Leo - I will be Me because I am The One

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #21, July 23, 2000

The purpose of life is the unfoldment of consciousness. As human beings our primary task is the realization of self-consciousness. We must embrace and master every universal energy, or sign of the Zodiac, to achieve wholeness. As we face the challenges and embrace the tests of each sign, we find it easier and easier to relax and be ourselves. As we discover ourselves as a Self with the capacity to create, we experience ourselves as a microcosm of universal consciousness and creativity. Leo's goal is to stabilize an individual sense of Self. As the anchoring of self-awareness occurs, the inherent creativity of the individual is unleashed. The gift and challenge of Leo in all of us is to become so individually focused that our heart explodes into the unconditional love in our own being.

Fire Signs

Leo is the second fire sign. Aries is the first. Sagittarius is the third. The fire signs embody the fire of the spirit, the kundalini and the innate consciousness of life. The fire signs exude vitality, enthusiasm and self-confidence - all of which are born from the experience of Self. Individuality is the raison d'être of the fire signs. The air signs are interested in the mind and ideas. The earth signs desire to master physical reality. The water signs need to feel good and master the emotions. The inner purpose of the fire signs is self-expression. They find meaning in their own being and in their own creations.

The fire signs seek purpose and meaning. The fire signs burn with a deep desire to connect with the Self that exists beyond the conscious personality. It is through the conscious uncovering of their Soul that they discover their inner purpose, and the existential meaning of life. For the fire signs, the body, feelings and the mind are tools, to express the creative urges of the Self, and to add value and significance to ordinary life. Aries' primal urge is to explore and conquer his body. Sagittarius' primal urge is to understand and expand his mind. Leo's primal urge is to love and create by opening his heart. Leo must elevate his instincts to the pure expression of his Soul.

Fire signs both create and purify. The Divine fire "burns and destroys anything which hinders the progress of the creative will." As Napoleon demonstrated, self-glorification can terminate in an ignominious end.(1)

Fire is the element of vitality itself. The spirit of fire manifests as dynamic playfulness, enthusiasm for life, the courage to dare, the spontaneity to be in the moment, and enlightened awareness. The diamond-like brilliance of fire gives it the capacity to stand both in and outside its own perspective.

Symbology - The Lion and the Sun

The Lion is Leo's royal mascot. The proud king of the jungle and the Zodiac, the constellation of Leo contains some of the brightest stars in the sky. Leo embodies the Sun and symbolizes the conscious ego - the part of us that is aware of ourselves as separate entities.

Leo is our role model for Self. Leo is the King and he knows it. And everyone else knows it too. Leo is the King because he acts from an open, compassionate and neutral heart. Leo is King because he embodies both Love and Wisdom.

The Sun is the ruler or the main planetary influence on Leo. Understanding the Sun helps us appreciate Leo. The Sun is a million times larger than the Earth. The Sun comprises 99.9% of all matter in the solar system. Obviously, the Sun dwarfs all other celestial influences. The Sun celebrates ambitions, dominates with its radiance and fuels our sense of purpose. The Sun is the center of our universe. When we embody the Sun, it makes us each a star.

Leo the Lion-Hearted

Leo is an extrovert. If he were not a lion he would probably be a peacock. Proud, regal and confident, he loves nothing more than to be himself and display himself on the world stage. He has a strong capacity for self-love, and a heart-felt appreciation for others as well. When he focuses his attention on you, you feel bathed in a radiant, warm glow. He not only feels good about himself, he makes you feel good about you.(2) Romance is his specialty. He is ideally equipped to be a passionate lover. He is social, charming, playful, gregarious, chivalrous and gracious. Stardom is his specialty. The Lion loves to perform and to be the boss.

