Gemini - Playful Wisdom and Truth

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #182, May 22, 2011
Planetary Alignments
Gemini Wisdom and Playfulness

Once a year the Sun shines its light through the constellation of Gemini. One month a year we are given the opportunity to integrate the deep wisdom of Gemini into our psyche. It is Gemini's opposite polarity, Sagittarius, that is usually associated with wisdom. Gemini is associated with fun. Gemini is 'the happy sign'. Gemini introduces us to the fascinating workings of the mind, the dance of the polarities, and endless, entertaining activities. Everything is interesting to and amuses Gemini, and therein lies Gemini's wisdom. Gemini's ultimate goal is to transcend to the dimension of cosmic humor, where we see the Divine play. From the cosmic perspective, we perceive beyond the details, and witness the bigger game taking place on planet Earth.

In case you read no further (and in case you do read to the end), let's start out with the First Gemini Guideline - Don't take things (your issues, ego trips, and stories) too seriously. If we use this lighthearted Gemini wisdom as our commanding guideline, we have a chance to make it through the next few months, and to ride the waves of change through 2012. If not, we risk being beat up by the tsunamis of 'truth or consequences', that oblige each of us to pay off karma and to undergo profound shifts in consciousness. Deep inner transformation is the current name of the game. Since Gemini loves games, it can teach us how to play, so that we can have a winning attitude during our skirmishes with both our inner and outer realities.

Face the Truth of Being Human

Let's face it, transformation of consciousness has its uncomfortable and distasteful components. Waking up exposes some disturbing facts. It's painful to realize that:

However, shifts in consciousness require us to become aware of how our subconscious programming controls our reality. It's both truthful and powerful to admit our foolishness, our ignorance, and how our neuroses command our thoughts and emotions. Second Gemini Guideline on how to deal with life - Tell the truth. Admit the facts: I am neurotic. I have done many stupid things. I am gullible. Fear controls my life. Anger dictates my actions, etc. Make your own list.

Before you get too far into making your list and feeling bad about yourself, we need the next Gemini guideline, which helps us keep this potentially debilitating 'empowerment' process in perspective. Third Gemini Guideline - We are all human. EVERYONE has a similar list, distinguished only by our individual flavor. EVERYONE has their own brand of neuroses. EVERYONE does stupid things. This is the nature of Earth School. Every man and woman came into a human body to play the big game - to figure out how we can transmute our neuroses into gifts, how we can wake-up and stay awake, how we can move up the chain of consciousness, and how we can experience Divine Love while in physical form.

Time for an Upgrade

Everyone 'makes mistakes' and everyone has to deal with the consequences of their actions. A reframe of 'making mistakes' could help us be more compassionate with ourselves and others. In Earth School, we learn by experimentation and experience, and this process can be painful. The law of cause and effect can be rude and ruthless. We can cut ourselves a bit of slack if we keep in mind the nature of physical reality. We live in a tough environment. It is not our fault, that in dense physical reality it is difficult to compute the Truth, to find the Light, and to tune into the Love that is easily accessible out of a body. The dense frequency creates an energetic environment, where we perceive separation from the Infinite. As a result, we live in a state of fear and doubt.

When we live in and vibrate at lower frequencies, and our reality is limited to what is computed by our dualistic mind, we can be easily consumed by expressions of fear, anger and sadness. We act out our special brand of neuroses, because this is how we perceive reality and how we identify who we are. It is certainly a challenge for us humans to awaken to an expanded reality, where we can actually experience universal Love and operate from this knowing. We have to significantly upgrade our sensory preceptors, to be able to witness and vibrate with the higher frequencies that compute truth, love, peace and harmony.

The basic human problem is our low level of consciousness. The less conscious we are, the more our wounded programming determines our actions, and the more we do foolish things. The more conscious we are, the more we have access to our intuition, our soul guidance, and the easier it is to make good (better) decisions, and take right (more appropriate) action. The more conscious we are, the less we deceive ourselves and each other. The current planetary activity indicates openings for becoming more conscious human beings. Deception (at all levels) is being exposed, and expanded perceptions of reality are becoming more and more available.

