Venus: Goddess of Attraction and Higher Love

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #26, September 25, 2000

Just as the Sun commands the sky, our Sun sign commands our attention astrologically. The popularization of astrology has led us to believe that we are our Sun sign. We are. And we are much more. Every planet is part of our psyche. Initially, the fact that we are also our Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto may seem to complicate things. However, the investigation into the nature and lessons of each of these aspects of ourselves brings clarity and depth to our lives. The exploration of the multiple aspects of ourselves helps take the mystery out of our journey, and leads us to greater levels of mastery. Yogi Bhajan says, " Where there is mystery, there is no mastery. Where there is mastery, there is no mystery".

New Series - The Planets

With this issue we begin a new series of the New Millennium Being. I have completed the discussion of the twelve astrological signs. In the next series I will explore the lessons and the nature of the planets. We will use the planets to further guide our personal exploration and journey toward self-mastery.

Each planet is a part of our psyche. Each planet is a teacher, a mentor and a guide. Through the exploration of the planets we gain a deeper understanding of our being, our motivations, our inherent qualities and our lessons and how to learn them. In the process, we get closer to the full embodiment of our Soul.

Every sign of the Zodiac is associated with a planet. I will cover the planet during the sign that it is affiliated with. I am starting out with Venus who is the ruler of Libra and Taurus. In this issue I cover some of the aspects related to the air or mind expression of Venus, since these most relate to Libra. During Taurus I will cover the Earth and emotional aspects of Venus. The Sun is in Libra from September 22 through October 21.

I will also briefly outline how the planet under discussion manifests in each of the 12 signs and in the 12 houses of the birth chart.

The position of the planets in relationship to the Sun determines how long they will stay in one sign. Mercury and Venus are closest to the Sun. Therefore, they change signs a little quicker and a little slower than the Sun itself. This means that one's Venus and Mercury are usually in the same sign as one's Sun or in the previous or following sign. This is important to note because it affects one's psyche. If our Venus is in the same sign as our Sun, we will probably like who we are. If it is in another sign, we may like and be attracted to different energies and experiences than those sought out by our Sun. This diversity can manifest in many different ways. I know a Gemini who will not tell her Sun sign and often lies that she is a Cancer. Her Venus is in Cancer.

Our Sun sign determines the primal energy that makes us shine. Venus teaches us that we are also what we love and what loves us. Welcome to Planet Venus. Venus invites you to enter her territory with grace through your heart and third eye. Enjoy your journey.

Our Quest for Love

It is said that every act, thought and communication is either an attempt to receive or to give love. In our moments of emotional honesty, most of us would admit this is true.

The essence of our Soul is love. When our Soul is not in the physical body, it experiences pure love. This is substantiated by those coming back from near death experiences, and when one tunes into souls that have left the physical plane. Their message is invariably about the blissful state of love, and non-separation from the Divine.

The challenge of human existence is to experience love while in a human body. Our soul comes to Planet Earth to experience love in physical reality.

I still remember very vividly watching a video of a class with Yogi Bhajan. He asked us to rise above the Earth and experience what it was like to view the Earth from an out-of-body vantage point. I got in touch with being a Soul, floating above the Earth, and being offered the opportunity to come to Planet Earth to experience love as a human being. I was so excited about the prospect. Then I experienced a lifetime where I was tortured when I tried to open my heart to another human being. I felt the anguish of my soul. I felt so deceived.

Then I left my body again and I felt myself as a Soul floating in the purity of Divine Love. I was offered another opportunity to come to Planet Earth to experience love in the human body. Again I was in the human body, filled with insufferable pain from the inability to connect with the love that I craved but could not connect with. In a matter of a few minutes I relived this scenario of passionate promise, accompanied by naïve and sincere hope and then unbearable painful sadness. I was simultaneously disappointed, angry, and devastated. I sat there sobbing uncontrollably until I had no more tears to shed. I passed out, totally worn out from the experience that was almost to real to bear.

Who can help us connect with the love we all came here to experience? Venus is our mentor and teacher. It is her assignment to assist us in our quest to re-unite with Divine Love.

Who is Venus?

Venus is the Goddess of Higher Love. Venus rules the law of attraction and magnetism. Her territory includes the following:

The Beauty of Life

Venus softens the edges, absorbs the blows and rounds the corners, so life has a flow, a rhythm and a beauty to it. Venus accentuates the aescetic, the refined and the delicate aspects of life. It is the Venus in us who writes poetry, watches the sunset and hugs our lover. Venus is the artist, the romantic, and the enjoyer of life.

