Jupiter - Santa in the Sky

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #28, November 21, 2000

Jupiter is traditionally billed as the benefic planet - the one that brings us fortune and bestows blessings upon us. Jupiter is our good-natured friend who gives us a break in the cold world of Saturn and the disturbing world of Pluto. Jupiter's motto could be "The sky is the limit if you stay grounded and connected to Spirit."

Jupiter moves around the Sun in a little less than twelve years. It stays in one sign for almost one year. Jupiter is currently in Gemini and will stay there until July 13, 2001 when it enters Cancer. December 13th is the Full Moon in Gemini. The Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the current position of the Sun Sign. The Full Moon is a good time to review progress in the area of life related to the sign. With Jupiter in Gemini, this is a good time to review our progress in all areas of communication - being heard, listening, reaching out to others and sharing with each other.

The New Moon is in the sign of the current Sun Sign. The New Moon in Sagittarius is November 25th. Every New Moon is an opportune time to set intentions relevant to that particular sign. Tuning into Sagittarius' mentor and guide Jupiter will help us define our goals in this area of our life for the upcoming year.

As the biggest planet, it is fitting that Jupiter's energy promotes expansion. Jupiter gives out energy. Jupiter extends himself. In his truly neutral energy, Jupiter offers us opportunities. Jupiter is the planet of potential and possibilities. Jupiter presents us with options and choices that give us a chance to grow and to improve our lives. Although Jupiter's teaching tool is often worldly adventure, his lesson is that the potential lies within, not outside ourselves. Jupiter tests our higher ideals and commitment to our own inner truth. In the process, he requires us to align with universal truth. Jupiter adorns our lives with opportunities designed to broaden our horizons, to remove us from limited thinking and to align our worldview with universal wisdom. The end goal is to extend ourselves into deeper levels of understanding, relatedness and connection.(1)

Jupiter facilitates our expansion through worldly experiences, which typically include travel, international connections, spiritual quests, exploration of new territories, higher education and athletic achievement. It is through our Jupiter experiences that we acquire a personal philosophy of life, gain a broader perspective and are motivated to use our abilities in a socially significant manner. We discover new concepts and points of view that open our minds and expand our horizons. Jupiter encourages us to search for the truth and to see ourselves in a more universal context. Jupiter tells us that the sky is the limit. Jupiter looks up, not down.

Youthful Spirit

Jupiter embodies the energy of vital adolescence. His intuitive insights guide his fiery energy. He is the young boy who loves contests and engages in competitive games to learn sportsmanship. He is the young scout who explores the world and enjoys meeting people with other customs and views, and ends up appreciating what they all share in common. Jupiter's expeditions are worldly. His interactions with others add breadth and meaning to his pursuits, depth to his relationships and perspective to his view of the world.

It is through our worldly explorations that Jupiter teaches us not to judge others, to appreciate diversity and to connect with our commonality. We must connect with our own genuineness and that of others as well, for we cannot expand if we are attached to dogmas. Jupiter teaches us to consider all possibilities and honor all trails up the mountain. In fact, Jupiter prepares us to climb the Capricorn mountain. To ascend the steep cliffs, we must let go of the baggage of limiting doctrines and empty rituals, and cast away the past. We must learn to be forward looking without false enthusiasm. We must be willing to discard every crooked arrow from our sheath, for it is only the straight arrows that hit the target.

Qualities and Attitudes of Jupiter and Sagittarius

It is the Jupiter and Sagittarius in each of us that is the extroverted explorer and the intuitive thinker. Jupiter and Sagittarius are most interested in the areas of life that involve journeys, athletics, formal education, foreign travel, spiritual quests, gambling and other forms of risk-taking.

