Pisces Addendum - Surrender

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #14, March 9th, 2000

Has anyone besides me noticed things in your life seem to be out of your control? As anyone else noticed computer problems, mechanical failures, unexpected events and change of plans? If so, you are not alone. One influencing factor is that Mercury is in retrograde (Issue 6) in Pisces (until March 14th) and the Sun is in Pisces. This is a great time for meditation, to realize you are not in charge and to surrender to who or whatever is. And as you may have realized as well, it is not the best time for getting mechanical or practical things done, or for having your own ideas of how things should happen.

Note the problems we had with sending out this issue right when Mercury went into retrograde. I was eager to get it out because the next day I was going to LA for two classes with Yogi Bhajan. I also had a personal session with him. He "worked" on me and I cannot explain it, but two weeks later I still feel like I am integrating the energy shifts.

My Stories

Talking about unexpected - during our meeting he announced that he was coming to San Diego to teach a course April 15th. (Much to everyone's surprise, since his schedule is full and many things had to be changed to make this happen). And my friend Mahan Atma, who went with me, and myself were in charge of getting him at least 375 students!

Oh, yes, Yogi Bhajan also made it clear that my spiritual name is Gururattan Kaur, which means emerald or Jewel of the Guru. This is the vibration that tunes into my Soul identity, not my ego identity.

Here is last week's story. I was driving to teach my yoga class and my car stopped in the middle of the freeway. (I had just gotten my oil changed and they forgot to tighten the valve so all the oil spilled out causing my motor to burn out.) There I was in the middle of a five-lane freeway with cars honking, passing me and stopped with no way to get out.) Within a few minutes a tow truck!! appeared in front of me. The guy got out, pushed my car to the shoulder and then towed my car off the freeway. Think tow truck, think God, think angels, think Guru Ram Das. (In a few minutes with no physical collisions or injuries.) Thank you whoever you are!!

So my plans may have changed, my computer may be acting up, but I am alive and safe. And the service station is replacing my motor and gave me a rental car.

Others' Experiences

I shared the above experiences with my students from Palo Alto when I wrote them to change the date of my workshop because of Yogi Bhajan's visit. One man had the same oil story, but caught the problem before any damage was done. Another mechanic came home exasperated because customers were complaining the whole week. Here a few other comments I received:

"It has been very strange this past week. People have not been able to get pages through and yesterday I could not access my email. I spent the day calling my pager company and also CompuServe. They thought I was crazy because when they checked them out, they were in fine working order. I was beginning to think that I was too until I read your email."

"I feel as though I have lost my bloody mind. It's all I can do to drag myself out of bed to teach my yoga class. My students are all 'twirled', and are coming to ME for help! DAH! Me who is on the edge. BUT by the grace of Guru Ram Das - the moment I tune in - the Divine is there for us all. AND at the end of class everyone is thanking ME and I am saying 'NO! Thank YOU'. It is so true about what Yogi Ji has said, 'I AM THOU'. The one thing that we do EVERY class now is - at the end we pray for all the people who do not have some kind of spiritual foundation. I can't imagine how they are getting through."

"I feel a strong sense of surrender right now. The more I try to control, the more frustrated I get. The minute I pray and surrender I have a sense of peace."


After other things happened, and did not happen, last week, I looked at my calendar and started counting the days until Mercury would go direct again. (12:39pm PST March 14th.) Then I thought, "That is a long time, almost 2 weeks. There has to be something special about this period of time." I decided to tune into it, instead of fighting it, which obviously does not work at all, and can (and usually does) only make things worse.

For those who may experience frustration during this spacey, unpredictable period, there are many positive sides, if we can surrender to the energies and let go of having to be in control of everything. Every energy has its challenges and its gifts. The good news is that someone or something else really is in charge! (The tow truck was proof enough for me!) During this time SURRENDER is the touchstone and GOING WITH THE FLOW is the lesson and the gift.


I have made a list for myself which I offer to you as well:

Pick one of the above. They all lead to the same result - less struggle and more peace.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It is a time to forget and forgive. It is a time to relax and let go of the past. It is a time to die so we can be reborn. Things happen to us so we can let go. We can either choose to change or we can be prodded to do so. In either case, Pisces is a time to prepare for a new birth of Self in Aries.

The Addiction Challenge

During these intense times many people turn to addictive substances for relief. Addictions are often a Pisces challenge. In the discussions on our Kundalini Yoga List someone offered the following, which I would like to share, "I can understand why you may still find use of substances to be a temptation, but as you really focus on your objective, it will fall away. I guess the question at this time is what is the objective? If the objective is to experience light shows, etc. then you may stay with your practice as is. If your objective is to be self-realized then all of this changes. Clarity and interior knowing comes from silence and stillness, this isn't something which is acquired with stimulation. This is up to you to find out. Either way, it is not right or wrong but something you need to identify within yourself."

Stillness and Silence

Pisces is a time when we can enter into the stillness and the silence where we experience the Divine. It is an opportune time to go into stillness when we need information or guidance in making a decision. As one of my students told me, :"I can't know what to do all the time or figure everything out, but if I can stay connected to stillness I know I will be OK."

In our meeting, Yogi Bhajan told me, "You must serve a Master to become a Master." There are many ways that this can be done and many ways to learn this lesson. I have my immediate assignment. Masters come in many forms. The ultimate Master is the unchanging energy of the Universe that IS, WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE. In silence and stillness we experience this force called God. Pisces is our teacher through March 18th. May you be blessed to stop long enough to experience then a few precious moments of the ultimate comfort and support of Universal Love.


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