Aquarius - Do Only what Only You Can Do

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #167, January 19, 2009
Planetary Alignments
Leo Full Moon - January 29th

The Leo Full Moon helps us open our heart - where we discover and are inspired to make our special contribution to the world. Mars in Leo conjuncts this Full Moon, giving us the courage and passion to do what it takes to realize our dreams.

The Leo archetype reminds us that there is something special that only YOU can do. If YOU do not do it, it will not get done! If you don't make YOUR contribution, it will never be made! This is an extremely important fact, and one that we must take seriously.

I offer you one of the guiding touchstones for my life - DO ONLY WHAT ONLY YOU CAN DO. This guideline gives me permission to keep on task, and it makes me happy, because the only things I really want to do are the things that only I can do. Living my life this way positions me in a win-win relationship with myself, the world and the Universe.

From Social Conditioning to Self-Expression

Part of our social conditioning includes the following erroneous ideas:

  1. We can be replaced.
  2. Someone else can do what we can do, and
  3. maybe someone else can do our job even better than us.

These lies create a sense of powerlessness, a lack of self-worth, and resignation to just get by, but they are not the truth!

When this negative conditioning controls our psyche, we live in mediocrity, our heart remains closed, and we suffer a deep existential pain. There is no way we can be truly happy with a self-depreciating attitude, that feeds feelings of insignificance, instead of supporting our invaluable worth.

Leo's wound is fear rejection, which causes the Lion to avoid being authentic - in order to escape any chance of being criticized or belittled. Our Leo path is to overcome this fear, and to delight in our authentic self-expression. The Leo archetype teaches us:

  1. to shine our light,
  2. to be guided by our heart,
  3. to share love with passion, and
  4. to live from our truth.
You Are a Piece in the Collective Puzzle

The Aquarian archetype offers Leo the perfect environment for self-expression - unity in diversity. In an Aquarian world, each person's uniqueness is not only honored and appreciated, it is necessary for the healing and highest expression of the whole. Think of an Aquarian world as the finished puzzle, that is put together with our all individual pieces. What if there is one piece missing? What if that piece is you and your contribution?

Friends, we are in the process of putting together a new Aquarian age world. There are many pieces missing in our planetary Aquarian puzzle. Hop to it and offer your piece! Doesn't even the thought make you feel good? Joy is our reward for offering our special piece to the collective puzzle.

We are at a stage of human history where, individually and collectively, we are forging a new path. The way to monitor whether you are on the right path for you, is to be attentive to where you are at on the 'happy and at peace' vs. 'unhappy and struggle' meter.

Saturn-Pluto Square

The Leo full moon is intensified by the second of three exact squares between Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This square is exact on January 31st. (The first one was November 15th, 2009. The third one is on August 21st.) This waning square signals the end of a cycle, which precipitates a crisis in consciousness. During the last phase of a cycle, we have:

  1. to shift our perspective,
  2. to let go of the old, and
  3. be willing to discover and operate from new ground rules.

The ground rules are set by Aquarius. Hierarchical and patriarchal structures based on competition, control, inequity and exploitation, are going to have to give way to attitudes and structures that foster collective benefit, equality, collaboration, and sustainability. Of course, the old will fight, and is fighting, to retain its power and to stay in control.

The cardinal square initiates new beginnings (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). We are at the BEGINNING of a new phase. Things aren't going to automatically change in 2012, when the Aquarian age 'officially' begins. We are the pioneers, whose participation will determine how change happens. Our innovative pioneering spirit begins and is sustained in our minds and our hearts.

Aquarius New Moon - February 13th

At the Aquarian New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are conjunct Chiron and Neptune. Mercury is also in Aquarius. With 5 heavenly bodies in Aquarius, Aquarian energy is abundantly available to uplift us, and to move us into higher states of Aquarian consciousness.

This New Moon is very special, because Chiron and Neptune connect only once every 57-80 years. The last time was 65 years ago, in September 1945 in Libra, right after World War II. February 16th is the exact rendezvous of Chiron and Neptune, but the impact of their interaction lasts for seven years. They orbit within 10° of each other between 2007 and 2014.

Healing our personal relationship with the collective, is the theme of this New Moon and the Chiron/Neptune conjunction. We are being supported in discovering and offering our special contribution to global healing.

Chiron and the Aquarian and Neptunian Archetypes

The asteroid Chiron was discovered in 1977. The Chiron archetype represents our wounds and how they can be healed. It offers us a methodology for healing the wounds, that continue to plague us until we get to the core of the conditioning that causes and perpetuates our pain.

The Aquarian and Neptunian archetypes give us the following formulas for healing:

  1. freedom through service,
  2. joy through contribution, and
  3. liberation through kindness.