It is our Jupiter and the Sagittarius part of our personality that specializes in speculative judgment, encouragement, adventure, idealism, self-understanding and spiritual quests. Our Jupiter and Sagittarius energy endows us with a positive attitude and makes us sincere, joyful, generous and philosophical. When we tap into our Jupiter qualities we are frank, bold and fearless. An expansive manner and a quick mind make Sagittarians good leaders in situations that require strength, energy and mobility.(2) The Sagittarian spirit is high minded and seeks to infuse a spirit of idealism into practical matters. Jupiter and Sagittarius are the eternal student-teachers. They teach others new concepts and encourage them through the power of the radiant personality

Unawake Expressions

Sagittarius is often the Puer, the eternal youth, who refuses to grow up. The immature Sagittarius indulges in childish behavior, romantic excesses, exaggeration and evangelism. He is dogmatic, unreliable and reckless. He can have too much zeal and be arrogant, overbearing and falsely (3)

Requirements to Wake-Up and Stay Awake

Jupiter is Sagittarius' mentor. He teaches him how to mature into a responsible adult by developing a sense of logic to go with his enthusiasm. He nudges him to cultivate patience with practical details and concern with end results, to temper his impulsive actions and make his grandiose plans more realistic. He urges him to sincerely seek and speak the truth, for Sagittarius must develop discriminative thoughtful judgment, so he can aim at the right target and hit what he is aiming for. He must be able to adapt to the many changes he encounters with grace and humor, for there are many roads to travel.

Jupiter's Ultimate Goal

Jupiter's ultimate goal is to expand our consciousness so that we have a direct experience of universal love, and to expand our mind so that we are a clear channel for divine wisdom. Jupiter's specific function is to awaken us to the presence of love in every experience, and the essence of love in every form. It is this direct experience, of the all-pervading presence of divine love, that leads us out of attachment and material desire. It is love consciousness that resolves the duality of our mind, and brings our restless mind to peaceful stability. It is also in awakened consciousness that we are aware of and attract the limitless blessings of the Universe. Jupiter is the alchemist that synthesizes polarities in order to manifest in our physical reality, universal harmony and abundance.(4)

Jupiter's ultimate purpose is spiritual. Jupiter wakes us up, in the most benign ways, if we do not fall prey to excess and exaggeration. The sign and house placement of our natal Jupiter and Sagittarius indicates, both where we can fall prey to excess, and where we have the greatest possibility to achieve love consciousness in our worldly pursuits. The position and sign of our Jupiter indicates where we "can evoke the most love and wisdom out of the environment, and hence, where a great deal of (our) spiritual contribution to and from life may be found".(5)

Seeker of Truth, Love and Wisdom

Naïve Jupiter romanticizes and rationalizes his existence. Wise Jupiter is not fooled by the promise of quick fixes, get rich quick (grq) schemes or the salvation of the lottery.

Only continual direct experiences with Spirit satisfy Jupiter's inherent restlessness. Jupiter's quest is for spiritual revelation, wisdom and knowledge. The antidote to Jupiter's unquenchable thirst is to earnestly seek the truth. A natural teacher, Jupiter also finds fulfillment in encouraging others to find the truth as well.

Jupiter is the rocket within each of us that motivates us to reach toward the unknown, to go for something bigger than ourselves, and to never stop even when we think we have found it.

Jupiter is a transpersonal planet. We are personally expanded, but the territory is not personal. The territory includes religion, spirituality, philosophy, higher education, sports, travel, law and international affairs. Jupiter embodies the natural desire to learn and to teach others.

Jupiter needs some form of education, a worldview, or a philosophy of life to expand to the next levels of human intelligence and contribution. The intellectual structure, which involves models, symbols, archetypes, systems, and universal principles, serves as a foundation to open up the intuitive powers and direct connection to higher wisdom. Astrology, Kabbalah, systems of law and various religious or spiritual paths are some of the vehicles that serve to link our rational minds to the universal mind. They are the bridges to direct knowledge and communication with the unknown.

The goal is a higher level of intelligence, not the creed, system or path itself. When one gets caught in the traps of evangelism or fanaticism, the expansion stops and our direct communication never happens. Jupiter teaches us that all forms are means that must eventually be transcended. Spiritual paths are vehicles to help us align with Source and our souls. Their ultimate purpose is to open our hearts and minds so we become channels for universal love and wisdom.

Jupiter's Rules of the Game

To take advantage of Jupiter's gifts, we must be frank and honest and use good judgment, for Jupiter's optimism is not based in fuzzy naïveté. Jupiter's fire energy is an expression of pure spirit. He is jovial and gregarious because his spirit is free.

When Jupiter's spirit is not free, his expansionistic energy is squandered in exaggeration, pretension, and boasting. When Jupiter's intentions are not guided by his soul, he gets caught in the downward ego cycle of evangelism, rashness, gullibility, wasteful speculation, gambling and superficial affairs.(6) He still expands, but his arrogance and self-righteousness propel him in a destructive direction.