Like every sign, Leo has his weak points and his challenges. One of his blind spots is his "inability to accurately assess another's integrity". Leo's need to be liked predisposes him to be a poor judge of character. The Lion can also be stubbornly defensive and unable to forgive others. "Leo is subject to the divinity complex: difficulty admitting fallibility, tolerating defeat, admitting wrongdoing, or backing down from an argument. Leo takes himself very seriously and abhors humiliation or criticism of any kind".(3)

Three motives fuel Leo's behavior:

  1. The need for self-esteem leads him to seek approval, validation and attention.
  2. The need for self-expression fuels his playfulness and his creative endeavors.(4)
  3. The need to be loved makes him a living example of the idea that every communication is an expression of either the desire to share love or to receive love. Leo is always trying to tell us "I love you" and asking us to love him. All his needs are achieved in the process of opening his heart. Ultimately Leo aspires to self-love and to conscious innocence and purity of heart where his personal will and Divine Will are one.
Leo the Light-Hearted

The Big Cat defies our culture's condemnation of self-adoration. Leo gives us free reign to be playful and to enjoy life. Leo is young at heart and enjoys being alive. Leo reminds us that life is too short to waste not getting noticed. So Leo teaches how to get noticed. Unevolved Leo gets noticed in very irritating ways. But refined Leo demonstrates that expressing our unique talents, and unabashedly sharing them with the world, is the most authentic way of entertaining ourselves and getting deserved recognition from others.

The Lion is a confident performer without apologies. He does not think his display of spontaneity is arrogant of conceited. He is simply sharing his treasured playfulness on the world stage.

Leo the Adolescent

In terms of human development, Leo corresponds to the phase of adolescence, the period from 12-18 years. The characteristics of teenagers fit the archetypal Leo personality:

In order to experience real self-esteem, Leo must get to know his Self. In order to truly make his own choices, he must learn to listen to and follow his own heart. The behaviors and characteristic of adolescents are part of the process of learning to be oneself. The adolescent must make his or her own decisions in order to develop a personal will, and to cultivate confidence in his or her ability to impact and achieve desired outcomes. The glory and triumph that Leo seeks is a fundamental part of the self-discovery and self-empowerment process. Leo learns that a profound sense of joy and satisfaction results from the ability to make wise choices, to take effective action, and to create positive outcomes in one's own life and in the world.

The Limited Ego and the Aware Ego

The discussion of Leo necessitates a clarification of the word ego. The use of the term ego and its derivatives - egotistical and egocentric - is confusing, because many meanings are encoded in these words, most of them negative. The term ego is commonly used to refer to the false perception of ourselves as a limited, learned personality that is disconnected from our divine identity. Obviously if we view ourselves as someone that we are not, we are going to exhibit behaviors that get us into trouble, limit our creativity and distort the ways we express ourselves.

Ego in its purest denotes that positive expression is conscious awareness. In this sense, ego is a tool of consciousness that gives us the ability to be present to ourselves, and the will to make choices and take action. An aware ego makes it possible for us to be in touch with the center of our own psyche. It is when we do not have a strong, aware ego that we act in "egotistical" ways. In fact, when the aware ego is not in charge, instinctual unconscious programming runs our lives. The negative expressions of ego come from an inability to connect with one's true essence. A self-aggrandizing temperament reflects a lack of confidence and lack of personal purpose. As we develop an aware, focused ego, we are able to touch our own core and take conscious control of our own lives. When we identify with our true essence and feel it direct our decisions, we feel confident and are empowered from within.

Every challenge and suffering in life is a motivation that stimulates inquiry, honesty and growth. Leo's tests lead him to develop his intuitive capacity to experience his true nature, and his unique creative contribution to the whole. To do so, Leo must set fire to the illusionary values, frivolous desires and false perceptions of himself (limited ego), that prevent him from knowing his Soul identity and expressing his Soul's gifts. Leo must recognize his shadow and unconscious personality (limited ego) before he can recognize his Soul. It takes a strong aware ego, or conscious will, to submit oneself to these tests and come out purified and innocent.

The Gift of Self

We are taught to identify with many things in life - our emotions, our family, our personality, our social status, our achievements, our profession, how much money we make, and our possessions. We believe that we are our house, our car, our diplomas, our paycheck and our job. Leo teaches us that we are our Soul. We are our Self. We are conditioned to find satisfaction anywhere and everywhere but in our selves. Leo teaches us that true joy is found in our own hearts.

Leo's focus is himself and his own life. Self-centeredness is both Leo's gift and challenge. Leo's dysfunctions all emanate from the fact that a veil separates his conscious personality from his awareness of his Soul. His mission is to remove the veil and discover his soul. His life goal is to consciously connect to and follow his higher self.

Leo is the expression of individual 'selfness'. Leo's roar wholly and uniquely expresses himself and himself only. Leo demonstrates how to bring one's own essence into one's desires, feelings, expressions and activities.(6) Leo unleashes the internal fire, that burns unimpeded by compromise or tainted by external conditioning. Leo teaches us that it is through our unique creative expressions that we uncover our own identity. Leo's path demonstrates that we must first recognize ourselves before we can be recognized by others.