To heal, and claim our gifts, we must:

  1. release the fear conditioning, that keep us enslaved to the pain and struggle mode,
  2. establish our Divine Connection, to transcend our illusion of separation from the Infinite, and
  3. open our hearts to experience our connection with all humanity.
Healing Our Aquarian Wounds

Each archetype represents a different archetypal wound, and a solution for its healing. There is an element of irony in each archetypal wound. Our wounds are expressed as challenges, and apparent weaknesses, that are exactly opposite to our innate gifts and strengths.

Ironically, the Aquarian wound is one of feeling left out, or ostracized, by the larger community of which we are all a part. Our Aquarius wound can be healed by making our special contribution to the world. To heal, we must be of service to the greater whole, and work for the greater good. In service, we experience the human condition and open our hearts. It is through offering our unique gifts that we become a contributory instrument to the human evolutionary process. Nothing makes Aquarius happier than advancing the evolution of the human condition.

The archetypal energy of Chiron in Aquarius makes it possible to resolve a very basic internal struggle. Inner conflict is created by the false assumption that, if we are true to ourselves and follow our own path, we have to forfeit our sense of belonging to our community. The contrary is actually true.

Any act of kindness, any service that we willing share, can shift our experience of 'feeling left out' and release the imprint of isolation from our energy field. The reality is, that the more we embrace our authentic selves and follow our own truth, the more we have to offer. The more we actively participate in the world, the more we connect with others, and the more we experience our common humanity.

Our healing happens as we open our hearts, where we experience our oneness with all human beings. This oneness transcends ideology, nationality, race, sex and religious belief systems. Love exists and compassion expresses beyond such categories.

Offer Love and Kindness

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces infuses this New Moon with sweet loving energy. They remind us, that the most important contribution we can make, is to offer love and kindness. Aquarius and Pisces, the last two signs of the Zodiac, are collective, not personal signs. These archetypes teach us that we do not have to know an individual personally, or to bring them into our inner circle, in order to make a difference in their lives, and to impact the collective whole.

Everyone suffers from some wound. Everyone wants to feel valued. The Aquarian/Piscean ideal, is that we all interact with our fellow human beings with caring, respect and politeness. This is actually a radical concept, and until recently, and for many still, so is the idea that our thoughts, attitudes and emotional state determine the state of the world.

So don't think that you have to do some big outrageous project to contribute your piece of the puzzle. Give to someone you don't know. Be kind to someone you will never see again. Offer a gift of healing that will never get recognition, except in your own heart. The Universe records your acts of kindness. Your generous spirit makes your aura radiant, and makes you happy for no calculated reason.

Set Yourself Free

Every archetype teaches us another way to tap into our authentic power. Leo teaches us that we have to harness our fire power to light our light and to open our heart. Aquarius teaches us to establish our connection with the Unified Field, and Universal Mind, so that we can be the vessels to download solutions to our individual and collective problems.

Everyone has Aquarian energy somewhere in their soul blueprint. You can identify how and where Aquarius manifests in your being, by locating in your birth chart the house and planets in Aquarius. Those with Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets in Aquarius will feel distinctly Aquarian.

The Aquarian Formula

As we move into the Aquarian age, it is essential that we understand the inner workings of the Aquarian archetype. The following themes help us understand the nature of Aquarian energy and how it expresses - genius, unconventional, daring, forward thinking, independent attitude, rebellious behavior, and passion for change and evolution. Aquarian energy is life renewing, and offers us greater than human abilities and gifts from higher powers.

Aquarius genius is opportunistic. "It steals from the field of possibilities, rearranges the old laws, and shifts the current paradigm. In an intuitive flash, it sees a new way to solve an old problem".(1) Thomas Edison is a perfect example. A prolific inventor, he discovered how to harness electricity, and pioneered commercial electrical generation.

The Aquarian formula includes:

  1. Look at the situation as an outsider without an opinion, which requires moving from our dualistic mind to our neutral mind.
  2. Rise above the problem, which requires creating space in our mind to connect with the Universal Mind.
  3. See the situation from a fresh perspective, which may require a leap in consciousness.
  4. Connect with the higher power.
  5. Have confidence in the higher power to do the impossible.
Detached Genius

Aquarian energy, as expressed through human beings, has some qualities that baffle other signs. Aquarius has a 'hot - cold' quality that must be understood beyond the personality level. Aquarian warmth and friendliness can disappear without warning. In a flash the Water Bearer becomes detached, cool, and appears insensitive to the subtle needs of others. The 'What's your problem?' attitude leaves us wondering what happened?

