Libra Lessons - Heart Opening in Neutral

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #139 - September 24, 2007
Aries Full Moon - September 26th

The Sun moves into Libra the moment of the Autumnal equinox on September 23rd. The Full Moon closest to the fall equinox is called the Harvest Moon. This year the Harvest Full Moon is in Aries. The Aries Full Moon illuminates the changes that have transpired in our lives since the last Full Moon/lunar eclipse and the last New Moon/solar eclipse.

Eclipses signal major changes and transformation. Everyone I have talked to has experienced some type of significant shift in their lives. What has shifted in your life? The Aries Full Moon helps us see more clearly what we need to do, to integrate the changes and to move forward.

As summer ends and fall begins, the month of Libra usually feels calm after a flurry of activity. This year we may be preoccupied with redressing imbalances in our relationships, and adjusting to new situations. Only Uranus and Neptune are retrograde until October 11th, when Mercury goes retrograde (through November 1st). The forward movement of the other planets facilitates taking purposeful action.

Spiritual Energy Assists Us

A lot of high frequency energy is available for us now. We are being supported in our awakening process. You may be surprised how quickly you can drop old programs and move into your heart space. Have you noticed, when you ask for help from your angels, guides and higher powers, you often find assistance available and your prayers answered?

Venus in Leo will make a third and final opposition to Neptune in Aquarius on September 21st. Due to Venus being retrograde, the two planets also opposed each other June 30th and August 25th. The energies of personal love and higher love have awakened deep spiritual impulses within us. Our soul desire to know who we are, and to act from soul consciousness, is being increasingly ignited.

At this Full Moon we will also feel the impact, of the opposition of Mars in Gemini to Pluto in Sagittarius, which is exact September 21st. Mars represents our personal will. Pluto represents divine will. When we are unable to align our will with divine will, we experience conflict and hardships. When the two are aligned, magic effortlessly happens in our lives.

This Full Moon reminds us that we are always in relationship. Now is a good time to observe, evaluate and bring into balance, our relationship with ourselves, our friends, partners, universal energies, and the Divine.

Libra New Moon - October 10th

The Libra New Moon invites us to get clear about our priorities, to get right in our partnerships, and to get serious about our role in the world. Other planetary interactions provide the energetic assistance to do so.

October 9th, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces, make their third and final square. (The first two were January 22nd and May 10th). Squares are turning points. These two planets expand our horizons and open up new possibilities, in both our inner and outer lives.

October 13th, Venus in Virgo conjuncts Saturn at 5° Virgo. The first two conjunctions, July 1st and August 13th in Leo, got us in touch with our hearts desires, and brought to our attention gaps between our current and desired realities. In Virgo, we need to get busy, and do what it takes to make our priorities real. Saturn reminds us to be realistic about time restraints and resource limitations.

October 11th Mercury goes retrograde until November 1st, passing back through Scorpio and then through Libra. In Scorpio we get in touch with unconscious motivations that impact our actions and our reality. In Libra we identify misunderstandings and resentments. If we want to get unstuck and move forward, it is necessary to release blame, guilt and regrets. Now is the time to be in the NOW.

October 9th, Chiron goes direct in Aquarius. If we follow our heart instead of subjecting ourselves to external directives, i.e. if we are true to ourselves, we are happier and our life simply works better. Our outer success follows our inner healing.

Where is My Libra?

Like all the signs, not everyone has planets in Libra, but the Libra archetype, the soul desire to experience inner peace and harmony, is alive in every human being. There are several ways to identify where and how the Libra impulse plays out in our lives:

  1. The seventh house is the territory associated with Libra. Any planets in our 7th house are driven by Libra energy. The sign on the cusp of the 7th house indicates HOW we interact in relationships, and our path toward harmony in our partnerships.
  2. Locating the house or houses that contain planets in Libra, or have Libra on the cusp, helps us identify the arenas in life where we confront our Libra issues and display our Libra traits.
  3. Libra is ruled by Venus. The sign and house placement of our Venus gives us essential information about how we approach our Libra issues.
  4. In addition to Sun in Libra, those with Libra rising (Libra on the cusp of the first house,) a Libra moon, several planets in Libra, or several planets in the seventh house, will strongly identify with the Libra path and challenges.

