Uranus - Wake-Up and Stay Awake

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #30 - January 21, 2001

Several years ago I received a telephone call from an Afro-American who said he had worked alongside Martin Luther King. A friend of his, who had met me in Rio di Janeiro in 1992 at the Earth Summit, suggested he call me. He thought I might be able to help him with a most perplexing question. "What is that?" I asked. In his delightful Southern accent he responded, "How do you wake these people up and keep them awake?" I said I was searching for an answer to the same question. Then and now, the best answer I have found is the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Uranus is the planetary teacher who can give us the answer to this most important question.

The Inner Personal Planets

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are known as the personal planets. These inner, lower octave planets are concerned with a person's physical and personal evolution. They represent and express forces in an individual's conscious life. These seven planets symbolize aspects of the human experience that are "to some extent, modifiable through conscious experience and by the concentrated use of the will".(1) The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the most personal of the planets. Jupiter and Saturn deal with our "participation in society and with socially colored norms, beliefs, and ambitions".(2) As such, Jupiter and Saturn serve as intermediary steps between the personal planets and the transpersonal planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The Outer Transpersonal Planets

Whereas the personal planets express forces in our individual psyche, the transpersonal planets embody impersonal cosmic forces. Known as the higher octave planets, their frequency is specifically attuned to our spiritual evolution. The energies embodied by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are totally beyond our conscious control. The best we can do is to control our attitude toward their influence in our lives. We can modify our conscious orientation, toward the impact of these forces on our life situations, and on our personality.(3) We can choose either to allow or to try to resist their interventions. We can open ourselves up to experience the energies that they transmit, or we can try to duck and hide. Whatever, our strategy, they are powerful forces that relentlessly influence our lives.

The transpersonal planets prompt, provoke and promote profound change. They symbolize forces that constantly prompt an expansion in our consciousness. They embody cosmic forces that oblige us to grow and become more consciously aware. They jolt us out of old behavior and thought patterns, and oblige us to expand in order to become more inclusive and whole.

Because the transpersonal planets move through the Zodiac very slowly, they relate to group qualities and generational traits. They impact a whole set of individuals with the same lessons and similar experiences. Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Sun, and stays in each sign for about 7 years. Neptune takes almost 165 years to circle the Sun, and stays in each sign about 14 years. Pluto goes around the Sun in 248 years. Due to its eccentric orbit, it stays in one sign between 11 and 31 years. The spiritual evolution of a whole generation is determined by the sign of these planets.

Surrender to the Obvious

Our attitude determines how these forces manifest in our lives. If we resist, we experience pain, disruption and being overwhelmed. Resistance is not only self-defeating, it impedes the changes that makes our life more complete and harmonious. If we cooperate, or at least do our best to not willfully resist, the transformation these planets are intent on creating can happen more harmoniously, and without as much upset.

The ego skills of willpower, grit and determination alone are inadequate for coping with the energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Surrender and allowing are key words in dealing with these powerful planets. We must be willing to become a channel through which greater universal forces can flow and manifest. Our will (Sun and Mars) can become the instrument, which allows us to focalize these cosmic forces. As we allow these forces to flow through our body (Venus) and mind (Mercury) we open ourselves to spiritual rebirth. Eventually we will experience that "We are these forces", and identify ourselves with the creative power of the Universe.

The great Indian saint, Meher Baba, exemplifies the integration of the energies of the outer planets into the human psyche. When he was asked if he was God, he replied, "Who else could I be?"(4) Meher Baba surrendered to the obvious. Oh that this obvious fact was so obvious to each of us! This realization requires surrendering to the energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as they deliver their gifts of cosmic juice. They will actually pressurize us until we willingly allow universal energy to manifest through us. They act through us by activating the highest expression of our Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Our inner planets become channels for the flow of cosmic energy. What is birthed is our own personal unique expression of the Divine.

Transits - Movement in the Sky

In order to understand how Uranus, Neptune and Pluto impact our lives, we must understand the concept of transits. The term transits refers to the current celestial position of the planets in relationship to the position of the planets in our natal chart. As the planets move in relationship to our birth chart, their energetic interaction creates stimulation and thus reactions in our own lives. Transits activate issues at specific moments in time, and encourage or demand that we give them attention. The situations that they activate require that we use our skills to find resolution, to learn a lesson or to gain a deeper understanding about a particular aspect of ourselves.

The situations that are activated by transits are external reflections of what is going on inside us. Our inner conflicts, issues and soul lessons are projected onto our environment for us to observe. What we have to deal with externally is a reflection of what we must face internally, in order to find resolution. Just as our outer reality reflects our inner reality, a shift in our inner reality can create a shift in our outer reality.

The purpose of transits is to bring to our attention specific soul lessons that we have come here to learn. The symbology of astrology is a rich reservoir of information, which can help us understand the nature of our soul lessons. Astrological symbols also help us create satisfying solutions to the problems at hand, and to nurture a shift in our mental and emotional approach to life. Spiritual growth is the name of the game. Freedom, peace and joy are our ultimate goals.

The dynamics of our lessons are encoded in the transiting and natal planets, their signs, the houses involved and the aspects or relationships between the transiting/natal planets. The aspects or how the planets interact with our natal planets will determine the nature of our course of action. Conjunctions (same place), for example, signal endings and new beginnings. Squares (90° angles) demand quick, decisive action.

The bottom line is that there is energy that needs to be acknowledged, used and directed for our soul growth and human development. We can choose to consciously use this energy and come up with our own creative solutions. If we do not, the Universe will come up with its own scenarios, which of course we must then deal with.

