Capricorn, Authority and Truth

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #201, January 3, 2013
Our Final Issue - Introducing the New Guru Rattana Blog!

This is the final issue of the New Millennium Being. It has been a very interesting journey, to research and write these 200 newsletters. What has evolved since Issue #1 saw the light of day, back in July of 1999, is a rich collection of essays, using astrology and Kundalini Yoga, to help us learn about ourselves, and to work with the powerful evolutionary forces of the times. To preserve this body of work and to make it more accessible, we have created this special Website. Every issue has been carefully checked, edited, reformatted and indexed.

We are happy to announce that we will be continuing our journey together. The New Millennium Being is evolving into the Guru Rattana Blog. The first issue, covering Aquarius, will be published on 27th January, 2013.

Planetary Alignments

The following sections give a summary of the defining energies and themes for the New Year of 2013.


The 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 dates and celebrations mark the end of an age and the beginning of a new era. As a species and a Planet we are graduating to another level. We will either be overcome by the intensity of the elevated energies, or we will use this rare opportunity to become conscious souls in a human body, responsible for how we choose to participate in co-creating our lives and a heart-centered world.

In order for things to change in our outer life, our inner reality has to change. We know this, and we would like some help. The good news is that we are being supported by the higher frequency energies that are infusing the planet, and facilitating an expansion of consciousness. As many on this list have shared,(1) we can actually feel the presence of inner and outer peace. Feeling the love vibration makes it possible to:

  1. tune into another way of being and doing,
  2. choose more empowering and creative life options,
  3. operate from a more inclusive perspective of reality,
  4. reorient how we relate to ourselves, others, the world, and the Universe, and
  5. upgrade how we define and express both feminine and masculine power.

Each of the twelve Zodiac signs represent a stage in our human developmental process, and a path that leads us from a state of innocence to one of spiritual maturity. In this issue we examine how the Capricorn archetype offers us instruction and guidance to live with more integrity, and self authority, in this world.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 through 2024, and the on-going Pluto-Uranus square from 2012 through 2015, are imposing forces that both demand and facilitate a shift in consciousness.

The human psyche expresses a complex interplay of archetypal forces, each with their own functions, challenges. and powers.

Pluto's archetypal function is 'to empower, intensify, deepen, destroy, and transform. It symbolizes the experience in human life, both inwardly and outwardly, and individually and collectively, of the instinctual force of nature, of an evolutionary power that seeks its own transformation through an encounter with human self-reflective consciousness'.(2)

Pluto's territory is not in a Gemini amusement park. 'The Pluto archetype is experienced ... as a compelling instinctual force, as the drive or will to exert one's power, and as the urge for transformation'.(3)

Pluto relates to a deep cathartic emotional-instinctual power, which causes the release of repressed emotions and the discovery of hidden gifts. Pluto creates transformation by engaging us in a death-rebirth process.(4) The Pluto process obliges us to give up denial and superficial existence. Emotional honesty awakens the subtle sensitive energies of our soul. In touch with our human feelings, we can open and live from our heart.

Capricorn New Moon - January 11th

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Juno, and Venus - all in Capricorn at the New Moon on January 11th, open a portal that helps us transform how we perceive and live in physical reality. Basic themes include:

Acknowledging repressed emotions, and transforming them into power, requires recognizing and upgrading our relationship with the Divine Feminine. The mythological roots of both Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn are with the Divine Feminine. Both are associated with the physical 'real' world. Our perception of what is 'real' is expanding.

Quantum physics introduces us into a universe where nothing is fixed, solid, stationary, or separate (all qualities of the universal feminine, flowing polarity/principle). The new sciences also expose us to concepts that change how we experience time, space, and matter. Beyond our linear 3-dimensional view of the world and sequential time is a dimension of reality that we can experience as an eternal Now (the universal stable masculine polarity/principle). Known for eons by mystics, our ability to tune into the quantum realm depends on our attention, level of consciousness, and the awakening of our subtle sensory faculties.

One of Capricorn's themes is power. In our 3D world, power is usually associated with status, money, prestige, ability to dominate, and external recognition or validation, i.e. success in getting to the top of the mountain. However, these forms of power can deplete our energy (thus our power) when they cause stress, fear, anxiety, and worry. On the other hand truth, authenticity, honesty and responsibility can conserve and create energy. We feel their power when we can relax, and live peacefully in humility and gratitude.