Harmony and Peace

Venus is our emotional and mental circuitry that facilitates the release of tension and stress. Venus helps us maintain harmony and peace, both within and without. Venus is our aesthetic indicator. Our Venus determines what colors, music, food and forms we like. Our heart is soothed when we are surrounded by things and in environments that we perceive as beautiful. Venus's principal goal is to help us sustain a sense of serenity as we face the challenges of life.

Attraction and Magnetism

Venus is the force within each of us that gives us the ability to attract other people, partners, circumstances, material possessions and abundance into our lives. Venus gives us the power of personal magnetism. Venus determines our taste in friends, our romantic instincts, and our sense of courtesy and diplomacy.


Venus's primal desire is for union with the Divine. The urge to merge is her existential motivation.


Venus expresses herself through feelings and sensations. Venus is our primal instinct that gives us the ability to connect with what gives us pleasure in the physical form.

What does Venus Attract?

We would all like to believe that the Venus in us attracts to us perfect partnerships, abundance, prosperity and a beautiful life. We would like Venus to bless us with Divine Love. Venus's goal is to attract all these things. Venus wants everyone to be happy and at peace. Enter the basic laws of the Universe - Like attracts like. Venus attracts to us what is in our own psyche. If we are in duality, we attract conflict. If we are needy, we attract abandonment. If we are angry, we attract confrontation. Ooops. Not what we had in mind! Fortunately, however, there is a built in mechanism within us, where we simultaneously attract experiences that cause us to grow spiritually and materially, so that we can attract peace and love into our lives. Through Venus's lessons we gain clarity about what really gives us a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of peace and an experience of harmony. In the process we cultivate the consciousness that allows us to attract the harmony and the joy that we came here to experience.

Venus Lessons

Venus lessons involve love, partnership, money, sharing and giving. Ultimately Venus teaches us how to infuse Divine love into the human experience. Venus teaches us how to spiritualize matter. Venus teaches us how to express Divine love in our daily lives. Venus infuses higher love into our material and sensual world. Venus teaches us how to transmute personal love into universal love.

Unconscious Venus

In both astrology and psychology we often refer to "the dark side" of a planet or to our being. My interpretation of "the dark side" is that it has not been viewed, looked at or illumined yet. I do not look at it as bad. I look at it as unexposed and unexamined. The dark side is primal energy that has not yet been developed. Hidden in all the crevices of our unconscious mind are gifts, talents and the light of our soul. We are here to bring light to all aspects of our being.

The dark side gets its bad reputation from the fact that it creates issues and problems in our lives, to get our attention, so that we will bring light to that facet of our soul. The process of becoming consciously conscious is generally tedious, trying and challenging to say the least. But the development of awareness is what the human game on Planet Earth is all about. So we might as well get to business, accept and even enjoy the process as much as we can.


Venus wants us to be happy and at peace. Yet Venus puts us through our tests to achieve these gifts. We must align our consciousness with unconditional love to fully receive her gifts. To do this we must be honest with ourselves. That seems simple enough. But in fact, most of us lie to ourselves most of the time. We think we are telling the truth. But our minds are filled with judgments, wishful thinking and illusions. And we are a slave to our blame, victim mentality.

It is not that we are not sincere. The problem is that we are NOT LISTENING. What about that silent voice that tells us - that isn't really want I want. Or the feeling in the pit of our solar plexus, that warns us that a certain choice is not really going to work out the way we would like it to. How many ways has our mind developed to convince us that we want and can have what isn't really going to work for us? Why do we conveniently overlook (deny) obvious facts? We are all masters of deception. Let's at least be honest about this!

The problem is that if we lie to ourselves, we lie to others and we lie to the Universe. When we lie to the Universe, we lie to Venus. She cannot give us what we want if we do not know ourselves what our soul wants this life time. We must send out clear, honest messages.

Where do we start? Honesty starts with LISTENING to our intuition and to the subtle feelings in our bodies that are messages from our soul. Any form of discomfort is a message. Mild stress may simply be a warning to relax and trust. More potent messages, like excess fatigue or throwing your back out, may be telling us that our current situation is not working for us, and advising us to change it. Once we PAY ATTENTION, it is very easy to tell what gives us peace, what makes us happy and what decisions and actions give us energy.

