Here Comes the Sun

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #36, August 3, 2001

Here comes the Sun, and that Sun is YOU! Don't look around. I said YOU. You magnificent being you. You radiant soul you. You glorious and unique manifestation of God. Admit it without excuses and apologies. It feels good to be acknowledged as special. Be honest, we like being center stage and the center of attention. We all want to be someone. We all want to be a star.

The Sun shines on us every day beaming the message "You are special. Let your heart light shine." Nothing can overpower or dim the brilliance of the Sun, and nothing can overpower us if we connect with the eternal sun in our own hearts.

The Sun dwarfs all other influences in the Solar System. The Sun is a million times larger than the Earth. The Sun contains 99.9% of matter by size and weight in the Solar System. The Sun has been the chief deity of all cultures throughout history. The physical Sun represents the God-principle in our Solar System. It is the generator of all life, and the motivating power behind all action. The electromagnetic radiation of the Sun, manifested as light, vitalizes all the planets and life in our solar system. Each planet is thus interpreted in relationship to the Sun, its sign and house placement.

Our urge toward significance is reflected in the significance of the Sun in the solar system. It is not surprising that the Sun in our birth chart has an overwhelming influence in our psyche's and our lives. Our Sun sign defines our personality so accurately that horoscopes, based only on the Sun sign, are not only popular but also very often uncannily accurate. We can better understand, know and like ourselves and others simply by understanding our Sun signs, which reveal our basic character, true nature, secret hopes, hidden dreams and deepest needs.(1)

Motivational Teacher

The Sun can be thought of as our principal motivational teacher. The Sun is always positive, uplifting and inspiring. The Sun encourages us to celebrate our unique creative expression. The Sun gives us the energy to trust and use our individual will. It motivates us to embrace both our gifts and our challenges. It fuels our personal ambition, and propels us along our hero's journey toward self-mastery.

The Sun teaches us that our lives count for something. We are not just a statistic in a census. We each have a mission and a purpose for incarnating on planet Earth, and it is uniquely our own. If we do not do it, it will not be done. Our piece in the cosmic hologram can be expressed only by ourselves. Our life's goals are to fully embody our essence, and to experience what we came here to experience. The Sun teaches us that we are here to lean, grow, expand and celebrate life. We each have dominion over the drama and process of our own lives. We must take responsibility for how we live each moment.

Sun Symbology

There are several complementary interpretations of the Sun's glyph, which is a circle with a dot in the middle. The Sun's symbol represents the primal womb, and the dot the spark of creation. The glyph also signifies the light or life-giving energy, emanating from the unlimited resources of the infinite Universe. The circle, the perfect shape without beginning or end, is the symbol of infinity and of the Universe, the totality of all matter. The dot is the point from which all Light emanates. The dot is the opening from which the manifest is born from the unmanifest. The Sun's glyph symbolizes our divine origin, and shows us the unlimited possibility of growth that can be achieved, by consciously attuning to the spark of divinity within each one of us. True illumination is found through the aperture of our own spiritual heart, which connects us to the Source.(2)

Astrologically, the Sun represents our spirit, or the divinity within each being. The Sun is our connection to Light. The Sun represents our creative abilities, our vitality and our state of general health. The more we live in harmony with our Sun, the healthier we are, the more we live up to our potential, and the closer we get to self-mastery.

The Light of the Self

The Sun is the source of our conscious awareness and sense of self and Soul. Our Sun sensitizes us to our essence and activates us to respond accordingly. Our Sun sign denotes the quality of energy by which the process of our individualization takes place.

Our Sun is the vital force that gives us a feeling of conscious purpose and identity. Our Sun sign symbolizes the deep needs and motivations of our Soul. It denotes the essence energy that must be expressed and mastered to experience Love on planet Earth. Our Sun defines our character and convictions that guide our life experiences. It is the heart of our quest for selfhood and self-realization.