Outer Planet Transits

The transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the most significant and far-reaching of all the transits. Their slow, penetrating diffusion of energy creates comprehensive and permanent changes in our lives. The transcendental forces flowing from these planets create experiential changes in our "thought patterns, level of consciousness, lifestyle, and capacity for self-expression".(5) They impact the deepest level of our psychic life, create profound life changes and promote spiritual transformation.

The role of the outer planets is to quicken our energies, and speed up our evolutionary unfoldment.(6) Events and growth seem to speed up during the transits of the outer planets. However, since these planets appear slow moving, they seem to stick around a long time. Their slow and repeated movement (due to retrograde) in one area of our lives, ensures our in-depth development and profoundly restructured change. Uranus can spend as much as ten years in a natal house. Neptune and Pluto hang around even longer.(7) In sum, these planets do not leave us alone until have made meaningful and permanent changes in our mental foundation, emotional make-up and spiritual paradigm.

The Uranus Transit Game

The role of a Uranus transit is to open us up to new information and to expand our self-awareness. Uranus transits disrupt our lives. The end goals of the sweeping changes that this sky god instigates include "personal enlightenment, liberation from social indoctrination, a greater awareness of our mind's vast potential and the realization that we are much more than human".(8)

Uranus specializes in wake-up calls, when we do not listen to our own internal alarms. When we are constantly reacting to situations, instead of being proactive based on our own internal awareness, it is easy to feel that we are victims of an unfriendly universe.

Admittedly, dealing with Uranus transits is a bit tricky. We may think we have it all figured out, just to be surprised by another turn of events and unanticipated circumstances that are better than we could ever have thought of. The most important strategy is to be as conscious as possible of a need for change, and be proactive in our use of the energy. When we participate, the Universe usually sends us good surprises. When we resist, the shocks are usually less favorable.

Defense strategies of a scared ego resistant to change include denial, escapism, identification with unconscious programming and justification of compulsive behaviors. Surrender is the name of the game. Our resistant ego will eventually have to give in to the overwhelming power of the outer planets, who are after all co-conspirators with our souls. Sooner or later, our personality learns that it is easier to give in to the big boys, than to try to fight them with our distorted interpretations of their roles in our lives. Arresting our spiritual development is both useless and painful. Embracing our evolutionary development promotes both our individual and cosmic unfoldment.

Eventually, we figure out that to try to stand in the way of personal and planetary flow is a futile task, and one we don't want to engage in anyway. As we give in to the obvious, it is easier to go with the flow. When Uranus is about to pay a visit, we may feel restless, even out of control, and that our lives are speeding up. We may have a strong urge to break out of our normal routine and do something new or unusual. We may be more willing to change, experiment and take risks. There is an acceleration of energy and events. Uncertain and interesting are the key words of the day. Once we accept Uranus's awesome powers, he can treat us to some wonderful gifts and unexpected surprises.

Uranus in Your Life

Uranus impacts our lives in many ways. You can use your birth chart to identify the areas in your life where Uranus will have the most impact. We will be susceptible to Uranus surprises, challenged by his lessons and receptive to his gifts in the following areas of our birth chart:

  1. The house where Uranus lives
  2. The house(s) ruled by Aquarius, where Aquarius is the sign of the house cusp
  3. The house(s) containing Aquarius and planets in Aquarius
  4. The eleventh house which is ruled by Aquarius and planets residing in the eleventh house
  5. Planets in close aspect (the same degree or within a few degrees) to Uranus
From Saturn to Uranus

Saturn symbolizes the boundary between the individual ego and soul. Saturn represents ego consciousness and the collective norms and social standards. Saturn energy is rigid and solid. With a revolutionary fervor, Uranus cracks the walls of the ego and collective structures. An open mind relishes the invigorating messages from Uranus. Uranus is a divine messenger whose job it is to activate the creative, intuitive faculty of our mind. Uranus moves us beyond the rational mind, to tap the creative power of the universal mind. Uranus attunes us to the "voice of God".(9))

Uranian energy heightens our psychic sensitivity, enabling us to receive knowledge and insight from other dimensions of reality. Uranus gifts us with intuitive insight, and extends our mental capacity beyond the rational process of time and space.(10) The inventiveness and urge to experiment are results of the opening in the mind that experiences no boundaries or restrictions. Our perceptions of reality and available information is expanded as we tune into cosmic knowledge. In the space of the universal mind, separation, dualities and polarities disappear. As oppositions merge into oneness, the either/or, conflictual mentality gives way to a mode of perception that sees everything holistically and comprehensibly.

The Sky God

In Greek mythology, Uranus was the first of the sky gods. "Uranus was symbolic of the cosmic mind-spirit energy needed to create life by interpenetrating the primal emotional-physical energies of Earth itself (personified by his mate, Gaia, who also symbolized the cosmic womb)".(11)

Uranus is associated with the expansive sky above. Uranus represents impersonal existence. He is not very accessible or human. He is an abstract force, rather than a familiar identity we can relate to. He is a sky god who is aloof, and self-absorbed in his cosmic world of creative abstractions. He is content only with the ideal version of his divine ideas. He is forever disappointed with flawed tangible version of his concepts. To protect himself from his disgust, he chooses to remain detached and aloof from the physical plane.(12)

Uranus represents pure, pristine states of mind, which can conceptualize ideas before they are materialized into physical form. Uranus embodies the divine mind, which can access archetypal ideas. Uranus has the capacity to access unmanifested ideas that are waiting for the right time to manifest. Uranus plucks concepts from the universal mind before they are subject to the limitations of physical reality. Uranus lives in the light-filled, beyond time-and-space, universe where perfection is reality. Uranus is not at home in physical reality. He is too aware of the flaws and imperfections that inevitably result when Saturn (master of physical reality) takes charge of manifesting his brilliant ideas. He is never totally satisfied with how his creations lose something in the translation to physical reality.(13)

Aquarius and Uranus can become mentally imbalanced, eccentric and fanatic if they become too preoccupied with their abstract theories and ideas. If they can ground the light in their minds, they can be inspiring leaders and innovative scientists and inventors.

