Scorpio - Transformation, Transitions and 11-11-11

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #186, November 7, 2011
Planetary Alignments
Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon, November 10th

Saturn has been in Libra for almost two years (since October 30th, 2009), highlighting the general theme of relationships, and exposing uncomfortable and practical facts about the reality, and thus viability, of our partnerships. Many relationships have been challenged by the reality checks that Saturn imposes - some have survived by getting more authentic, and others have proved unsustainable and ended. Saturn remains in Libra one more year.

October 6th, 2012, Saturn enters Scorpio through December 2014. Scorpio's territory includes the deep inner reality that makes or breaks relationships. This deep, penetrating water sign and its master planet, Pluto, demand authenticity and brutal honesty. Hidden agendas and wounded programming that hide uncomfortably in our subconscious, and continually sabotage our best conscious intentions, are exposed.

The Taurus Full Moon confronts the Sun in Scorpio November 10, giving us a preliminary taste of what we must deal with while Saturn is in Scorpio. Determining and living from our values is a major Taurean theme. Our true soul values are often hidden under fantasies, illusions, emotional neediness and programmed reflexes. The Bull's Scorpionic soulmate, or polarity, is intent upon penetrating below our superficial demands and needs, and ferreting out the truth. Scorpio exposes what has been repressed and disowned, which is not only our shadow, but our underdeveloped strengths, our gifts and our light.

As you may well notice at this Full Moon, and during the days preceding it, the interactive dynamics of Taurus and Scorpio can make us feel very uncomfortable. What makes this discomfort trying, and sometimes almost unbearable, is that we don't understand what is happening and why. When we feel miserable and can't identify the cause, or unsuccessfully try to deny what is happening, we are in Scorpionic territory. These deep feelings generally defy rational understanding, and require sensitive non-verbal awareness to penetrate into the inner depths of our psyche. The truth is made known to us only after we have gone through certain tests and trials, and been subjected to the inner cauldron of transformation.

Regeneration and Rebirth

Both Taurus and Scorpio represent archetypes of regeneration and rebirth. The Bull seeks physical comfort and pleasure. Scorpio won't let that happen until the next level of our subconscious basement is cleaned out. The beautiful flowers that we love in the spring come AFTER Scorpio's underground revamping of our inner reality. The best way to go through Scorpio's tunnel is to fix our vision on the sign at the end - 'The truth will set you free'. Both Pluto and Scorpio want us to enjoy the flowers. They know that, to sprout a beautiful garden we must clean out the weeds, so that there is room for the flowers to grow.

Taurus teaches us that the quality of the soil in our garden is determined by our values. We must engage in a soulful evaluation of what is most dear and important to us, and this is where we have to get real by Scoprio's standards. No idealized fantasies, as portrayed in the romanticized 'lived happily ever after' and superficial perfect soulmate scenarios.

The inventory of our values starts with SELF VALUE. The foundation upon which all else is built is the value that we accord to our own being. It is time to ask yourself - "What do you value about yourself and how can you make yourself more valuable?" Not more salable, but more authentic, radiant and precious in your own eyes. How can you be truly and uniquely yourself? From self-worth, all else manifests.

So, for this Taurus Full Moon put away those lists of external desires, and focus on your personal self worth, and the inner soil from which your life manifestations can grow unencumbered from the past, freely expressing the light of your soul. Cultivate your inner garden with self-love and kindness. Take care of your body with good food and appropriate exercise. Daily Sadhana is how we nurture the inner garden of our soul.


The Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon happens on the eve of 11-11-11. Three celestial bodies go direct just before this auspicious day, adding energy to move both forward and upward. The asteroid Ceres, which represents what nurtures us and how we nurture ourselves, turns direct November 6th. November 9th Neptune, our Divine Connection, goes direct at 28° Aquarius. Chiron in Pisces, what we must heal to do our destiny, goes direct November 10th.

To understand the nature of the current transformative period, and to do our best to use this energy productively, we must realize that we are living in a time of radical choice. The world is polarized in so many ways. The basic division is between those who remain in duality, victim, fear and patriarchal consciousness, and those who choose and are able to operate out of unity, love and self-worth, and inner-empowered consciousness.

For those reading these words we, of course, choose unity consciousness. However, the process of extricating ourselves from millennia of subjugation, and psychological warfare, is not accomplished by a celebratory event. Actually living in the consciousness of oneness requires daily inner work. Although it is certainly much easier than it used to be, inner training is necessary.