See Libra's Path for the chart of Libra's evolutionary journey.

An Eclipse Story

During a solar eclipse, when the Moon blocks the intense energy from the Sun, we are not given an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful moment. The emotional, subconscious, moon energies become more conscious. A Libra man shared what he experienced early morning during the last solar eclipse.

I found my mind flooded with bizarre and foreboding images, feelings and sounds. I started lucid dreaming, which also became fearful. As I fought the indecision between the two eternal choices, flight and fight, a better third choice suddenly emerged, which was compassion. Holding this feeling in my heart, I slowly walked towards my fears. It was the right choice. This scenario played itself out several times, but in different forms, during the next hour or two. It was as if I was being tested to get it right.

Now this is an archetypal Libra story if I ever heard one! Libra finds resolution to indecisiveness in the neutral mind and the compassion of the heart! The Moon's blocking the Sun exposed hidden and ignored subconscious fears. Healing happens when we are able to consciously confront our fears with courage and compassion. For Libra, healing happens when we are able to empower our Aries polarity. Aries helps Libra discover our inner solar fire, use it to illuminate the unconscious, and then have the courage to engage and take action. Integrating the Libra/Aries polarities makes us feel simultaneously empowered and peaceful.

This is a good story to illustrate the power and universality of astrological archetypes:

  1. Each archetype has its own path, lessons and journey.
  2. We each deal with universal energies in our own way, depending upon the play of archetypes in our birth chart.
  3. Each archetype is present in some way in everyone's chart. So we are all impacted by and need to learn the lessons of each archetype.
  4. We learn what we need to learn at the right time and space for us.

I find it amazing and intriguing how the archetypes play out in our psyche. The eclipses were in Virgo and Pisces, yet a Libra got a Libra lesson. We are living in very potent times. The more we allow ourselves to be aware, the more we can learn, grow and evolve.

An Enigma from Birth - Aphrodite and Libra

Libra is an air sign, which means that it functions primarily with the mind. Libra is ruled by Venus, which also rules Taurus. When we think of Venus, our mind drifts into thoughts of sensuality, love-making, beautiful things, physical pleasure and enjoyment. When we add mental/air with sensuous Venus we might have difficulty putting the two together. Our immediate response evokes some kind of confusion. We can't quite figure out Libra.

To begin our quest to unravel the Libra enigma, we can first turn to Venus' goddess Aphrodite.

In Greek mythology, both Athena (goddess associated with Aries - Libra's polarity) and Aphrodite did not have mothers, and were descended from the masculine, thinking function. (Zeus was Athena's father and Uranus was Aphrodites' father). They are both associated with masculine/mental elements - Aries is a fire sign and Libra an air sign. Both goddesses were self-possessed, and very much in control of their own lives.(1)

Aphrodites' paradox starts at birth. Her father, Uranus, had been cast into the ocean, the unconscious, or feeling element, prior to her birth. She was born from his genitals. She is connected with feeling, with the magic and power of the ocean of the unconscious, and with pleasure. Almost immediately upon her birth, she rose from the ocean into the air. Aphrodite began life confronted with a decision, a choice between living in the ocean (water element, feeling function, the unconscious), or the heavens (air element, the objective thinking function, consciousness).(2)

Libra's internal paradox reflects the apparent duality, between the subjective feelings that we experience in our body and objective thinking of the rational mind. Somehow this conflict must be resolved, for Libra to find the peace and harmony it so deeply desires.

