Pisces - Wake-Up and Stay Awake

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #13, February 21, 2000

The Sun shines in the Pisces sky from February 19th through March 18th. Everyone is held in the loving arms of Pisces during this time. It is the opportune time to cultivate our connection with the Divine. This year our inner journey is facilitated by the fact that Mercury is in retrograde from February 21st through March 14th. The grip of the mind loosens up during this three-week period, which occurs three times a year. (Issue 6).

Coinciding with the Sun in Pisces, we are given extra help in releasing our mind trips and moving into our heart. It is a great time to observe our mind games and see them for what they are. Against the backdrop of the cosmic silence, we realize that the stories, rationalizations, schemes and desires of the mind are petty and even absurd. Use this time to recognize your mental schemes and gently release them into the cosmic void.

The Pisces' New Moon on March 5th is an optimal day to merge with the Beloved and surrender to the Loving Universe.

Getting to Know Pisces

A fourteen-year-old Piscean boy told me, "I live where most people spend their entire life trying to get to. My challenge this lifetime is to get down to Planet Earth."

Pisces has a direct line to the Home Office. Pisces can pull in answers and information out of the ether. You better be good (and willing to lose) if you play Pisces at Chess, Bridge or computer games. Pisces has a built in advantage when it comes to figuring things out, finding solutions and knowing the next strategic move. Don't ask Pisces how she figured it out. She didn't figure it out. She simply knows. Pisces does not live in the rational mind. Pisces dwells in the Universal Mind.

The life lesson for Pisces is to become consciously connected to the Divine within. Pisces must become aware of her Divine identity. Without this connection, Pisces has nothing to hold on to. She becomes a floundering fish in the sea of life. She lives her life as a rudderless ship lost in a vast sea of unstable emotions. Of course, one cannot hold on to the Divine. Pisces teaches us that one does not have to. Her secret is attention and awareness, not control.

"Being here now" is being present to the cosmic reality of what IS. Bliss is achieved when we consciously live in the reality of what IS. Pisces loves to lounge on the cosmic pillow of bliss. Why not? It is a great place to BE. If the Fish can hold the space, she might even be able to take you with her. It is tempting. But be aware. Although Pisces is very loving and huggable, don't get attached. She can swim away as softly as she swam by. The good news is that she loves to give and receive affection. So if your attention is uncontrolling and unattached, she may keep swimming back.

Pisces knows how to let things blow over. Pisces lives in the clouds where the events, traumas and desires of the mind do blow over. So why get attached to what is impermanent? Pisces can indulge in real detachment because she is tuned into something far more interesting and rewarding than physical problems and emotional dramas.

Pisces specializes in burning off the astral fog so we can connect with the Source. It is only when we become a master on the inner planes of consciousness that the irresistible Universal force is unleashed within us.

The journey for Pisces is guided by the fact that we cannot embrace what we do not consciously know. All knowledge is based on experience. Pisces' inner journey is to consciously wake-up and stay awake to deeper dimensions of cosmic reality.


Every sign or archetype of the Zodiac embodies an inherent duality. The spiritual journey of each archetype is the path that will lead it to the resolution of the duality of the mind, and unity of the personality with the Soul.

The Piscean symbol is two fish that seem to be chasing each others' tails. The two fish are connected by a silvery cord. The Piscean astrological glyph is two partial circles connected by a straight line. Both the fish and the glyph reflect Pisces' inherent duality. Both the line and the silver thread represent consciousness. For Pisces the resolution of duality is found in God consciousness. The string is the cord of the unstruck sound of the heart that links the personality and the Soul, the darkness and the Light. It is through the breath and the sound of the breath that this Rainbow Bridge is often crossed. With the conscious connection of the breath one can traverse the various planes of consciousness and not lose one's way.(1)

Pisces' Path to Liberation

The struggle to merge the personality and the Soul is the principal theme of all the signs of the Zodiac. The resolution of this basic duality for the Fish has several basic themes.(2) Although the themes discussed below roughly correspond to the three stages of Soul evolution (asleep, waking up and awake), they also manifest in various forms at each stage.