Jupiter is inherently benefic, but as we might expect, he offers us no free lunch. One of the basic requirements to reap his rewards and blessings is that we have to be on target ourselves. We have to align the arrow of our intentions with our own truth, and point it in the direction of our soul path. We also have to pull our bow and release our arrow. In other words, we have to take action and be part of the world. If we sit around without exercising our free will and participating in our own lives, Jupiter will pass us by. Jupiter doesn't indiscriminately pass out goodies, but he readily supports us when we follow our intuition and take appropriate, but not manipulative, action.

Jupiter responds when we act on authentic directives from our hearts. Jupiter does not respond to wild get-rich-quick schemes or quick fixes. For although Jupiter embodies the reality of an infinitely abundant universe, the end goal is not to feed our ego or soothe our limited personality. Jupiter's goal is to help us embody and express more and more of our soul. Jupiter supports worldly pursuits that encourage the full expression and embodiment of our soul into our personality. Jupiter wants us to thrive as awakened souls on Planet Earth.

As the biggest planet, Jupiter helps us see things bigger than life and teaches us that "Life is BIG." To take advantage of Jupiter's support, we have to stay connected to our hearts and act wisely. We can sabotage our efforts with uncontained emotional excitement that disconnects us from the Source. Cockiness unplugs us. We have to be able to hold our energy in a neutral space, to be able to expand with Jupiter.

Personal Example

I offer a personal example of how Jupiter energy works. In the fall of 1991, during a Jupiter transit in my birth chart, I experienced an urge that manifested as a desire to attend a well-known conference in another state. As I didn't have the means to attend, I thought of ways that I might attend for free. One idea I had was to ask if I could go as a reporter for a local new age magazine. But as I thought of this idea, it didn't seem on target. Why spend my time writing about someone else's conference. I decided instead to write and submit to the same monthly an article on "A New Paradigm for a Sustainable World." The article was enthusiastically received and published as the cover story in the very next issue.

This article served as an instrumental marketing tool for me. Because of it, I got invited to the Sacred Earth Gathering in Brazil in 1992, which was held at the same time as the Earth Summit. The article was the seed that expanded into my book "Inner and Outer Ecology - Transitions to a Sustainable Worldview." I shared this book at both events and it is still being used to explain the relationship between spirituality and ecology.

Later, but during the same Jupiter transit, I decided I wanted to take advantage of the energy and sent out papers to several other magazines, none of which responded. This action was too calculated for Master Jupiter. The former was a purely heartfelt action of wanting to share myself. The point is that dealing with Jupiter energy requires spontaneous intuitive action guided by the heart, not the ego.

Expansion or Self-Sabotage

Wise Jupiter invites us to identify (and avoid) the basic expansionist distortions that create self-sabotage.

Fanaticism cuts off our Divine connection. Jupiter wants everyone to choose for themselves. We have to act like adults to play in Jupiter's court. This means that we can't fall prey to the pampering or the coercion of prosletization. It also means that we can't indulge in, over enthusiastically, trying to get others to believe what we feel is true for ourselves either. As mentioned above, fanaticism cuts off our direct connection with Source.

Jupiter doesn't like promiscuity either. Jupiter does not think that many relationships are inherently bad. Jupiter encourages experimentation and experience in all areas of our life. We have to live life in order to figure out what works for us and what doesn't, but not at someone else's expense. Jupiter does not promote guilt or shame as means to restrain our activities. Jupiter wants us to learn to make wise choices, from the multiple realities we are confronted with on a daily basis. Jupiter wants us to learn that expansion in relationships requires spiritual connection with self and with others. It is the depth of the connection, and the ability to maintain it, that allows us to tap into the infinity that Jupiter offers.

Jupiter teaches us that the Universe is truly abundant; but excess or extravagance cuts off the possibility of tapping into this infinite abundance. Jupiter is generous, but he doesn't respond well to greed. Jupiter frowns on the exploitation of others and the Earth's resources for selfish ends. Jupiter requires a sense of fairness, justice, equality and humility, to receive what is already ours.

Jupiter doesn't want us to abuse ourselves either. Jupiter's search is for the wisdom that is found in direct connection to Source, not in highs from substance abuse. Jupiter's quest is to embody Divine Love. We have a better chance of finding the chalice if we commit to our path, and stop diverting our energy on superficial hits from artificial stimulants. Jupiter says, we may have to give up some destructive addictions along the way, but the real thing is infinitely more fulfilling and fun.