Inner Uranus

It is not easy to embrace Uranus. A relationship with Uranus requires making love to the unknown (not everyone's specialty). We have to be fearless, or at least courageous, and we have to be open to taking risks. To entice us to venture into unknown territory, Uranus fills us with a sense of anticipation and excitable energy. Although it may be scary to think that our familiar patterns are about to be shaken to the core, there is a tempting urge to go for the gold, for whether our personality feels intimidated or bold, our soul is ready and willing to pursue our next adventure of self-awakening. The house position of Uranus in our natal chart indicates our greatest potential for, and inclination towards, using the awakening power of Uranus to attain personal freedom and enlightenment. This is the area where we will experience sudden changes, and feel the need to move beyond conventional forms of expression, and reject social norms and restrictions.

Although our inner Uranus can visualize perfection on the abstract mental level, it can be disillusioned when we try to manifest our visions in human and physical reality. Our undeveloped inner Uranus can be cold, unfeeling, unsympathetic and mentally and emotionally removed from others and even ourselves. Uranus in our birth chart can indicate an area of our lives where we try to cope by becoming remote and unavailable.(14) It represents an area of our lives where we need to recognize these defensive strategies, and cultivate availability, empathy and intimacy. Uranus teaches us that the mastery of detachment makes it possible to experience profound intimacy.

Independent Individual with a Cause

Uranus is independent and self-willed. He, and those expressing his energies, refuse to be dominated by social rules or controlled by external regulations. Uranus and his children are innately idealistic and naturally revolutionary. They sincerely want to improve the condition of humanity. They will do this by denouncing outworn ideologies, exposing limiting concepts and destroying archaic structures. These non-conformists can be bohemians, anarchists, revolutionaries and humanitarians. Whatever mode of expression fits them and their circumstances, they embody the major force on the Planet to awaken humanity to injustice, and to take action to correct inequities.

Attitude - Paradigm Shift

Sudden surprises, out-of-the-blue happenings, magic and miracles, devastating accidents - all are the domain of Uranus. How can we explain these seemingly inexplicable events? Bad luck for the unfortunate events? Good luck for the fortunate events? Actually, to view any event, as either good or back luck, is to place ourselves in a position of being acted upon, i.e. we are not the cause, we are the victim of unknown and uncontrollable forces.

Uranus teaches us that there are two basic paradigms that define our basic attitude toward life, the Universe and indeed astrology:

  1. the victim attitude and
  2. the co-creator attitude.

The nature of each of these paradigms serves to remind us when we are cooperating with universal forces and when we are resisting.

(1) Victim Attitude

When we are operating out of the victim attitude, we feel that the planets, as they are transiting or interacting with our birth chart, mercilessly create problems in our lives. We believe that the planets, and other mysterious forces of the Universe can, and often do, sabotage our best intentions. One strategy in this paradigm is to use astrology to help us identify favorable days to take action, and unfavorable days that we do our best to avoid doing anything of importance.

The impact of this approach to life on our psyche is to breed fear and foreboding. It also gives us license to irresponsibility. We believe that things that happen to us and our emotional states are not our fault. We are helpless pawns of universal forces. We are trapped in an adversarial relationship with an uncaring universe, and subject to forces that are beyond our control. This belief system leaves us feeling vulnerable, anxious and insecure. It makes us into pawns of fate, powerless creatures in the constant onslaught of cosmic forces.

(2) Co-Creator Attitude

The co-creator attitude also believes that there are powerful forces that influence us, but our relationship with these forces is not antagonistic or victimizing. "Each Outer Planet reveals something valuable to us regarding how our true Self best functions at deeply integrated levels (since each planet deals with helping us see things in terms of greater wholes rather than of fragmented pieces)".(15) Our Soul has a bigger game plan for us than our limited ego. It works in co-creative alliance with greater universal forces, including the planets, to activate and awaken us to deeper levels of being. Because of the nature of the awakening process, we naturally do not immediately understand what is happening.

"Uranus is one planet that's real easy to blame for any and all screwy external predicaments that seem to happen TO us rather than BECAUSE of us".(16) It is challenging to see the relationship between ourselves and some of the wild surprises that Uranus peppers into our lives. How can we take responsibility for chaotic events and insane outcomes that no one in their right mind would choose? Maybe "right mind" is our clue. Uranus represents the cosmic mind. Maybe we are not in our "right" cosmic mind, and that is why we don't understand or relate to Uranus's antics to try to get our attention.

Bil Tierney suggests dealing with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as cosmic messengers, who provide us with new information about our human potential. He suggests savoring the insights served us as nourishing soul food. Of course, how much we are able to eat and digest of this transcendental pie depends upon our ability to operate beyond our childhood programming and social conditioning.(17)

It is perhaps a logical reaction to feel like a victim of external forces when we have suddenly lost our job, a relationship or home. However, this attitude does not serve or expedite our growth. If Uranus throws our life into a temporary state of disarray, dismay is an appropriate emotional response, but not an appropriate strategy for dealing with the challenging situation. Uranus is not maliciously playing dirty tricks on us. Our Soul is working with the Universe to create situations that provide the impetus for a major life overhaul.