Alan Oken lists the following as the primary purposes of the Sun sign:

  1. Our Sun reveals the energies, temperament and characteristics of our present incarnation.
  2. Our Sun defines the nature of our personality and the equipment that we have to live this life.
  3. Our Sun represents "the force field through which the personality activates itself so that it comes to a realization of its own consciousness".(3)

The Sun holds the special place as the integrator of the Self. Jung defines the Self as the "center of the totality of the psyche".(4) The psyche includes both the conscious and the unconscious. Individuation is the process of assimilating the unconscious into the conscious. The Sun is the symbolic force in this integrative process.

Masculine and Feminine Aspects of the Sun

The Sun embodies both doing and being, respectively the masculine and feminine aspects of self. The sum of being and doing is IDENTITY or SELF. The Sun is an integrated and integrating phenomenon in our lives. In Vedic astrology the Sun represents one's soul, essence, the inner nature of an individual and the higher self. "The Sun also represents the direction in life that will either give the person confidence, or ... create a self-defeating personality".(5)

Qualities and areas of life that relate to the Sun include a synthesis of masculine and feminine qualities: "self-esteem, physical appearance, risk-taking, ego development, status, authority, the government (the king or ruler), the father, courage, confidence, illumination, achievement, determination, domination, dignity, elevation, the heart and spine, the head, right eye and pitta nature (fire)".(6) The Sun also relates to pride, authority and humility.

Life's Drama

The Sun "represents the protagonist in the personal drama of existence".(7) The Sun, as the life-giving spirit of the personality, engages us in the drama of becoming ourselves. Our personal story unfolds as our Sun draws to us experiences and relationships, that help develop and evoke our unique character, special calling and creative expressions. Our Sun encourages us to express our likes and dislikes, so we can be genuinely ourselves. Our Sun challenges us to live in integrity with ourselves, so that we can experience wholeness and self-realization. The closer we get to an authentic expression of ourselves the more vitality and joy we feel. The Sun uses our will to discover divine will. When we realize that "Thy will and my will are one", we become the stars in our own universe; we experience spontaneous joy and celebrate life as a divine gift.

The unfolding of our life story involves:

  1. the development of a conscious ego and will,
  2. the ever-expanding expression of our personality and
  3. eventually the realization of our divine identity or soul.

Our Sun, and the relationship or aspects of the planets to the Sun, show how we attempt to shape our life experiences, and guide our maturation and self-realization process. Initially we learn to use our will to direct, utilize and project our energies. As we consolidate an energetic sense of self, we become more receptive to our own energies. As we experience the nature and boundaries of our energy, we achieve a sense of freedom "to be me", which allows us to move from the willful to the receptive expressions of self, and to the integration of both masculine and feminine expressions of self.

Four Interactive Forces

There are four fundamental interactive forces in our universe: (1) gravity, (2) electromagnetism, (3) weak nuclear force and (4) strong nuclear force. They have their correspondences in the human story of consciousness:

  1. Gravity corresponds to the centripetal or inward pulling force of the ego
  2. Electromagnetism corresponds to the personality
  3. The weak nuclear force corresponds to our life energy, will and prana
  4. The strong nuclear force corresponds to the kundalini.

The human journey is about learning how to use, allow or activate all four of these miraculous forces.

Gravity and Ego

Gravity holds the Sun at the center of the solar system. Consciousness is the force that holds us in the center of our own personal world. We usually label consciousness "ego". It is through the development of our ego that we individuate, learn what we like and dislike, make choices and navigate our way to adulthood. Ego is the pull of gravity that holds us together. It is our personal expression of the force field of consciousness that gives us our identity.

