Our Inner World Creates Our Outer Reality

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #177, January 2, 2011
Planetary Alignments
Cosmic Awakenings - NEW is Our Touchstone for 2011

One date given for the beginning of the Aquarian Age is November 11th, 2011. That is this year! Other dates are in December 2012. Given the fact that astrological ages shift approximately every 2150 years, the most important thing is to prepare ourselves to operate in the new era. 2011 announces that we live in a new reality NOW.

As we enter the Aquarian Age, the Earth is being infused with higher frequency energies. To survive and thrive, it is imperative to align and work with these higher frequencies, that open our spiritual heart. Alignment is required. We align in the present moment. To do so we have to let go of the past. As we do our inner work and redirect our lives in 2011, we can use the following touchstones:

The Capricorn/Cancer Polarity

This is the third issue of New Millennium Being exploring major themes that set the tone in these transformational times. In Issue 175 we discussed ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS - a major theme of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity pair. In Issue 176 we investigated the theme of PERCEPTION and the TRUTH, the archetypal messages of Gemini and Sagittarius. In this issue we discuss the interaction between our INNER AND OUTER REALTIES, a major theme of the Capricorn/Cancer polarity partners.

The 12 Zodiac archetypes pair off into 6 polarity sets, each representing universal formulas for operating at a more functional and satisfying level. The Capricorn/Cancer polarity pair teaches us to examine, to connect with and to create a loving heart-centered inner reality, as the essential foundation for being successful and playing a contributory role in the world.

As explained in the last issue, the 12 astrological archetypes represent energetic patterns that express specific combinations of universal energies. Each forms cosmic matrices, that provide structures and pathways to focus our attention, and to direct our behavior. The evolution of consciousness is about clearing our perceptional mechanisms, so that we can perceive, integrate and operate from the highest expressions of these cosmic templates.

Eclipses Upgrade Our Consciousness and Our Lives

Planet Earth and all her inhabitants are immersed in a constant flow of vibratory frequencies. Every six months, the alignment of the Earth, Sun and Moon interrupts this electromagnetic flow, creating openings for major shifts in our lives. Eclipses expand the hard drive of our consciousness. The energetic openings make it possible to break old patterns and clear our vision, so we become aware of new options.

Lunar eclipses happen at the full moon, and expose unconscious programming and emotions that have controlled our lives and prevented us from moving forward. The extra-potent energy gives us a chance to release fears, and to upgrade our relationship with our emotional body.

Eclipses occur in the same sign and in approximately the same degree every 19 years. The issues that were highlighted in our lives 19 years ago come to the fore again. It is a time for completion and release, or advancement to the next level. During an eclipse, the prevailing grid of energies that supports the current configuration of archetypal energies is both disrupted and upgraded.

The current eclipses feature the archetypal energies of Capricorn and Cancer. These eclipses support and further the unfoldment of energies birthed during the July 2009 and 2010 eclipses. The major theme is the empowerment of the Mother/Feminine primal force. Both Capricorn (Earth) and Cancer (water) are feminine signs. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is often associated with the masculine. This is an example of the appropriation of feminine energies into the patriarchal paradigm. The lunar and solar eclipses expose this travesty, and further clear the way for the reintegration of the empowered feminine into our inner and outer lives.

Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse - January 4th

New moons begin a new yearly cycle in that sign. At this new moon, both the Sun and the Moon are at 13° Capricorn. planets at 13° (plus or minus 3°) in your birth chart will be affected, as well as the territory indicated in your chart where 13° Capricorn falls.

The Capricorn archetype asks us to examine 'Who am I in the world?' Our Capricorn lessons oblige us to take responsibility for our lives and for what we create. The wisdom of Capricorn is to acquire maturity by learning from our past, and choosing to carry with us only that which helps us to achieve our soul goals, and to realize our life purpose.

Capricorn and its ruler Saturn oblige us to:

  1. focus on earthly practicalities,
  2. operate within the limits of time, available resources and sustainability,
  3. be accountable, and
  4. act with integrity.

Key lessons and qualities to be developed under Capricorn's influence include discipline, commitment, and dedication to a higher purpose.

The Capricorn archetype is about becoming our own authority. We must quit looking to external authorities for direction, validation and rules to follow. Instead we must look inside our own hearts for guidance, approval and love.

