The Sagittarius Journey - The Arrow of Destiny

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #154, November 24, 2008
Planetary Alignments
Following Our Arrow of Destiny

The Sagittarius Archer unleashes its arrow into the sky toward an unknown destiny. Our arrow unleashed, each of us (the Archer of our own lives) explores the world, and quests to be reunited with our soul. The Sagittarius archetype represents our spiritual journey. The arrow symbolizes our life and our spiritual destiny. Our soul aimed its arrow toward this human incarnation with purpose and intention. Our human journey is to align with the direction of our arrow, and to follow it to the end of this human life.

While the Sun is in Sagittarius, we are reminded to find and to follow our truth and our soul path. To do so, we must examine many existential questions including:

  1. What do we believe about our life and our human existence?
  2. How do these beliefs and assumptions impede or facilitate our exploration?
  3. How do our mental and emotional boxes circumscribe what is possible for us to know, and to achieve, this lifetime?

As we progress through life, we are continually challenged to peel off yet another layer of mental and emotional resistance, so we can grow, expand, mature and evolve. The astrological alignments between now and the end of the year are heavy hitting wake-up calls, that propel us toward quantum shifts in consciousness. Our inner awakening can make it possible to move full speed ahead on our journey.

The heavens are offering the gift of a paradigm shift, for everyone who is ready and willing to jump out of their box and join the cosmic party. How we live our lives, and what we do in the world, can be profoundly transformed if we can only throw off our myopic glasses and look through the eyes of our soul.

Sagittarius New Moon - Consciousness Defines Our Reality

The holiday season begins with the New Moon on the date of U.S. Thanksgiving. This year, the whole world can celebrate this day in deep gratitude. The American election marked a paradigm shift in so many ways. Yes, it is radical that we have chosen a President with black skin. (I still laugh when I think of Obama calling himself 'a mutt'). But equally radical is that we have a humble man of consciousness as President of the United States. Barack Obama is setting a new tone that many of us have only dreamed about.

It is noteworthy, that Obama advised his Senate colleagues not to kick Joe Lieberman (former Democrat, now Independent) out of his position in the Committee of Homeland Security. We might have expected Obama to react negatively to Lieberman's support of McCain and nasty criticism of Obama during the election; and Obama has chosen rival Hilary Clinton for his Secretary of State.

The question for each of us is - Can WE dare to live in forgiveness and move on too? What grudges do you hold? Does your consciousness allow you to let go? If not, your life will not be as full and rich as you hope for. We constrain ourselves in a world of dissatisfaction and limited possibilities, with our resentments, our desire for revenge and our victim mentality (and more!) In sum, our consciousness determines the scope and quality of our reality.

Wow. I just re-read the above paragraph. This is causing me to reflect deeply on how I limit my reality. How do you prevent yourself from being happy, at peace, satisfied and prosperous?

We are One in the Heart

The other day I was in a store that I frequent on a regular basis. I am on very friendly terms with everyone, and we are always happy to see each other. I know that I have different political views than all but one person in this store. I discuss my views (not in the store) only with the one that shares my perspective. So this day we stepped out of the store to discuss the election. We both remarked how careful we have been discussing the election results, as many of our neighbors had McCain signs on their lawns, but then my friend said that the most important thing for him is how kind everyone in this store has been during his illness!

When we meet at the heart, we help each other, we are respectful of each other, and we experience our oneness. In the heart we experience a paradigm shift. We make ourselves available to expanded realities.

We are being invited at this time to stop and reflect how our mental ideas, worldviews and beliefs separate us from each other. We can also examine how our mind separates us from our own soul, and we can observe how we limit the possibilities of a freer, richer life. There is so much love and happiness available to us at all times - if we could just let go and live in our hearts.

Sagittarius New Moon and Uranus goes Direct

New Moons are often times of quiet reflection, when we plant seeds for new beginnings. This new moon will be more dramatic. Uranus turns this New Moon into a moment of awakening. Uranus goes direct only three hours before the New Moon November 27th. Uranus has been retrograde since June 26th. Uranus energy is electric and explosive. Depending on our consciousness, and how we are able to use this energy, it can be either very creative or very destructive.

Uranus doesn't let us get by with cosmetic gestures. Uranus requires authentic transformation. It offers us two alternatives - choose to change, or be changed against our will. Uranus-style transformation happens either through breakdowns or breakthroughs.

Will our reality be shifted by internal and external earthquakes, or will we let go of our chains voluntarily? We can make ourselves available to the higher expressions of Uranus energy by:

  1. being flexible,
  2. listening to and following our intuition,
  3. being open to alternative courses of action, and
  4. accepting the way things are and the inevitable.
Pluto enters Capricorn

The day before the New Moon, Pluto re-enters Capricorn, where it will reside until 2023. Pluto transforms our internal and external structures from the core. Plutonian transformation requires us to:

  1. take an honest look at what we wish to hide, and what we are afraid or ashamed of,
  2. become aware of the consequences of our actions,
  3. be accountable for the consequences of our actions,
  4. eliminate all victim excuses,
  5. take responsibility for our lives, and
  6. own our power to both create and destroy.

As Pluto in Capricorn flushes out the truth, we are set free to:

  1. change how we live our lives,
  2. see the world from a deeper and more meaningful perspective,
  3. make our honorable contribution,
  4. be humbly grateful for our role in our community, and
  5. participate in the evolution of our personal and collective realities.
Gemini Full Moon - December 12th

The Gemini Full Moon is the fifth and final SuperMoon of this year. SuperMoons are both full and new moons that happen when the Moon is closest to the Earth. SuperMoons intensify the gravitational pull of energy that impacts the Earth as well as our psyche.