Perception, Causality and Oneness

Concerning perception - it is our custom to talk about the planets and astrological events in ways that portray them as causal factors in our lives, i.e. Pluto entered Capricorn, therefore we will be impacted in specific Capricorn ways. Actually, astrological events are indicators of universal energy shifts that affect us, not because they are acting upon us, but because we are one with these energies. As the planets shift, we shift. We are all (the planets, you and me) riding in the same vehicle (the Universe). We (the planets, you and me) are all empowered by and express the same universal energies. The friendly Universe set up 'the system' so that we could use the planets to help us figure out what is going on, and how to use the current energies that are active in the Universe and in us. Thank you Universe for this gift!

Three Eclipses and Four Planetary Shifts Indicate Change!

We all have our own formula for resisting change, but change is the name of the game in Earth School. It is through deep inner transformation that we find peace, love, satisfaction and freedom. Fortunately the Universe helps us out. We are currently getting a lot of help in the form of three catalytic eclipses in a row, starting with the Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 1st. These eclipses indicate openings, that make it possible for us to awaken our sensory faculties to a broader bandwidth of reality and truth. If you ever had the thought, or the wish, to be more in touch with your truth and 'the Truth', hitch a ride on the current energies, as they present us with an expose of 'what you always wanted to know' and 'what you wish you didn't know'.

In addition to the Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 1st and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, 3 planets change direction and one changes sign. All this activity is happening within 2 weeks!

Perceptual Shifts

All this planetary activity happens while the Sun shines in Gemini. The theme of the Gemini and Sagittarius polarity pair is truth and perception. These mind archetypes help us understand reality from a broader perspective. Gemini's ruler, Mercury, is the mythic god who freely moves between heaven, Earth and the underworld. Mercury represents the ability of our mind to connect with our unconscious, our conscious mind, and higher states of consciousness. An interesting thing about Mercury, is that it is the only mythic god without a defined home. The mechanism of our mind roams freely in all our inner worlds. It must be trained if we wish to direct it to our higher mind.

As a representative of our mind, Mercury is accurately depicted as the trickster. Our mind can and does mislead and deceive us. Transcending the manipulation and deception of our dualistic mind is one of our most important and challenging human tasks.

Sagittarius' ruler Jupiter is no less of a trickster. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, specializes in expansion. When naïve Jupiter collaborates with our undirected, gullible and ego directed mind, the pair can expand our deception in ways that get us into serious trouble. We don't have to look very far to find examples in our personal lives! Yikes! The media, on a daily basis, reveals the antics of others whose level of deception constitutes not only personal misjudgment, but abuse of political and economic power. The revelation of deception, misrepresentation and shocking lies will intensify. Many of the revelations appear to be focused on personal miscalculations, but from a broader perspective, we can witness the underpinnings of structural change.

The most important thing for each of us individually, is to be honest with ourselves so that we can identify where old beliefs, fears and illusions create unnecessary pain and struggle, and limit our creativity, happiness and success in life.

Our Lens to Reality is Expanding

Our view of the world, ourselves, others and the Universe is a reflection of how the camera of our mind takes in and processes information. What we choose to focus on, and how we interpret, define, and categorize incoming information, is determined by the lens that inputs the data. Our individualized lens is formed by our soul blueprint, our life experiences, our past life imprints AND is a work in progress. Two important goals of our spiritual path are to firstly constantly expand our field of awareness, and secondly to continually grind our lens to compute more truth and less illusion (more honesty and less lies).

Practicing spiritual technologies like Kundalini Yoga and meditation gives us the opportunity to participate in and expedite the expansion and grinding process. The Universe also helps us out by creating energetic openings. Solar and lunar eclipses, which happen every six months, disrupt the flow of energy coming to Earth from the Sun and Moon. The interruption of infrared and ultraviolet rays from the Sun during a solar eclipse creates openings that have the effect of 'downloading new programs, reconfiguring and rebooting our consciousness".(1) As the Moon moves through the shadow of the Earth during a lunar eclipse, buried memories and emotions that empower our subconscious conditioning are revealed. We get to see the negative programming that controls our reality.