Trust and Balance

To receive the gifts of Venus we must TRUST. We must also live in a state of BALANCE. Hope and trust are not the same thing. Hope is relying on an unknown, external power to take care of us in a way that we give away our power. Trust is possible when we become part of the process. Trust involves an experience of connection with Source. The real capacity to trust requires us to be able to hold our own energy and align it with unknown forces. In other words, the Universe and Venus require our participation if we are to have what we want and deserve (and is already ours.)

Hope and hopeless often go together because we abdicate our power and responsibility to participate. We dump our energy into self-deluding prayers, instead of standing in the miracle of what we are co-creating with the Universe at every moment. Trust and balance are achieved by being in constant connection with our Soul, or at least knowing and accepting that something within us besides our mental stories is taking care of us.

PRACTICE - To cultivate this state of Self-trust and balance, it is beneficial to devise your own personal exercise, where you affirm and integrate the connection between your personality and your soul. One affirmation I use is " My soul is taking care of me. My soul is attracting to me what I need to learn so I can have what I want and do what I came here to do. My soul is also helping me release persons and situations that do not contribute to my serenity and fulfillment". Then I look at my current situation and see the truth in this statement. I stay with it until I feel this reality at a very deep level, and achieve peace with my current situation.

Centering in our Own Selves

Venus invites us to constantly live in the question. How do I step outside my own center? How do I create imbalance in my own being? What exactly is making me feel uncomfortable? Conversely we are invited to ask - How can I step back into my center? How can I create balance in my own being? How can I feel secure and comfortable with myself?

If we don't have what we want and need, then we have to examine our give away plan. How are we filling in the gaps and energetic caverns for others? Energetic caretaking results in an energetic imbalance. How can we switch to holding the space for what we want, and opening the pathway to realize our own dreams? Others have dreams too. If our pathway is open, and our dreams mesh, we can join each other.

Self-Love and Inner Direction

The most basic Venus question is "How can I love and nurture myself more and more each day?" One of our most courageous, and from my observation difficult, human acts is SELF-LOVE. One of our most intense challenges is to bring our attention home to ourselves in a loving way. One of our most honest lessons is to admit that no one else can give us what we already have. SELF-LOVE is a never-ending process. We have to let the neediness, the self-destructive beliefs and patterns play out. We have to celebrate ourselves and our lives. We have to acknowledge our own value, and bring it to the surface of our consciousness, so the Universe can partner it.

Self-love is an internal personal process. We have to bring all parts of ourselves to ourselves. When we are truly connected to who we are, the feeling won't go away if someone we love leaves for a day or forever. Abandonment is really letting parts of us leave when another leaves us, i.e. we are abandoning ourselves. When we can hold on to our own energy, we can attract to us available relationships. We are telling the Universe and Venus "I am available to a relationship that returns the flow of what I give!"

Self-love obliges us to have the courage to live our lives, as we are inner directed each day. It means not making others wrong to make ourselves right. It means striving to incorporate unconditional love as a daily practice. The basis of unconditional love is loving oneself unconditionally.

Self-love is not that complicated. But it does take consistent and vigilant practice to achieve it. Self-love involves a graceful and accepting attitude towards ourselves and includes the following:

We attract at the level that we vibrate. When we interact with others and ourselves with anger or frustration, we feel a sense of separation because we energetically cut ourselves off. On the other hand, people are magnetically attracted to those who accept themselves, because they too find acceptance in the auras of those who know and practice self-love. The greatest power of attraction is unconditional love. And it all starts with self-love.

Synthesis and Intuition

Venus's quest is to "reconcile all duality and to create synthesis out of polarization".(1) Venus instinctively seeks to unite, blend, merge and harmonize duality and conflict. This is done by transcending the level of reality where conflict is the norm, and by moving to a higher octave of expression. This higher frequency is perceived in the heart and the neutral mind, and experienced by the soul.

The goal of our individual evolution is to achieve a fusion of our Soul with our personality. This happens as our consciousness opens up to the reality that exists beyond duality, and we actually experience the universal energy that binds, unites and holds all manifestations of creation together.(2) This cohesive and omnipresent force is universal love.

The experience of universal love is facilitated through the power of intuition. The intuition is activated in the neutral mind. In the neutral mind one attains "a focused awareness of the holistic quality of life".(3) Our intuition gives us clarity of perception because it perceives beyond the realm of the positive and negative minds. Through intuition we experience a sense of harmony that is not possible in the duality of analytic thought.

Alchemy of Love Relationships by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry - Gurunam

Alchemy of Love Relationships by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry - Gurunam provides the answer to all your prayers! Who in their arduous search for a loving and meaningful relationship has not pleaded "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!"