Immature Capricorn can be either submissive or domineering. Our immature Capricorn succumbs to ego aggrandizement, entitlement, a victim and martyr mentality and self punishment - made worse by poison bullets of blame and guilt. We either abuse power or we abdicate power.

The Capricorn archetype represents the stage of self-mastery that integrates both the inner and outer facets of our being. Self-mastery requires us to be both a saint and a warrior. 'Saint' means we can maintain a conscious connection with the Divine and be guided by higher principles and the truth. 'Warrior' means that we can fearlessly take a stand for the truth. If we can't connect with the truth, we can't do what is right for ourselves and for the highest good of all. Saints who are not warriors make themselves vulnerable to control and manipulation by warriors who are not saints.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Pisces - January 4th

The New Moon/solar eclipse is intensified by the simultaneous conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus (at 27° Pisces). This is their third and final conjunction. (The first was on June 8th, 2010 at 0° Aries. The second was on September 18th, 2010 at 29° Pisces). Jupiter and Uranus rendezvous every 13-14 years. The last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct was in February 1997 in Aquarius. The last time they were conjunct in Pisces was in 1334!

When the planet of expansion (Jupiter) and the planet of surprises and revolutionary change (Uranus) meet, we can expect quantum shifts in consciousness, deep inner transformation, significant developments in our outer world, more sensitive attunement to subtle energies and non-physical realities, and increased awareness of our oneness and interdependence. Jupiter and Uranus create sudden surprises, miracles and magic. Things can change very quickly when they collaborate. Major breakthroughs, innovations, technological advances and expansion of awareness happen in the years when these 2 planets conjunct. Have you noticed sudden changes in circumstances and direction? Stay tuned, the Jupiter/Uranus party is in process.

Cancer - Our Inner Emotional Reality

Capricorn's polarity, Mother Cancer, protects and nurtures her children and all life, so that we can grow and develop into mature beings. Feelings and emotions guide our way in this sensitive inner territory, where we must constantly be attentive to that which supports us, keeps us safe, nurtures us and helps us get our needs met.

Our immature Cancer is a victim of unexpressed hidden emotions, that sabotage our well-being and success in the world. The poor me, needy Crab indulges in self-pity, complains, feels like a victim and hides (and suffers) in codependent relationships. Controlled by fear, we are unable to ask for what we need. We hope that others will figure out our needs and attend to them. They won't! Get real. We must learn to clearly and directly ask for what we want.

As long as we deny, and are unable to take care of our own emotional needs and our feelings, we remain our own worst enemy. Our major Cancer lesson is to stop letting our subconscious programming subvert the power of our emotions. We must learn to relate to our emotions as the communication system of our soul. We must acknowledge this subtle power and reclaim it to heal, nurture and enrich our lives.

Cancer Full Moon - January 19th and the Dynamics of Inner and Outer Reality

The Cancer Full Moon, January 19th, is the fourth of five full moons in a row that happen at the very last degree of the sign. Where is 29° Cancer and Capricorn in your birth chart? Cancer and Capricorn have something very important to teach us. Cancer represents our inner, emotional world. Capricorn represents our role in the world - our profession, our destiny path, our contribution, recognition, worldly achievement and remuneration for our efforts.

This polarity pair invites us to get in touch with how the state of our inner reality creates our outer reality - how our outer circumstances are a reflection of our inner consciousness. A fear-based, low self-esteem, victim attitude generates relationships and circumstances that substantiate that mindset. Affirmations, intentions and prayers to the contrary don't have a chance, if we sabotage them with negativity, complaining, fear and doubt.

Obviously our inner and outer realities constantly interact. Our experiences as a child played a big role in forming the inner reality from which we now operate. We were also born with predispositions and karmic imprints. Of course, loving, secure, stable and uplifting environments support us in reducing fear, and instilling a base of love in our consciousness. How do we attract and create this higher quality of life?

The Capricorn/Cancer pair teaches us the necessity of upgrading the state of our inner reality, in order to create sustainable shifts in our lives. To move to another level of manifestation and fulfillment, we must identify the fear-based dynamics of our inner reality, and then do what it takes to cultivate a love-based operating mode. Our inner reality is something that we CAN and MUST do something about. For example, when our psyche no longer needs relationships to feel loved, validated, supported and secure, we can easily let go of abusive relationships and attract more wholesome partnerships.

Cancer invites us to love ourselves, to nurture our bodies, to be kind to our feelings, to enjoy the richness of our emotions and to honor our emotions as the instinctual communication mechanism of our soul.