Logic and Values in Decision Making

Mentally alert Libra is always weighing the pros and cons, trying to make a balanced decision that takes both logic and values into consideration. Logic uses mental calculations in an attempt to be objective. Value judgments are necessarily subjective, and require more than a mental perspective. Feelings, personal preferences and emotional choices are involved.

Libra always seems to be in a quandary. Libra tries to take others needs and opinions into consideration. It does not want to hurt, offend or alienate anyone. It takes Libra much longer to evaluate a situation than Aries, who is focused on self-interest. Libra tries to give equal weight to all options, and attempts to take all the facts, as well as subjective factors, into consideration. Libra also evaluates the consequences of a certain course of action on all those concerned.

Obviously, it is going to take longer to come up with harmonious solutions, if Libra ever gets that far. Libra tries to keep options open. Libra does not like making decisions, because invariably all decisions end up involving some type of compromise. Somebody, and maybe everybody, is going to be partly dissatisfied. In sum, there are seldom perfect solutions where the end result is all sweet and harmonious. Libra is comfortable only when there is harmony and peace. Eventually, Libra learns that peace and harmony must first and always be experienced within.

Objective vs. Subjective in Decision Making

The air sign orientation to problem solving focuses on objective, scientific analysis, which theoretically avoids value judgments. (Actually, to exclude subjective elements a priori is to make a value judgment that these factors are not important.) If you can't measure it, it is not real or it doesn't exist, leads to some very absurd, and certainly not rational, conclusions, decisions and consequences.

Some may wish life were a scientific, rational experiment, but it is not. Most of life is subjective and can't be measured or rationally figured out. Libra's lesson is to discover how to find peace and harmony, in a subjective world of diversity and conflicting interests. It is a long road for Libra.

Libra actually shares some of the qualities of its polarity Aries. Thinking Athena (one of Aries role models) is direct and objective. She is detached, mental and rules from the head only. As a fire sign, Aries is also aware of its passions. The mental air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) however, are usually exclusively thinking beings (until they learn to incorporate other archetypal energies in their internal reality). They talk about their feelings, but they do not feel them in their bodies.

When we do not know how to be in touch with our feelings, we do not know how to make feeling decisions. When scientific objectivity is not possible, Libra tries to base its decisions on values, but these are often mentally contrived. If we are still possessed by our thoughts and not in touch with our bodies, our opinions remain mental ideas or ideals that are not instinctually based, supported or directed.

To operate in this world, we have to be able to observe what is happening around us, and take into consideration obvious facts, even if they can't be exactly measured. Of course, we can't predict all the consequences of our actions, but we can certainly have a good idea of the relationship between cause and effect. For example, based on common sense, we know that dumping toxic waste into a stream will be harmful to that ecosystem. The desire to protect the environment and promote our own survival (aesthetic and life values, not greed values), helps us decide to clean up our mess and stop pollution before we are able to measure that all life is sick or dead. Including non-measurable, objective observation in our decision-making process is an important step, but we must be able to go even further.

We have to be able to tune into and trust our intuition and instincts. We have to be able and willing to make decisions by listening to, feeling and following what feels right. We have to be able to trust our gut messages. Our goal is to enter our heart space and operate from the perspective of compassion and caring. It is a long journey from the head to the heart, but eventually we all get there.

Libra's Neutrality Lesson

Libra can learn a lot from Aphrodite, who belongs to both the ocean (feelings/subjectivity) and air (mind/objectivity.) She can be both objective, aloof and cool OR warm, sensual, mysterious and loving. This enigmatic goddess can consciously change her energy depending upon her mood or the circumstances. She is not consistent and therefore difficult, even impossible, to figure out.(3) She can create emotional turmoil by turning on her magnetic spell, or she can turn off her charm as she wishes, and become distant, remote and inaccessible.

Aphrodite is shrewd and in control. Immature Libra drifts off into mental spaciness, gets wound up in emotional turmoil, and does not know what is the matter. The confusion arises from the fact that it can't make the connection between mind, body and emotions. The disconnection creates inner conflict and confusion. The problem is that Libra is not consciously connected to its emotional body. When we are not consciously aware of our emotions in our body, they access our dualist mind through the backdoor of the subconscious, creating mental disorientation.