The spiritual principles revealed in this book take the guesswork out of the search, and will be of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship.

Move from victim to victory in your quest for love.


Almost everyone wants some form of love relationship with another. Venus teaches us that we can't attract or maintain what we want with excess baggage. In fact, the most profound and hardest lesson Venus teaches us is that WE ATTRACT WHAT WE PROJECT. We don't attract storybook perfectionism. Baring a miracle, we invariably draw to ourselves our most challenging life issues, because that is what we came here to learn.(4)

Either we work out our issues before we partner up, or we work them out in our relationships, or more realistically, both. Venus wants us to be comfortable with each other and ourselves. But this requires being uncomfortable first and along the way. The good news is that dealing with our neuroses, understanding our past, healing and self-reconciliation makes us more peaceful, available and magnetic.

Venus teaches us that higher love is a balancing act. To achieve fulfilling relationships we must consciously seek internal balance, because our inner reality creates our outer reality.

Love relationships are such a delicate and complex issue. There are so many forms of relationships and all of them help us learn and grow. Venus teaches us that we do not need permission or approval to want what we want and we have to find our path in our own hearts. Venus also requires that we use our heart and our intuition to discriminate.

Venus teaches us that there is a fine line between social morality, which is used to control unconscious behavior, and the physical laws of karma. The social morality is often an attempt to codify the personal behavior. If we want to make our own choices, we have to become consciously aware of how we create our own reality and make conscious decisions. If we want to be free agents, we still have to live by universal laws. To do so we have to learn to extricate guilt and shame trips, and the need to please others to receive love. Our ultimate guide is the peace we achieve within, and the health and vitality of our physical body. When we are at peace, we are aligned with our own heart and the Universe. Only then can we hope to attract the loving relationships we desire.

Higher Love

At its highest expression, love has a very different meaning than the personal, personality-centered, love we see in the movies and play out in our romances. The higher love of Venus is impersonal and detached. It is essence energy, disassociated from form. Venus connects us to the higher expression of love. She frees us from the dramas of attached love, the emotional tribulations of desires, and the astral pull of karma. The higher love of Venus perceives the relationship between cause and effect, and chooses actions that create the desired effects.

Venus teaches us to "Let go and let God." Our most peaceful strategy is to surrender to the infinite within and without. For most of us, surrender is a path, not a one-time act.

In this higher state of consciousness, we are finally able to attract dharmic instead of karmic relationships into our lives. This is the good news many have been waiting for, and perhaps the motivating factor to learn our Venus lessons. For the impersonal, detached love offered by Venus does not in any way diminish our experience of love. On the contrary, it enhances it. Instead of giving up something, we gain what our souls most desire - a personal connection with the Divine and someone to share it with. As our mind is increasingly focussed on the energy of oneness, our magnetism is increased exponentially. We attract to us our soulmate, our destiny partner or life companion, with whom we can share soul to soul and carry out our life's work together.

Tantra - Union with the Divine

The fact that Venus teaches us how to transmute personal love into universal love, does not mean that we are obliged to replace personal, sexual relationships with a celibate life. Venus is the Goddess of Tantra. Tantra is also Pluto's territory and we will discuss his role in Issue 27. Tantra refers to the experience where a man and woman interact as the masculine and feminine expressions of the Divine.

Libra's relationship to Tantra has to do with the higher mind. Libra rules marriage and partnership. Yogi Bhajan reminds us of the spiritual sense of the term, and how many miss the true meaning of the institution of marriage, which implies the merging of souls. He points out that marriage is not simply sleeping together; marriage implies being of one mind.

The Divine is such a perfect intermingling of masculine and feminine, that union of the two basic forces of the Universe is a given. Through sexual red Tantra, partners aspire to achieve an experience of this perfect integration of masculine and feminine energies. In the physical act of creation they experience the force of Divine Love.

Venus wants everyone to experience this perfect union. But as we pointed out, a neutral mind is required. When two people have the capacity to hold this experience in their own consciousness, they can use sexuality to enhance and further induce this powerful, universal reality. This is why, traditionally, the science of Tantra includes both the celibate, individual spiritual path and the sexual, partnership path. One does not replace the other. In both cases one must be able to hold the vibration of unity within one's own consciousness awareness.

The Dance of Beingness

Venus embodies a quality of consciousness, which is the pure expression of the Universal Mind. When the mind is focused on God or the Divine, it connects with and expresses Love and Wisdom. Through the higher, neutral or intuitive mind, Venus links the lower and higher minds at the Ajna or Third Eye. This center is the seat of wisdom. It is the lens through which the Soul sees the world.