2010 in Perspective

Given the heavy duty astrological configurations that were at play during 2010, it is no surprise that the past year was intense, and filled with both breakdowns and breakthroughs. Everyone got hammered, shook up or in some major way challenged, so don't feel singled out! You were not alone.

In 2010 our personal and collective patterns, belief systems, modes of being and structures that held the old fear-based paradigm in place, were not only exposed; it became evident that they were falling apart. The good news is that the higher frequencies of love are making it possible (obliging us) to recalibrate our psyche. As we do so, we are able to perceive ourselves, others and reality through a clear lens, and to operate from our hearts.

The entire planet is being recalibrated, with energies that open new doors and provide us with new choices. The higher frequencies awaken our mind and make us more aware and more conscious, but the past must be released to walk through these welcoming doors. Cleaning our inner closets is required to operate with an awakened consciousness. As I explained in Issue 175, death precedes rebirth. The old must die in order to give birth to the new.

We have learned in 2010, and will continue to learn in 2011, that debts from the past must be paid. Goodbyes are in order. Forgiveness is required. Something must be sacrificed. We can't keep the past and create a new future too. As we move into 2011, let go and allow the Universal Organizing Force to work for you. Deal in the currencies of gratitude, kindness, humility and grace.

Birth of a New Life in 2011

2010 was a year of endings and transition. 2011 is the year to birth the new. The birthing process comes with mixed emotions - excitement, trepidation, overwhelmingness, hope, and feelings of both loss and renewal. We may want to hold on, but we have to let go. What once offered us comfort now creates problems. We have to find new strategies to replace the ones that don't work anymore. We are confronted with the challenges of learning by trial and error, as we find our way in new territory.

2011 is a year of vision, action, purpose, deeper meaning and fulfillment. Continuing to do our inner work is imperative. We have to recalibrate our frequency with the higher planetary frequencies. The flower of our soul can bloom when we are guided by our heart, and speak and act from our truth.

The first half of 2011 is the time to initiate new projects, to trust yourself and to follow your heart. Don't wait for all the conditions to be perfect. It is important to use the energy from January through June to take action, to step out of our comfort zone, to embark on new projects and journeys, and to break free from unsupportive relationships and unrewarding circumstances. Dare to take a giant step forward. Clarify what you need to reach your goals and move forward the best you can. The second half of the year will be less intense and less action oriented. We will be nurturing the seeds that have been blessed to take root.

My Personal Mini Survey

I have been taking a mini survey of people's attitudes toward 2011. Everyone has said something positive. The most common used word is 'hopeful'. A highly-placed official in the Afghan Foreign Ministry even told me he was 'hopeful' for the future of his country. Wow! (Let's hold that as a prayer). Personally, I believe that if we continue to take care of our bodies, align in the heart and upgrade our consciousness, 'optimistic, innovative, exiting and life-changing' will be defining qualities in 2011.

Jupiter in Aries

The first potent shift in 2011 happens January 22nd, when Jupiter moves into Aries. Jupiter will be in Aries territory only until June 3rd, just over 4 months. Jupiter was in Aries for 3 months from June 6th through September 7th, 2010. Jupiter usually stays in a sign for about a year, but this time its visit was interrupted due to a period of retrograde motion. Jupiter's second quick tour through Aries accelerates the pace of transformation, creativity and need for constructive action.

Aries energy is fiery, bold, exciting and courageous. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents the birthing process. We are each being reborn into a higher expression of our soul. Jupiter in Aries motivates us to plant the seeds that will become the foundation for our new lives.

We are going to be inspired to take action, to follow our truth and to break away from any form of external control and dependency. We will feel a need to be free, autonomous and independent. We are going to feel a burst of energy that propels us to change, to honestly express ourselves, and to be creative.

Aries is raw primal energy that must be expressed. The impulsive Ram energy can get us into trouble. Be careful not to blindly bulldoze yourself into projects and relationships, without first checking in with your heart. Also, by all means check in with realistic Saturn, who accurately monitors physical laws and limits. Meditate on the consequences of directing your energy before making choices. What are your motivations? Can this endeavor be sustained in the long term? Is this the seed you want to plant and nurture in the years to come?

Our Inner Check-In

The purpose of our new freedom is not random chaos or an excuse to vent our pent up emotions. The wild primal Aries energy is to be used to move forward on our destiny path, to offer our unique contribution to the world, and to shine the light of our soul.

