Leo - The Light of My Soul

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #162, July 19, 2009

Following an explaination of what is occurring astrologically, and how the planetary interactions are moving us into a new operating paradigm for the Aquarian Age, we will move on to discuss the two polarities of our soul. The topic of the last issue was embracing our feelings and emotional body. Feeling consciousness is the highest expression of the feminine polarity of our soul. The topic of this issue is the light consciousness - the highest expression of the male polarity of our soul. We must internalize the elevated expressions of both polarities to create a new inner paradigm for the Aquarian Age. We conclude this issue with Kundalini Yoga exercises to embody the light of our soul at our heart.

Planetary Alignments

Three Eclipses in a Row!

The Moon's activity continues to play a catalytic role in precipitating massive change:

  1. There were two Cancer New Moons this year - a rare occurrence.
  2. The Capricorn Full Moon, and the second Cancer New Moon July 21st, are also eclipses. (See Issue 161).
  3. The Aquarius Full Moon (August 5th-6th) is also a Lunar Eclipse.
  4. It is very rare for three eclipses to happen in a row.
  5. The Leo New Moon (August 20th) is also a SuperMoon (the moon is its closest to the Earth).

In sum, we are immersed in a sea of transformation.


Everything in the Universe is made up of geometric patterns of light and flowing waves of energy, that interact to weave ever-evolving creations. The Leo archetype symbolizes our individual light and how we personally shine. Leo expresses individual consciousness. The Aquarius archetype symbolizes the group pattern of many individual lights. Aquarius expresses group consciousness.

It is important to keep in mind that every group is made up of individuals. What each one of us brings to the group impacts the collective energy. Leo makes it known that we are each a unique piece of our local and global communities. It is our responsibility to bring our authentic self, and offer our special gifts to nurture the whole.

The Pressure is On - Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

At a full moon solar eclipse, the stream of solar radiation is blocked by the Earth. Eclipses form energy portals, that make it possible for new configurations to appear and old ones to disappear.

New opportunities present themselves, and what once seemed so real can dissolve in an instant. It is easier at this time to let go of what no longer serves us, to think out of the box, and to alter our course. Transformation in some form is inevitable. Life is more fun if we respond voluntarily.

Uranus and Pluto are within 5° of squaring each other through the third week in August.

Revolutionary Uranus catalyzes dramatic shifts. Evolutionary Pluto exposes abuse in power, and obliges us to take responsibility for our attitudes, beliefs and actions.

Only once very 60 years do Uranus and Pluto interact through the powerful configurations of a square, opposition or conjunction. When they do so, political and economic systems are reorganized, scientific discoveries are made, and our consciousness expands so that we have a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, and our role in the process of change.

The Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune trio in Aquarius is being further activated by Mars and the Sun. The cosmic messages include:

  1. take action that is in alignment with the higher good,
  2. seek out new alliances and ways to collaborate,
  3. innovation is the touchstone,
  4. you can make quick and significant changes in your life, if you are able to make a quantum shift in consciousness.

Leo New Moon - Only Authenticity Works

Leo is the 'live your passion' archetype. Leo motivates us to find what turns on our heart light. Leo reminds us to find what makes us happy from the inside. Leo the Lion gives us the courage to be honest with ourselves, and to find and live from our authentic self. Leo reminds us that a major source of our discontent comes from comprising our own truth, and from conforming to external programming and the pressures of society.

Leo teaches us to focus on who we are and what we came here to BE. What we came here to DO is born out of our connection with our inner light. While the Sun shines in Leo, the Lion directs us to find and follow our heart. The more we live from our inner sense of authentic self, the easier it is to connect with others who align around the same goals and aspirations. (Aquarius)

The Sun and Moon in Leo further activate the rare conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, a major activation of the Aquarian age. The Leo/Aquarius axis is about achieving unity, through the synergy of the heartfelt expression and contribution of each unique individual.

The impact of this new moon is amped up by a grand cross, involving 3 of the 4 mutable signs. (The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces make adjustments and flow into new alignments). Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces are opposing each other. Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Virgo join in to form 3 oppositions and 6 squares.(1) The message is 'get real', superficial won't work. We are moving into new territory. These planets offer us inspiration, a practical attitude, courage and strength. We need all of the above to choose wisely as we enter a new frontier.

The Two Universal Polarities of Our Soul

There are two interactive and interdependent polarities of our soul. Cancer represents the lunar, feminine polarity. Leo represents the solar, male polarity.

The Cancer archetype activates the Goddess - the female polarity of the Universe and our soul. We are in the midst of the re-emergence of the sacred empowered feminine. That sounds good, but what does that mean, and how do we participate in the process? The bottom line is that both the male, and the female, polarities of our soul must be activated and aligned in their elevated expressions, to achieve wholeness, happiness and peace.

This activation process happens in our physical and emotional bodies, and in our mind. For several years now this has been the subject of many issues of the New Millennium Being, Guru Rattana Online streaming video classes and other courses that I teach. Whatever the issue or the problem that we face, either individually or collectively, it all boils down to some dysfunction in how we relate, to the two basic energies of our soul and the Universe. Solutions can always be found by cultivating a more empowered expression of both polarities.