Evolution in Consciousness

Evolution in human consciousness happens in relation to our experience and expression of the two universal polarities:

  1. We experience the stable polarity in our neutral mind. In its highest expression, the stable polarity is consciousness and Truth. In our human life the stable male polarity of our soul is expressed as intuition, good judgment and wisdom.
  2. We experience the flowing polarity in our physical and emotional bodies. The highest expressions of the flowing polarity are co-creation and transformation. In human life, the flowing female polarity of our soul is best expressed when we are able to relax, enjoy going with the flow of life, and offer our creative gifts.

Observing the planetary alignments helps us understand the energies that are influencing us. Currently, these energies indicate profound changes in how we experience and express the two universal polarities in our psyche. The Gemini and Sagittarius archetypes deal with our expression of the stable male polarity. (Next issue we discuss the female feeling polarity).

Interfacing with the Universal Mind

Gemini and Sagittarius are concerned with how our mind interfaces with the Universal Mind. The qualities available in our neutral mind are the closest we can get to experiencing something that is constant and stable. Because the human mind is created to access and express the universal stable polarity, it is wired to register and compute stability. The problem is that in our unconscious state, with only our dualistic mind available (without access to our neutral channel), our mind computes rigidity. Our 'rational' mind makes up belief systems that we consider to be the truth. Controlled by our beliefs, our mind's camera looks at the world through this made-up belief structure. It tells us 'this is reality'. Because we believe it, we operate from 'this truth'. Locked into the rigid perceptions of our dualistic mind, we obscure, distort and distance ourselves from all levels of the truth - personal, circumstantial and universal truths.

The only way to have a more accurate interface with the Universal Mind, truth and consciousness, is to open up the lens in our neutral mind. We can access unencumbered space in our neutral mind, where there are no beliefs, no interpretations, and no distorted filters. In our neural channel, we can bypass the rigid beliefs and tendencies created in our dualistic mind, and we can access the Truth and consciousness. In our neutral mind we can experience a space, a silence, a sound, and a stability that simply IS.

Our challenge, of course, is to keep our attention focused on the space, sound, silence and stability, which keep our neutral channel open. Our ever-active dualistic mind incessantly vies for our attention, and loves to indulge in an endless and fruitless discussion of stories, fantasies, judgments and interpretations. (Gemini Guidelines - Do not take these stories seriously. Don't believe everything you think!)

Our Neutral Lens - Fantasy and Fiction vs. Facts and Reality

Every life challenge confronts us with fantasy vs. facts, with fiction vs. reality. We create fantasies and fiction in our dual mind and sustain them in our emotional body. The emotions of fear, anger and sadness feed our fantasies and our pain. We are conditioned to want things to be a certain way. Our dualistic mind stealthfully makes ups fictions to keep our distorted storyline going.

The secret to objectivity is to look at the world and ourselves from the neutral lens, as provided by our neutral mind. From the vantage point of our neutral lens, we become aware of our conditioning, stories, beliefs, fears, and neuroses. We can liberate ourselves with 'the facts and the truth', which are available in our neutral mind. We open the neutral space in our mind so that we can connect with the universal mind; and then we let it help us.

The neutral space creates a vacuum that sucks in energies (stories, illusions), that need to be transformed by 'the Truth'. We don't have to seek out the Truth. It becomes available as long as we can keep our neutral channel open. We must resist judgment and analysis, which pulls us back into our dualistic mind. We apply our effort to focusing on the quality (space, silence, neutrality, stability, peace) that pulls us into and holds us in our neutral space, and maintains our connection with the Universal Mind.

We allow our neutral space to be our Guru. We patiently wait, without expectations, for a response, answers, insights and awakenings. With patience and attention, we witness the limiting beliefs and assumptions created from conditioning, misunderstanding and ignorance, as they are exposed. Falsehoods simply don't hold up in the Light of Truth. It all happens effortlessly if we are in a state of allowing. In our neutral mind, we hold the space for the Truth to be known to us. We trust that there is a pathway through every problem. We trust that there is resolution at the right time, and in the right frequency. The power and the strength available from the Universal mind pulls us deeper into this expanded universal reality of peace and love.