Jupiter's rules are simple. Avoiding lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment are a powerful start. Jupiter helps us distinguish between the downward spiral of the above and the upward expansion of their opposites. Each of the above creates more karma. The positive expressions of the same energy gives us more life force and vitality. Instead of lust, Jupiter encourages a passion for life. Anger doesn't have to be destructive. It can motivate us to stand up for what is just and fair. The opposite of greed is not depravation. Jupiter assures us that we all are supposed to be prosperous. We just have to release our own limitations to tap into the abundance of the Universe. Self-glorification traps our ego, but self-love is love of the Divine. Jupiter encourages us to love our unique divine expression. Finally, Jupiter offers us so many possibilities, that staying attached to the past and our wounds seems absurd. When we realize how much life offers, it is so much easier to detach and move on.

Jupiter's attitude is upbeat. He is not going to judge us, condemn us or shame us. The rules are simple. As long as we obey universal laws we are in his game.

Jupiter in the Signs and Houses

Below I briefly outline the path of excess, and the path of consciousness of Jupiter, in each of the signs and houses.

Aries and the First House

Taurus and the Second House

Gemini and the Third House

Cancer and the Fourth House

Leo and the Fifth House

Virgo and the Sixth House

Libra and the Seventh House

Scorpio and the Eighth House

Sagittarius and the Ninth House

Capricorn and the Tenth House

Aquarius and the Eleventh House

Pisces and the Twelfth House

The secret to tapping Jupiter's gift is to avoid the excess.
The secret to avoiding the excess is to accept and be grateful for the gifts.

Evolutionary Need

Jupiter symbolizes our evolutionary need, and desire to understand life and ourselves, in a metaphysical and philosophical context. We need a cosmology or worldview to give meaning to our lives, to explain our connection to universal forces and to develop a direct relationship with the unknown. To do so we must understand the basic truths that hold together the Universe and explain our existence. To gain this profound knowledge we must be free to pursue the life experiences that help us discover these fundamental truths. It is our pursuit of the truth that is our priority, in the area of life where Jupiter and Sagittarius rule. As such this may well be an area of our life where we feel alone or even abandoned.

We may choose to be alone if the alternative is to be restricted or stifled in any way. We may also feel limited and alienated in this area of our lives. Jupiter sets up our journey this way, so that we will be motivated to pursue the chalice and discover the gold. For example, Jupiter in Libra, or the seventh house, holds the promise of balanced, loving relationships, but to achieve these blessings one may feel very alone along the way, despite many, even committed but unfulfilling, relationships. It is our experience in multiple relationships that will finally help us understand and attract the type of relationship that works best for us.

Those with Jupiter in the ninth house or Sagittarius may feel rootless and unable to call any place home. They may move from one location to another in pursuit of the ideal home. Eventually they will realize that Planet Earth and the Universe are their home, and feel comfortable and secure wherever they are.

Intuition and Direct Connection

"Intuition is the inherent ability in each of us to 'know' something without conscious reasoning. This knowing or understanding occurs without any effort on the part of the egocentric and subjective mind".(7)

Jupiter's fire energy ignites our intuition. Jupiter has an intuitive sense of how life can be explained and understood. It is through the inner intuitive faculty that we know we are connected to larger forces beyond ourselves. Through intense focus on these forces, we become aware of their nature and the principles that govern them. Through our intuitive sixth sense we discover the natural laws that explain our connection with universal forces.(8) We then translate these fundamental laws and principles into our philosophical and metaphysical belief system.

Throughout history there has always been a great diversity in the individual and social interpretations of universal principles, influenced as they are by cultural conditions, historical evolution and geographical necessities. However, the basic laws and principles of all cosmological and religious systems remain the same.

The challenge is to recognize the commonality that we share, and the common connection that flows through all of us. The test is to not fall prey to the need or desire to impose one's own system upon others, or to withdraw from perceived threats from other cultures. The missionary complex is one of the destructive negative expressions of Jupiter and an over zealous Sagittarian spirit. Jeff Green calls this the "Billy Graham archetype" or the need to convert others to one's own point of view. Behind the zeal to indoctrinate others is the belief that "I-we are right and you are wrong". Behind this moralistic categorization is the need to find security and stability, by insuring that others believe the same way we do.