Leo expresses love that emanates from his own inner center, without interference or interpretation. Leo teaches us that it is in one's own heart that one discovers Love. For Leo, Love and Self are synonymous.

Leo discovers himself through his intuitive knowingness, not through his intellect. Self is not a concept. Self is an experience. It is though his creative expressions that he intuitively catches himself being himself.(7) In fact the primal motive behind his desire to create is to have the experience of being and expressing who he really is.

Leo is naturally self-centered because he is seeking to experience the Self at the center of his being. Everything he does is important to him. Each event, act or expression could be the one that gives him a direct encounter with his Soul. Leo's life is devoted to self-expression.(8) He loves his creative projects. Some may call them hobbies. But if Leo is serious about anything, it is his fun activities. For it is through his unimpeded self-expression and creativity that he discovers his uniqueness and appreciates his own significance. Through his creative endeavors, Leo expands the consciousness of his psyche. Leo teaches us about the psychological impact of the creative act.

Leo teaches us that the direct experience of Self is of critical importance for both ourselves and others. Our value to each other is directly related to our ability to be who we are and to live from our true identity. The irritating unconscious expressions of Leo further prove the point. There is nothing more annoying than a pompous, unreal fake. And there is nothing more endearing and exhilarating, inspiring and magnetic than the authentic artist, musician, dancer, athlete, diplomat, real man and real woman expressing him or herself.

The Leo and Aquarius Polarity

Leo and Aquarius are complementary signs, or opposite each other in the sky and in a birth chart. Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness and world service. The development of the Leo aspect of the personality is necessary before one can commit one's life to world service. It is Leo that symbolizes the attainment of self-consciousness and the conscious experience of a personal center. One must be able to hold a fixed center to work effectively in the world. It is also in our heart-center that we discover our unique, creative contribution. When we are who we are, and are doing what we came here to do, our efforts do have group relevance. This is how the Leo-Aquarius polarity synergizes.

The unconscious Lion exhibits egotistical, self-centered behaviors that are not appropriate in the Aquarian Age. Yet the more we learn from Leo, the more we will be able to be patient with ourselves and each other, as we move through the process of individualization from personality-centered to soul-centered men and women. We have to be self-centered if we are ever to find our own center. We have to learn how to focus our mental energy, and assert our creative will, to be effective leaders in the world. We have to do our own thing, if we are going to make our unique contribution to the world. We have to be able to contain our own energy and be detached if we want to escape the quagmire of codependency. We need some healthy pride to cultivate self-esteem and acknowledge ourselves, instead of looking outside ourselves for validation.

Leo embodies personal creativity. Aquarius embodies evolutionary change. The former makes the latter possible. Leo is a personal statement. Aquarius is a political statement. Leo is the unique individual and Aquarius is the democratic collective. Together Leo and Aquarius promote the individual creativity and freedom of each member of society in the context of group cooperation to achieve collective goals.

Pluto in Leo "Me" Generation

On the path to self-realization, we must all submit to intense challenges. Pluto is the planet that tests our inner strength and leaves us naked to our own divinity. Pluto was in the sign of Leo from 1939-1957. This means that everyone who was born between these dates (43-60 years old) is part of the "Me generation." The seventeen years prior to that Pluto was in Cancer. Cancer embodies the matrix of mass consciousness. The Cancer in Leo period brought to the fore an awareness of a collective consciousness in writings such as Carl Jung. Leo births the individual out of the collective.

The evolutionary progression of Pluto in Leo fostered the growth of individualism. The urge for self-development spurred a new dynamic of awareness of self. Pluto in Scorpio between 1982 and 1994 (a time of tests and trials for the Pluto and Leo generation), assured a transformation of personality through inner death and rebirth. The Scorpio process reorients our personal values into social values, and fosters the understanding of the relationship between the individual and the whole.(9) Scorpio forces us to redefine and align our personal lives with our universal role. Pluto is now in Sagittarius - the sign of expansion, spirituality and exposure. There are no secrets anymore. (Note President Clinton) I find it fascinating to watch how universal energies unfold within us, prepare us, and use us as tools for the evolution of consciousness.