The detached attitude of Aquarius comes with the territory. Aquarius is wired that way. The Aquarian ability to seemingly escape to another planet is part of its genius. Aquarius is 'out there' in the cosmic realms making him/herself available to be a channel for new ideas and inventions.

The Universe needs some of us to pay attention, and to be channels for its inventive wisdom. The Water Bearers are the designated vessels to fulfill this function. Water symbolizes the medium of universal consciousness, through which selected infinite possibilities are received in physical reality.

Aquarian detachment is necessary to further our evolutionary process. It is required in order to be fully available to innovative possibilities. We have to be able to be emotionally detached, and to not be dependent upon others, to play our revolutionary and often unpopular role.

Live Outside the Box, but in the World

We create our belief system from our early childhood experiences. Social rejection is an archetypal theme and wound of Aquarius. Aquarian stories revolve around how others view us and our position in the group. Aquarian wounds are universal, and include feeling like an outcast, inferior, left out, ostracized and rejected.

Aquarians must feel like they belong to their community. Aquarians are attached to the support and camaraderie of the group. At the same time, Aquarius knows that the need for others' approval, recognition and love, creates dependence, and can interfere with our ability to carry out our social responsibility. The Aquarian 'hot-cold' trait is a safety valve so that we do not get too attached. Independence is required to do our job of being an open channel for universal wisdom, and to fearlessly take an unpopular revolutionary stand when necessary.

By the way, if you ever find yourself confronted by a cold 'What's your problem?' attitude, firstly don't take it personally, secondly check out your own need for approval, and work on cultivating the ability to be detached yourself, and thirdly this is a good opportunity to not impose your neediness on someone else, and to give another person the space he or she needs.

Aquarius teaches us, that if we want to be free we have to live outside the box, where we have the space to discover our own rhythm and dance our own dance. In sync with our own soul blueprint, we tune into the special contribution that we can make to our community. This contribution is inspired from within, not dictated from outside, but it is to the world that we offer our gifts, that forward the evolution of human kind.

We Set Ourselves Free

We have to free ourselves from social conditioning to align ourselves with the true expression of our soul, and to be instruments of change. We do this, not by picking fights with institutions and their representatives, but by liberating ourselves from our inner conditioning. We discover our own route and role as we progress on our journey. Our heart and our truth lead the way.

Aquarius and Leo are polarities. As Leo learns Aquarian detachment, it can quit acting out in a childlike manner. On the other hand, heart-centered Leo makes sure that the Aquarian detachment doesn't become cold and ruthless. We can become so detached that we distance ourselves from others, and shut off our own hearts. We heal our inner child by first opening our hearts to ourselves.

We unravel our conditioning one layer at a time. We have to quiet the rat race in our mind so we can hear our own truth. We have to keep our inner space open so there is room for Divine intervention. We can see the light only when we are not preoccupied with darkness.

What are you going to do when you are free? Start now, and you will set yourself free in the process. Cosmically connected Aquarius reminds us that it's easier than we think.

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Kundalini Yoga - Yoga of Awareness

Yogi Bhajan called Kundalini Yoga the yoga of awareness. Truly any exercise, kriya, mantra or meditation activates our human system in a way that we can become more aware. The trick is that we have to pay attention and cultivate the faculty of awareness.

You can choose your favorite kriya, or continue to use your current Sadhana, to practice the following directives to deepen your awareness. If you want some suggestions, here are a few.

Chair Pose

If you don't have much time, and want to go for a quick dive into your inner space, practice Chair Pose with breath of fire for 1-5 minutes. End with Root Lock. Immediately after completing the exercise, sit in easy pose and look, listen and feel inside your mind, heart and body.

Pineal Gland Kriya and Cosmic Connections

One of the exercises or the whole kriya will awaken your 6th and 7th chakras, making your inner space available for your attention. All exercises with the arms above the head do the same. These include the 'cosmic connection' exercises in the 'Green Energy and Opportunity Set' which can be found on page 119 in Relax and Renew 2nd Edition.

Meditation Facilitators

On page 154 of Relax and Renew you will find exercises that I call Meditation Facilitators. Choose any one or a combination. All exercises with the arms out to the sides, or up in the air at an angle, awaken the neutral mind and open the heart.

Clear Your Space while the Sun is in Aquarius

While the Sun is in Aquarius is an opportune time to get a jump start on the Aquarian age. Alignment with our soul and universal forces is key to thriving in these transformational times.

During this time you can use Aquarian magic and miracle energy to support your illumination and healing and to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. The basic guidelines include the following. Make these directives part of your Sadhana for 40 days, and watch how your shifts in consciousness. Wahe Guru!!

Be at peace within yourself, relaxed, happy, enjoying the moment, autonomous and free.

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