Aries - One and Oneness

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #169, March 27, 2010
Planetary Alignments
Cosmic Indicators

Using planetary interactions as indicators, we are in the midst of one of the most intense times in many, many years. Between now and the end of August the intensity is going to increase. We won't feel any let up until after the last Saturn/Pluto square the end of August. In September we might feel like the boulders have been removed, and that we are out of the psychological and physical mud, but we will then have to adjust to the changes, and create from a reality that has been profoundly altered. We might say that the planets are pushing the 'reset' button. We will discuss more of the Saturn/Pluto and other dynamics in forthcoming issues, but here is a summary:

Saturn and Pluto Square Sets the Tone

The Saturn in Libra/Pluto in Capricorn square (ongoing from October 2009 through September 2010), sets the tone for everything that is happening now in our lives. The energy of the Pluto/Saturn square is intense and challenging. There is no way to deny the heaviness and unsettling pressure of this imposing combination, on our physical, mental and emotional state.

If you feel like you are trying to run through mud, you are simply attuned to the Saturn/Pluto energies.

Yet, in the midst of challenges and questioning, there is optimism. Uranian forces of rebellion and revolution offer to liberate us from the past. (It is easier if we let them!) Together with Jupiter, we feel a sense of purposeful mission and meaning within our reach. Somehow we feel inclined to persevere beyond our old restrictions and limits. Our belief in ourselves and higher truth, and the joy of activating and using our innovative creativity, propel us into the unknown future.

The trick is to use these very different dynamics to support our evolutionary transformation:

Isn't is wonderful how free we feel when we don't take things personally!

If we take the Saturn/Pluto high road - realistic, practical, honest, transparent, in integrity and responsible, we are going to feel empowered, not oppressed. Very important advice during this time - Do not overtax yourself. If you are going to resist anything, resist being in a stressful state.

Full and New Moons and Other Action

Self and relationship issues abound while the Sun is in Aries. Aries energy gives us courage, makes us willing to take risks, and demands that we make our position known. We can get a lot done, and build relationships in the process, if we play by Libra ground rules - mutual benefit, win-win, gracefulness, thoughtfulness and compassion.

The Libra Full Moon - March 29th, focalizes our attention on revising and upgrading our attitudes in relationships. Our challenge is to use the right combination of inner harmony and clear boundaries (Aries), and grace and neutrality (Libra) to find, and maintain, a heart-centered state of inner stability and peace in all our interactions. With Saturn in Libra and soon Virgo, we are sure to encounter some issues that need to be resolved. A reality check is in order.

Pluto goes retrograde - April 6th, intensifying the need to examine how we are co-creating our personal reality. Pluto demands deep introspection to uncover how our thoughts, speech, behavior and actions - indeed all our conscious AND unconscious choices - are responsible for the life we live.

Saturn, still retrograde - April 7th, moves back into VIRGO, where it stays until it re-enters LIBRA on July 21st. SATURN is retrograde from January 13th until May 30th. Saturn retrograde in Virgo will oppose Uranus and then Jupiter, both in Pisces. This gives us another chance to ground in our body our Divine Connection. Don't let Saturn spoil your party. Use this practical, earth energy to help you manifest your dreams.

Aries New Moon - April 14th, supports new directions, new goals and an expanded sense of Self. How about a new perspective? - observing without judging, being curious rather than critical, being receptive instead of having our own opinion. We have to give up old attitudes and habits to create anew, and to break new ground.

Personal accountability requires giving up what no longer serves us, and this doesn't mean just old clothes. Pluto and Mars are involved in our spring cleaning. How about relinquishing outmoded attachments, motivations, desires, goals and strategies? We can move forward successfully only when our passion and resolve are directed toward soul generated projects, that both make a contribution and are supportive of our basic needs.

Mercury goes retrograde - April 17th, increasing Mercury's sojourn in Taurus to two months - April 2nd - June 9th. This gives us plenty of time to rethink our priorities, and to examine how the status of our self-worth influences our ability to receive.