In the previous issue on Cancer, I discussed how to embrace the feminine polarity of our soul. I outlined steps to train ourselves to be in the feeling flow of the energy of our emotional body. Developing a loving relationship with our feelings and emotional body is an on-going, never-ending process. I encourage you to print out the summary steps and use them daily, to direct your awareness (male) and feeling faculties (female).

It is not surprising that the Zodiac alternates between archetypes that express male and female energies. Feminine Cancer is followed by masculine Leo. The fire signs are labeled male, although they do embody the emotional energy of passion and anger. The solar polarity is stable. It never changes, but it must be activated. The topic of this issue is lighting the fire of our soul at our heart.

We seriously need to establish a solid, stable base within ourselves, to deal with the evolutionary ever-changing energy of the female polarity, as manifested in our physical and emotional bodies.

The Aquarius and Leo energies support us in doing so.

The Lunar Polarity

The lunar polarity of our soul is constantly in flux. It is the evolving aspect of our soul. This ever-changing energy expresses through our emotions. Like the Moon, this aspect of our soul undergoes many moods and phases, and expresses indirectly through subtleties. Whether conscious or not, it controls our reality show. Its domain is darkness.

Our lunar polarity hangs out in our unconscious until it is time to make it conscious, and to deal with its many facets. Karmic imprints, and wounded programming from this lifetime, are attached to our feeling body. We must work these issues out and find resolution through forgiveness, compassion, kindness and love.

The Solar Polarity

The solar polarity of our soul is constant, consistent and stable. Like the Sun, it does not change shape or go through phases. There are no nuances in the direct rays of the Sun. When we tune into the Sun, we experience the confident, causative and transformative power, that majestically delivers through its awe-inspiring luminescence.

When we meditate on the solar polarity of our soul, we experience our pure essence - the part of us that radiates pure light. Our solar polarity is the light of consciousness. The goal of the solar polarity is to awaken our consciousness, so that we can experience, enjoy and operate from our true essence.

It is ironic, but a fact of the human condition, that our light, and the light of consciousness, is the most unconscious part of our awareness. We are more aware of our pain, our discomfort and our dysfunctions than of the light of our soul.

Our light is pure. There are no karmic imprints attached to our light. Unlike our lunar polarity, there are no issues to deal with, but our solar polarity does not offer us a free lunch. We must do our inner work so we can consciously experience the light of our soul. We must wake-up our inner sun and let it shine. We must find it, activate it, keep it shining, and use it to guide our lives.

Qualities of the Solar Polarity

We experience the light of our soul in our mind, but to reach our highest expression and joy, we must experience the light of consciousness of our soul at our heart. We can experience the sun energy of our soul in many ways. It has many qualities, including the following.

  1. Permanence and Stability
    It is always there. Even when we forget, it is still there. This energy resonates at our core and through our entire being. Our solar ray is the pure stable essence of our soul. As it shines, it effortlessly radiates.
  2. Light and Brightness
    When we tune into our solar polarity, we experience a lightness of being. We experience warmth, sweetness, purity, aliveness and pulsing radiance.
  3. Comforting and Warm
    Our solar light is comforting. It is warm and compassionate. Its radiating heat feels good.
  4. Trust
    At the core of our being, we experience a powerful force that we can trust. We can count on it to always being there for us, and we can trust its guiding messages.
  5. Identity - ME
    The feeling of ME pulls us in to our heart, where we find our true self, and a refuge that is a source of healing, regeneration, and a vitalizing force.
  6. Courage and Strength
    This vital pulse of our being gives us strength, courage and confidence.
Connect with Your Inner Sun

Life and survival on Earth depend upon the warmth and light of the Sun. Our inner Leo lesson is to learn from the Sun. Our soul shines like the Sun. The light of our soul is inherently a peaceful, powerful and transformative force, but we must discover and become conscious of our pure solar essence.

Our solar energy is what drives us, motivates us and enlivens us. When it is shut down or dimmed, we feel lost, depressed, directionless, and without a firm anchor. When our fire energy is overactive, or not properly integrated into our body and psyche, we get manic, over stimulate ourselves, and annoy others.

The ever-changing lunar energy, that is expressed through the feelings of our emotional body, can feel uncomfortable and unpredictable. We feel this energy in our belly and our gut. When our feelings need attention, we can activate our Sun energy at our heart, and use it to comfort, support and nurture our emotional body, as it too evolves into heart-consciousness.

Follow Your Heart

Our Sun energy endlessly propels us forward in life. There is an impulse to do so that comes from this source that firstly must be expressed, secondly propels us to take action, thirdly must do something, and lastly must create.

As we learn to tune into our solar light, focus on it, listen to it, relax into it, and enjoy it, we can allow it to lead us and to direct our lives.

Deep in our heart, we understand that we don't have to try so hard to make things happen. We can trust that we will take action to follow the directives of our soul. When the moment is right, we will be directed to move forward. When we let this impulse guide us, we are following our heart.

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RA Meditation


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