We have jumped over our first hurdle when we can intellectually move from a victim to a co-creation mentality. This is a critical leap. However, to stay there and live in the co-creation mode, we have to cultivate a consciousness that allows us to become more and more a participant in our own lives. Intellectual shifts are often a piece of cake compared to consciousness shifts. And that is why we have the outer planets! They help us become more conscious. They also OBLIGE us to become more conscious.

The Awakening Process

Ideally, we would work consciously with astrological transits, as they impact our birth chart and thus our lives. Being consciously aware allows us to understand the messages and deeper meaning of the transits. Seeing the bigger picture creates more openings and choices for action. Taking appropriate action helps us take advantage of the energy available to us at the time. Participating in the cosmic dance empowers us at deeper and more meaningful levels.

"When certain life events feel fated and thus unalterable, it suggests we're probably unconscious about many underlying elements of the matters in question".(18) Feeling as though we have no choice in the matter is a sure sign that there is something that we don't know (or admit), that we need to find out about (or admit). At a soul level, we actually know. At an ego level, we buy into denial or plead innocent to avoid taking responsibility or action. Denial may appear to be a "safe" course of action, or non-action. However, it is also a sure formula for a repeat performance at a later time. This is why our life lessons keep reappearing over and over again, often with increased intensity.

The less aware we are, the more bewildered we are when "fate" strikes. Uranus is the most notorious of the planets for its sudden and stunning surprises. One of the goals of these surprises is to "get us in touch with important issues of the moment that require our attention and skillful resolution".(19)

Uranus teaches us that to remain unconscious about our issues and lessons is not really as safe as we might naïvely hope, for we also choose to remain ignorant of valuable information, that is essential for objectively evaluating our predicaments, and identifying an appropriate course of action. When we accept the insights that are trying to get through concerning our situation, we start realizing that we are at choice, and that there are choices that actually work for us. The answer to "Why?" often leads to the answer to "How?" Our psychological receptivity to ask and listen to "Why me? Why now?" often creates an opening in our psyche that allows in solutions that we were unaware of. We realize, after all, that the stars were not out to get us, but to break open our limited reality, and gift us with better situations than before.

Waking Up

The spiritual development, and level of awareness, of an individual affect how the energies of the planets are received and expressed. The "more aware person is capable of being a channel for the expression of the purest, most refined, and most constructive manifestations of these forces, as is the case with all the planets".(20)

Alan Oken points out that "In order for the energies of Uranus to express themselves in a conscious way in a person's life, he must pass through Saturn's 'Door'. This means that he has created an integrated personality, linked with the Soul force, and is thus a spiritually responsible individual".(21) This is a tall order, but the direction in which all of us are going. Barring the realization of self-mastery, which is the mountain that Capricorn must climb, and depending where we are on our trek up the mountain, we will experience Uranus differently.

Referring to our categories of indicating states of enlightenment, ASLEEP, WAKING UP, AND AWAKE, the asleep person will use his or her will and ego in expressing Uranian energies. The asleep personality strives to be different simply to be different. He may dress unconventionally, associate with weird friends, or engage in antisocial behavior for egocentric motives, to get attention or to cause a disturbance. At the collective level, the asleep individual uses Uranian energies for anarchistic, destructive and egotistical purposes.

The soul-directed individual uses Uranian energy to draw attention, not to his personal situation, but to question the established order, or to create a situation whereby society is obliged to question its values.

Rite of Passage

Uranus is the revolutionary who creates a reversal in the wheel of destiny.(22) Uranus evokes "that state of transformation whereby the self-conscious individual merges into a greater group orientation. This step toward greater inclusively, and the subsequent refinement of individual self-expression, is a vital 'rite of passage' in one's evolutionary progress".(23) Once this "crossover" or shift in consciousness has been made, the higher gifts of Uranus are readily available to the individual. The mind is flooded with light and the conditions of one's life are changed forever. Some of the effects of this "Uranian transmutation" are the following:

  1. An opening of the intuition allows us to compute instantaneously both conscious and unconscious information. We simply know what to do and when to do it and are directed by Spirit.
  2. The desire to participate in changing the established order motivates conscious individuals to eliminate forms that are inconsistent with freedom, equality and brotherhood. One sees injustice and is drawn to change social structures to create social justice, economic equity and political fairness. One aspires to better the human condition and to create conditions that foster the spiritual growth and highest development of each individual.
  3. Our soul's need to make a unique contribution becomes a motivating factor linking the individual with the collective. The group context becomes the breeding ground for individual contributions that satisfy a collective need.
  4. Individual consciousness is birthed into group consciousness, which is directed by universal consciousness. Through direct contact with Spirit, each individual is empowered to play his or her part.
  5. Divine knowledge becomes the vehicle through which wisdom and direction are revealed. Uranus works through the Way of the Mind and the practical application of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.(24) (As opposed to the Path of the Mystic, which achieves union through the feelings.)
Electric Uranus

Uranus magnetizes, electrifies and significantly energizes the planets it interacts with, and the areas in our birth chart where it is active.

Uranian energy manifests as "sudden changes of life pattern, sudden alternations of consciousness, flashes of insight, and quick bursts of new ideas and original conceptions".(25) Uranus is a channel through which cosmic forces impact our awareness with electric speed. We experience Uranian energy as impulses desiring freedom and independence. Less conscious people are prone to interpret this energy as a need to rebel, or to be unconventional. More conscious individuals receive flashes of original ideas, which form the substance for inventions and scientific discoveries.

Since Uranian energy is erratic and unexpected, it can be destabilizing. The sudden impulses of Uranian energy are designed to be an antidote to the crystallized energy of Saturn. Sudden bursts of unpredictable energy are necessary to break through ego defenses, habitual behavior patterns and the walls of the conscious mind.