The Hero's Journey

Leo embodies the hero's journey. To become a hero, one must discover his or her special destiny - the task that no one else can do, the being that no one else can become. It is interesting to note the sophistication and naïveté with which we try to obtain an external declaration that "We are the special one". We want to be first in our class, class president, head of a corporation, a sports champion or a movie star. The Leo in every one of us dreams about some kind of role he/she might play that will change the world, or at least make the world stand up and notice who they are. There are 3 points I would like to make about our quest for stardom:

It is interesting to note that in astrology, passionate love, romance and heroism are represented by the same sign - Leo. "Of course", says the Lion! Hero's passionately follow their dreams. Lovers feel like heroes. And when your heart is truly open, you don't even need another person or excuse. You are in love with life and the feeling that you experience is your Beloved. Indeed all you really need is yourself and your connection to the cosmic flow, which we experience as Divine Love or bliss.

The hero's path is to find out through experience that "We are it." We are divine love. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. The road signs are not going to appear outside ourselves. The signs will be announced as the fire of the Lion ignites within us. Leo is like the kundalini. When the heart of the Lion opens and the kundalini rises we know we are the one because we experience that we are one with the One.

External recognition is actually part of the hero's journey, but it comes after our internal realization of self and the selfless offering of our gifts to the world, not before! There is a primal need to be acknowledged by society. That is why Leo and Aquarius are the perfect polarity. Leo furnishes the heroes and Aquarius provides the community.(11) Heroes and communities not only need each other, they are each other. The problem in today's world is that social validation has become empty, ritualized and unreal. Moralistic social guidelines, standardized academic performance and monetary calculations have replaced honest and heartfelt recognition of authenticity, personal talent and courageous acts. People aren't validated for being real. They are validated for being unreal.

It is significant that the third eclipse in the month of July (a rare event. See Issue #20) takes place in the sign of Leo. Maybe Leo intends to help replace our democratization of mediocrity with the exhalation of the hero's ethic so everyone can be rewarded for doing and being his or her best. The Leo in everyone wants to be the best at something. Together, Leo and Aquarius tell us it is possible to democratize the hero's journey for all. Every man, woman and child can hold his or her head up high when authentic pride is encouraged, when we are all supported in trusting our own spirit, and when opportunities are abundantly available to develop and share our unique creativity with the world.

Of course our oppressors are not only external bad guys. The hero's journey is about overthrowing our internal oppressors - self-doubt, fear, shame and all other forms of self-abuse and victimization. No matter how and why our ego got bruised and battered, the hero's journey is about liberating ourselves, conquering our own minds, befriending our emotions, calling upon our own will and expanding into our larger Self. Leo teaches that we all face challenges in life. Each one offers us the possibility of becoming more confident, courageous and bold. Leo tells us the truth - we are all scared. Fear is normal. What Leo teaches is to "Do it anyway". When we jump through the Ring of Fire, our spirit ignites within and we are triumphant. It is our experience of fear and doubt that make the relief and exuberance of victory so sweet.

Leo invites us to trust our inner child. Leo demonstrates that our inner child resides in our heart. Leo teaches us that it is our innocent inner spirit that pulls us through. For it is our spirit that is unique. It is our spirit that is the special gift that we have to offer. It is our spirit that triumphs. It is our spirit that is the One.

Every day is another episode in our hero's journey. Every moment is a creative act. Every situation is an opportunity for self-expression. The Lion roars every day, in so many ways.

The Sleeping Lion

The sleeping lion is too often self-aggrandizing and egotistical - a narcissistic spoiled child trying to act as an adult. The frustration that he experiences in his search for his own center is often expressed as compulsive self-centeredness. He thinks (at a deeper level even knows) he is god. What makes the unconscious Leo irritating is that he is often insensitive to the fact that every human being is a creation of God.

The asleep Lion is a show-off and full of himself. He compulsively tries to dominate his environment. However his lack of inner foundation prevents him from being an effective leader and from devoting his natural leadership abilities to the achievement of a higher purpose with lasting impact. He simply craves attention and admiration, and tries to get them with ostentatious material possessions and flamboyant behavior.

The asleep Lion both underrates and overrates himself. He is confused about who he is and who he is not. His sense of mastery is wasted on being a master of projection. He projects his negative judgments of self onto others, which serves only to poison his relationships. He constantly seeks affection. He often attracts problems in the affairs of the heart, because he sabotages true affection with his need for validation and external proof of loyalty. His demands on others seed his own heartbreak.