This Capricorn New Moon, invites us to become more conscious of our power, and to make choices that increase, not deplete our energy/power. To do so, we can examine how our life reflects the nature of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, motivations, intentions, priorities, and actions.

Other astrological alignments on the days after this New Moon, including Venus square Uranus on January 12th, are going to impact our priorities and relationships. This is a time to be very honest with yourself about what your heart really wants, and how you use your energy to get it.

The Planetary Paradigm Shift

For centuries, the Newtonian scientific worldview has dominated the collective consciousness. In Newton's soulless mechanistic universe, humans do not experience a sense of belonging to a universal whole. We feel separate, isolated, and alienated from the cosmos, the forces of nature, our environment, and from our own instinctual/feeling nature. We have been cut off from our inner roots - from the sustaining source of our soul.

Humanity is in the midst of a profound shift, which involves questioning the moral code and scientific paradigm that have served as the foundation for our political, economic, and social structures.

All human constructs are up for examination. None are exempt from review. What we are discovering is, that the belief systems that have conditioned our consciousness in the past have validated injustice, maintained inequity, authorized exploitation, legitimized a privileged position for a few, disenfranchised and devalorized the masses, and promoted planetary destruction.

As we move into the Aquarian Age, we are searching for values that both honor our common humanity and shared human experience on Planet Earth, and also recognize our unique individual paths and perspectives. To do so, we must transcend patriarchal, partisan, exclusive, fundamentalist, and absolutist positions and beliefs. We must construct and operate from a worldview that is pluralistic, inclusive, equitable, and heart-centered - and integrate these higher values into mass consciousness and our collective systems.

Climbing the Mountain to Self-Mastery

Each of the 12 Zodiac archetypes involve an initiation process, where the individual connects with the inner reality of his or her own psyche. The goal of each initiation process is to expand our awareness, to liberate us from limited views of ourselves, to open up to new possibilities, and to awaken us to our inner spiritual core.

During our Capricorn stage of development and self-initiation, our integrity and authenticity are tested with each step up the mountain of physical life. To reach the summit of self-mastery, we must live and create from our own special truth, and offer our gifts to the world. We are being given the opportunity to connect with our inner soul power that, when consciously experienced, gives us the foundation for inner authority, freedom, creativity, love, and peace.

Individualization and Universal Energies

Our trek up the mountain of 'my life' includes a search for perspective, meaning, truth, and value. Each archetypal force gives rise to challenges, tests, and trials(5) that oblige us to learn, grow, mature and expand in consciousness. Our life encounters are not simply circumstantial or random. They are fueled by primal universal energies that we must engage, and learn to use creatively.

These energies are not invented, and not subject to human will.(6) We cannot deal with them through mental visualization or fictional imagination. Na&imul;ve projections and fantasies only entangle our emotions, and disconnect our mind from our body.

Individualization is about establishing the inner connection that makes it possible to experience our authentic soul self, and thus acquire a sense of autonomy, freedom, and uniqueness.

Awakening to our individual identity requires getting in touch with the cosmic forces, that not only animate us, but animate the whole universe. The Capricorn archetype teaches us that we are not supposed to disassociate from natural forces, or alienate ourselves from the collective. Our path leads us to our selfhood in relationship to our community, the Earth, and the Cosmos. Our unique value is also our contribution. Our emancipation is also our responsibility.

Self-Initiation and Authenticity

In our ignorance, we do not recognize the creative nature of unseen energies that express, in destructive and painful ways, to wake us up. Their negative expressions, that serve to get our attention in our asleep state include depression, disease, manias, neuroses, obsessions, and destructive habits. We consider the above as unfortunate intrusions, that must be eliminated for us to prosper and be happy. To empower and liberate ourselves, we must cease our attempts to ignore or deny their existence, and instead respect their power. Our goal is to experience the elevated expressions of these universal forces, which cannot happen through control, sublimation, transcendence, or denial. We must shift from trying to control theses forces, to aligning with them. Instead of alienating ourselves through rejection, we become one with them.