The core reasons for the insecurity is separation from Source. When we are connected, we know we are all one and are not attached to the belief systems or forms that have been developed to cultivate and maintain the connection. The problem, of course, arises because the technology to maintain the connection is not shared, or is lost, and systems devolve into empty shells of dogma and ritual. The bottom line is that universal truths and principles have to be directly experienced by each person, to become reality and to be incorporated into our psyche. Jupiter encourages us to expand our horizons of personal awareness. We are not supposed to hide behind externally imposed (and blindly accepted) belief systems. We are supposed to make the unknown known, by developing a direct relationship with universe energies.

In and Of the World

Non-involvement in the world is unacceptable to Jupiter. Indeed, we cannot learn Jupiter's lessons or acquire his gifts by hiding in our minds, or dissociating with the mainstream of life. Jupiter insists that we experience that our version of reality is relative, and that there are many paths that lead to the truth. We have to be in the world to do so. We have to encounter people with different values, travel to foreign lands, live in different cultures and experience diversity in many forms and ways. Our cultural and intellectual security will be challenged, and we may become defensive, but in the process we will acquire a greater understanding of humankind, and develop an attitude of appreciation of the relativity of truth, and the universality of Truth. With maturity we become natural teachers, simply desiring to mutually share our wisdom with each other.(9)

Upbeat Attitude

Jupiter is known for his upbeat attitude. He enthusiastically and optimistically embraces life. He has lots of energy, is good-natured and fun to be with. Hope and expectancy feed his positive attitude, as each day he energetically seeks new experiences, and heads off on a new adventure. Jupiter is lucky, and his life lessons are some of the most benign of all we encounter. Jupiter teaches us that for our life to work we must connect to a higher power. That is more pleasant than digging through the subconscious garbage that Pluto makes us confront. To receive Jupiter's blessing we have to be spiritual. That is certainly less of a burden than the restrictions placed upon us by Saturn.

Jupiter obliges us to live in the present. Although it is a challenge to stop thinking about the future, Jupiter offers us the power to manifest our visions, if we can calm down enough to ground ourselves in the present. We have to give up our unrealistic expectations, but since our wishful thinking doesn't work anyway, we eventually realize that this more practical route is more rewarding, and the only one that works.

We have to quit being in a hurry and learn to breathe our way through life. This lesson only brings more good news. We find the power in the present moment. We learn to relax and become even healthier. We have more energy and tap into our soul power. We find we have time to enjoy the rewards of our efforts before we gallop off on our next adventure.

To please Jupiter we must pass through the gate of experience. Fully living life is what Jupiter requires for transcendence and divine wisdom. The caveats are that we must learn discrimination, establish boundaries, commit to our spiritual path and be accountable for our actions. We must embrace the world and our lives without taking foolish risks or hiding out in denial. We must transcend our ego and intellect and be guided by the intuitive insight of our soul.

Jupiter is the teacher that reminds us that we can do great things, and that nothing except ourselves stands in our way. Jupiter gives us confidence, expands our perspective and fills us with wonder. If we can learn moderation and avoid extravagance, we can be prosperous, and naturally magnetize abundance to ourselves.

Achievement, aspiration and inspiration are key words for Jupiter. Jupiter teaches us that if we can maintain our optimism, tame our blind faith, translate our visions into realistic projects and surrender to a higher power, our dreams for ourselves and the world can come true.

Jupiter, the Eagle and the Buffalo

Jupiter resembles in some ways the Eagle in the Medicine Cards. Both give us the ability to live in the realm of Spirit, while staying connected to the realm of Earth. In fact, it is our connection to Spirit that helps us remain balanced in our physical life. Both the Eagle and Jupiter represent the state of Grace that is earned through experience, understanding, owning one's personal power and trusting one's connection to Spirit. Both Jupiter and the Eagle teach us to expand our sense of self, beyond the limited horizons of what is visible to the personality. Both invite us to venture into the unknown, to conquer our fear and to willingly co-create with the Divine. Both the Eagle and Jupiter remind us that we earn liberation by giving ourselves permission to be free, and joyfully follow the dreams in our hearts.(10)

