the course of every 35 years, they precipitate significant shifts.

The evolutionary goal of Saturn and Neptune interactions is to align human behavior, laws and institutions with universal laws. The Saturn-Neptune opposition initially exposes the abuse and inconsistencies in human action and systems. Commonly accepted beliefs and social mores are challenged. The ultimate purpose is to awake us from our sleepy conditioning, and blind faith in our absurd belief systems and enslaving concoctions. In expanded awareness we can upgrade the human condition, and free ourselves to experience a more liberated reality than the one to which we have previously chained ourselves.

During the last Saturn/Neptune opposition in 1971-72, protests helped to finally end the Vietnam War; the Watergate scandal began; and the Age of Aquarius was announced in the controversial play, Jesus Christ Superstar. During the last conjunction in 1989, Soviet troops departed from Afghanistan, the Berlin Wall fell, the Chinese imposed martial law in Tibet, and rebellion took place in Tiananmen Square.(7)

Expect Radical Change

The interlocking action between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, during the latter part of 2006, through the end of the year and into 2007, creates a cosmic pot brewing radical change. The T-square of these three planets in fixed signs can precipitate major changes in, and even the collapse of, political, economic, religious and social systems. The fixed signs target resources at the personal, corporate, national and global levels.

We can expect corruption to be exposed and leaders to be dethroned. Scandals and breakdown in systems are also likely. The evolutionary goal is the expansion of consciousness. Spiritual realizations delivered by Neptune will help many people free their minds of dysfunctional programming, making it possible for us to act and think in ways unavailable to us before.

The fixed signs also indicate that we are at choice. These transits make it possible for us to take more responsibility for reorienting our beliefs and actions. We will realize on a deep level that we can make a difference. The choices we make and the actions we take can upgrade our own lives, our communities, and our collective systems and well-being.

The Infinite Rules

For the rest of 2006 and through the summer of 2007, the overpowering and humbling force of Neptune will rule the world stage. Everything that we hope for, fabricate or have faith in, can be reduced to nothing by the overriding power of the Truth of the Infinite that is, was, and always will be, True. We have a tendency to forget this fact when Neptune, who represents the Divine force, is not a major player in the planetary dance. However, when Neptune is actively in the game, our egos are brought to their knees. Our power trips and controlling minds are smashed on the rocks of immutable universal laws.

The influence of Neptune is both destabilizing and liberating. We can either surrender to the healing waters of the Divine, or be swept away in a tsunami over which we have absolutely no control. Our choice is to go voluntarily or involuntarily.

In sum, there is no leeway for egotistical approaches. The sooner we accept the fact, that the forces of nature and the Universe will triumph, the more we can take advantage of this great opportunity, to let go of obsolete beliefs and enslaving approaches to life. Instead of trying to hold on to what no longer serves us, we can embrace the wisdom and timing of the Unknown, and surrender to the higher knowing of our soul. Now is the time to go inside, listen to our hearts and act from our higher truth.

Kundalini Yoga - Self-Mastery - Conscious and Competent

The Saturn-Neptune opposition sets off a process. In the initial phases this opposition denotes uncertainty, breakdowns, decay, and disillusionment of ideals and institutions. If we get discouraged, we can succumb to disappointments. If we try to hide, we can pursue paths of denial. We can fall apart, give up and let our dysfunctions reign, but the initial phase can also be interpreted as a wake-up call, and the prelude to good fortune. We are not only becoming aware of what does not work; cosmic forces are carrying away the debris of the past.

How can we achieve a beneficial integration of the Saturn and Neptunian energies? Instead of becoming a victim of the Saturn-Neptune collusion, we can learn to blend their energies into our being, and claim the gifts that together they have to offer. Saturn blended with Neptune offers us the possibility of self-mastery. In the midst of impermanent forms, the permanence of Spirit brings inner peace and stability to our psyche. Non-attachment to form is possible, when we have our personal experience of the Infinite, to which we can attach our mind.

Supported by the equanimity that is possible, only by merging our mind with the Universal mind, we are able to envisage a practical vision for our lives, make intelligent choices, and take well calculated action to execute our plans. In the process, we evolve our being, and are able to manifest our dreams.

The goal of Saturn is to make us competent to handle the challenges of daily life. The goal of Neptune is to make us conscious, so that our competency in the world is aligned with Universal laws and Divine timing. We must become both competent and conscious to achieve self-mastery.

Integrative Meditation

Saturn and Neptune encourage us to nurture our body temple with the ointment of divine love. Our body is the vessel of our Soul and Spirit. This is it. Now is our life. We are living our life at this very moment. Below are some suggestions for training yourself to consciously integrate non-physical energies into your physical form.

Tune into the space inside your mind and stay with it until it becomes stable. Gradually feel the space expand inside your body. As you do so let your physical form be spiritualized, with the energy in the space and the breath. Keep the space in your awareness, so that you are constantly attuned to the Infinite realms. At the same time feel the ever-changing sensations in your body, and allow them to merge with the cosmic space that holds you from within. Let yourself be with the simultaneous flow and stability of each moment.

Personal Story

Here is how one person is putting her current trials into perspective. I was talking with my 91 year old mother tonight. She has taken very good care of herself since she was in her early 50s, doing yoga, meditation, good diet and all the rest. She has worked through many health challenges with a whole variety of spiritual technologies. She was active and free of pain until about 6 months ago. Now she has severe pain in her lower back. She is working with conscious and competent doctors, who she trusts will be able to help eliminate the pain.

In the meantime she listens to Hemisync tapes, does Heartmath and various other things to naturally heal herself. She keeps saying, "I know I am going to be better". She assured me tonight that she will work through this and be ok. She said, "I always work through my challenges, and aging is the one I am on now. Each one, even aging, is a new adventure in life. I am not finished yet. I still have things to do and learn. Each time, I get to a new level of consciousness".

Last Wednesday, my Kundalini Yoga class sent her healing energy, and one student went home and sent her reike. Mom told me the next day, that she had a very restful night and woke up in a good space. She said, I could feel the support and I knew I was not alone. If you would like to send Ruth in Evansville, Indiana healing energy, she will gratefully receive it. Thank you and many blessings to you. (Be sure to include yourself in your healing prayers).

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Final Note

Each one of us is going through some challenge at this time. In fact, life here in Earth School is a series of challenges, so don't ask yourself: Why am I going through this from the perspective of What did I do wrong? Instead, ask yourself: How am I handling what is confronting me. What is your attitude, approach and perspective?

Squares and oppositions bring anger issues to the surface. To handle anger, DO something, take action. If inner anger is one of your issues, the Anger Set on page 96 of Relax and Renew 2nd Edition is a great set to process anger.(8) Whatever Kundalini Yoga set or meditation you choose, a daily spiritual practice is necessary. This powerful technology shifts our energy, and this special time gives us a change to focus our attention on changing ourselves. Only by changing ourselves can we change our lives.

As you face your life challenges, remember that we are under pressure, because we are being transformed from coal to a diamond. Real transformation requires learning our life lessons as they present themselves. What we are going through is temporary, only IF we work on inner resolution of our personal issues. If we actually do our inner work, we move to the next level of empowerment, freedom and peace. Even if we don't realize it in the moment, each life challenge turns out to be another adventure in consciousness. Accept the process with grace, and your transformation will be an adventure to remember.

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