Cancer - The Feminine Polarity of My Soul

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #161, June 21, 2009

After an explanation of what is happening astrologically and how the planetary interactions are moving us into a new operating paradigm for the Aquarian age, we will look at a new inner paradigm, by embracing our feelings as the feminine polarity of our soul.

Planetary Alignments

Cancer New Moons

There are two Cancer new moons this year. The first is June 22nd at 1° Cancer. The second is a solar eclipse July 21st at 29° Cancer. Two new moons in the same sign signify an evolutionary awakening in the domain of that archetype. The potent second new moon, which is also a total solar eclipse and a SuperMoon, induces a major transformation in consciousness.

Ruled by the ever-changing Moon and the first water sign, the Cancer archetype embodies the sacred feminine. Cancer represents the Goddess and the female polarity of the Universe and our soul. These two new moons plus the Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (July 7th), are major markers for the re-emergence of the empowered feminine.

Evolutionary Awakening

Embracing the highest expressions of the Divine Feminine is no longer wishful thinking. It is an evolutionary imperative. The energy is available, and embodying the feminine polarity of our soul is required to successfully move into the Aquarian Age. The shift that is upon us is not the takeover of the feminine at the expense of the masculine. The evolutionary imperative is to get in touch with, and learn to express, the highest qualities of both the male and female polarities of our soul. We must go deep into our own psyche to weed out the dysfunctions of both energies, and to pull up the functional faculties that make it possible to live heart-centered, and contributory, lives.

It is the inner synergy of the two basic universal energies in our psyche, that make it possible for both men and women to experience wholeness. Both men and women must recalibrate their psyche. To become conscious human beings we must both do our inner work, to activate and integrate the qualities and gifts of the two polarities. The truth is, that to establish a deeper more authentic relationship with our inner feminine, a deeper more authentic relationship with our inner masculine is necessary.

Our inner transformation makes it possible to reach an understanding of the past, to resolve longstanding issues, and to achieve a degree of empowerment, and freedom, that we have not experienced before. Change or be changed is the underlying message. Either way, the result will be a shift in perception, a change in direction and the birth a new paradigm of reality. The more we expand our inner reality, the more possibilities become available in our outer reality, and the richer and more satisfying our lives become.

A New Paradigm

A new paradigm is emerging because universal and Earth energies are changing. We are moving into the Aquarian Age, and the Earth's vibration is moving up to the frequency of the heart chakra. As the energy shifts, we are all being supported in our personal transformation. The year 2012 is the date given for the transition into the Aquarian age. The world will not end! What will end is the energetic underpinning for the old way of thinking and doing things. The exploitation, domination, and control of the masses by an elite, greedy patriarchy, is losing its grip. We are already looking at things differently.

The energetic grid on the planet is changing, and we must change with it. The more we resist, the more we experience confusion and create pain for ourselves. To align with the higher frequencies, we have to learn how to embody, to live in and create in the new energy field. To do so we have to do our inner work, and adjust our life style to the demands of the times. We must also participate by sharing our gifts.

To birth a new paradigm, we have to become conscious, to acknowledge our shadow, and to bring the light of consciousness into that which we have denied, abused and neglected. We must upgrade our connection with, and the expression of, both the male and female polarities of our soul. We must develop the consciousness function of our mind - the male polarity, to be able to embrace the feeling function of our physical and emotional bodies - the female polarity of our soul.

Cancer and the Divine Feminine

In the northern hemisphere at the Summer Solstice, and in the southern hemisphere at the Winter Solstice, the Sun envelops us in yin, mother Cancer energy. Cancer teaches us that inner connection is required to nurture our soul. The Cancer archetype is about creating a loving environment, to protect and nourish our soul and its creations.

Cancer represents the womb. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer expresses our ever-changing watery emotions. Our moods and feelings unfold like the cycle of creation. The creative cycle invariably moves from conception, to incubation, birth, growth, maturity, growing old and completion. The Cancer archetype embodies the mysteries of birth, creation, evolution and death.

The Cancer archetype is associated with the goddess and the Divine Mother. These Cancer new moons are part of the evolutionary movement toward reintroducing the goddess archetype into our psyche. This shift transcends gender issues and relationship quibbles. This is not about a man/woman supremacy battle. This is part of the evolutionary process, to relate to the Divine in terms of both its male and female qualities.