The barriers between the sleeping Lion and his own self-realization are the parts of himself where his inner sun does not yet shine. His sense of inadequacy often originates from lack of recognition from others, but it can be permanently remedied only by recognition from himself. His feelings of inferiority may breed jealousy and resentment, which in turn feeds his experience of rejection and alienation. Leo's basic problems stem from his "inability to love himself, to recognize his own significance, and to find an inner center, which can give his life stability and meaning".(12) Behind the callous veneer of the sleeping Lion is a desperate need to feel important, to be admired and to achieve recognition. He uses his skill to achieve superiority in external show, and tries to buy popularity by dazzling others with his charm. However, only by opening his heart to himself will he exude his real and abundant charm, which moves him naturally to center stage.

The Awakening Lion

The awakening lion is aware that his desperate need for love and recognition is not producing the desired results. He may even recognize that he is a bottomless pit for attention and affection. His inability to find satisfaction leads him to the realization that he must begin his inward journey to unlock his own heart. Nothing else will suffice.

The awakening Lion still wants to make his mark, but he is aware that there are more fruitful ways of doing so. His awakening process includes the development of an appreciation of the dynamics of creative self-expression.(13) He must evolve from an instinctual, reflex use of his will to the conscious use of will. He must become aware that he is a co-creator of his reality. To effectively co-create he must find a bigger purpose, and focus his energies with continuity and commitment.

In the heart of the Lion are two compelling urges. The first is THE WILL TO ILLUMINE. Deep in the Lion's heart is the "urge toward self-knowledge, self-awareness, and the development of a positive intellect, electrically potent so that it may fire the minds of others".(14) The second is THE WILL TO RULE. As Leo develops self-control and self-mastery, his dictatorial urges are replaced with the charisma and mental ability to inspire groups to express their creative fires to achieve cohesive and purposeful goals.(15)

The Lion's path is to discover that his Soul and Divine Will are the doers. He must align his personality with his Soul and Divine Will. His many life experiences teach him, over and over, that his limited ego is not the ultimate creator. He is reminded each step of the way, that who he thinks he is must get out of the way, if he is ever to be in the leadership role that he so desires. For Leo is a servant of Divine Will. To grasp the essence of this reality and appreciate the importance of this task he must connect with his transcendental Self.(16)

Leo's transcending process helps him to re-establish his relationship to the collective. Instead of being the sun around which the whole world, indeed universe, turns, he is destined to become the sun, which rules through inspiration and his radiant presence.

The Awake Lion

The awake Lion has recognized himself. He is no longer dependent upon others for validation. The Lion's open heart spontaneously opens the hearts of others, who experience joy and vitality in his presence. When the door of the heart is unlocked, the flood gates of love open. The conscious Lion is a model for personal integrity, honesty and pure spirit.

The awake Lion no longer needs recognition from others. He IS and he enjoys being who he is and that is enough for him. His joy comes from his own heart. Every moment is significant and filled with love. He needs nothing else to complete himself, because he has found his own wholeness. Awake Leo has found the hidden jewel, the chalice, in his own heart.

The awake Lion embodies loyalty and honor. He is capable of expressing infinite love and devotion. There is no more devoted friend or partner than the royal beast.

The awakened Lion King leads a purposeful and self-directed life. He facilitates the integration and expression of collective will.(17) He is a conscious servant of Divine Will.

The awakened Lion has discovered the joy in his own heart. He rejoices in his own innocence as a child of God. He spontaneously facilitates the opening of the hearts of all those in his presence. In the radiance of his own identity, his magnetic charm, personal integrity and beaming brightness, the world falls in love.

Sun Therapy: The Fire of Purification

The quality of our self-expression, indeed the quality of our lives, is determined by our consciousness. The Sun is the source of life force and all creation in our reality. The Sun is the ruler or Godfather of Leo. Thus the Lion is a potent vehicle for the creative manifestation of the Divine. The Sun and the Sun through Leo make way for the expression of the Divine through intense purification. It is a trial by fire, not only in terms of the worldly challenges that we must endure. The Sun and Leo also transform us through the intense heat of the Sun. We are all aware of the heat of the Sun as experienced externally when we are physically exposed to the Sun's rays. The inner experience of the Sun is equally intense.