Bondage and Captivity

The Soul is imprisoned in the human body and as a result is not free to totally experience its basic free nature in the limited physical dimension of existence. Entering a human body is a sacrifice for the Soul. The theme of sacrifice is encoded into the Piscean mentality. The urge to sacrifice and "to make holy and whole" is thus a motivating drive that is at the root of Pisces' tendency toward personal martyrdom.

Asleep Pisces will suffer some form of emotional and probably physical bondage, which is often provoked by her need to sacrifice. As Pisces awakens the magnetic presence of her Soul, she experiences more and more relief. She starts to realize that what she is supposed to sacrifice is not her personal well-being, but her ego-based desires that only make her more miserable. Once Pisces figures out that the goal of sacrificing her limited identity is to make her happier and freer, she has much less resistance to making the leap of faith. Only when the awakened Pisces merges her consciousness with Universal Love, will the Fish find emotional balance and joy-filled harmony.(3)

Renunciation and Detachment

During the Piscean Age the cloistered life of a monk or nun was often the chosen way to move closer to the mystical qualities of the Soul and to become a vehicle for Universal Love. The self-inflicted pain and even mortification of the flesh were deemed part of the necessary self-discipline required to earn Divine Grace.

Unawaken Pisceans "are often victims of self-induced acts of personal sabotage. They frequently create those sets of circumstances which give rise to the need for detachment, renunciation and a turning away" from active life.(4) They attempt to escape the burdens of physical life through the use of drugs and other addictive substances and personal habits.

Each sign of the Zodiac has a complementary sign which helps it achieve wholeness. Pisces needs the grounding energy of Virgo and its powers of discrimination and objectivity to transform the lower self into the higher Self in a healthy, balanced manner.

The Pisces archetype demonstrates how the embodied Soul, acting as the link between Spirit and matter, temporarily sacrifices itself by moving from the dimension of God's total Love to the Earth plane, where it acts as a way station and a way-shower for Universal connection. The human embodiment is the bridge for both the descent of Spirit into matter and for the ascent of matter into Spirit.(5) The Soul allows all matter to know itself as a unique expression of the Divine and to connect to its Divine origins and purpose.

The blessing of Love is experienced both through the descent and through the ascent. Pisces must achieve both. She must get here before she leaves. And she must leave before she gets here. The challenge for Pisces is to figure out just where she is and not muddle midstream.

Pisces' service to humankind is to show us the way to unite our Souls in One Consciousness. Pisces symbolizes "the dark night of the soul", which we all experience at some point in our spiritual journey. The devastating feelings of separation and alienation when we have hit bottom lead us to ask in desperation, "Father, Father, why hast thou abandoned me?" The real question is why have we abandoned our Selves through denial, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, intolerance and other destructive choices. The climb back up begins in the darkest cavern when we are willing to turn to our Souls for the Light that will end the darkness.

Self-Sacrifice and Death

Pisces teaches us that when the lower self is sacrificed, even through physical death, that the undying Soul still lives. The tests and trials of Pisces invariably lead her to the direct experience of her immortality and universal identity. The peace and joy that Pisces craves is found only when she experiences the Grace of knowing her own Divinity. Pisces' life purpose is to cross the Rainbow Bridge of consciousness and to help others do so as well.

Pisces learns and then teaches us that we must give up all desires that create duality in the mind and worldly suffering to maintain the direct experience with the Divine. The illusions, glamour, self-righteous attitudes, exclusivity of belief (indeed all dogmas) of tempting Neptune must be given up in order to immerse oneself in Neptune's Sea of Love.

