The Aquarius Journey - Set Yourself Free

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #156, January 19, 2009
Planetary Alignments
Synchronization with the Universal Mind

The Aquarian archetype represents our connection with the universal mind. The Aquarian mind has access to universal wisdom and information. This connection makes it possible to pull in innovative solutions to difficult problems. Technological advancements and all forms of inventions are Aquarian territory. The Aquarian archetype gives us a major key to finding solutions, to both our personal and collective problems.

The key to understanding our power to access solutions to every personal and global challenge comes from understanding several fundamental facts:

  1. "The mind is vast, and extends throughout the totality of the Universe. It is involved everywhere". - Yogi Bhajan.(1) Our mind is part of the Universal Mind.
  2. Through the neutral mind, the human mind has access to the wisdom and knowledge of the universal mind.
  3. The human magnetic field has a complete interconnection with all life - all other humans, the planet and all realms of existence.
  4. "The cosmos is set up so that it is possible, for an individual's magnetic field and mental projection, to imprint and prevail on the universal magnetic field". - Yogi Bhajan(2)

Our inner Aquarian journey is to awaken our neutral mind, and to train ourselves to meditate deep into this infinite space with unencumbered awareness. The more we experience our connection with the universal mind, the more we will be drawn to drop our mental intrigues and control trips. We will find it much more interesting and satisfying to innocently and humbly pay attention, and listen to the cosmic wisdom that is available to guide our human journey.

Our job is to train ourselves to synchronize with the cosmos. When we synchronize our mind and our magnetic field with the cosmic magnetic field, which has a complete interconnection with all life and information in the Universe, we receive "guidance and pathways through every problem".(3)

Our Aquarian touchstone is - There is a pathway through every problem.

Problem-Solving with the Universal Mind

When our mind is linked up to the universal mind:

  1. We are able to see the big picture. We can view any situation from an all inclusive systemic approach. We can see the overall context within which all the details get played out.
  2. We have access to a 'cosmic' non-personal perspective, which makes it possible to understand the true nature of a problem, and the dynamics at play in the situation.
  3. We can be an observer and put ourselves in a detached, impersonal, non-emotionally-involved stance.
  4. We can come up with solutions that have universal application, and are based on the higher good of all concerned.
Set Ourselves Free

The above sounds good, but generally our mind is overloaded with irrelevant thoughts, that block our channels from computing and receiving universal wisdom. The extent to which our connection is blocked is one measure of the extent to which we are not free.

Freedom is a big theme for Aquarius. Aquarius resists all forms of control. In the less mature phases of our Aquarian journey, we may decry external influences that exert pressure to conform, to comply, and to think or to act a certain way. We may identify with or link up with reform or revolutionary movements, whose goal it is to transform social, economic and political systems.

However, even the most fair, equitable and just collective systems cannot free us from our own internal demons and wounded programming. To really set ourselves free, we have to liberate ourselves from the internal chains that bind us. Aquarian energy invites us to examine the elements in our psyche that enslave, manipulate and control us, and sabotage our best intentions.

Let Go of Our Chains

If we really desire authentic freedom, we have to identify and gradually eliminate our chains, which include the following:

  1. Opinions and judgments about ourselves, others and the world.
  2. Expectations of ourselves, others and the world.
  3. Neediness experienced as:
    • needs that we feel cannot be met,
    • needs that we think must be met in order for us to be satisfied, and
    • needs we expect to be met by someone or something outside ourselves.
  4. Stories that we play out in our mind that perpetuate dissatisfaction, negativity and victim programming.
  5. Fantasies about what will make us happy, once we have it (e.g. the prefect relationship, job and financial situation.)
  6. Need for perfection, i.e. eliminate all problems; we are flawed and need to be fixed to be perfect.
  7. Need to be in control of situations and others, i.e. others must act, believe or see the world the way we do.
Freedom in the Infinite

We can gauge the degree of freedom that we are achieving by monitoring:

  1. our progress in unlinking ourselves from the above,
  2. our ability to relax and let go,
  3. the extent to which we can watch, from a position of detachment, what is happening without becoming emotionally involved and reactive,
  4. our ability to observe without judging, justifying and going into stories which we continually repeat in our mind, and
  5. an attitude of trust and faith in our soul and the Divine.