Uranus is destructive only when its influence is resisted. Uranus's goal is not to be destructive but to break up resistance. If we didn't have any resistance, we would already be enlightened. His impact on our lives is, therefore, necessarily disruptive. Uranus undermines old ways of doing, being and thinking. Uranus revolutionizes our life by creating sweeping changes, that oblige us to reorganize not only our lives, but also our consciousness. Disorganization naturally proceeds the complete overhaul, which makes new growth (and often a new life) possible. Uranus's vibration is electrical. The electrical light of consciousness is very powerful. It is the fear of this power that makes us hide in the comfortable shadow of ignorance.

It is the truth that is exposed with this light, that makes us protect ourselves in darkness. We must learn to deal with the increased brightness of light gradually. We must prepare ourselves to deal with the Kundalini surges of the divine life force. Saturn makes sure that we deal with our limitations in order to prepare ourselves for our initiation into the light of consciousness. Uranus acts as the lightening rod that grounds us to receive this energy.(26) Appropriately, Uranus is associated with the root or first chakra, in the correspondence system defined by Yogananda. Uranians/Aquarians need to express their energy in useful projects. They often need the support or collaboration with others to help channel their energy. They make excellent team players, who can help manifest great ideas.

Inner and Outer Reality Shift

Uranus moves us toward higher mental understanding and "levels of consciousness where dualities are united in the living truth".(27) Uranus helps us extend our reach of knowledge.

Uranus speeds up the game of life. When Uranus comes to visit, we can feel "wired, excitable, restless, and driven by an overwhelming desire for change and freedom. Uranus, at its best, is the great liberator, the awakener, the illuminator, which stirs up the person's inner and outer life with such intensity that things are never the same afterwards".(28)

During Uranus transits we feel the need for excitement, experimentation and freedom. We will either be forced, or choose to take, radical action to change that which is restricting, and thus no longer acceptable in our lives. We may feel compelled to terminate, or escape from, frustrating situations that inhibit our individualistic expression and creativity. If our situation is fundamentally sound, we will experiment with radical changes in the relationship, job, etc.(29)

Uranus not only changes our outer circumstances, he penetrates our inner reality, revolutionizing our attitudes, modes of self-expression and perceptions of reality. Our new, awakened view of existence will be reflected in our outer lives. Whether we choose to jump into the unknown, or to revitalize our current situation, Uranus demands a revolutionary approach, and a breakthrough in self-understanding.

Uranian Territory - Phenomenal Phenomenon

Uranus specializes in phenomenal phenomena. Unexpected and unusual events - that is Uranian territory. Uranus can unpredictably disrupt our lives in a myriad of ways. Uranus can bring us mystical experiences, which uncover spiritual mysteries. Inspirations from his lightening rod can spark creativity, and facilitate liberation from mental, emotional and physical limitations. Uranus teaches us lessons in detachment and right motivation. Uranus goes for direct experiences. There are no by-standers when Uranus comes to visit.

How does Uranian energy impact us? We are motivated to depart from traditional modes of behavior, and inspired to express our unique individualism. We desire independence and freedom. We may explore new ways of doing things. We may form new friendships and group associations. We are willing to sacrifice security for excitement and new experiences, and eagerly explore new possibilities in our lives.

Uranian Key Words and Concepts

KEY URANIAN WORDS include - inspired, original, new, unusual, unpredictable, restless, disruptive, unstable, nervous, eccentric, individualistic, non-conformist, self-centered, humanitarian, maverick, individuality, detachment and irrational impulses.

KEY URANIAN CONCEPTS include - radical change, sudden awakening, higher levels of consciousness, personal freedom and independence, unexpected opportunities, mind-boggling experiences, sudden reversals of fortune, disruptions in the status quo, impatience with old conditions, greater scope for individual self-expression, clairvoyant experiences, severe accidents even death, good fortune and fortuitous events

NEGATIVE EXPRESSIONS of Uranian energy include - eccentric, uncooperative, unreasonable, alienating, erratic fluctuations, impractical, unrealistic, foolish, extremism and irresponsibility.

Higher Mind

Mercury's domain is the conscious mind and logic. Uranus rules the higher octave of the mind or intuition. The inner planets help us activate and satisfy the needs of the five physical senses. The intuitive sixth sense lies dormant in most people. It is the goal of Uranus to awaken our intuitive perception, and make it a common faculty which we can use consciously. Uranus infuses us with the light aspect of the life force. As we befriend the light, we are able to receive, assimilate and use the deep knowledge that is transmitted at the speed of light

The rays of Uranus promote the realization of pure individualization. It is only when the individual identifies with his soul that he is liberated from the bondage of the personality. Only truly individualized souls are capable of operating from a conscious connection with the Source of life. At this level of awareness, our personal concerns align with collective concerns, and we are able to objectively cooperate for the benefit of all humankind. When human consciousness opens to Divine consciousness, greater evolutionary growth on Planet Earth is possible.(30) It is the embodiment and mental receptivity to the energizing life-flow of Spirit that makes this all possible.

Although, the ideas, realizations and feelings that seem to suddenly appear in our awareness when Uranus comes to visit, may seem foreign and externally generated, they already exist in our unconscious mind. They just need a little help in becoming conscious, and Uranus is happy to do this job. Uranus does not like any form of suppression, repression or denial. Not because the former are inherently bad, but because they rob us of our life force, our gifts and our creativity, not to mention of our inherent joy and connection with the Divine. This is unacceptable to Uranus. He serves us by activating our vital life force, unblocking stuck energy and exposing our neglected gifts. It is Uranus's job to "bring to the surface with great immediacy an intense confrontation with parts of ourselves that we have ignored, denied or neglected".(31)

Uranus helps us operate from a clear consciousness. When our mind is clear, we can figure out what is obsessive and what is creative. We can differentiate between reaction and liberation. We can choose freedom producing attitudes and actions, over those that continue to enslave us. As we develop spiritually and are able to channel and hold the light energy, we become more intuitive and inventive. We also become more aware of our potentials and tune into the vast possibilities open to us.