Libra's lesson is first to work toward mental clarity and stability, by accessing the neutral mind. When the neutral channel is consciously available, we have a stability point from which to both observe and feel. When the balance point of the neutral mind is in place, Libra can feel safe to experience its emotions. As the emotions become conscious, they no longer have to get our attention by the subconscious infiltrating the dual mind. Then Libra can begin the real balance test, of maintaining both mental stability AND peace, and emotional flow and harmony.

Air Signs and Partnership

It is interesting that air signs crave companionship. Gemini simply likes to be around other people. It likes to entertain and be entertained. Other people are a necessary component of Gemini's party. Aquarius needs associates who share the same mind set to help carry out its mission. Libra looks for more intimate partnership and close friendship.

For Libra, partnership is a container for developing the feeling function. In the process of sharing, relating and cooperating, we get in touch with our own feelings and values, and we get sensitized to the feelings and values of others.

Fortunately, many people have progressed beyond the stereotypical thinking, that men are the thinkers and women the feelers. This thinking promotes laziness and it not conducive to personal growth. It is an unconscious cop-out. However, most of us still talk about the subjective realm. We avoid actually feeling what is going on inside our emotional body, and we can't claim to be in touch with our feelings just because we are sensitive, artistic or enjoy sex. Both women and men need to:

  1. get in touch with,
  2. develop,
  3. refine, and
  4. respect the feeling function.
The Alchemy of Partnership

Partnership and close friendship provide the pressure required for the alchemical process of expansion and growth. When our relationship issues are in our face, we can't escape into fantasy land, or get lost in our own creative work. Social interaction, and the required adjustments that we must make, encourage us to expand our mindset and open our hearts. We find out that there is no perfect, ideal partner, and that we ourselves are not perfect. It is a humbling, but valuable, lesson.

Libra needs to learn how to evaluate the intangible. Relationships force us into this nebulous territory. We discover that everyone has different tastes, preferences and values. To avoid codependent relationships and maintain our own identity, we have to know what we like, and develop confidence in our own tastes. Being in touch with our feelings helps us become aware of what works for us, and what doesn't.

Thinking and Feeling are not Gender-Based

Thinking and feeling are not gender-based or rival functions. One may be dominant in our psyche, and thus more influential in how we approach and deal with life. An examination of our birth chart will clearly tell us the distribution of polarities in our make-up. The path to wholeness requires that we make the effort to connect with all aspects of our being, and bring them into their highest expressions.

We don't need to be married to have our buttons pushed by another human being. We do not need to be in partnership to examine the balance between self and other, thinking and feeling, objectivity and subjectivity. In fact, if we avoid our inner work when we are in partnership, we often find ourselves alone once again. When we are single, we are forced to examine and take care of all aspects of our life.

Our soul will guide us to situations appropriate for us. Whatever our status, to grow and evolve we must do the required inner work, that makes us aware of our behavior patterns. We have to become conscious of our own imbalances. We have to develop and refine both our mental and feeling functions.

Self and Partnership - Aries/Libra Polarities

The Aries/Libra polarity represents both the inner and outer dance between self and partnership. Logos/Self/Athena represents our ability to be an individual, and to avoid losing our identity in relationships. Possessing a sense of our own identity is necessary to not yield to our own unconscious programming, or to the demands or whims of others. If we have no center to connect with, our identity is not available. We need to experience our soul center to be able to discriminate, to take a personal stand, to act upon our decisions, and to express our feelings appropriately. To function in life, we have to be able to be in touch with our inner wisdom, and this is possible only if we are connected to Self.

A basic problem in many relationships, is that we merge identities and suffer from a loss of individuality. We define our identity and value with the other and not the self. If we identify only with the relationship and always think in terms of joint plans and common interests, our unbalanced "we" thinking leads to dependency and loss of personal freedom.