Pluto demands that we understand the primal nature of the creative powers that animate our being, and use them consciously to expand, and elevate, the unique expression of our soul. Our life journey leads us to embrace the unconscious forces that live deep within us, as gifts to be awakened and used for our creative expression and self-realization.

The gradual development of self-determination, free will, rational decision making, and choice is not an isolating process, but a participatory endeavor, which requires a sensitive relationship with natural and universal forces. To cultivate our subtle sensitivity, we must give up the self-sabotaging struggle to live up to parental, social, and religious expectations, which make us lose touch with, and repress, the light and beauty of our soul.

Authenticity requires feeling the dynamic energies that curse through our body and animate our being. We must become sensitive to the vital powers that present themselves as motivation, desire, will, intuition, instincts, impulses, feelings and thoughts.(7) It is our personal visceral experience of these personalized cosmic forces that give rise to the transcendent experiences of freedom, unity, truth, wisdom, strength, oneness, wholeness, fearlessness, humility, love, and peace.

Inner and Outer Authority

Examining and experiencing the concept of authority is pivotal for the Mountain Goat. In our naïve state, we assume that those who present themselves as authorities (or we consider as such), are offering us unbiased objective truth. We accept what our parents, teachers, clerics, and social, economic, scientific, and political systems say as correct, and indisputable facts.

At the Capricorn stage of our life, we are tested to see if we can graduate from the 'herd' mentality of the mass consciousness, and become autonomous and contributory members of society.

Our tests force us to evaluate the extent to which:

  1. we are still subservient to external authorities,
  2. our psyche is controlled by docile obedience to religious and cultural conditioning,
  3. our childish needs dictate our emotional reactions and responses, and keep us from acting like an adult, and
  4. we settle for mediocrity to fit in, to feel secure, and to please others.

Our progress on the above determines our ability, and willingness, to go beyond previous limits, access our inner depths, and embrace our vital powers.

Nietzsche challenged human beings to connect with their inner authority, when he implored us 'to face life with total unswerving honesty and courage - to experience life as it is, without self-deception, without recourse to prohibitive moral values, illusory metaphysical principles, or other self-protective strategies'.(8)

Capricorn - Evolutionary, Developmental Stages and Themes - Summary

The Capricorn archetype evokes life experiences that make us aware of the law of cause and effect. Through our personal experience of the results of our choices, speech, and actions, physical reality demonstrates the existence of higher laws, and teaches us to respect them. The discovery of physical and metaphysical laws is part of our quest to find an ultimate authority that can guide our life.

Our life experiences show us that human authorities, man-made systems, and politically construed laws have their limitations, and are in fact based on a level of consciousness that reflects not only what was perceived as 'the highest good', but also accepted injustices at a specific time. The relevancy and 'higher' value of social and spiritual mores must be continually questioned. This questioning is not about egotistical defiance. Rather, it is an evolutionary imperative to upgrade our perception of reality, to attune to higher laws, and to do our best to live by and implement higher truths into our social, economic, political, and moral codes.

Capricorn Lessons

Capricorn is the third and final earth sign of the Zodiac and the tenth phase of our soul's twelve part journey. The Capricorn archetype is associated with maturity and self-mastery. Its testing ground is the physical world, where we become acutely aware of the law of cause and effect, and learn to consciously live in this demanding reality. Our success in growing up can be ascertained by evaluating the extent that we no longer let fear, drama, illusions, and external codes that contradict our inner truth, run our life.

Each archetype has its own mode of transformation. At both a personal and collective level, the Capricorn archetype obliges us to redefine what is just, right, moral, and true. Basic Capricorn themes include:

[1] Innocence and Naïveté - Illusions

In our innocence, we trust that the Universe (our universe) is orderly and fair. We feel secure in our physical environment - home, family, school, and neighborhood. There is a structured order that appears to operate fairly and peacefully. We don't question, and in fact blissfully accept, that this is the natural way things are. There is no need to worry. We seem to be able to avoid difficulties and have an intuitive sense of maturity, that enables us to get our needs met and to accomplish things. As a child, we may already have an inner sense of morality, discernment, independence, and being our own authority.