This whole process is possible when we connect with our neutral mind, and use this clear channel to align with the universal mind. Without the neutral mind and its availability to universal truths, achieving the above can only go so far. We remain limited and enslaved by the mental activity of our dual mind, and by emotional sabotage and manipulation. We simply cannot fully set ourselves free without connecting to the Infinite.

Aquarian Qualities

Aquarius is the third and last air sign. The territory of the air signs is the mind. The mind has the ability to be detached. Aquarius is the most detached of all the signs, sometimes to the point that Aquarian energy can feel cold, unsupportive and uncaring. Aquarius' polarity is Leo. Leo helps Aquarius open our heart so we can be caring and compassionate.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, so it likes things to be a certain way. This leads to a tendency to try to control and be in charge of situations although, as we mentioned, excess need to control is counter-productive to being free. Aquarius can benefit by using this faculty to control its own mind, and to pay attention to what it is experiencing in its body.

Aquarian New Moon/Solar Eclipse - January 25th

The Chinese New Year always happens on the Aquarian New Moon. We are entering the Year of the Ox. The Ox is a hard worker who supports us in doing what we have to do and getting every job well done.

The impact of the Aquarian New Moon, January 25th, is amped up by a solar eclipse. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun as the Moon, Sun and Earth align precisely. During this alignment, the electromagnetic energies of these celestial bodies beam with laser-like focus toward the Earth, creating an opening for a shift in the energetic matrix that creates our reality. "Old programs are erased, new archetypes become available and higher dimensions (become) more accessible". (4) In sum, profound change is upon us!

This is truly an Aquarian new moon. Aquarian energy is beamed into the cosmos and toward the Earth by the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, the North Node, Chiron and Neptune. Mars joins in Aquarius February 5th, with Mercury not far behind. Jupiter conjuncts (almost the same degree) the Sun and Moon. Jupiter - the planet of expansion, good fortune and hopes and dreams - will be in Aquarius for a whole year. Aquarian themes of freedom, unity, interconnectedness, equality and community will be influencing our decisions and focusing our goals.

Uranus and Saturn are opposing each other again, reminding us that innovative and even radical approaches are the only way to work toward solutions to our personal and collective problems. Uranus and Saturn oppose each other from the fall of 2008 through the summer of 2010, so the themes of radical change in our structures and psyche are something that we must take seriously.

Venus enters into the equation as it aligns with Uranus and also opposes Saturn. Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are also part of the wake-up scenario. We are going to find it easier to identify what we need to do, and we are motivated to make changes and to move forward from our hearts.

Aquarian touchstones guide us:

  1. group consciousness and identification with the human race, not just linking ourselves with exclusive groups of religion, race, gender, or nationality. It takes only one devoted mind that surrenders to the heart to seed the world with love.
  2. expanded awareness of our interconnectedness and interdependence.
  3. individuality, personal freedom and the necessity of personal contribution.
  4. The neutral mind and the subtle/emotional body not only experience, but also hold and vibrate in the whole body the feeling of universal love. "It only takes one clear mind that acts beyond its intrigues to seed the world with truth." - Yogi Bhajan(5)
  5. There is a pathway through every problem.
Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse - February 9th

The influence of the Leo Full Moon is augmented by the Lunar Eclipse. Leo reminds us that we each have a role to play in our global community. Aquarius reminds us that to make a difference we must define our individual role in terms of being a reformer, humanitarian, innovator or agent of change. However we define our role, we must:

  1. think out of the box,
  2. transcend superficial differences,
  3. collaborate with like-minded comrades, and
  4. act with courage from the heart.

During a lunar eclipse, the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth intensifies the radiation of electromagnetic waves from the Sun. The increased light awakens, expands and evolves our consciousness. We are being aided in making ourselves available, so we can see what we need to see and do what we need to do. To bring forth our special gifts and to offer them in a spirit of service, we need to take a serious look at what hasn't worked for us and why.