From Belief to Experience

By some calculations and some declarations, 11/11/11 is the transition date from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Whatever we believe, or don't believe, about the accuracy of this date, Yogi Bhajan's teaching is most relevant, that the Aquarian Age is about shifting our operating mode from relying on belief systems and dogma, into building our personal experience of reality. Beliefs form a tenuous substitute in our psyche, when we lack the actual experience upon which to base our reality. Experience requires a conscious inner reality, which is the foundation for how we choose to guide our soul's journey in this physical world.

The 'day after the end of the Mayan Calendar', October 28th, the world did not end as some had predicted or feared. Actually, October 29th was a very special day for me because I was teaching a workshop in Stockholm, and enjoying how together we created and vibrated a high frequency space of love. 11-11-11 will be similar. We will wake-up to another day, but because we have collectively given importance to this date, and dedicated time to meditate individually and collectively, we will align with the vibrations of love that are now available on the Planet.

Now that 11-11-11 is here and soon past, let us assess the progress we have made, in upgrading and aligning our inner reality with the higher frequencies of the heart, and continue to do our part in creating a heart-centered Aquarian Age.

I explained the dynamic of the number eleven in Issue 178, and offered suggestions on how to cultivate 'eleven' consciousness. I repeat a partially edited version below, with an invitation to assess the progress you have made this year. Of course, our journey to the heart continues in 2012 and beyond, so keep this issue handy.

Eleven Requires a Recalibration

To experience the consciousness of the number eleven, we must recalibrate our psyche, and establish our personal resonance with the frequencies of love and higher consciousness. Eleven is about adapting to the frequencies that resonate with the heart chakra. Our job is to upgrade our vibration, so that we connect with and operate in the new energy grid. As we recalibrate our own energy field, we participate in co-creating, and grounding, the paradigm of love on the planet. As we release our own fear programming, we help release mass consciousness from the matrix of fear and separation, and help install a new matrix of love and unity on the planet.

Eleven represents an elevated stage, where we are liberated from the conflicts and confusion of our dualistic mind. We attain 'God and me, me and God are one' consciousness. We experience that our will is aligned with divine will. We can finally relax into the eternal flow of life, and enjoy this blissful state of existence. It is most important to know that, this consciousness cannot be maintained if we are only in our upper chakras or out of our body. This state of being can be consistently available to us only is we are in feeling awareness in our body.

Eleven and Two

Eleven has a very tricky dynamic because it is unstable. Eleven obviously reduces to two. To remain in eleven, 1 + 1 have to equal 1, i.e. unity consciousness. This means that we have to experience our oneness with the universal energy that flows through us and all life. If we are unable to do so, we revert back to 2 or our negative mind.

When we are attuned to eleven consciousness, we can rise above the fray and flow with the cosmic current. If not, we fall back into the lower expressions of the negative mind, i.e. judgment and negativity. In our dualistic mind, we try to figure everything out 'rationally or logically', instead of using and trusting our intuition.

The more we operate out of our innate intuitive knowing, the easier it is to stay connected to our higher mind 'eleven ' operating system. In other words, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. As we release ourselves from the grip of our rational mind's obsessive need to analyze, control and manipulate, we prepare the way to move into eleven or unity consciousness.

Touchstone - When we merge with the One, we FIND ourselves. We do not LOSE ourselves.

Evolution and Evaluation

The many challenges that we face at this time, are testing us to extricate ourselves from the fear-based consciousness that keeps us in darkness, ignorance and suffering. We are being given an opportunity not previously so readily available, to cultivate a consciousness of love. The number eleven offers us the ultimate free will choice - we can shift our energy away from fear and reorient our thoughts, responses and actions towards love.

Monitoring your personal life challenges, and how you handle them from this perspective, will give you valuable information about your spiritual progress. We can evaluate the distance we have traveled on our human journey, by identifying where and how we are still stuck in the traps of fear and anger, and by assessing our progress in spiraling up toward love.

Inner training and self initiation are necessary to align with, and keep, our vibration synchronized with the universal vibration of love. As we practice integrating the love frequencies into all aspects of our being, we are able to abide longer and longer in a receptive and magnetic state of oneness.

The Sound Current is the Manifestor Code

The sound current is the essence energy of all reality. Everything IS and happens through variations of the universal vibration - the Word. We use the sound current through our thoughts and speech to create both positive and negative outcomes. Our negative thoughts and intentions create pain and suffering for ourselves and others.