Many Influential Energies

There are many cosmic players and energies influencing us at this time. Each offers us a special formula, for upgrading how we experience and co-create the transition to the Aquarian Age. In each issue of New Millennium Being I offer insights into some of the current forces impacting our lives. In Issue 167 we discussed the AQUARIUS/LEO archetypes. Last month we discussed the PISCES archetype (and its polarity Virgo), which is currently expressing through JUPITER and URANUS. Chiron also enters Pisces April 19th, where it remains until 2019. Pisces offers us the energy to move into the consciousness of oneness with the Divine.

The Aries archetype is going to be a major force when JUPITER and URANUS move into ARIES, June 7th and May 27th respectively. Before these major planetary events occur, we have time to upgrade the way we use the individualistic fire energy of the Ram. This month we are discussing the Aries archetype (and its polarity Libra) and how the highest expressions of the Pisces, Aries and Libra archetypes can work together, to catapult us into an experience of oneness with each other, and with the cosmic forces.

Transition from Piscean to Aquarian Age

Many talk about the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, with the idea that the dysfunctions of the Piscean Age will miraculously be corrected in the Aquarian Age. I would like to buy into that fantasy too, if I felt that this wishful thinking reflected any bit of reality.

Using planetary indicators as clues, what does seem to be true is that there are powerful energy shifts taking place, that appear to make profound systemic change possible and inevitable. HOW we work with this powerful set of energies will determine the nature of our personal and collective transformation. Many planetary citizens, each in their own special way, are working toward positive outcomes. Everyone who upgrades their consciousness, learns to live from their heart, and shares their unique contribution, increases the possibility that our collective evolution can be less painful, that we can avert disaster, and that we can uplift ourselves and others in the process.

It is rather naïve to think that we can magically shift from a dysfunctional world to a functional one. (This is similar to the illusion of changing partners, and thinking that the next relationship will be free of the issues of the previous one). The idea of a magic transition in 2012 (or 11/11/2011 or whenever) fails to recognize that we need the highest Piscean values to make the Aquarian Age work.

Many of the basic problems that we face in the world today actually have their roots in the Aries archetype. The Age of Aries preceded the Age of Pisces, and humankind has not yet figured out how to resolve these Aries issues, although the Piscean archetype offers us the formula for resolution. The Pisces formula is to experience our oneness.

Aries is Number One

Like every archetype, we don't have to be that Sun sign to need an upgrade in the way we express that energy. Every archetype is part of our soul blueprint, and sets out lessons that we all need to learn.

Aries is the first archetype in the Zodiac wheel. NUMBER ONE - NUMERO UNO explains a lot about Aries' lessons, challenges, personality, point of view, and life path. Aries' definition and experience of ONE includes - ME, individual, alone, separate, unique, independent and differentiated.

The Pisces' definition and experience of ONE includes - universal, undifferentiated, all-inclusive, sameness, interdependence, merging, no separation and universality.

Both archetypes represent and express the principle of Oneness. The question that we must answer is, how can we experience individual ONE and universal ONE = ONENESS? This is not a rational mathematical formula. It is a FEELING that computes through our sensory system. We can only get the math right in our subtle sensory bodies and neutral mind. This experience is not available in our dualistic mind, which always computes two or more.

The Oneness Principle

One of the most serious dysfunctions of the Aries archetype, is misinterpreting the oneness principle. These misinterpretations are partly a result of intellectual and scientific systems that compute from the 'rational mind'. Misunderstandings are also fed by spiritual/religious belief systems that:

  1. give value only to the upper chakras, and negate the lower chakras,
  2. relate to God as 'out there', and
  3. condemn and diminish the value of our emotions, the body, and our worldly experience.

The above are simply a reflection of the fact that we are asleep. We live in an unawakened state, where all we know is ego and separation.

As we awaken our upper chakras (neutral mind), we experience our oneness and unity with the Universe. However, to maintain this experience it must be grounded in our bodies. It is in our lower chakras and body that we are able to have the FEELING experience of universal energies.

Our lower chakras make it possible to express and experience our individuality, humanness and our oneness with Self. When this FEELING, flowing energy of our soul, is denied, it is expressed through our subconscious and distorted into egotistical expressions. As a consequence, we self-righteously espouse our own point of view as the only way, or we diminish ourselves and our value. Both are serious distortions of the oneness principle.