[2] Wake up and Pain - Circumstances

Our wake-up calls can be caused by an upbringing that either lacks a wise guiding parental authority and firmness, or is one of overpowering and unreasonable discipline and strictness. In both cases, we are not taught how to discriminate and make appropriate choices. Situations that get our attention, and thus cause us to develop our own inner authority structure, include the following:

In sum, when we:

  1. let others make our choices and define our goals,
  2. don't say 'no' to what does not work for us, and
  3. act from fear and give our power away,

life circumstances will demonstrate that it is time to learn to be our own authority and guide.

Although we may experience despair, and feel like a failure or a victim, the higher truth is that we need to grow up and not allow ourselves to be crushed by fate. When one door closes another opens, giving us an opportunity to explore new territory and to find higher ground. Our soul is telling us that it is no longer acceptable to simply adapt to external demands and expectations. We must find and honor our own inner truth.

[3] Accepting the Evolutionary Nature of the Human Journey - Efforts and Lessons

When our sense of duty and responsibility is abused by others, we must look at how we allow this to happen, and cease to be a pawn to be exploited. Our Capricorn life lessons are about overcoming our fear, and challenging previously unquestioned authorities. Direct confrontation may or may not be required. What is required is that we cease giving absolute power to an over-demanding parent, intimidating teacher, exploitative boss or abusive spouse, or religious idol.

We must demystify our perception of relationships, and recognize the assumptions that clouded our vision. We must recognize the humanness, fallibility, weaknesses, and pomp in who we considered to be our 'gods'. We must also identify the abuse and oppression, and feel the pain of repressed feelings, anger, and anguish.

Learning our Capricorn lessons requires us to:

  1. dare to have own opinion,
  2. not buy into dogmas,
  3. not be a slave to expectations,
  4. not be a pawn of control trips, and
  5. see beyond what others define as the truth, or their interpretation of 'the best way'.

To establish our autonomy, we have to let go of guilt, relinquish our need for approval, and stop trying to be good. As we do so, we can enjoy the liberating effects of not being wrong, bad, unworthy, undeserving, or dishonorable.

We not only have to challenge limiting codes and norms, we also have to give up our own righteousness, patronizing, preaching, dogmatic convictions, and set ways of defining what we think is right.

Inner authority is acquired through personal experience. We experiment for ourselves what feels right and what works for us. Trial, error, and success can be an adventurous path. Figuring out things for ourselves yields deep satisfaction.

It takes effort and commitment to liberate ourselves from parental, social, and religious conditioning. We may choose to let go of familiar and secure structures, e.g. 9-5 jobs, marriage, or other social frameworks that zap our energy. It is up to us to identify what circumstances interfere with our own rhythm, are devoid of meaning, and repress our spirit. We must make a choice to move on!

[4] Ego Definition, Separation and Individualization - Empowering Self

The Mountain Goat wants to be respected and taken seriously. Achieving this outer goal must be preceded with inner respect. Our fragile inner core must be developed into self-confidence. We must build an internal structure that we can rely on to feel secure, and to be comfortable making our own decisions. We become more self-confident, not by conforming, but through our own integrity.

To achieve a respected position in society, we must make the effort to integrate into the collective. Our cooperation and participation removes our feelings of alienation. Feeling needed substitutes for feeling intimidated by the system. Our Capricorn challenge is to strengthen our own identity and increase our value, in order to establish credibility and gain respect. Our inner lesson is to overcome our feeling of inadequacy, and our fear and anger about being ignored or treated unfairly. We have to learn how to use the system to our advantage, and how to elicit the support and recognition that we deserve. To be taken seriously, we have to have something to offer that has value. We gain influence by our contribution.

Empowering ourselves includes:

  1. ceasing our blind obedience to the rules and opinions of authorities - parents, teachers, religion,
  2. giving up our own self-righteousness, and lack of tolerance of those with other viewpoints or a more flexible and easy-going attitude, and
  3. allowing our rigidity, inability to adapt, and lack of flexibility to release into a flow of life.