In Kundalini Yoga, we use the sound current to raise our consciousness, to acquire the ultimate gift of Divine connection - where we can trust, surrender, flow with life, know we are supported, and experience the ecstasy of Divine love.

The vibration that links us to universal consciousness is made more easily available to us by chanting and reciting Divine mantras. Through the technology of sound, we can clear our energy field, cut fear-based cords, detach from negative emotional conditioning, and imprint messages of unity and love into our brain waves.

Mantras are Our Guru

The sound current is the connective frequency that unites our individual consciousness with universal consciousness. The numerology of 2011, and the message of 11-11-11, is to make the sound current - divine mantra(s) our guru.

To cultivate and maintain eleven consciousness, practice making your default reaction, the recitation of a guru mantra. Whatever your choice (and there are many to choose from), make it a habit to call upon a mantra(s) of your choice. Invoke your 'guru mantra' to:

As we consciously connect with the universal frequency of Love, we continue to use guru mantras to maintain and enjoy deeper and more pleasurable experiences of oneness.

2 and 11 Relationships

Eleven is about our relationship with the Infinite. Two is about relationship too, but with other human beings. Two is more mundane. There many dynamics in our human relationships. In 'eleven consciousness' they can lead us to our hearts, and connect us soul to soul.

In eleven energy, we need time to be alone, and to cultivate our personal relationship with the Infinite. When we have established our personal Divine connection, we can embellish this connection through our sacred human relationships. However, we must keep in mind that maintaining 1 + 1 = 1 is a tricky business when we are alone with our ego. It is a very, very tricky business when we are in relationship with another human being - two egos!

Here is a handy TOUCHSTONE to measure our ability to maintain 1 + 1 = 1 in relationships - When we 'merge' with another human being, we must FIND ourselves, NOT LOSE ourselves.

At stage eleven, we can see God in all. We can feel supported by cosmic energies and allow them to work for us. Our open heart keeps is in a state of compassion. Yogi Bhajan's words can help us be non-judgmental and kind towards each other: 'From God's perspective, everyone is a fool. And He keeps on giving'.

Two Represents the Negative/Protective Mind

During the 21st century we are challenged to work with, and to evolve into, the higher expressions of the negative/protective mind. The unevolved state of the negative mind creates negativity, conflict and separation, which feeds blame, guilt, and a victim/victor, win/lose mentality. Here are some guidelines to direct your negative mind into useful and supportive activities and attitudes:

One evaluation technique I find useful, is to rate any annoyance or problem one to ten. If I determine the importance of the matter to be in the low numbers, I thank the Universe for such a minor problem, chant WAHE GURU and move on.

Four is the Neutral Channel - Supportive Number for 11

Our neutral mind is our inner foundation from which we build eleven consciousness. In the clear space of our neutral mind we can see the truth behind our stories, and detach ourselves from our old programming. We can find more respectful, loving and elegant solutions, that come from and lead us to the heart.

The composite number of 2011 is FOUR - the neutral mind. In January I suggested to try this for 2011 - DON'T BE POSITIVE. BE NEUTRAL. How are you doing? This simple directive can profoundly change your life. It is a prerequisite for opening our heart and for cultivating our Divine connection. In our neutral mind we can simply listen and observe. We can hear our intuition. If we follow it we can make wise choices.

We need 4-neutral to stay in 11-oneness, i.e. we need access to our neutral mind to cultivate our relationship with the Infinite. Our neutral mind is our exit door from our dualistic mind, and the gateway into our peace channel. Our neutral mind is our access channel to good fortune and spiritual gifts.

Balance, Stability and Boundaries

Four holds the balance. To achieve internal balance, we have to build a stable internal structure, that helps us maintain a sense of order in our psyche. Our neutral mind is our stable base. The secret to dealing with, and taking advantage of, the electric, quick moving environment of 2011 and beyond, is to have a stable center from which to deal with life. Above all else, cultivate the qualities of stability and neutrality and you will thrive in these challenging years. Again, how are you doing?

To maintain our balance we have to have strong boundaries, which require an inner reality that allows us to be honest with ourselves about how we feel. Our feelings give us valuable information to guide our choices - including choices about relationships, which can always throw us off balance.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is a rich and unique compilation of the core teachings and Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations of Yogi Bhajan.

The new Second Edition, revised and updated,is ready to welcome a whole new generation of students to this life-changing technology. It offers powerful and effective techniques to both teacher and student, to empower your lower chakras and open your heart to unconditional love.