The solar plexus is the burning ground where the dysfunctions of the personality are burned away to make way for full expression of the Soul. That which closed off the heart must be dealt with before the heart can open and stay open. Our deepest emotional wounds are buried in the solar plexus. So is our soul. The Sun is a powerful ally in facilitating the death and rebirth process.

We rarely submit to the purifying fire of the Sun. That is why we feel a pit at our solar plexus, instead of a fiery passion for life. We cleverly avoid the deepest corners of our psyche, instead of jumping into the pit of illusion and pain. This is partly because we do not know how to effectively submit to the purification process of the Sun. We are used to mental techniques that engage our minds, so that we can "understand" what is going on.

"Sun therapy" is NONVERBAL. It involves tuning into the energy of the Sun, keeping our focus on the Sun and then letting it do its purifying work. The work starts at the solar plexus, which is between the navel center (3 fingers below the navel) and the pericardium (just below the breasts). Sun energy clears away emotional debris that cannot be accessed through our conscious minds. As the job is accomplished, the Sun moves into the heart and the heart opens.

We do not have to be in direct sunlight to experience this process, although it may be useful to have sunlight in the room. In fact, too much exposure to direct sunlight may distract us from the task of accessing sun energy within ourselves. It takes focus and practice to tune into the Sun within our own being. We know when we have accessed sun energy. It is very hot and intense. It may be hard to hold it for long because we feel like we are burning up inside. Stay with it as long as you can. It is worth it, and the intensity will subside as soon as you shift your focus.

Meditation on the Sun and Levels of Awareness

Leo naturally looks outward. Leo's path is to discover the inner sun that shines in his own heart and solar plexus. Meditating on the Sun taps us into a profound experience of the purifying fire of life itself, and to the luminous and dynamic power of consciousness.

The purifying effects of Sun energy open us up to expanded levels of awareness. Deeper levels of sensitivity help us become consciously aware of ourselves as a Self, both separate and one with universal consciousness.

Chanting long Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa's can help cultivate Sun energy. Simply sit with a straight spine, inhale deeply and chant Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa till the end of your breath. Then inhale again and continue. Chant from 2-11 minutes and then sit quietly and focus on one or more of your chakras (one at a time). You can also focus on one chakra at a time as you chant Raaaaaaaaa.

The following are guidelines from Kundalini Yoga for meditating on the Sun in your chakras, and the effects that can be experienced.

1. Individualization

Our first awareness comes from our physical senses through which we cultivate sensitivity to influences from our physical environment. The sensory impact of external forces on our physical body, our emotions and our mind, lead us to experience ourselves as a separate entity. Our awareness of how energy outside ourselves impacts us not only helps us objectify ourselves; it helps us detach ourselves from external influences including other people. The goal is to fix ourselves as a point of light.(18)

To establish ourselves as an individual body of energy, we can feel the sensations of all the elements, including the Sun, wind, water and earth on our physical body. This meditation establishes us in our body and balances the first two chakras.

2. Will

Sun energy at the navel activates our will. In the first and second chakras we experience our desire body - the primal urges of our being. These unconsciously control our lives until we develop our own willpower. At the navel center, the unconscious expressions of the ego are transformed into self-motivating impulses and the ability to be in control of our own energy.

3. Soul

Sun energy at the solar plexus is purifying. It is the burning away of emotional scars and the shadow of the unconscious personality that allows us to develop sensitivity to our Soul and a deep, boundless passion for life.

4. Universal Love

Sun energy at the heart connects us to universal love. At the heart we experience our own divinity and the divinity of all life. The heart is a space of neutrality that knows the Truth.

5. Divine Will

Sun energy at the third eye and crown chakra open our sensitivity to Divine Will. The right use of will (the navel and throat chakras) is contingent upon knowing and aligning our individual will with Divine Will. One of Leo's ultimate tests is the right use of will. When we experience that my will and Thy Will are one, right use of will is automatic.

6. I Am the One

Meditating on yourself builds a powerful sense of presence. You will become an irresistible magnet of attraction. When things start coming to you without asking, you have begun to activate and anchor your inner sun. When our inner Leo begins to shine, we love ourselves and others love us without even knowing why. We connect with our inner Leo that knows "I am the one." A new life has just begun.

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