Contribution to the Collective

Uranus teaches us to express higher values through both meaningful relationships and objective associations, whose goal is to advance the welfare of all people. Uranus shows us how to build an equitable and just future. Uranus fills us with a spirit of optimism. He encourages us to experiment, to reform and to transform. His territory is applied science, inventions, cosmopolitan ideals, revolutionary inspiration and the welfare of humanity. Tolerance is not enough for Uranus. We must be non-judgmental and objective in all our associations.

Uranian energies have to be constructively directed or they risk becoming destructive. Negative manifestations of Uranian energy are expressed as anarchy, foolhardiness, rebellion without a cause, and dissonant activity without direction.(32)

Uranus is altruistic. He invites us to choose colleagues with whom we can collaborate to work for the betterment of humankind. A Uranus theme is cooperation of enlightened stewards of the Earth. Each person is invited to make his or her unique contribution to the advancement of the collective.

Uranus makes sure we are free enough to connect with our Soul path and thus offer our gifts to the world. Uranus awakens us to the blueprint of our soul - of who we can become in our awakened individualized state. To connect with ourselves at this level, we must break free from internal and external conditioning, that impedes the realization of our unique identity. Through intuitive flashes, Uranus brings us insights into the future of what can be, and what we must do, to free ourselves of the past, and all restrictions that get in the way of manifesting his futuristic vision.

Evolutionary Journey

Uranus's purpose is evolutionary. To evolve we must do things differently. We must strike out on our own. We must be willing to go against the norm. To accomplish our evolutionary goals, Uranus imbues us with the desire to be unique, the drive to try new things, the willingness to separate from the pack, the motivation to break away from the status quo. The goal of these inner urgings, to separate ourselves from the past and the conventional, is to facilitate the discovery and appreciation of our own uniqueness.

Finding the appropriate expression of uniqueness and separation is, however, a tricky business. If we separate ourselves too much from others, we risk shutting ourselves off from the human connections that we need and desire. We may forfeit relationships that nurture us and further our personal growth. We may miss out on loving and being loved.

The high frequency of Uranus tends to project us on to the world as eccentric and weird. If we have difficulty integrating this energy, others may feel we are hard to deal with and avoid us. It is difficult to integrate the energies of this maverick planet into our lives.(33) We are encouraged to be different, yet if we do not socialize our genius, we risk being rejected and misunderstood. It is confusing to find the appropriate balance between individuality and socialization. How can we contribute our uniqueness to humanity without defying it? How can we learn from others without compromising ourselves? How can we cultivate and maintain an honest relationship with ourselves, and have intimate relationships with others at the same time?

Uranus gifts us with the Light of Spirit. The Light brings us mental brilliance and the ability to tune into the true nature of higher love - detached, unconditional acceptance of all life and living beings. Uranus ignites a deep yearning to experience this higher love. However, we often feel isolated and inept at accomplishing this task. Uranus does not provide us with the emotional maturity, or social skills, to create these types of bonds with others. We must look to other planets to help us develop the emotional security, social graces and communication skills that help us share our thoughts, insights and indeed ourselves with others, in ways that they can understand and accept.

In sum, if "we let ourselves be carried away by Uranus's urge to differentiate and neglect the development of our personal skills of bonding, self-nurturance and the patience to deal with our own and others' humanity", we may end up feeling abandoned, alienated and alone.(34)

Uranus Curses and Cures

The three Uranus curses are ABANDONMENT, ALIENATIION AND ALONENESS. Our Uranian challenge is to use the Light of Spirit in ways that foster, not impede, our connection with ourselves and others. Phyllis Firak-Mitz sets out eight ways we can misuse Uranian energies to create abandonment, alienation and aloneness.(35) Below I summarize and add to her views on the antidotes for these challenges.

1. Focusing on the differences between others and ourselves VS finding ways to reach out and connect with others

The trick here is to understand that the purpose of differences is to establish our uniqueness and discover our special contribution to the world. An attitude of appreciation of self facilitates the acceptance of others as well. We know we are on the wrong track when we feel superior or against others. We feel separate when we hold ourselves back. The antidote is to reach out to others and open our hearts.

2. Being rebellious vs choosing to depart from the status quo

The trick here is to honestly know ourselves, what we want and act accordingly. Sometimes we have to take a stand and resolutely, but with calm inner certainly, state what works for us. We create alienation when we rebel or irritate others, because we do not have the emotional maturity or the guts to simply state that we have chosen a different path. Clear communication gets us closer to others than passive aggressive insinuations.

3. Feeling abandonment vs connecting to our hearts

We invariably experience feelings of abandonment in our Uranus area, especially where Uranus resides in our natal chart. Either we feel no one has been there for us, or we have lost someone important (or a series of someone's) in our lives. The bottom line is that we have abandoned ourselves by failing to nurture and love ourselves, establish a connection with the Divine within, and open our hearts to own souls.

Although it is easy to blame others, ourselves, God and circumstances, for what we consider losses or deprivation, it is important to keep in mind that Uranus separates us from relationships, circumstances and things that are not part of our destiny.(36) It is the job of Uranus to keep us on target. Through apparent losses, we are obliged to recognize other opportunities, cultivate new relationships and open ourselves to different experiences. Uranus always has a higher purpose in mind - freedom.