The purpose of looking at, what we might consider wounds or disappointments, is not to disillusion us. The purpose is to evoke our capacity to deal with life's challenges with courage, character and integrity. Activating our inner strength and resolve is what takes us to the next phase of our journey, and to the next level of our evolution of consciousness.

The asteroid Chiron in Aquarius is in exact conjunction with the Sun, and exact opposition of the Moon, at this full moon. Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, and represents a bridge between physical and non-physical reality. Chiron reminds us that we are both mortal and divine, and that our humanity is as spiritual as it is physical. Chiron is often referred to as the wounded healer. I think it more useful to think of this archetype as representing our wounded child in search of deep healing.

With very few exceptions (I read about an exception once), we all experienced some kind of emotional wounding as a young child. Our experiences lead us to have negative beliefs about ourselves - that we firstly are not loved, secondly not worthy of love, thirdly do not deserve good things in life, etc. A major theme of Chiron in Aquarius is the healing of "our wounds of alienation, of being different, 'weird', and ahead of our time".(6)

Sometimes it is hard to deal with the intensity, and prolonged agony, of the healing that we must go through to firstly become whole, secondly accept and love ourselves, and thirdly make ourselves available to receive love and experience joy. It is always important to remember that our healing opens the space for humanity to be healed, and our goodness, and acts of kindness, ripple though the whole world and the entire cosmos.

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Aquarian energy is very electric and mental. Aquarius needs a strong nervous system to carry the high voltage, that makes it possible to connect with the universal mind. Aquarius also needs to cultivate the neutral mind, so it can consciously open its awareness to the universal mind. In addition, Aquarius needs to take very good care of its body, and be very present in its body, so that it can ground in the higher energies and knowledge. Grounding helps Aquarius' innovative ideas be implemented in practical physical reality.

Before doing the following practices, or before your Sadhana, set your intention to find "pathways" through a problem that you are facing. With the Tune In, open the space in your mind to receive information and guidance. At the end of your practice sit quietly, and simply be aware and listen. You may get insights at this time or later on. Have no expectations, simply be available to receive and listen to guidance.

Strengthen the Nervous System

To strengthen the nervous system, do Triangle Pose on the finger tips every day. It will be hard at first to put the weight of your body your finger tips, so increase the time slowly, up to 5 minutes a day. Do your best to cup your fingers like you were holding a ball, so as not to overextend the ligaments in the fingers. This is a great exercise to do in the late afternoon to revive your energy. You will feel both calm and energized. Afterwards, rest in baby pose for 5 minutes to balance and restore your energy.

All Pranayama works on the nervous system. Breath of Fire through the left nostril heals the nerves, and brings us into a state of relaxation and clarity.

The Kriya for Nerve Balance on page 86 of Relax and Renew 2nd Edition increases the strength of the nervous system.

Awaken the Neutral Mind

The goal of all Kundalini Yoga meditations is to awaken the neutral mind, and to connect with the universal mind. Get a jump start with the Pineal Gland Set in Sexuality and Spirituality, 2nd Edition page 77. All these exercises awaken the neutral channel in our mind. The important thing is to take time between each exercise to pay attention to the open, silent and still space. It is through attention and awareness that we make our connection with the Infinite.

Clear the Subconscious

The meditations Mahan Kal Kriya and Shakti-Bhakti Meditation, both on page 186 of Relax and Renew, 2nd Edition, work to clear the subconscious, dispel fears, awaken the neutral mind and bring our mind into a pure state. You will feel very clean and light after chanting this mantra.

For Mahan Kal Kriya, cross the wrists over the heart. Keep the root lock and chin lock pulled slightly. Focus at the top of the head and try to look at the back of the head. Keeping the locks and focus makes this meditation very powerful. Chant in a monotone AKAL MA HA KAL.
AKAL (undying) MAHA (great) KAL (death).

Guru Rattana Online

For Kundalini Yoga classes on the Aquarian Archetype subscribe to Guru Rattana Online. There are two lessons - 'From Ego to Group Consciousness' and 'Moving from Belief to Experience'. Both will help you set yourself free!

Sat Nam!

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