The Balsamic Hush

Three nights before every new moon, the Moon disappears. During this Balsamic phase there is no moon. We are in the dark, while we make the transition from the old to the new. A similar phenomenon happens as we shift astrological ages. Until 2012 we are in the 'Balsamic phase' at the end of the Piscean age. During this transition time we may seem lost in the dark, and challenged to find a new path to the light.

This is an opportune time to look into the darkness of our unconscious, and to find our hidden and unexpressed male and feminine qualities. While the Sun is in Cancer, we are supported in giving value to and deeply experiencing our:

  1. innate sensitivities,
  2. our emotions,
  3. our feelings, and
  4. our instinctual awareness, that communicates for the feminine polarity of our soul.
The Stable Neutral Male Polarity

It is most interesting that the Sabian symbol for this new moon - 2° Cancer - is "A man on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land; the ability to expand one's consciousness by stabilizing one's point of view at a higher level".(1) This describes the essential essence of the male polarity - expanded consciousness, stable, higher level of awareness, the observer. We must develop these qualities in our neutral mind to embrace our inner feminine.

The re-emergence of the elevated expression of the male polarity is energetically supported, by the rare rendezvous of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. (see Issue 160.) This conjunction was exact at the Gemini New Moon May 24th. These 3 planets meet in Aquarius only once every few thousand years.(2) The focused energy of a conjunction signals the ending a cycle and the birth of a new era.

The effects of this conjunction are extended through February 2010, while the three planets are within 10° of each other. Aquarius embodies mental/male energy, and expresses the highest qualities of the male polarity - freedom, unity and equality. The water bearer is the vessel for the down pouring of knowledge, wisdom, and innovative ideas from the universal mind.

Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are extra powerful full and new moons. "The more precise the planetary alignment, the more concentrated is the electromagnetic channel and the clearer the pathways for transformation".(3) During a lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the solar radiation to the Moon. The energetic blackout dissolves and changes energy patterns, and expands our consciousness.

Eclipses intensify the effects of full and new moons. Optimally, Full moons create the possibility of synergy between the two complementary signs. However, to get us to this state of integration, Full moons also serve the function of exposing the shadow side of the signs of the Sun and the Moon.

Cancer and Capricorn Shadows

Cancer's shadow or immature expressions include:

  1. wounded emotions, that control and sabotage our best intentions,
  2. inability to be direct and honest,
  3. trying to get our needs met by sacrifice and indirect communication, and
  4. denial of and inability to appropriately express, and use, the energy of our emotions.

Our emotions are energy in motion. If this primal energy of our soul does not flow freely, and if we do not embody it through conscious feeling in our body, it stagnates and creates dis-ease and stress. During a full moon, our repressed emotions surface as extreme moods, intense anxiety, and sometimes violence. The emotions embody the water element, which cleanses, receives, stores and releases energy. There is abundant power in our emotions. Our challenge is to learn to use this energy productively.

The dark side or shadow of Capricorn includes:

  1. irresponsibility,
  2. misuse of authority,
  3. the need to control, dominate and be number one,
  4. shame,
  5. blame, and
  6. guilt.

This full moon/lunar eclipse brings to our attention the negative, and immature, expressions of both the male and the female energies. It also alerts us to the need to return, to the higher expressions of the two polarities of our soul. The less desirable expressions of the male polarity have dominated, controlled, manipulated and exploited the Earth and our psyche for millennia. This situation must and will change!

Creating a New Inner Paradigm

Although Capricorn has been co-opted by the patriarchy as male, both Capricorn and Cancer are feminine, yin signs. These two complementary signs work together to nurture, protect and serve life. This lunar eclipse directs us to try another formula, based on integrity, equality, cooperation, compassion and caring, and to let go of greed, domination, control and fear. The message is that we must build a sustainable, equitable and caring future.

We can each contribute to building a new world by relating to ourselves differently. To create a new inner paradigm we can start by treating our inner feminine (our body, emotions and feelings) with compassion, kindness and caring.

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - Embracing Our Feminine Polarity

To embrace the feminine polarity of our soul, we must train ourselves to be in the feeling flow of the energy of our emotional body. It is an on-going process to get to know, befriend and love our feelings and emotional body.

Below I summarize some of the essential steps to direct your awareness (male), and feeling faculty (female), to embrace and embody your feelings and the feminine polarity of your soul.

1. Neutral Mind

Move into your neutral mind. (I have covered this in my video subscription service - Guru Rattana Online and also in our previous issue).

Connect with your awareness of pure consciousness - the clear, open space in your mind.