While Jupiter is in Aries, it is critical to monitor our inner reality, and how it is impacting what we attract and create in the world. Are we motivated by the passion of our soul to share our gifts, to create from our heart and to make a difference in the world, or are we still controlled by anger, need for revenge and limited ego? Jupiter indiscriminately expands our emotional projection into the world and the Universe. We are the ones who have to be conscious of what we are projecting. Our best bet is to project joy and love. Neutrality, acceptance and allowing also work. Guaranteed - fear and anger won't give us the results we want. One thing is for sure, it is going to be a very interesting year!

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - Posture and an Open Heart

New choices, new priorities and a new life can be supported by open-hearted posture. Our posture is a good indicator of the relationship between our inner and outer realities. A fear-based, apprehensive inner reality protects itself by closing our heart. The more confident we are, and the more we courageously embrace life, the easier it is to reflect this inner reality with an upright, self-assured posture.

Poor posture is also a bad habit. We slouch over our computer as we bring our head out in front of our body to read the screen. We think too much and feel too little.

I am choosing to make good posture and an open heart one of my primary goals of 2011. How about joining me?

Poor posture exaggerates the 'S' curve in our spine, creating a hump in our upper back and either a collapsed lower spine or an over extended lower back.

We can work on our posture during our Kundalini Yoga practice, while walking, cooking, driving, standing, doing any household task and while we are on the computer.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Lengthen Your Spine
    A healthy spine requires lubricating the discs between the vertebrae. When we sit slouched and bent over, our discs are compressed. The discs are lubricated with blood as we stretch.

    Feel a string at the top of your head pulling your spine up toward the ceiling.
  2. Position Your Head on Top of Your Spine
    When we are preoccupied with thinking, instead of feeling in our body, our energy consolidates in our head. We actually lead with our head when we walk, talk and move. When our head is in front of our body, our spine and shoulders have to strain to support our head. This causes stress and pain in the muscles underneath our shoulder blades.

    From the back of your neck pull your head back over your spine, until you can feel your shoulders relax and the shoulder blades fall down.

    Notice what happens to your chest. It rises and your heart opens.
  3. Lift up from Your Diaphragm
    Our posture collapses when it is not supported, by the muscles in our diaphragm and the front of our body. Notice how your solar plexus caves in. This happens as we attempt to feel safe and to protect ourselves.

    Lift up your diaphragm from the solar plexus. Follow the upward movement of the diaphragm by using the muscles in your chest to raise your chest toward your chin. The little used muscles in the front of our body are used to being lazy. They must be strengthened to support a straight spine. These muscles must be developed. Pulling up from the back of the neck develops the back muscles. Lifting the chest develops our front muscles. We can alternate between the two to develop the different muscle groups.
  4. Do All Kundalini Yoga Exercises with an Open Heart
    It is critical to monitor your posture during Kundalini Yoga practice. Always apply the above guidelines while doing the asanas. Do not compromise an open heart by bending over to lengthen your stretch, or to touch your head to your knee in leg stretches. A good stretch is possible at any degree of flexibility.
  5. Monitor How You Use Your Neck
    Our neck is very mobile, but our upper back is usually tight. As a consequence, we use our neck when it is not appropriate. Notice if you engage and tense your neck when you do navel exercises like stretch pose and leg lifts. The neck should be relaxed. Ooops! We are using our neck muscles to compensate for weak abdominal muscles. Monitor your neck, and do only what you can do with a relaxed neck. Work on strengthening lower body muscles, especially the small core abdominal muscles, and not just the large psoas muscles.
  6. Check Your Posture During Meditation and while on the Computer
    Constantly monitor your posture during sitting in meditation and while on the computer. We are so used so slumping.
    • Pull your navel in and up toward your spine, adjusting the spine so you are sitting on your sit bones.
    • Feel connected to the Earth from your sit bones and the base of your spine
    • Pull your spine up from the back of your neck to lengthen it. Then relax, but do not slump.
    • Pull up on your diaphragm and lift up on your chest muscles to open your heart.
    • Remember to breathe long and deep up and down your spine.
    • Work on your posture while you breathe - expanding, opening and elongating.
  7. A Smile Is Your Indicator Light
    When your spine is correctly positioned and your heart is open, you might notice a smile on your face and joy in your heart.
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