Follow Your Dreams

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #22 - July 26, 2000

Wednesday July 26th is a rare astrological event - Jupiter and Neptune are trine, which translates as good luck and fortune surrounding your dreams. It is a good day to ask for what you want, make business connections, meet new friends and align around your goals. It is also an auspicious day to meditate and get the support of group energy.

This astrological configuration manifests as a cosmic wave of support. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good luck and beneficence. Neptune is the planet of dreams, cosmic connections, and divine grace. The benefactor Jupiter magnifies Neptune's compassion, imagination and loving sensitivity.

Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini. Neptune is in Aquarius. Both are at 5°. So any planets that you have on or near 5° will be positively impacted or stimulated into action. The trine relationship between Gemini and Aquarius means that they are at a 60° angle to each other in the sky. Trines are known as an "easy" aspect. There is a flow, grace and ease when planets communicate with each other in a trine relationship. To fully take advantage of this aspect, it is better if we are aware and willing to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. It is also wise to add our own initiative and respond when we "get the call." Force and manipulation won't work. But neither will sleeping through the event and hoping that Santa Clause will leave presents on your hearth.

The energy available fosters cleverness, imagination and optimism in relation to special endeavors. If there is something you have wanted to do for a long time and hesitated, hesitate no longer. Ask for what you want (Gemini) to support your contribution to the world (Aquarius). Be resourceful because there are plenty of resources available. This is an appropriate time to follow your wild and crazy dreams and rise above your perceived limitations. What have you wanted to do your whole life and not done yet? Go for it! Neptune and Jupiter working together have the power to create magic and miracles when you join the party.

The exact date of Jupiter and Neptune's encounter is Wednesday July 26. However, since these planets are slow moving, they stay in this positive relationship to each other for the whole week and the glow from the event will last into the first few weeks of August. Jupiter and Neptune are "outer planets". Along with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, they are the farthest away from the Sun. It therefore takes them a long time to revolve around the Sun and to move into position with each other or to meet up. When they do so, the impact is long lasting. The last times these two planets were in the same positive (trine) relationship to each other was in 1992, 1994 and 1997. The next time will be in November 2004.

Actually because of the retrograde movement of the planets, (when they appear to be going backwards in the sky), Jupiter and Neptune will communicate is this loving way again in Nov/Dec (December 9) 2000 and in March/April (April 5) 200l. The angels touch us three times and bless us in so many ways. Set your sails this week and have fun following your dreams.

It is a time to help each other, ask for help and give assistance. It is a time to rise above tedious routines and be outrageous and bold. It is a time to socialize, to meet new people, and to welcome fun, stimulation and beauty into your life. It is a time to ride the crest of the wave and enjoy life. It is time to go for the gold and mean it. You can attract to you what you want if you really want it. Don't be shy. You know that you know what you want! Let it be yours!


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