Jupiter also embodies some of the messages of the Buffalo Medicine Card. Both Jupiter and the Buffalo answer our prayers for abundance and plenty. Both instruct us that gratitude, prayer and appreciation for what we already have, are keys to opening ourselves to receive. We must be humble enough to ask for assistance. These teachers ask us to remember that our partner is the Great Spirit. They invite us to slow down enough to maintain a conscious connection with Source. They invoke us to honor others and their paths. We must use our lives for the highest good at all times. They ask us to make peace with others and within ourselves. Both Jupiter and the Buffalo invite us to give thanks for our health, our bodies, our friends, our family and every breath of life.(11)

Set Up to Win and Enjoy

Jupiter teaches us that the Universe is set up so we can win. There are limits, but they are determined by how much energy we can hold, and how big of a space we can keep open. Jupiter's limits are nothing like the restrictions placed upon us by Saturn. They are finite, but the abundance available is far more than we can ever imagine, and it is ever evolving.

Jupiter is about evolution. Uranus is about revolution. Jupiter is an advocate, not a critic. Jupiter supports us in a systematic, positive and detached manner.

Our job is to discover the cosmic rules for orderly expansion, growth and development. Some of the rules are staying grounded in the present moment, maintaining an attitude of gratitude, and living as a free spirit. Jupiter teaches us to free ourselves from restrictions, to give up limiting beliefs, and to simply live by basic universal and physical laws. When our hands, mind and heart are open, we are able to receive the abundant blessings of the Universe.

The question for Jupiter is "What works to free our spirit to flow with grace and joy?" The less complicated we make our lives, the happier and the more fulfilled we will be. We need a framework to guide us, but not a prison for our minds. We need guidelines to keep us on track, but not dogmas to crush our spirit. Jupiter helps us recover our youthful spirit. Jupiter teaches us it is fun to grow up and be an adult, because then one is "free to be me!"

Mul Mantra Meditation

One of the most basic mantras in the Kundalini Yoga tradition is the Mul or root Mantra. It contains the 108 elemental sounds of the Universe. Yogi Bhajan has given this mantra as one of the 7 mantras to be chanted daily for 21 years - starting June 21,1992. These mantras align us with the energy of the Aquarian Age.

This root mantra sets out one version of the basic principles of the Universe and the energy of our soul. When we chant this mantra, we align with our true essence. When we align with our true essence, we align with the Universe. When we align with the Universe, we experience true joy and love, and the abundance of the Universe flows to us.

There are many ways to chant this mantra. It can be chanted out loud or silently. For beginners it is best to start out loud, so that the action of the tongue on the upper pallet imprints the vibrations into to the brain cells. Silent versions of this meditation can be found in my books Transitions to a Heart Centered World and Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Vol 2.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Vol 2 by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Vol 2 by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., Inner Awareness and Self-Initiation - helps you embrace and enhance your personal journey. Its enlightening exploration of the Ten Bodies and Chakras systems offers a lucid understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energic aspects of the awakening process, and shows you how to evolve from ego to soul consciousness.

In it you will learn about the phases of spiritual awakening, mantras and meditation, activation and refinement of your inner sensory system and how to be your own therapist in dealing with your human issues.

It can be chanted in a monotone or to one of the various musical versions. For a guide to pronunciation of this and many other Kundalini Yoga mantras, check out Mantras of the Master, by Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C.

Simply sit in a comfortable position with the hands on the knees, thumbs and forefingers touching and command your consciousness with these divine sounds.

This is such a beautiful and basic mantra, I encourage everyone to learn it. It soothes the soul because it vibrates with who we really are. It resonates with the basic consciousness that we wish to acquire - the consciousness that exists in our very souls. Although we chant in the divine sound current, it is powerful to reflect on the meaning of the sounds, so we can integrate them into our consciousness.

Ek Ong Kar - One creator, the creator of all is One
Sat Nam - Truth is His Name, Truth is identified
Kartaa Purkh - Doer of Everything
Nirbhao - Fearless
Nirvair - Revengeless
Akaal Moorat - Undying
Ajoonee - Unborn
Saibung - Self-Illumined
Gur Prasad - Guru's Grace or Gift
JAP - Chant, meditate, repeat
Aad Such - True in the beginning
Jugaad such - True through all ages
Haibhee Such - True even now
Nanak Hosee Bhee Such - Nanak says Truth shall ever be true.

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