The Piscean and the Aquarian Ages

In the Piscean Age liberation came through crucifixion. In this most painful way the lower ego sacrificed itself (and sometimes its body!) for the Higher Self. Unfortunately (or not) one had to leave this physical plane of existence to achieve a mystical union with the Universal Source. If crucifixion is interpreted symbolically, then resurrection, resurgence and rebirth in the consciousness of Divine Love resulted in this lifetime.

In the Aquarian Age, liberation comes through the merging of individual consciousness with a transcendental group consciousness. The initiation takes place consciously and results in a fully individualized Self whose open heart allows him or her to be a vehicle for individual, group and collective enlightenment.(6) It is through the human expression of the Soul and the ensuing availability of universal power that liberation is embodied and dedicated to the common good.

The basic difference is that in the Piscean Age, the route was up and out. In the Aquarian Age the route is down and in.

Water Signs

The emotions and the motivations that swim below the surface of consciousness are the territory of the water signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This liquid territory is elusive at best. The asleep Fish is unaware of the unconscious emotional frustration that lies below her actions. It is the realization that she is isolated and emotionally vulnerable that begins the awakening process. It is the anguish and pain at the feeling level that prods the Fish to seek a counselor, a therapist, a teacher and a spiritual path that will help her make sense of her own feeling nature.(7)

The Water trilogy teaches us how to master our emotions. Cancer teaches us how to contain our emotional energy and create a safe inner home. Cancer is always our safe personal sanctuary. Scorpio teaches us to confront our hidden demons and to befriend our emotional body. Scorpio and Pluto are always available for consultation whether we request one or not.

The last water sign, Pisces teaches us how to fulfill our emotional desires by finding unity within ourselves. It is the merging with life itself, not with another person that finally sets us free. The mystical marriage with the Beloved is achieved through acquiescence, surrender and devotion.

Endings and Beginnings

Pisces embodies the last phase in the human journey. Both the end and the beginning of the initiation come from within. The end is the dissolution of the consciously constructed personality as a separate identity. The beginning is the rebirth into universal consciousness. To make this transition from personal to universal identity, Pisces must become aware of the emotional programming that blocks its return to its Source. Pisces will be drawn to situations and forced to learn lessons that oblige her to lose her personal identity. Her initiation requires that she die to be reborn in group and universal consciousness.

Wise from the lessons of individual consciousness, Pisces must return to the sea of undifferentiated identity. To achieve universal consciousness, Pisces must go it alone and totally surrender to the vast, infinite, universal unknown.

Pisces is not a mundane character. Her territory is non-material reality, and her journey is to bring herself into a deep relationship with the unseen and the unknown. The Fish is subject not to the earthly energies of outer, physical reality, but to the ethereal energies that dissolve and bring one inward and upward into non-physical realities. Pisces journey is hidden from view. It happens in secret. It is her internal expression that is changed and transformed.

The Inner World

Earthly defense strategies for self-protection are ineffectual for the Fish. Normal outer tactics will only make Pisces feel more helpless and ineffectual. Pisces must learn to submit to a force larger and greater than herself.

Indefinable guilt and fear pervade the psyche of the unconscious Fish. She does not know why she feels guilty and she does not know what she is trying to protect herself against. Feeling powerless in the face of these overwhelming emotions, Pisces often creates her own illness, and tries to alleviate her psychic pain with drugs and alcohol. She may also simply choose to isolate herself. She may overcompensate for her feelings of powerlessness and try to prove that she is master of her own life. She may get lost in the fantasies of her mind or be uncontrollably attached to her illusions. Whatever the escape route, the feeling of separation from humanity, herself and the Divine persists. And so does her undeniable attraction to the inner realms.

Whatever forms of personal power and defense mechanisms Pisces chooses to indulge in, they all end up compounding her sense of powerlessness. Pisces is obliged to take down the outer scaffolding and learn to rely upon and trust the unknown. It is through inner contemplation that she will open the door to freedom. Sooner or later Pisces realizes that she has no choice but to confront her inner demons, and risk losing her identity and individuality by surrendering her own will to God's will. When she consciously lets go, the worst chaos that she feared will reveal the pattern of the Universe and the Divine Plan.