The Most Profound Experience

The concept of oneness can't be understood intellectually, and it certainly can't be imposed by law or force. Oneness is an experience, that happens when our consciousness is expanded enough to integrate the reality of oneness in our awakened neutral mind, and when our sensory system is refined enough for us to hold this experience in our body in feeling awareness.

Oneness computes as a feeling, a vibration and an open space, where rules, contracts and control scenarios are not necessary to create peace and harmony, and in fact just get in the way of heart-to-heart interactions.

Here is a wonderful example of our oneness. As I was writing this issue I received an email with the following quote by Albert Einstein (Pisces) which summarizes what I have been saying:

"The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is not truly living. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling, is at the centre of true Religiousness". Albert Einstein - Physicist & Mystic

World Politics and Peace

It seems like the concept of ONE should be simple, but at lower (asleep) levels of consciousness it is the cause of many of the world's most serious problems. If we see our path, belief system, worldview or ideology as the only way, we fight wars to defend our position. This self-righteous attitude breeds conflict, separation and exclusion. We are together in ONE big mess!

However, when the concepts of one humanity, one heart, one earth enter our consciousness and electrify our subtle sensory system, we have the experiential foundation for moving out of the paradigm of fear into the paradigm of love.

When oneness consciousness directs our worldly affairs, we don't discriminate based on separate categories. Inclusion, not exclusion, is the practical result of this awareness. We don't try to impose our way of thinking. We don't fight wars over ideology. We realize that all mental constructs born out of, and maintained by, a limited worldview, get in the way of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Something powerful happens when we actually experience - Ik Ong Kar - We are all created by the same One Creator. Our personal experience of universal oneness is the foundation for both inner and outer peace. Peace is possible.

Ego and Myopic Vision

Another serious dysfunction of the Aries archetype is myopic vision. The concept of oneness is misconstrued when it is defined from an egocentric point of view - limited ego consciousness. 'My idea of the way things are and should be is the right and only way. To feel validated, others must conform to my view of reality, which is, of course, the only view that is valid. My truth is universal truth'. Immature Aries completely ignores, in fact doesn't even compute, other points of view. The Ram just relentlessly keeps pushing for its myopic self-centered agenda, that it wants and is sure is right.

If Aries does not connect with the light of its soul, it uses its fire energy (and ego) to try to control others and situations. It creates problems that do not need to be problems. It annoys others, and it shoots itself in the foot. When we are connected to the light of our soul we experience oneness, within ourselves and with the Divine, and are thus available to experience a deep soul connection with other human beings.*

Story - No Problem

I love the story told to me by a father, whose family of four always gets up early to start their day. In the darkness of a winter morning, the mother makes eggs for the father, who puts generous amounts of ketchup on his breakfast. She makes a negative remark about ruining the taste of the eggs from their own hens. He retorts with another negative remark. What a perfect example of a useless discussion about different tastes.

The seven year old Aries son looks up and says "Is there a problem?" Mother and father are taken back. Then the son adds, "There doesn't have to be a problem". Wow! These wise words changed the whole scene and awakened everyone's heart. Both mother and father were so touched by this profound wisdom, that they continue to share this story and remember it in their daily lives. They are so inspired by their little boy!

It's useful to remember this elevated Aries touchstone - "There doesn't have to be a problem".

Me Me Me I see only Me, and Self-Discovery

The theme song of immature ego Aries is "Me me me me. I see only me me me me". The hidden truth behind these words, is that the process of self-discovery is the underpinning of our spiritual awakening.

  1. We each have our special formula that connects us to our soul. This we must discover within ourselves.
  2. Everyone is unique. Therefore, another's formula is not wrong and ours right. Each formula is simply different.
  3. We suffer from a lack-of-identity crisis, if we can't enjoy being alone.
  4. We can find meaning and deep connection in relationships, if we honor each other and support others in pursuing the path that works best for them. If we try to impose our path and strategies on others, we create conflict and separation.
  5. Through self-realization, we find God/Spirit. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. There are billions of human microcosms. We share a common connection in our relationship to the macrocosm. In fact, we experience our Oneness.
Self-Focus and Identity Structure

We each enter this life as a separate entity, with the lifetime task of finding our true identity. Learning our life lessons, self-empowerment and self-discovery all happen in the context of our personal consciousness, relationship to self and our world. As our human life unfolds, we discover what works for us, our special formula for happiness, peace, success and contribution.