Inner empowerment comes as we learn to discriminate, to establish boundaries, to give up illusions of whimsical freedom, to become more flexible, and to accept our limitations as normal, and not weakness or unfairness. Humbling circumstances and lessons force us to let go of ideas of perfection. As we reassess our values, we release our attachment to external status and security. In the process we free ourselves from stress ans pressure that kept us in a fragmented and fearful state. As we give up our ego limitations, we can become ethical, mature, and responsible adults.

Whatever our specific circumstances, the Mountain Goat demonstrates that we gradually climb the mountain of life. There are no shortcuts up the steep slopes. Every step must be sure-footed in our decisive integrity, or we slip back down into the valley of karma.

[5] Developing Awareness and Consciousness - Higher Perspective

Moralistic religions and spiritual paths, that operate from the belief that humans are inherently flawed (born in sin), condemn us to a 'no win' game in life. Our life experience is defined in terms of sin, failure, shame, and hopefully, forgiveness and redemption. To liberate ourselves from the deep anguish and despair that accompanies this painful approach to life, we must redefine our human journey in terms of a process of experimentation, experience, and learning, that rewards us with transformation and self-respect, self-confidence, and self-love. Redefining failure as trial and results (instead of error and/or defeat), we discover that we grow through all our life experiences.

As we attain a different perspective of religious dogma, and cease to believe and conform (without question) to what is presented as truth, we liberate ourselves to find our own sense of sacred. Freedom comes from exploring and deciding for ourselves. We acquire another way to evaluate and discriminate that is not fear-based. We discover life - not from what is prescribed as right and wrong - but from finding out what works for us. As we let go of conditioning, we establish an inner code of ethics based on self-honesty and good sense.

Our desire to be free rather than right leads us to a more reliable sense of what is in the highest personal and collective good, and replaces conflict with peace, and fear with love. We discover the impersonal nature of higher law, which applies to everyone and thus is inherently fair.

[6] New Territory and an Expanded Reality - Spiritual Connection

An important goal of our spiritual path is to uncover guiding principles (male, mind, stable polarity), that help us make appropriate choices at each stage of our life journey. To live in higher consciousness, our complementary goal is to align our feeling sensitivity with the flow of natural and cosmic forces (female, emotional, feeling, and flowing polarity).

The synergy of the two universal polarities in our being, require spiritual paths designed to help us consciously acknowledge and integrate these two energies.(9)

There is a serious need to move beyond patriarchal spiritual paths that:

  1. operate with authoritarian rigidity,
  2. impose tough, counterproductive discipline,
  3. operate from repressive and condemning codes, and
  4. dominate disciples with exclusion, guilt, and threats of serious retribution if they don't live up to prescribed standards.

Those who buy into the dictates of being good, good enough, doing the right thing, being a virtuous, perfect student, are simply superimposing a submissive mindset onto a spiritual path. The new parent is the Master/teacher.

Under the childish programming, that makes us continually try to be appreciated and loved, is a deep soul longing to connect with the truth, and to find universal laws that free us from our need for external human authorities. It is through our own experience and inner connection that we make progress toward this goal. Through practicing transformative technologies and self initiation, we free ourselves of fear and submissive obedience.

Discipline is required. Repression and physical abuse is not. Problems arise when austerity amounts to denial of feelings and insensitivity to the needs of our body. Our goal is not to transcend weaknesses by escaping from our body, or going through pain with force. Our need is for a more human, comprehensive approach, which honors our humanness instead of trying to overcome it.

Every archetype finds resolution and wholeness by integrating its opposite or complementary sign. Capricorn's polarity partner is Cancer, the Divine Feminine, who embodies as the Earth Mother. We feel alienated in physical reality, when we are lost in our heads and disconnected from our body, the forces of nature and Mother Earth. The Capricorn Mountain Goat has its front legs solidly connected to the Earth. Instead of hind legs, it has a fish tail, which connects to the watery emotions and the ebb and flow of the ocean of life. The Goat ascertains the truth from its instinctual connection with forces of nature. It is this connection with in-the-body feeling sensitivity, when we are able to listen to our heart and intuition, that we awaken to the experiences of wholeness, integrity, wisdom, patience, and peace.