Human life, indeed the Universe, is a dance between polarities. The question is how do we dance the dance. Venus is the dancer. Venus weaves and harmonizes opposites into complementary partners. In the process she brings synthesis, unity and grace into our lives.

"Venus's great potency lies in her ability to bring about harmonious relationships within pairs of opposites, thus furthering creative manifestation on all levels".(5) Venus's power lies in her ability to give humanity a special quality of BEING. When Venus is conscious of her Soul, she projects a magnetic and radiant light, which aligns with and embodies universal love.

Positive Expressions - Negative Expressions

Nurturing - codependence
Sharing - excessive possession
Merging - ungroundedness
Detached - love fantasies
Beauty - self-indulgence
Peace - laziness
Magnetism - over-sensitivity

Where and How do we Search for Love and Peace?

In the 60's and 70's aptitude tests were very popular. I remember in high school and college taking these tests to figure out what I might do with my life. It is interesting that the daughter of the man who created the aptitude tests wrote a book that took the investigation one step further. The goal of aptitude tests is to figure out what we are good at, what our capabilities are. The next question is "What WILL we do?" We can be good at a lot of things. But what will we CHOOSE to do with our lives? What are we WILLING to do? Venus can help us find out.

The placement and sign of Venus in our natal chart determines:

Venus in the Signs and Houses

The placement and sign of Venus also indicates the type of lessons we will attract, in order to accomplish our Soul's goal of experiencing Divine Love.

Below I outline how Venus manifests in each of the 12 signs and 12 houses. To learn about the nature of your Venus you will need either your birth chart or an ephemeris. The birth chart indicates both the sign and the house of the planets, which is the most useful. The ephemeris gives only the sign. Typically, although not always, the house that a planet is in will not correspond to the planet that rules the sign. For example, one's Venus could be Sagittarius and fall in the eighth house. This means that when you are investigating your Venus you must understand the influences of both Sagittarius and the eighth house or Scorpio. Life is complex. It is also rich and elegant. Exploring the sign of each of our planets and their house placement helps us live fuller, richer and more conscious lives.

The following is a brief list that you can use to begin your investigation of what you attract, what you would like to attract, and the lessons that you can learn to give you the power of attraction. Please add to the list as you explore your own Venus. Warning: do not use this abbreviated list as a definitive description of how Venus plays out in your own life. It is intended as a guide to open the floodgates of your own heart!

Aries and the First House

Taurus and the Second House

Gemini and the Third House

Cancer and the Fourth House

Leo and the Fifth House

Virgo and the Sixth House

Libra and the Seventh House

Scorpio and the Eighth House

Sagittarius and the Ninth House

Capricorn and the Tenth House

Aquarius and the Eleventh House

Pisces and the Twelfth House

Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Bring Light in the Mind

The Sun in Libra helps us realize that there is a level of interaction with ourselves, others and the Universe that we want, that is not currently available to us. We need to cultivate our neutral mind to find this place of peace and clarity. The emotions cannot be peaceful. The positive and negative minds cannot come to a place of stillness. They were designed to give us a constant flow of information. The neutral mind is the only place where we can go to find stillness and resolution. The neutral mind is where we go to sort things out and find our truth and the Truth. It is in the third eye that we tune into the light in the mind that gives us the power to interpret the flood of information from our emotions and rational mind. While the Sun is in Libra is an opportune time to cultivate the Light in the mind at the third eye.

Relax and Renew, 2nd Edition, by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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One powerful meditation is sitting in a comfortable position, hands are on the knees with the thumbs and forefingers touching. Front teeth touch. Look at the tip of the nose with the eyes 1/10th open. Be aware of the third eye and the heart simultaneously. The tongue is pressed lightly to the roof of the mouth. Coordinate long deep breathing with the mantra SA TA NA MA. Silently repeat the mantra with both the inhale and the exhale. There is an option. The mantra can be repeated one or more times, but it must be repeated the same number of times on both the inhale and the exhale. Project the mantra from the third eye while mentally vibrating it.(6)

Do this meditation for 11-31 minutes and then sit quietly and let your heart and third eye speak to you verbally, visually or emotionally. You can set your intention to be given messages about what you most desire and the truth about who you are at the beginning of the meditation. But during the meditation, keep your focus on mantra, the breath, the nose, third eye and the heart.

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