Aries teaches Libra to find its own value, tastes, preferences and identity. Aries is our friend when we find ourselves at the end of a relationship, and are shocked when we suddenly becomes I. If we find that our separate identity has vanished, it must be rediscovered. If I has ceased to function independently from we, we must learn to ride our horse alone. We must get in touch with our core self, find our soul path, and learn to take action for and by ourselves.

Single or in relationship, we each need to examine if we defer to others before we have computed our own preferences, and determine what works for us. Are we deferring out of fear of offending, trying to please, or because we simply do not have access to our own inner guidance system?

Integrating Libra/Aries Polarities

Libra's lesson is to get the inner current or life force going in the body, so we can courageously direct our own life. Libra needs at least a touch of Aries' courage, decisiveness, hope, confidence and vitality. Libra is not going to get fired up like Aries, but Libra can learn to believe in him/herself.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, the dialogue between Lord Krishna (representing the empowered Aries archetype) and Prince Arjuna (representing the hesitant immature Libra archetype) illustrates the dynamic between these two polarities. Although the story addresses Arjunas rationalizations, and excuses not to go to battle with an external enemy, the battlefield is really within. The story is about the battle of the heart - about doing what is right, and moving beyond our excuses driven by phantom fears, so that we can live empowered and meaningful lives.

After Arjuna presents his excuses, Lord Krishna speaks, "Forbid thyself to feebleness Cast off thy coward fit. Wake! Be thyself. Arise! Scourge of thy Foes! Thou grieve where grief is not fitting. Your words lack in wisdom. The person in touch with the constant calm of the soul takes sorrow and joy indifferently. Have faith. Let right deeds be thy motive, not the fruit which comes from them. And live in action. Labor. Make thine acts thy piety".(1)

Libra is able to conquer fear and become empowered, when the mind is stabilized in the neutral channel, where it connects with the Divine. Devotedly focused on the Infinite, we are directed to the perfect/right act. In the higher mind, Libra is at peace, confident, knows the truth and can follow it.

Blending of Aries' Fire and Libra's Air

Fiery Aries over-reacts, or reacts too quickly and out of proportion, to situations. Hesitant Libra may sit on the sidelines and take no action at all. A blending of the awakened expressions of the two archetypes, helps us engage in the battlefield of life from a state of inner peace and tranquility. We are able to stand by our principles in adversity. We can act decisively, believe in ourself and our cause, while maintaining inner calm through turbulent waters. We can act calmly but assertively, taking a stand for principle and for Self.

The highest expression of Libra gives us inner calm and equanimity, through contemplative meditation. The highest expression of Aries gives us strength and courage to carry out righteous deeds and action. Aries optimism and faith help mollify Libra's fear of making mistakes, or being unjust or unfair. Libra's ability to be detached gives Aries serenity and inner calm, and the ability to be cool and collected in crisis. Working together, the two archetypes help us transcend the need for reward and the fear of consequences. We simply do what we are directed to do, as a humble servant and divine warrior.

Libra activates our longing for meaning, companionship, and the warmth of romantic love, AND helps us take these soul desires to the level of universal truth, divine connection, and infinite love.

A Libra/Aries Story

When the Aries/Libra polarity acts at an elevated consciousness, courage moves beyond the ability to stand up in a physical fight. It takes another kind of inner courage to transcend our ego wounds and act from the heart. Here's a story of a young man who was able to do so.

First Letter

"My house, when I'm alone, is actually a nice little place. The moment my step-father or sister get home, the energy changes. It's like an abyss that surrounds me, and sucks out all my feeling and drive. When I meditate, even if I feel centered before they come home, I lose my center and cannot retrieve it. I start to feel really empty and tense".