Contains literally dozens of meditations to access heart and soul consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga - Guru Mantras for 11-11-11

WAHE GURU and WAHE GURU JIO are two easy and powerful mantras, that can attune us to the frequency of love any time and on 11-11-11. The San Diego Kundalini Yoga Ashram is chanting WAHE GURU for 4 hours or 11,000 times, on November 11th from 7:30 until 11:30am.

If you are looking for an elevating experience, you might also choose to chant WAHE GURU or WAHE GURU JIO for 31, 62 minutes or longer.

As you chant WAHE feel the vibration at your heart chakra. You will notice a warm feeling in the heart, and in the your spine at the level of the heart. The subtle vibration will become deeper, and it will become easier to attune into it, and stay in it, even after your chanting.

The 'Last Meditation', page 160 in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition, uses the WAHE GURU JIO mantra. Relax the arms with the hands in the lap, palms up, right hand resting in left, thumbs touching. With eyes closed, focus on the movement of your tongue and lips. Chant the mantra 4-8 times per breath:

Yogi Bhajan said that Wahe Guru should never be chanted too fast, as in our mumbling we can miss the naad. It is the vibration that creates a state of ecstasy. Given that advise, I suggest chanting 4 rounds per breath, making sure that you enunciate the sounds, and feel the impact of their vibration. Start with 11 minutes maximum, and then increase to 22 minutes, and gradually to 33 minutes. Practicing Breath of Fire builds up the breath capacity.

Comments: When life doesn't work for you, and you don't want to go to anybody, practice this meditation. The mantra means, "You are beloved of my Soul, Oh God". It causes a very subtle rub against the center of the palate, and stimulates the 32nd meridian, known in the West as the Christ Meridian, and in the East as Sattvica Buddha Bindu. The tongue and lips correspond to the sun and moon in their movement. The practice of this kriya will enable you to think right, act right, see right, look at yourself, imagine and meditate. Everything else follows. You will wipe out a lot of negativity.

Cultivating Your Neutral Mind - Awareness and Paying Attention

The most important assessment of your spiritual practice concerns your progress in cultivating your neutral mind, from where you can access a state of oneness, peace and love.

As I wrote in the January issue, we must have access to our neutral mind to be able to lift the veil of fear, and thus to move out of the illusions that keep us in darkness, ignorance and suffering. Yes, chanting Divine Mantras is our master technology, but equally important is cultivating awareness. Paying attention is required to awaken our neutral mind, where we can access reality beyond illusion.

I repeat the following in this issue so that you have the directions at hand. The process is simple - Close your eyes and look into your inner space. Whatever you see, hear or perceive when you close your eyes is IT. Common experiences are darkness, space, cave, nothing, void, light, etc. Whatever YOU see, pay attention to that - dark, stable, peaceful, nothing. Don't distract yourself with 'is this it?' It is through paying attention to whatever is there, that does not change, that the awakening happens. Simply pay attention to what is, not to what you want and not to what you think 'should' be there. Do not contrive a mentally or emotionally directed visualization.

Over time, you will discover that you are paying attention to much more than space or blackness. All the qualities that you have been searching for are the essence qualities of your neutral mind - peace, stability, neutrality, non-judgment, stillness, silence, etc. Focus on these qualities until you experience them in your being. These essence qualities exist in every cell of your being (ung sung wahe guru) and in the whole Universe. They are always present. Allow yourself to be absorbed into these qualities (one at a time), and you will experience the oneness that was always there, and always will be there. All we have to do is pay attention to IT.

Take time between exercises, and after a kiya and meditation, to pay attention and to go deep into your experience. You will find your essence, unity, oneness and Love. The more you pay attention, the more familiar you will become with IT.

You will begin to experience the reality of Take one step toward God and God takes many steps toward you. One step is paying attention. Notice the difference between searching and paying attention. Grabbing and searching takes energy and leads you nowhere. Paying attention takes the same energy, but you get something wonderful back - the gifts of inner peace, stability, neutrality and love.

The 'Pineal Gland Kriya' on page 77 of Sexuality and Spirituality, 2nd Edition, is one of my very favorites for cultivating the neutral mind. Also see the Meditation Facilitators included in both of these manuals. All arm exercises help us access 'the space'. The key is to pay attention after doing the exercise.

Neutral Mind Classes - Guru Rattana Online

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References and Footnotes

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