The spiritual process towards self-realization is a two polarity synergistic process, which includes not only a mental shift, but the awakening of the feeling polarity of the soul. A change in attitude, and a letting go of confining beliefs, is only authentically possible with a transformation of consciousness that shifts our center, from rational mental calculation to neutral clarity and heart-centered feelings. This happens as we cease being controlled by compulsive impulses, and are able to use dynamic instinctual forces to feel alive and celebrate life. We are talking about a radical shift from ego to soul, from head to heart.

Our initiation process is about experiencing and developing a living relationship with both the unconscious and conscious dimensions of our being. As we activate the vital powers within us, they become available for creation and living life fully.

Reclaiming our moral autonomy and internal authority, includes not only rational intelligence and conscious willpower, but also developing a relationship with our soul and the Divine, within and without.(10) Nothing less than our personal relationship with the cosmic forces will suffice. Only the Divine transcendent power can shine light into our unconscious. We must consciously and viscerally discover that the powers that animate our human life are not simply unruly unconscious drives and conditioned habits, but a complex and complete constellation of archetypal energies that express our unique soul.

Our spiritual journey evokes reverence to the Unknown, acknowledgment of the existence of powers beyond our individual identity, humility, and letting go of control.

[7] Work is Worship and Life Is Sacred - Mission and Destiny

The Capricorn impulse in us desires to participate in the collective, and to be part of a community. It is not fulfilled by escaping from what we consider to be a corrupt, punishing, or heartless system. We have a deep soul need to be a contributory member of society. We acquire recognition by becoming an authority in our particular field of expertise.

We become aware of the gap between human-made laws designed by mortals with self-interest and limited connection with higher laws. To correct some of the injustice of the existing system, we do our piece by integrating higher values into our personal and professional lives.

Under the Capricorn influence, we often become teachers, trainers, leaders, and role models with public influence and responsibility. We are viewed as a moral authority in our field of expertise - spiritual, religious, justice, law, science, politics, economics, art, etc.

The critical point is that we must embody an exemplary way of life. We must live with integrity, and serve as an inspiring example. In the public eye, we not only get recognition, we are subject to public scrutiny - especially if we fail to live up to the values expected of someone in a position of authority and power.

Our mission may be to discover and implement deeper scientific, moral, and spiritual truths. A revolution of thought, an expansion of perspective, and change in worldview is involved. By expanding our own consciousness, we facilitate an expansion of the collective consciousness. As we help others find their own authority, we create a more equitable, just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Guru Rattana Online
Kundalini Yoga - The Locks of Bhandas

We can take advantage of the Capricorn earth energy to use the Root Lock to cultivate our connection with the Earth. Below are instructions on how to apply the Root Lock. The most important thing is to not contract too forcefully, which blocks, instead of releases, the energy flow.

The locks or bhandas are the delicate alignments of the muscles along the spine, and the subtle positioning of the body and spine that help facilitate the easy flow of energy up and down the spine. The Mool Bhand (Root Lock) creates a base, grounding, and foundation.

Mool Bhand involves pulling in the navel and pulling the muscles at the base of the spine, perineum, and sex organ. These are delicate contractions, not strong actions. Their purpose is to open and direct, not restrict, the flow of energy. Practice - pull and release to connect with and strengthen these muscles.

Root Lock activates the energies at the navel, second, and first chakras. All the nerve centers come together t the navel center. As these are aligned, we build a strong electrical charge or fire that is required to activate the Kundalini. The ojas, or charge from the sexual energy of the second chakra, unleash creative energy, feed the brain, and stimulate the activation of the Kundalini. Root Lock thus combines the energies of the first three chakras, and causes them to interact in a way that releases the Kundalini.

A light root lock is applied while doing many Kundalini Yoga exercises, at the end of most exercises, and can be done alone. We establish "our root" to ground ourselves in our body and the first chakra.

The Locks or Bhandas are discussed in depth in Lesson 8 of my free online Kundalini Yoga course.


Inhale deeply, suspend the breath, relax the body, and delicately pull the Root Lock. Pay attention to the base of your spine. Feel that the contracting muscles are pulling in energy from the earth. Do this exercise for several minutes, suspending the inhale, and then do it several minutes suspending the exhale. Be very sensitive to your energetic relationship with Mother Earth.

Capricorn Classes - Guru Rattana Online

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