The Spiritual Quest

Pisces teaches us that beyond physical survival, the most compelling instinct of the human psyche is the spiritual quest to return to a conscious connection with our Source. The sacrifice of the limited ego and the personal identity is hardly a sacrifice in the negative sense, for what one gains is freedom, inner peace, a connection with one's Soul and the possibility of total self-expression. (If you don't experience one or all of the above, it is not the type of sacrifice we are talking about.)

Pisces often experiences profound emotional suffering because the group consciousness that she needs to experience has not been available up to this time. What has been available is the Collective Unconscious, which is pervaded with fear, anguish and anger. When Pisces automatically plugs into the anxieties and the suffering of the human race as expressed in the Collective Unconscious, she experiences confusion and pain instead of the transcendental Oneness she is here to embody.

Addictions are often Pisces attempted escape route. In the absence of techniques to handle her emotions and a relevant spiritual path to channel her energy and to point her in the right direction, Pisces chooses routes that lead to trouble and self-destruction.

Pisces' potential for inner peace, joy and wisdom are as great as the despair that has consumed her inner world. Pisces motto might be - "Go inward. The journey is not as long as you thought. You are already here. Everything you are looking for is inside you. Come sit in the lap of Love"

Pisces journey is innately spiritual. Her territory is the Soul and the Divine. Pisces goal is to have a direct experience of God. Nothing short of falling in love with her Beloved will do.

The worldly gold that Pisces offers is the power to truly serve. Not to do good for selfish reasons, but to give of oneself with detached love because one experiences oneness with humanity and all life.

Tips in Relationship with Pisces

Never try to control a Pisces. Pisceans can't control themselves. Pisceans are not about control. Pisceans are about surrender. The good news is that the reality of surrender is infinitely vital, rich and rewarding. It is through surrender that we attain the peace and the joy that we crave and spend our whole life searching for.

Take advantage of the presence of Pisces to tune into what IS. What IS is the only thing that is real anyway, so why waste your time on anything else.

If you find Pisces enigmatic, you are not alone. She does too. Asleep Pisces is vague and elusive even to herself. For Pisces has no identity other than her cosmic Self. When she is asleep she cannot know herself. How can anyone else know her?

Pisces changes moods and identities like a chameleon. And even she does not know why. So don't ask her. She just does. As a water sign, the Fish instinctually fluctuates, adapts and absorbs. It is her nature to shift-shape. Accept her and get used to it, or move on. Calculating your defenses and strategy with a Pisces is like trying to grab on to two fish swimming in water at the same time. Don't provoke your own inner frustration. Enjoy the dance. Jump into the water and enjoy the swim.

Pisces is one of the most magnetic signs. She attracts everything and everyone into her auric field. She gathers and unifies all energies. These attributes can be very endearing in relationships. They can also cause a lot of problems. Pisces comforting and universal waters may be too inclusive for those who do not wish to be included, or for those who desire more exclusive personal relationships. The above can happen energetically without even consciously making those choices. This is why Pisces must cultivate her boundaries.

Pisces can be a loyal, devoted and loving partner. If her first loyalty is the Divine, a relationship with her can be absolutely sublime.

Hugging a Pisces can put you into a deep trance that you will not want to come out of.

The Asleep Fish

Asleep Pisces allows mental and emotional trash to accumulate in her psyche through denial and fantasies. The problem is that when the quiet unidentified power of the unconscious is not acknowledged, it subversively undermines our conscious intentions. In our confusion and delusion we blame outside forces for our problems and circumstances.

Pisces is sensitive to everybody and everything. Asleep, Pisces is often a victim of her own sensitivity because she is unable to discriminate between herself and the energies in her environment. Her solar plexus is open and undisciplined, which leads her to be vulnerable to the energies of the astral plane, and to her own subconscious. She is psychically impressionable and does not have the tools yet to deal with the high level of connection that she experiences with others, her surroundings and other dimensions of reality. She does not possess the personal boundaries that allow her to separate herself from others.