Our planet is constantly being flooded with a flow of electromagnetic energy. From 93 million miles away, the Sun bathes us in x-rays, gamma rays, radio frequencies and gravity.(1) The ionized particles that reach the Moon are reflected off its surface, and travel as moonlight another 250,000 miles to Earth. At the time of each full moon, we receive the maximum amount of energy from the Sun's emanations and from the Moon's reflections of that solar radiation.(2)

The opposition of the Sun and Moon in opposing or complementary signs acts as a catalyst for change. Several other simultaneous planetary interactions dramatically increase the impact of this full moon.

Mars is in Sagittarius from November 16th through December 26th. This is 'align with your vision' time. When Mars enters Capricorn just a few hours before the Capricorn New Moon December 27th, it is time to get to work.

Mars in Sagittarius joins the Sun during this full moon. Their conjunction is exact December 5th. Mars squares Uranus on December 11th and squares Saturn on December 15th. Squares demand action. Mars takes action. What action are you going to take to align your life with your truth?

Grand Cross - A Crossroad in Our Journey

A grand cross is formed with any combination of planets, Sun or Moon that interact in the form of a cross, forming squares and oppositions to each other. At this full moon, the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini form a grand cross with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Squares and oppositions are confrontational. They require re-alignment and demand action. The mutable energies (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) create this re-alignment through non-resistance, relaxing, adapting and going with the flow.

Saturn confronts us with physical reality. Saturn shows us what does not work. We are dealing with the real issues of the here and now. We have to make decisions about our lives and how we live. Uranus creates rapid and often unexpected change.

A Grand Cross represents a situation where we find ourselves at a crossroads. We have to make choices. To make wise choices, we have to be aligned with the four energies of the cross:

  1. Earth-Virgo - grounding our daily life and our job in service to a higher purpose.
  2. Air-Gemini - making sure our beliefs, our thoughts and our communications support our higher intentions.
  3. Fire-Sagittarius - using our action energy to pursue our mission, our purpose and our spiritual path.
  4. Water-Pisces - maintaining emotional balance by staying conscious of our connection with our soul and the Divine.

Our touchstones are firstly - Serve, secondly - Know, think and speak your truth, thirdly - Align with your purpose and lastly - Hold your sacred space open for guidance, support, Divine alignment and humble surrender.

Saturn and Uranus Opposition for Two Years

The outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - orbit farthest from the Sun. Each in their own way offers us a more encompassing perspective of reality. Uranus masterminds chaos to create a transformation of form, paradigms and realities. Uranus in Pisces (2003-2011) creates a spiritual awakening. Uranus in Pisces is tearing away the blinders that separate us from the Divine, and keep us from remembering our oneness.

Saturn and Uranus will oppose each other (within 11°) from August 2008 through October 2010. For over two years their interactive energies will bring deep structural discontent and dysfunction to the surface. This combination also motivates us to create the change necessary to deal with the fundamental issues that must be addressed.

All Planets Direct November 27th - December 31st

Between November 27th and December 31st all the planets are in direct motion. This means there are no red lights. All lights are green. To take advantage of the GO energy, we must be able to think and take action out of our normal boxed-in reality.

During this time, we are supported in taking the next giant step in our life journey. "Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential". Guess who said that? President-elect Barack Obama!

Mantras of the Master - Santokh Singh Khalsa DC

Mantras of the Master as enunciated by Santokh Singh Khalsa is highly recommended by Guru Rattana as a very useful and effective mantra guide.

Quickly learn the exact pronunciation and rhythm of 64 of the most popular Kundalini Yoga mantras.

When properly utilized, the power of mantra, the “Yoga of the Mind”, is amazing. Yogi Bhajan’s teachings centered on the conscious application of ancient mantras and positive modern affirmations.

Kundalini Yoga - Protection and Prosperity Meditation for the Aquarian Age

I received a lot of positive response from my request to include President-elect Obama in the field of the protective mantra AD GURAY NA MAY, SAT GURAY NA MAY, SIRI GURU DAY VAY NA MAY. I also received a request for other suggestions. Yogi Bhajan directed us to chant the AAP SA HAYA HOA mantra to bring in the Aquarian Age. He said that chanting this mantra would mobilize Divine assistance during these troubled times. This is the time folks. Chant this mantra every day for 5-11 minutes or more.


The translation is "The Divine is my protector. The Truest of the True is taking care of me".

HAR is one of the many mantras that express the Divine. As you chant HAR feel the H sound vibrate at your heart. The mantra itself also brings the Divine vibration into our bodies. We pull in the navel as we chant HAR.

You can chant this mantra in a monotone or use one of the melodious versions which can be found on mantra CDs or MP3 downloads. This is a great mantra to chant around the house, walking, or in the car or plane.

This is also a prosperity mantra. Open the space of love in your heart and you will make yourself more available to receive.

Guru Rattana Online

For Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes on the Sagittarius Archetype see Guru Rattana Online streaming video subscription service. There are three classes available:

  1. The Fire of Spirit - Your Spiritual Path,
  2. The Existential Paradox - Dealing with Anger, and
  3. The Positive Mind, Jupiter, Sagittarius and Happiness.

However, you choose to participate in bringing in the Aquarian Age, your participation is requested and required. Let's open our hearts to our ONENESS. Sat Nam!

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