Self-focus is a critical ingredient in our path of self-discovery. We are not referring to the limited ego dysfunction of self-indulgence, which unabashedly pursues its own self-interest at the expense of others (and at the expense of our higher self). Self-focus is the way we direct our attention and energy, so that we can discover our soul and the Divine within.

The Aries archetype represents the need for an identity structure to function in the world. When we lose (or never develop) a sense of our own identity, we get used, abused, manipulated, controlled, and remain estranged from our soul. Without a personal inner identity structure in place, we attempt to build a sense of self in relationships, and seek to identify ourselves outside ourselves. We enter into relationships where our designated role defines who we are, i.e. wife or husband of X, president of X. We join religious, spiritual, political, economic and social groups to establish, and to confirm, our identity.

Participating in groups that share mutual interests and camaraderie is one thing. It is quite another to NEED this association to define our who we are. This need is built into and characteristic of tribal consciousness. Without the tribe, we have no identity. Have you had the experience of meeting someone, and one of the first things they make known is their religious affiliation or professional position?

Personally I resist all categorization, which energetically feels like putting me in a box. Beliefs, titles and affiliations all create boxes. I like living outside the box. There are no boxes in oneness. In oneness there is one big ever-expanding heart!

The Path of Self and Relationship

The Aries archetype represents the path of the self. Aries' life journey is about evolving from ego identity to soul identity.

The path of Self - sounds good - but we must we forewarned of the most serious Aries/ego problem. The Aries/ego has a blind spot in its psyche. The Ram/ego isn't pretending to ignore others, disregard their needs, not listen to their opinions. The self-centered ego literally DOES NOT COMPUTE that anyone else exists. Other people, their needs and concerns, are out of the Ego's limited range of perception.

Although the ego may give lip service to another's value, its agenda is so self-centered that it doesn't live in the arena of give and take. Ego Aries computes competition, conflict and win-lose in relationships. Win-win for ego Aries is - everyone is on MY team or in my club.

The Aries/Libra axis is about our relationship with ourself and others. It is no mistake that Libra is Aries' polarity. Libra's role is to introduce Aries to the reality, that inviting others into your life actually adds value, and thus can be a supportive and an enriching win-win. Our inner Aries reaches higher states on consciousness when we can see and honor the Self in others.

Yogi Bhajan repeatedly told us, "If you don't see God in all, you don't see God at all". The highest expression of one is oneness. To see oneness, we have to be able to look through another's eyes as well as our own.

Learning Our Aries/Libra Lessons

From the Aries/Libra perspective, every life situation and relationship presents itself for us to learn lessons of self-empowerment, identifying our soul identity, and compassion for self and others. The nature of all our inter-personal relationships is one of honing life skills that open our heart to ourselves, and to each other.

If we observe (Libra - neutral mind), instead of getting emotionally entangled in our self-righteous, victim or power-over stories (Ego Aries), we can identify which lessons are presenting themselves for our edification, and we can discern the roles being played out by the actors. Of course, we are one of the actors. We are the lead actor in our own movie. Whatever the theme and storyline, there are always people willing to play the supporting roles. We play supporting roles in others movies as well. (Be sure to choose your 'supporting' roles carefully, so you don't get taken over by someone else's movie).

In our observer mode (Libra), we can identify the game we are currently engaged in. We and the other players are in our ego identity if we perceive the other(s) as:

  1. wrongfully challenging our worldview,
  2. victimizing us,
  3. refusing to be controlled, or allowing ourselves to be controlled,
  4. unable to see our point of view,
  5. unwilling to address our concerns, and
  6. convinced that they are right, and we are wrong.