Uranus requires and prods us toward spiritual maturity. We must learn to fill ourselves with the light and love that flows through our being. A direct experience and connection with the Divine is a prerequisite for experiencing higher love with another.

4. Confusing irresponsibility with freedom

Uranus does not license us to act irresponsibly. He grants the blessing of freedom in our Uranus-ruled territory. If Uranus is in our seventh house of relationships, we may attract partners who accept us the way we are. If Uranus is in our second house, we may be able to support ourselves by having our own businesses. However, Uranus also requires that we cultivate freedom through discipline, and maintain it through responsible actions.

5. Fearing and avoiding commitment vs understanding that all commitments are to the self

In our Uranus-ruled areas we have an innate alert system, that activates each time we are asked to cooperate or commit. This reaction registers as a fear of entrapment only when we are not sure of ourselves, our path is not clear, and we are not able to state honestly and clearly what works, or does not work, for us. The signal is supposed to remind us to question whether we really want to do something or not. When we are in touch with our intuitive guidance and follow it, we are at choice. When we are at choice, commitments and involvements are no longer threatening. We will chose the ones that promise to enhance our self-expression and self-knowledge.(37)

Part of the secret is to focus on what we are learning instead of what we are sacrificing. We can be more enthusiastic when we see how certain commitments foster our personal development. We don't have to be alone, if we open ourselves to the higher expressions of Uranus. We do this by becoming more loving, accepting and available to those we select to be close to.

The most classic Uranian conflict is between the desire for the satisfaction and security of committing to a relationship, situation, or job, and the fear that the commitment will deprive us of our freedom. The ill-fated classic strategy to resolve this dilemma is to "commit" to someone who is not available, or to a situation that is unworkable. The commitment is, however, only in our head. We get energy for a while, but the satisfaction is not real, because we are devoted to a fantasy. We retain our freedom by default because the relationship or situation does not work out. In reality we are not really committed if we choose no-win situations. Falling back on the abandonment excuse only makes us feel worse.(38)

The trick here is to commit first to ourselves. When are able to be totally honest to ourselves, and to share this honesty with others, we can commit to a relationship. When we try to please others first and do what we think they want us to do, we lose connection with Self. To avoid being untrue to our soul, we choose to be alone. We won't lose ourselves when our self-commitment is conscious, clear and fearlessly expressed.

6. Rejecting our 'ordinariness' vs recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary

In our Uranus-ruled areas of life, we can be dissatisfied with the ordinary, and find the norm disappointing and even distasteful. Uranus attunes us to what is possible. The discrepancy between our highest expression and our actual situation often bugs us. Being aware of our potential can inspire us. However, if we use the apparent gap between potential and actual to judge and criticize ourselves, we close ourselves off from our intuition that guides evolution and growth. Magic happens when we allow the Divine to flow through us without qualifications.

7. Seeking ideals of love vs True Love

Uranus gifts us with a vision of perfection. We often apply this criteria to our ideal partner. Uranus is not the only planet that teaches us that we manifest at the frequency at which we vibrate. The "soulmate(s)" we attract are a direct reflection of our frequency. Our first soulmate is our own soul. It is the connection with the Divine within ourselves that gives us the experience of completeness, joy and connection. Our first task is to seek this connection within ourselves. Then we can attract a connected partner with whom we can share this true love.

8. Infatuation vs real loving

Uranus specializes in electrifying relationships and experiences. No waiting around for Uranus - he helps us tune into the soul connection immediately. The problem is that we must also accept the humanness and weaknesses of ourselves and our partners, and the everyday challenges that are a normal part of relationships. If we don't, the magic quickly dissipates and we are left disillusioned. We need some help, from some of the other planets, to help us accept what Uranus considers annoying distractions from supercharged highs. We need to appreciate our communication challenges as opportunities for personal growth, and chances to build more profound and intimate partnerships.

It is important and necessary to figure out how to deal with Uranian challenges, but we must keep in mind that Uranus is a wild card in our own nature. Our Uranian actions surprise even ourselves.(39) We cannot control the energies of the transpersonal planets, or socialize them into polite behaviors and rational goals and projects. The best we can do is keep our intentions sincere, be as honest as we can with ourselves and each other, and accept that life is full of surprises. It is easier to integrate these energies, when we accept each part of our personal evolution as a step towards higher love.

Fear is Our Opponent

Uranus teaches us how to free ourselves from the bondage of fear. This is, of course, not an easy task. It takes patience and a willingness to face our fear and limitations. Uranus teaches us that the opponent we are trying to defeat is ourselves. The enemy is not our opponent but our internal battle; the conflict in our own mind. It is within our own mind that we must face the violence that we create through duality and separation. Our internal conflict is, of course, projected onto the world. How we see others is how we see ourselves. Our relationships and circumstances are our mirrors

Ancient and modern teachings share the same messages:

  1. We are all inter-connected
  2. At our core we merge in universal oneness
  3. Alchemy is found within ourselves
  4. The scary monster keeping us from the gold is inside us, not outside in our opponents
  5. Our opponents are only a mirror of our own weaknesses, desires and fears
  6. We "can defeat the enemy outside ourselves only when we defeat whatever it is inside of us that frightens us".(40)

Uranus is the teacher who helps us embody the above truths. He leads us to the true insight that makes it possible to overcome our fear of our opponent.

