Eclipses - Transformation and Change

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #137 - August 26, 2007

Dear Friends,

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces/Virgo is Tuesday August 28th at 3:35am PDT (10:35am GMT). We are experiencing powerful Lunar and Solar eclipses in the course of the next two weeks. I am sure you are feeling the impact in subtle and not so subtle ways. I am writing this short New Millennium Being to highlight only the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces/Virgo and the Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse September 11th at 5:45am PDT (12:45pm GMT). The next issue will be on Virgo Lessons.

Eclipses Signal Change

This full moon/lunar eclipse is potent with potentialities eager to be birthed. It is important not to let your mind get distracted by your own or externally provoked negativity. Take time to be alone and to meditate.

  1. Strengthen your Divine connection.
  2. Experience your oneness with the Infinite.
  3. Renew your faith in Spirit.

Do not let yourself be traumatized, undermined or sabotaged by events and challenges, which serve to rearrange your life at this time. Lunar and Solar eclipses bring both endings and new beginnings.

The lunar and solar eclipses in Virgo and Pisces can bring an end to some suffering in your life, if you are willing and able to stay connected to the Divine. (Staying attuned to the Divine is the only way to permanently end pain and suffering). Be quiet, so that you are able to receive the fruition of your efforts, and move to the next level of your journey. Stay clear of distractions that divert you from your experience of a higher power. Victory is sweet and so is Divine Connection!

Pisces Full Moon - August 28th

Every six months the Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse. Two weeks later the New Moon is a solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, Earth and Moon align causing the shadow from the Earth to intercept the light of the Sun which is normally reflected by the Moon. Both lunar and solar eclipses create dramatic shifts in our lives. Transformation is the overall theme. It is a time to be aware, and to respond with as much consciousness as we can muster.

The Sun in Virgo illuminates where we need to discern what is important, and what is essentially a waste of our time. The mental and physical energies of Virgo will help us focus and be realistic. The Moon is Pisces reminds us to have faith in and surrender to the magic of Spirit. Virgo teaches us the importance of keeping our body healthy and our mind clear, so that body/mind integration is possible. The more our body/mind is aligned with Spirit, the more we can direct our lives from intuitive/instinctual knowing. The Pisces/Virgo polarity emphasizes the need to make the connection between matter/body and spirit/non-physical realities conscious. Expanding our awareness of the interconnection between finite and infinite is our goal.

Other heavenly interactions add to the potency of this eclipse. Mercury opposing Uranus can help us wake-up and expand the reaches of our consciousness. Mars in Gemini is approaching a square with Uranus in Pisces (exact of September 3rd). The same day the Sun in Virgo will square Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars together form a grand cross. A grand cross is made up of four planets which are in the same modality. They form squares and oppositions with each other. Squares and oppositions force change, and signal endings and new beginnings.

Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, which means that they organize, adjust, and go with the flow. They specialize in change and transformation. When they are aligned with the cosmic flow, and operate according to universal laws, things go fairly smoothly and evolution unfolds over time. However, control trips, resistance, stuck energy and rigid belief systems create problems that prevent necessary change. That is where the energy of squares and oppositions are helpful. Their energy breaks up the barriers we create in our minds, and eliminated the blockades we construct in our lives.

This full moon/lunar eclipse can be disruptive in areas of our lives that require change. The more we tune into what should be obvious, the better we will be able to flow with the inevitable evolutionary winds.

Saturn moves out of Leo and enters Virgo on September 2nd. Saturn will be in Virgo through July 21st, 2010 (except from October 29th, 2009 - April 7th, 2010 when it is in Libra.) Wherever Virgo falls in our chart, we will be confronted with Virgo issues - health, work, service or servitude.

Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse - September 11th

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon blocks the Sun, preventing the powerful flows of gamma, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared and other solar emissions from impacting the Earth. During this brief moment, energetic patterns are balanced, karma can be dissolved, and energetic matrices can be reconfigured.(1) Solar eclipses inaugurate major endings, beginnings, and dramatic shifts that catapult us to the next level.

Several other celestial occurrences add to the potency of this solar eclipse. Two planets are ending their retrograde phase, intensifying the transformative forces and our desire to move forward. Pluto goes direct at 26° Sagittarius September 7th. (Pluto has been retrograde since March 31st). While planets are retrograde we review, release, and realign.

Venus completes its bi-annual retrograde phase September 8th. (Venus went retrograde July 27th) When Venus is retrograde, we feel the need to reassess our lives, and align our external life with our internal values. We are also motivated to complete unfinished business, re-evaluate relationships, and make sure we are following our heart.

The mutable signs are still in their square and opposition positions forming a grand cross. Pluto squares the Sun on September 19th, and opposes Mars on September 21st. Uranus is opposite the Sun and Moon. Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Uranus and the Sun and the Moon. (and widely opposes Mars.)

There are many catalysts provoking change and transformation at this time. The mutable signs change through adaptation and integration. Our touchstones for this time can be:

  1. get clear, truthful information,
  2. focus on what we want,
  3. pursue our course of action with discipline,
  4. act impeccably,
  5. be open minded,
  6. trust and follow our intuition and instincts, and
  7. connect with and trust the Infinite.

It is a time to be very honest with ourselves, and build our lives on the foundation of our own truth. We must listen to our heart and follow it. These eclipses can best serve us if we are proactive. If we protest, we will provoke uncomfortable reactions. Instead of complaining, we need to evaluate. Instead of letting our subconscious sabotage us one more time, we need to be consciously aware of how our actions and thoughts create our reality.

Kundalini Yoga - Meditation to Clear the Clutter

Any meditation that enhances your experience of the Infinite is perfect. All Kundalini Yoga meditations work. Silent breathing meditations will allow you the space to focus on the qualities of the Infinite. If you are practicing a mantra meditation at this time, be sure to sit quietly at the end and listen to the silence. Clear the clutter in your mind and focus on the qualities of peace, stillness, silence, vastness and the stability in your neutral mind. This is not a time to control. It is a time to be attentive and to let go. The only thing you need to control now is the focus of your mind.

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