We offered a lot of advice. A few days later we received the following:

Second Letter

"Over the last few days my life has become something amazing. Charity starts at home, as my friend says. I know not what happened, nor where it's going, but where I am could not be better. I casually said 'I love you' to my step-father for the first time two days ago. Granted, it kind of slipped out and felt awkward, but he responded 'Have a good day buddy', in an equally unexpected tone".

"I've been on this path my whole life (19 years) and nobody could have shown me. I feel like I've been lonely forever, but we're never alone. When our family is happy, when our home is at peace, when our soul is comfortable, everything starts to fall into place. Thanks everyone! From Ascended Master Saint Germain, Guru Ram Das, Yogi Bhajan, Guru Rattana, Jon, and everyone else on this list. Now to discipline myself to become successful in my journey. Yoga for life!"

Someone with a similar relationship issue asked him what he did to create this miracle. He shared:

Third Letter

"I cleared it by practicing the mantra "Bless us all in the name of Guru Ram Das." It was a hard step, as I harbor a lot of negativity towards my step-father, for a multitude of reasons. However, I found once I started with the positives, forced as they were, I was able to break past the wall".

When we move into our heart space, we can influence our whole family, our environment and the world. This is Libra's vision, lesson and mission. Gandhi was a Libra, by the way. While the Sun shines in Libra, let's cultivate our neutral mind, open our hearts and welcome home the love of our own soul.

Empowered Libra opens the Space of Love

Empowered Arjuna/Libra, who has found the space of love inside himself, would have a very different conversation with Lord Krishna. It might go like this: "War is not my territory. I live in the place of peace. Join me. Make peace, not war. My job is not to perpetuate conflict, but to hold the space of peace where resolution is possible, harmony is a way of life and peace is permanent. Don't worry, you will not have to give up action and excitement. But instead of fighting with your internal and external enemies, and creating useless pain and destruction, you will enjoy wonderful interaction with friends and partners. Together you will enthusiastically use your energies to manifest the world that we all deeply desire. Let's not waste our energy in fighting useless battles, let's use our special talents to engage in creative endeavors".

Immature Aries comes alive in conflict. Libra comes alive in the arena of peace. Libra invites us to exit the dual mind and to enter the neutral channel, where peace is pervasive, where harmony reigns and kindness rules. The place of peace is by no means boring, inactive and uneventful. This is the arena of the REAL party. The dynamic energy of the polarities is engaged for creation, not senseless conflict and destruction. Opposites don't fight with each other, they dance with each other. They enjoy attracting, magnetizing, mating and creating. This is the space where artistic, musical and literary works are born. This is the space where political solutions are found, and where economics becomes the science of serving people and the planet.

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Kundalini Yoga - Choose the Space of Love

Libra knows that there are different paths, and they all lead to the same place. Libra teaches us that there is an alternative to endless internal and external conflict. At each moment we can choose which channel we wish to tune into and which dimension we wish to operate from. We can decide not to indulge in self-imposed suffering anymore. Libra asks us, "Why subject ourselves to turmoil and torture, when we can live in the space of love?" Within each of us is a deep desire to enter the dimension of love. The human mission is to figure out how to get there.

We want to experience peace and love. We desperately try to get there through external things, relationships, sex, drugs and alcohol, but none of these methods gets us to where we want to go. Sometimes, we temporarily feel the love space by listening to beautiful music, reading a good book, dancing, making-love or being in nature, but how can we stay there? Only deep within our own mind and heart do we find the space where the angels hang out.

The Libra impulse makes it possible to enter the space of love within our own psyche and to feel it around ourselves. It is a delightfully relaxing, peaceful and loving place. Once the peace channel opens in our mind and we have a taste, we want to:

  1. breathe into it,
  2. take in the energy,
  3. partake of the love, and
  4. receive sustenance from it.