Ego to Soul Consciousness - Identity Shift

One of our biggest perceptional shifts happens as our identity shifts from ego to soul consciousness. We can create this shift by simply shifting our attention - FROM listening to, believing in and acting upon the fantasies and fictions of our conditioning and dualistic mind, TO listening, to believing in and acting upon the 'truth and facts' that we access in our neutral channel. We don't have to kill our ego. In fact, trying to kill our ego is a misguided and ineffective strategy. We just have to shift our control and guidance mechanism from our dual mind to our neutral mind. We stop listening to our thoughts and start listening to our intuition. We stop acting on our impulses and start honoring our instinctual messages. Our dualistic mind and emotional body line up with our truth as it becomes more consciously available. Our job is to make our soul truth more accessible, so that we can be at choice AND make better choices.

Our job is to remember our soul identity, and to cultivate the space and frequency that allows our higher self to permeate our inner and outer realities. As we expand our mind, upgrade our definition of self, and reframe our life, things show up differently. When we live in an identity of love and service, we attract and create from that identity and purpose.

We can take advantage of the higher frequencies available to energetically step into new identities and realities. Again, we have to be aware of self-deception in our mind. A mental concept computes only as a good idea. We have to vibrate with the higher frequencies to embody them, to make it possible for us to operate differently. Inner shifts are real firstly when we can actually live from a compassionate experience of who we really are and why we are here, and secondly when we can actually feel and embody our essences as a servant of love, a wise man or woman, a courageous warrior of the truth, etc. It is feeling awareness that delivers us to new levels of reality and truth - freedom, joy and trust.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is a rich and unique compilation of the core teachings and Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations of Yogi Bhajan.

The new Second Edition, revised and updated,is ready to welcome a whole new generation of students to this life-changing technology. It offers powerful and effective techniques to both teacher and student, to empower your lower chakras and open your heart to unconditional love.

Contains literally dozens of meditations to access heart and soul consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga - Dealing with Our Mind and Emotions

Our big test in 2011 is to learn how to deal with our mind and emotions - our human expressions of the two universal polarities. Being present to what we don't want to hear and feel in the moment is critical. It is in feeling awareness that lower frequencies are transmuted to higher vibrations. We have to be willing to be with our uncomfortable edges in order to break up the old blocks, and to unleash stuck energy.

The foundation of our freedom builds as we release the rigidity in our mind. Thoughts activate emotions. Emotions and thoughts collaborate to keep our obsessive patterns alive. Mantras cut through our rigid thoughts and soothe our emotions. The secret is to choose your guru mantra and keep it going in the background in your mind. Meet your obsessive thoughts with your guru mantra. Don't fight the thoughts; focus on the mantra and trust it to do its job. Sacred mantras work, whether you believe in them or not. Use your guru mantra as a lullaby for emotions that are crying for attention. Feel the vibration of the sounds in your body.

Guru Mantra in 2011 - Guru Ram Das

There are many mantras in Kundalini Yoga that can serve as your guru mantra. I love the Guru Ram Das mantra because of its powers, and because it has a rhythm that makes is easy to keep it going in my psyche even when I am asleep or focusing on something else. With practice, you can imprint it in your psyche, and be able to call upon it when needed. The meditation below can be done for 11, 22 or 31 minutes. This is a very blissful meditation that keeps you in your body. Vibrating with this mantra produces healing, magic and miracles, the greatest being a profound awakening of consciousness.

I love this meditation! It puts me into a deep connected space! I finish my Kundalini Yoga Sadhana with a few minutes of this meditation.

Another tip is to keep your head up, and looking straight to the horizon from your third eye. Most of us look down, way too much of the time, which influences our posture as well as our perspective. During as many daily activities as possible and practical, practice keeping the focus at your third eye beaming to infinity.

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