Pisces instinctual urge is expressed through her emotions. The sleeping Fish's connection with the world of the senses is unstructured and illogical. Her need to expand her repertoire of experiences is not practically grounded. Her altruistic sentiments lead her to throw herself away. Her urge to merge is so compelling that she disappears in the blending with another and her environment. This form of self-sacrifice is unconscious and unhealthy.

The expansive nature of watery Pisces can also lead her to dominate her environment and relationships by indiscriminately extending her waters (emotions and desires) to everyone and everything. "Water merges with everything, blending and obscuring sharp lines of focus, clouding all separations and structural patterns. Thus in her effort to extend herself, Pisces on the personality level has the tendency to take over and, through subtle 'seepage', sometimes manages to control her surroundings to an amazing degree."(8)

The dreamy idealism of Pisces, inspired by the urge to merge with the other worlds of her mentor Neptune, leads her to abuse alcohol, drugs and other substances and to indulge in escapist behaviors. Asleep Pisces is attracted to religious groups that demand total obedience and emphasize emotionalism and self-sacrifice for the group (or group leader). Asleep Pisces will chose spiritual glamour over the mental discipline that can remove the veil of ignorance.

The sleeping Fish drowns herself in a self-created sea of undesirable and indescribable emotions. She flows both upstream and downstream and is unable to discriminate which stream will lead her to her destination.

Isolation and submission are the unconscious expressions of what, at a more awake consciousness, will be aloneness and surrender. Unconscious drives are often denied normal expression, yet they do not go away. In fact our unconscious drives, desires and motivations create our reality. They are often the source of our undoing. The asleep Fish attracts internal and external conditions of helplessness, bondage, isolation and incarceration.

Asleep, Pisces suffers from a vague fear that something or someone is trying to control or destroy her. This fearful state of mind, which can become paranoif, may cause her to try to isolate herself and cut herself off from interactions with others, especially intimate relationships. However, isolation only exacerbates her feelings of loneliness and sense of personal powerlessness.

Asleep, Pisces may sacrifice her own development and material ambitions for others out of a sense of guilt, obligation or an instinctual urge to pay off a debt or karma. Asleep, Pisces misinterprets self-sacrifice, which is often used as an excuse to hide her fear of confronting life. Behind the apparent sacrifice lies a feeling of impotence and an inability to handle practical day to day affairs.(9) At its worst, misdirected sacrifice can become self-destructive and self-annihilating.

Attention deficit disorder is related to Pisces energy. This person does not know where to focus his or her energy and attention. For Pisces the only answer is the amorphous and omnipotent power of God, which must be experienced within herself.

The Awakening Fish

Awakening, Pisces realizes that she must repair her damaged inner world, which is haunted by fear of abandonment and a sense of alienation. Self-forgiveness is one of the key factors on her spiritual quest for peace and wholeness. Personal soul-searching and the healing of inner wounds are required before Pisces can devote her life to her dream of merging the many into the One. To answer the universal call she must cultivate an inner sense of security and safety. Pisces must quit resisting, and surrender to the intriguing adventure into the inner world of the Soul. Self-reflection and a deeper knowledge of her spiritual Self will allow her to be alone without feeling lonely or deserted by others.

The wake-up call for Pisces comes in the form of loss of personal power, trips to the hospital, or time in literal and symbolic prisons. Through the experience of her own powerlessness, the Fish realizes that she is nothing without a link to the rest of life. She must sooner or later sacrifice her limited ego in order to become part of a greater whole and offer her energy and wisdom in service to the collective good.(10)

It is through a path of service and the surrendering of individual will to Divine Will that the Fish finds the security and connection that she seeks.