The inherent Uranian contradiction that must be transcended is the feeling of apparent separation. Intellectually, we can probably accept the above statements as true. However, how do we actually experience this reality? At first glance, Uranus does not seem like the most appropriate teacher. Through imposed change and shocks, he obliges us to detach and do our own thing. The Uranian desire to be free and to express our individuality can lead to feelings of alienation and separation. For many people (those with a lot of Aquarian energy or intense Uranus aspects) we constantly feel "restless, disconnected, dissatisfied, misunderstood, torn in different directions, and struggling to be a part of something that takes us outside ourselves, outside our loneliness".(41) The perennial Uranian question is - How can we use Uranian energy to find both freedom and connection?

Uranus and the Martial Arts

As discussed earlier, Uranian energy often manifests as feelings of abandonment, alienation and aloneness. Lynn Finger makes the case that "Uranian" people are drawn to the martial arts to heal these feelings and to subdue their internal opponent - fear.(42) I personally relate to what she says since I have the Moon-Uranus aspect she identifies and, interestingly enough, often think about having a martial artist as a life partner. (My Uranus is in my house of relationships. Humm.)

Both Uranus and the martial arts help us realize that there is no real enemy outside ourselves. When we have confronted our own fear, our opponents no longer frighten us, and win and lose are empty concepts. The Light of the Truth makes us realize that there are no enemies and never have been. When we reach the state of "no enemy", i.e. that there is no opponent outside ourselves to defeat, our spiritual force becomes unbeatable.(43)

Sounds simple, but it takes an enlightened mind to live in this reality, and that is the role of Uranus - to keep infusing with light so that we wake-up and stay awake. We must be unified with the Light to live in this consciousness. If we are not, we will perceive ourselves as separate, and approach life as though it was external to ourselves. We will be forever searching and never experience true joy and peace.

Uranus teaches us how to move from alienation to unity. The martial arts helps us embody the reality of oneness, by the energetic "blending with the opponent and obliterating the self".(44) Uranus holds the space for the apparent contraction of separation to be resolved. The martial arts helps us shatter the feelings of being apart and alone, and to embody the reality that "I am the Universe".(45) When we have defeated our own fear, we are at last one with the Universe. It is this harmony with all creation that brings us peace, joy and love.

Befriending Uranus

Summing up, Uranus embodies, and transmits to higher consciousness, the force of Light for the awakening of humanity. Uranus's mission is to help us become aware of "what we don't know, we don't know". Uranus is master of the unknown, but his ultimate task is to help make the unknown known. Our first lesson is to learn that we are not in control. Our second lesson is to realize that we can only embrace the unknown and Uranian energy through an opening in consciousness. Uranus constantly forces us to push the envelope in order to expand our awareness.

Uranus demands more than skill. Uranus requires connection. Uranus exists beyond will. Uranus is experienced only in an enlightened consciousness. Wow, that is a tall order! Yes and no. Yes, if we are resistant. No, if we are willing and open to the bolts of lightening that Uranus unpredictably bursts into our lives. Willing or not, there is a big Uranian event coming up January 24th.

Aquarius New Moon - January 24th, 2001

The Moon, Sun (both at 4°), Neptune (8°), Uranus (19°) and Mercury (22°) line up in Aquarius on the event of the New Moon, January 24th, 2001. This is also the Chinese New Year and the first day of the Year of the Snake. This is a lot of electrical Uranian energy. Of course, as you might have guessed, there is no telling what could happen, but here are a few hints of the overall tone of the energy. The Moon, Sun and Neptune conjunct (almost the same degree and same sign) could motivate us to implement some visionary ideas about projects related to technology or telecommunications. It is time to assert our independence and originality.

One astrologer has suggested that "innovations in the fields of video and music may be forthcoming".(46) That certainly rings a cord in my heart. I intend to use the energy to initiate the creation of my Kundalini Yoga and meditation videos. Which brings me to one of the most important touchstones on how to understand and utilize Aquarian and Uranian energy. Their motto might be "You can't predict the future, but you can create it". I recently witnessed a friend, masterfully use the energy of Uranus opposing his natal Saturn, to move himself to the next professional level, by terminating affiliation with one company and joining another, where he is essentially creating his own business. Uranus invites us to take action, before he has to bop us on the head to wake us up to the fact that it is time to change the guard.

Mercury joining Uranus is a sign of the practical application genius. The mental capacities and communication skills of Mercury facilitate the manifestation of ideas received through the intuitive mind. Tell others about your ideas and form alliances and networks to make them happen.

Astrologer Laurie Baum states that this grand alignment of five celestial bodies "intensifies the idealism of Aquarius. You will be moved to take actin for a humanitarian goal, think about yourself as a global citizen, or pray for peace. These attitudes will open you to receive universal abundance, and feel a greater sense of connection to your human family".

Meditation to deal with Uranian Energies

There is a very powerful Kundalini Yoga meditation to adjust your frequency, to deal with Uranian energies. This is the Triple Mantra. This Triple Mantra joins the power of protection, creation and clearing. It protects one from accidents, clears psychic and physical obstacles and adjusts one's frequency to that of the Light. You may still be able to find a fantastic CD version of Triple Mantra created by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry - Gurnam, who has succeeded in integrating the sciences of Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan has highly praised this recording. You can also chant it in a monotone.

Ad Guray Nameh, Jugad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru De Vay Nameh

Ad Such, Jugad Such, Hehbeh Such, Nanaka Ho See Bee Such

Ad Such, Jugad Such, Hehbeh Such, Nanaka Ho See Bee Such

Hail to the Primal Light, Hail to the Light throughout all ages, Hail to the true Light, Hail to the transparent Light.

The truth was true in the beginning, The truth is true through the ages, The truth is true now. Nanak, it shall ever be true.

The first verse is for protection The second verse invokes and connects us to the unmanifest truth. The third verse invokes the manifest truth and breaks through obstacles.

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