From the vantage point of 'lessons to be learned', we can witness our interdependence. In our various roles, we are serving as mirrors for each other. Our actions and attitudes demonstrate firstly what we need to learn, and secondly what skills we need to acquire to become more empowered, compassionate and whole human beings. If there is conflict in our outer world, there is certainly conflict in our inner world. As we create peace in our inner world, it is wonderful to experience more peace in our outer world.

The Perspective of Self

Here is an exercise to help you look at yourself and others through the eye of oneness. We can experience our oneness through need identification. First, identify YOUR OWN

  1. needs,
  2. concerns,
  3. desires, and
  4. strategies you engage in to figure out what to do to survive and to get your basic needs met.

Seriously, make a detailed list. Next from the same empathetic stance, look into life of ANOTHER PERSON and do your best to make a list of this person's needs, concerns, desires and strategies. Do this firstly for someone you love, secondly for an antagonist, and lastly for someone who is not engaged in your movie.

What do you see? What do you feel in your heart? At some point we wake-up from our ego slumber. We realize that we are all doing our best to figure out how to live life down here on Planet Earth. Each one of us is constantly challenged to survive and meet our basic needs, to learn our lessons, and to advance to our shared goal of experiencing peace and love in a physical body. At some point we spontaneously identify our own and each others needs, acknowledge our common concerns, honor our shared desires, AND respond from our hearts.

Walls or Windows

Here is another exercise. Share some controversial information with someone and monitor their reaction. Here is an example. Recently I was in the presence of four neighbors and learned that one had a serious cancerous tumor. I shared about an alternative cancer cure. The energy field of all four glossed over, and created a barrier to my words. I could feel the wall created in order not to hear what I was saying. I witnessed how they had built a box around themselves with their beliefs. They simply could not hear what I was saying.

So I changed the subject and told this man I would hold him in my prayers. They all liked and were receptive to the prayer idea. The wall between us lifted and I felt a heart connection as I parted. I prayed every day for this young father, but the extensive chemotherapy unfortunately was unable to stop the cancer. He died in February.

We cannot judge what others (or even ourselves) could or should do, but we can keep our heart space open to assist others when we can, and to create more love in our neighborhood and on the Planet. There are so many lessons we can learn and love we can share, if we create windows instead of walls.

We don't have to like what others say, but we can learn to listen. If we hear something that does not ring true to us, we can move on. If someone wants us to join their movie, but we find there is not a fit, we can simply and gracefully say 'no thank you'. If we stay open instead of shut down and confined, we can

  1. learn something valuable,
  2. make ourselves available to receive,
  3. live in the arena of possibilities instead of in a cage of beliefs, and
  4. see and operate in life through the window of love.
Another Mode of Relating

As we expand our consciousness to the point where we actually experience our oneness with the Divine, all human beings, and all life, we build a foundation for another mode of interaction with ourselves, others, our planet and the Universe. From an awareness of oneness, we witness that everyone has their own point of view, perceptions of reality, needs and desires. We can create win-win situations if we honor each other, and support each other in getting our needs met. Our different points of view don't seem to matter so much when we are operating out of our heart.

If we find ourselves excluding instead of including, disrespecting instead of honoring, having an opinion instead of listening and being empathetic, there is a formula worth trying - expand our consciousness so that we are able to include, honor, listen and come from our hearts. In our heart we know that every interaction is either an attempt to give or to receive love.

Living in oneness, as our guiding point of reference, doesn't mean that everyone is going to like the same things, or follow the same path. It means that we can find inner peace and joy. How much inner conflictual dialogue do we create for ourselves because we are annoyed at what other people do and say? Expectations are formed from our opinions about the way things and people should be. How much grief do we create for ourselves from unmet expectations? With an attitude of acceptance and compassion, supported by our experience of oneness, we don't have to fight about our differences. We can find unity in diversity and peace within ourselves. We can do what Aries likes best - enjoy ourselves and enjoy our precious life!

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The mantra 'God and me, me and God are One' creates a unifying experience of oneness. You can practice this mantra in easy pose as well. In the kriya, it is chanted after relaxing on your back. Chant it until something shifts inside and you have an experience of this reality. You will know when it happens.

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