The Fish must learn to swim in the cosmic ocean without getting lost. Awakening Pisces begins to orient herself with the currents that serve her best interests. She begins to find a sense of direction within her universal potential. She acquires a more conscious rhythm to her fluidity which helps her achieve a balance between her high and low tides.

At high tide, she taps into the Divine Plan and is thus able to bring cohesive understanding to collective endeavors. Her connection to Source gives her a seemingly unlimited support of inner and outer resources upon which to draw. As Pisces integrates the practical and focused energy of Virgo, she is able to give expression to her enormous potential.

At low tide, Pisces needs to withdraw, to pull herself together. She must wring out the sponge of all the energies that she has absorbed during her high tide. Pisces always needs this time to spiritually recharge.(11)

Awakening, Pisces attunes herself to higher values and spiritual realities. She learns to blend the real and the ideal, the sacred and the profane and the instinctive and the intuitive. As she begins to discriminate, she becomes more grounded in her sensitivity to herself, others and her environment.

The Fish must learn to create boundaries without being defensive. For boundaries created by withdrawal from the world, or artificially constructed barriers to situations and other human beings, only serve to create barriers between the Fish and the Source, and will never make her feel secure. Two goals of boundaries are to create a feeling of safety and a sense of identity. This is a tricky business for Pisces. By its watery nature it merges with everyone and everything. The Fish has only one option. She must identify herself with the Source and attain her safety by merging with Source. Anything short of identifying with and merging with Divine Light and Love won't work because it is not authentic enough for Pisces.

Pisces often learns its lessons through near death experiences. The ultimate human fear is death. The fear of death is at the root of all fears. When you realize that your body might go, but that you as a consciousness lives on, fear fizzles because it simply is not real. Fear as an emotion that communicates warnings and information to us is always there, but the gripping fear that is used to hold on, in order to have an identity, lets go. It is no longer needed. Pisces shows us that once you have met death and experience that you are still alive, life becomes more relaxed and loving.

The Awake Fish

Awake Pisces has figured out that there is no other recourse but to surrender to God consciousness. The other signs have human issues to deal with that can distract them from God. Pisces has none. The alternative of letting her subconscious fears control her life is no longer an option. Awake Pisces cannot hide anymore. The good news is that she doesn't want to. The Fish feels safe and secure in God. She has met her Beloved. Being in love is now a way of life.

Awake Pisces has moved from the "follow" urges of asleep Pisces through the "lead" impulses of the awakening Pisces to the natural "flow" of the true servant of God. The unknown that was once a threat to the asleep Fish is now consoling relief to the awakened Fish.

Through her true intuition, awake Pisces knows the Divine Plan. She is now able to consciously and appropriately choose self-sacrifice and devote her life to universal service without getting lost, abused or hurt in the process. Like the tremendous energy of the ocean waves, the spiritual strength of awakened Pisces knows no barriers and is an irresistible force.

Pisces teaches us that there are greater powers at work than our complicated scenarios and intrigues of the mind. Pisces teaches us that we have to be detached from results if we wish to be a clear channel for Divine knowledge and Love. When we are a clear channel, our confidence that we are being lead in the right direction is real. It is through connection with the Source that our blind faith becomes willing trust. Pisces teaches us to attune and be ready and then to relax and go with the flow. Pisces alerts us to listen for the knock, but not to sit around and try to influence when the knock will come. Divine Timing is in charge. We can't determine Grace, but we can be ready to recognize and receive it.

Awake Pisces is the portal to the Divine dimension of reality. Once she has comfortably merged with Divine Love, she can help others do so as well. Pisces hears the silent sound of the Universe. Pisces answers the silent call of the Light. Pisces' tool is the fairy wand, not the billy club. All Pisces has to do is say "booooo!" and the walls of Maya come tumbling down. Pisces tells us the party has already started. Come celebrate the eternal Truth that always was, is at this moment and always will be. Pisces lets us know that we are already home. We just have to wake-up to realize this fact.