Tune into and focus on the qualities of neutrality, non-judgment, stillness and stability.

2. Observer Pays Attention

Use the observer faculty of your neutral mind to pay attention to what you are feeling, without judging. Judgment and the lack of attention are two of the main ways that our mind (inner male) abuses our emotional body (inner female.)

Be very attentive to the state of your emotional body. You may notice painful feelings, which indicates some form of trapped negative emotion, i.e. fear in your emotional body.

No stories! Stories, analysis, judgment all take you back to your rational mind, and then you are no longer paying attention to your feelings. Our female polarity does not like that!

3. Identify Your Fear

There are many forms of fear. The pain of fear can be felt as impatience, anxiety, restlessness, irritation, unease, dread, depressed, annoyed, hurt, anger, rage, defensiveness, need to be right, aggressiveness, lack, incompleteness, neediness, possessiveness.

Sometimes it is useful to identify our fear, or to label our feelings so we can identify what is going on in our emotional body. This is especially useful in the beginning, to move us out of denial of our primal emotions - fear, anxiety, sadness, anger.

Be very careful not to judge, analyze, evaluate, try to rationalize, or make up stories about what you feel. Our goal is simply to recognize and be honest about the nature of our feelings, and to acknowledge how we are currently expressing fear.

4. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Be honest and truthful. In the initial phases of this process, rarely do we feel comfortable with what we feel in our body. We feel some form of fear.

The good news is that our feelings are always changing. Stay with them and watch how they shift. Sometimes, simply by paying attention the discomfort disappears.

Our emotional body will not go away, either by ignoring it or by escaping into our rational mind. Our mental stories and thoughts feed and perpetuate the pain.

Being in our neutral mind is essential, but not the entire solution. Watching, acknowledging and accepting it (male polarity) is not enough. We must move into allowing and feeling (our female polarity) to completely embrace our emotions.

5. Listen Deeply

Listen deeply. Isolate and identify each sound that you hear.

Listen to the sounds within the sounds.

Listening opens up your feeling faculty.

Feel the vibration of the sounds in your body.

6. Allow Your Feelings

Move from neutral observing to allowing. Allowing releases resistance, and opens the space for your emotional energy to flow. Allowing requires being deeply present to your feelings.

Allowing is a major breakthrough. Allowing is a feminine function. We move from mental observation to feeling connection with our emotional body.

7. Feel and Experience Your Emotions and Feelings

In an allowing mode, FEEL and EXPERIENCE the energy that is your emotional body. The pain we feel in our emotional body is our resistance (non-allowing) and our life force that is bound up in fear.

Go deeply into each sensation.

Go back to sensations and feel their subtle attributes.

Feel the feelings within the feelings.

Allow every feeling. Some feelings will be uncomfortable. Feel them anyway.

Turn your awareness to the feelings that you avoid.

Feel and listen attentively to those feelings.

Notice how you block certain feelings and how you escape into your mind and exit your body. When your mind wanders, simply return your attention to feeling various parts of your body.

Continue isolating, allowing and being with every feeling/sensation for as long as your attention permits and until you notice shifts.

8. Rhythmic Exercises

Do rhythmic exercises and breathing to bring your emotional body in to a rhythmic flow.

Our liberated feminine polarity is rhythmic and flowing. Our emotional energy gets unstuck and releases into aliveness through moving in a rhythmic, flowing manner. Spinal flexes are a great exercise to generate the feeling of rocking yourself as a child. Shaking and dancing also help loosen up the stuck energy.

Spinal rotations and heart twists are also easy and effective rhythmic exercises. Do every moving exercise (and walking) with a rhythm that soothes your body. Do moving exercises in a loving way that generates pleasurable feelings in your body.

9. Bring Light into Your Feelings

Bring the light of consciousness to your emotional body. Do so by being present to the Light in your mind and expanding this light to include your physical and feeling bodies. Do so also by going deeply into neutral, stillness, stability and silence, and feeling these essence energies embrace your body and feelings.

10. Kindness and Self-love

Befriending our emotional body requires being kind to ourselves. The most effective and absolutely necessary emotional work that we can do is to be KIND, GENTLE AND LOVING with ourselves. In self-kindness we become aware of our subtle energies, and they begin to relax and flow.

Use the above directives (not all at once) during your Kundalini Yoga practice. Set your intention, while the Sun is in Cancer, to embrace and embody the feminine polarity of your soul. Enjoy the process of awakening the goddess within.

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