Our desire to:

  1. to feel it more fully, and
  2. to infuse it into our being,

entices us into our body. Our whole essence wants to:

  1. to relax into the calm, and
  2. to imbibe the sweet nectar, which seems almost palpable to our sensual receptors.
Guidelines to Access the Dimension of Love

When we enter the space of love, we realize that this is the place to BE. Here we can hang out, enjoy ourselves, and carry out our life activities in an elevated manner. Here are some guidelines to access the dimension of peace and love:

  1. Tune into the neutral channel inside your head and contemplate its attributes peace, stability, neutral, non-judgmental, no stories.
  2. As your desire to immerse yourself in this peace deepens, let your body get involved in this experience and feel the attributes.
  3. Engage all your senses to infuse yourself with this peace.
  4. Feel all your sensations inside your skin to contain this love.
  5. Every day connect with and maintain the stable, peaceful space within.
  6. Lovingly hold yourself in the space, as you release resistance.
  7. One day we discover that this space is everywhere. IT is Infinite. It is higher love.
Affirmation to Share Blessings, Love and Kindness

We are all conditioned to react with a judgment or condemnation when we are annoyed. Here is an alternative. When someone or something is bothering you, try this affirmation. "Bless us all in the name of Guru Ram Das". Instead of judgment, offer a prayer and invoke assistance.

Years ago, Yogi Bhajan shared how he dealt with situations and created, what appeared at times to be, miracles. He said it was not him. He did nothing. He simply called upon Guru Ram Das for help. Over the years he offered us several variations of the prayer to Guru Ram Das. "Bless us all in the name of Guru Ram Das" is the most simple. We can mention the name of the person as well. When we are involved in the healing process, it is good to say us and include ourselves.

CLUE: If we are judging or reacting, we need to be involved in the solution.

Connect with the Neutral Mind

A powerful and simple set

  1. to open the upper chakras,
  2. to find our peace/neutral channel, and
  3. to enter the space of love is the Pineal Gland Kriya.

It is found in Sexuality and Spirituality, 2nd Edition on page 77.

Smiling Buddha Kriya

This medition, on page 155 of Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition awakens the neutral mind, opens the heart, and connects the head and the heart. This is a great meditation to put us in the space to attract right relationships.


In easy pose, the arms are bent at the elbows, upper arms are up at the sides of the body. The thumb holds on to the last two fingers, and the middle and forefingers are pointed straight up. Palms are forward. Arms are pressed back, and there is a space between the upper and forearms (about 30°.) Chest is out, heart is open.

Internal Mantra

Concentrate at the third eye and mentally chant at the third eye:

It is powerful to do long deep breathing, and to coordinate the mantra with the breath. Long deep breathing:

  1. relaxes the mind,
  2. helps opens the neutral channel,
  3. facilitates opening the heart, and
  4. helps us connect the head and the heart.

Chant internally for 11 minutes or more if you wish. To end, inhale deeply, exhale, hold, pressurize the position, open and close the fists several times and relax.

Directives to Cultivate Mind/Body Awareness

While practicing the Pineal Gland Kriya and the Smiling Buddha Meditation (or any other Kundalini Yoga set or meditation), cultivate the following internal awarenesses:

  1. with the breath,
  2. while performing the exercises when possible,
  3. and especially during the spaces between exercises.
  4. Allow time at the end of your practice to consolidate and enjoy these experiences.

Consciousness must be cultivated. Take the time to do so. Here are some directives:

  1. When you first begin practicing this set and meditation (or another), concentrate on the mantra and the breath, until they are almost automatic.
  2. Then be aware of the neutral, open space in your mind. Stay attentive to this neutral space until your mind connects with the stability and peace in this space.
  3. Once the stable/neutral channel is open and available, let this space expand to include your heart.
  4. Stay with the mind/heart connection until they become one.
  5. Let your head bow to your heart. Feel the sensations in your chest and heart.
  6. Let these sensations pull you into your body.
  7. Feel the alive sensations in your body as part of your heart/mind space.

Sat Nam! Bless us all in the name of Guru Ram Das

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