Awake Pisces is the willing instrument of the Grace of God, a self-conscious light that emits the Light of Divine consciousness. Awake Pisces bows to no dogma or belief system. (They don't even exist where Pisces resides.) Pisces simply indulges in the pure experience of what IS.

Floating on her celestial cloud, awake Pisces reminds us "How sublime it is to do nothing and to rest afterwards."

Awake Pisces helps us understand how to access solutions to every challenge. Our mind is part of the Universal Mind, which extends through the totality of the Universe. When we open our conscious mind to the Universal Mind, the synchronization opens pathways and guides us through every problem. Through the Universal Mind we experience the entire Universe as bountiful, beautiful and nothing but an act of Love.

Pisces Cosmic Therapy

I think Pisces might hold the key to therapy. Why not start out with the solution? Connect with who we really are, align with the Source and then work back through the emotional rubble from there. I see a number of compelling advantages to Pisces' Cosmic Therapy:

  1. We might as well start out with the ultimate goal of our Earthly tour. The sooner we get connected to our identity with our Source, the more we can enjoy ourselves before we leave our bodies.
  2. We start out with what we are looking for-connection to our true identity and a place to go where we feel secure and at peace.
  3. We go to a place where we can identify the activities of our mind and see them for what they are-activities of the mind.
  4. What is bogus, useless and unreal becomes very apparent.
  5. We can choose to stop playing mind games that are destructive and unreal.
  6. We can identify the emotional wounds that remain and need attention and healing.
  7. We can identify the characteristics of this cosmic space and in our true identity - totally non-judgmental, totally accepting, totally at peace, totally without an agenda, totally loving.
  8. We can identify ourselves with this energy and these characteristics.
  9. As that loving, totally accepting Being, we can allow this loving energy to penetrate our physical and emotional bodies.
  10. We can indulge in the experience of release as our physical body relaxes into this dimension of self-love and our emotional body enjoys total acceptance.
  11. We can use this method of self-healing anywhere, any time and it is free. And we will be free if we use it.
  12. I personally have found no other satisfactory solutions to the human condition. And I know I am not the only one. Nothing else has given me peace of mind, emotional stability or physical and financial security. How about you?
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Pisces is the end of the human journey. The end of the journey is actually the beginning of embracing life from a more profound and richer level of existence. Yoga and meditation are tools that help us experience for ourselves another level of awareness and being. The goal is to experience the stillness, silence and peace that exist at all times, everywhere. When we can escape the prison of our rational mind and rest in the stillness of the cosmic mind, our physical body can begin to relax. The stranglehold of our emotions can let go and we can experience true peace.

This experience is not available in the rational mind ... I repeat, this experience is not available in the rational mind. This is why visualizations and other forms of mind control will not get you there. Observe for yourself the state of your body when you are in your mind. It still holds on. There is still a level of stress and tension. When the mind holds on, the body holds on.

The mind has one important function. It must tune into, be aware of, and focus its attention on universal stillness. The mind actually wants to do this. For in this space of cosmic Truth the mind can relax. The human mind then becomes an instrument of the Universal Mind.

Meditation for Surrender

The most important meditation to achieve the Pisces consciousness is perhaps no meditation, or true silent, still meditation.(12) The goal is to consciously experience the universal energy that IS, WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE. There are many ways to do this. The most important guideline is to be AWARE.

After you have prepared your body, balanced your emotions and calmed down your mind by practicing yoga, chanting any divine mantra or done Pranayama, sit quietly and do any of the following:

  1. Listen for the silent sound of the Universe within.
  2. See the vast unencumbered space within.
  3. Observe what is still there beyond your thoughts and your feelings.

Once you connect with the presence that simply is there, identify yourself with it. Realize that you are IT.

This may seem like a very simple formula. IT IS.

Once you have peeked through the veil, go deeper and deeper into the cosmic void. The infinite ocean is as deep as you are able to go. Experience yourself as a microcosm of the macrocosm.

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