Most spiritual paths teach us that we must eradicate our ego. This is another definition of ego, whereby we have a limited view of who we are, and act in petty ways to maintain our limited experience of self. Of course, a man or a woman in an adult body acting like a two-year-old will, give rise to labels that point out that something is wrong. Thus are born terms like egotistical, self-centered, and narcissistic. The problem is that we don't mature and grow up. We seldom expand our consciousness enough to know our true spiritual identity. If we don't have an experience of our Soul identity, we will always be playing petty games, acting out inappropriate childhood programming and basically making our lives miserable, because we are not being who we really are or doing what we came here to do. (Below are two quotes by Yogi Bhajan and Gangaji that help us access our spiritual self.)

The problem is that we don't learn what to do with the energy of our own sense of gravity. We are supposed to develop a perspective that is uniquely our own. We are supposed to discover special ways to express our creativity, and we are all different. It is awesome. This is what our Sun sign is all about. The Sun teaches us that life is a process of self-discovery. Humans aren't born with the conscious awareness of Self. We have to cultivate it. We have to wake ourselves up so we can experience it. For most of us it is a long grueling journey. We can eliminate some serious problems along the way, if we have a more accurate understanding of the nature of the forces that operate inside us.

The ego is the force that pulls us to our center. The role of the force of gravity or ego is to individuate. Without this quality we would not be able to survive, create a sense of identity or experience our Soul. Without this force of consciousness, we would be vegetables. So any ideas of trying to get rid of it are unrealistic and literally life-threatening.

The ego is the center of our consciousness. The ego is the birth point of the sense of self. It is the role of the ego to build a field of consciousness. The more developed our ego, the greater the sense of identity and continuity we experience. The ego is the eye that focalizes the energy of the Sun: but the ego is NOT the Sun. The ego trains the mind to focus. In the process a sense of self is formed. Yet the Self as experienced by the ego, and the mental focalization of the mind is not the Self or the "I Am-ness" of transcendental self-realization.

Weak and Strong Nuclear Forces

The circle in the Sun symbol is an all-inclusive unity. The dot is a focal point. Of course, the Sun is the center of our solar system, but what about us? What is our center? The Sun and the dot also represents our heart. All spiritual teachings lead us to our heart as our center. We use the weak nuclear force - our life energy and will - to open and align our chakras, and to become conscious. When we have opened our heart chakra, the strong nuclear force may be activated, which corresponds to the raising of the Kundalini. When the Kundalini blasts up all our chakras, we experience our spiritual heart. Our consciousness explodes and we experience our infinite "I", that is a wave in the ocean of the universal "I". We have the ability to simultaneously focus on our own expanded being, include the Universe in our consciousness, and experience our oneness with all that is.

In other words, we cannot will the transcendental Self be experienced. Enlightenment cannot happen through the mind, mental concentration, or actions using our life force or weak nuclear force. (Jung called the mental and intellectual fixation of Western civilization a "cramp of the conscious".)(8) Transcendental consciousness is experienced by letting go, surrendering and allowing things to happen, i.e. the feminine talents. When we let go, the strong nuclear force can take over. Sometimes it will take over and force us to let go.

Electromagnetism, Personality and Wholeness

Initially, consciousness is manifested in the traditional definition of limited ego. The formation of a sense of self is a normal stage of human development. We figure out how to get our needs met, what gives us pleasure, what experiences and interactions give us satisfaction. Over time we develop a definable personality. In its broadest sense, our personality is the essence energy of this incarnation.

Dane Rudhyar (astrologer, philosopher, whose writings redefined and modernized astrology) defines personality as "a synthesis of patterns of behavior ... the whole human being in operation ... in actual manifestation. Personality signifies wholeness". We can understand the complete nature of the personality only if we apprehend the totality of its components and intuitively perceive the energy of the whole being.

Dane Rudhyar says that the structure of the field of consciousness is determined by the axes of the birth chart. The chart's axes (ascendant, descendent, midheaven (highest point) and nadir (lowest point)), are channels for the distribution and transformation of solar energy within our field of consciousness.(9) The Sun is the light releasing energy that allows us to become conscious of, see or experience our field, which can also be understood as our electromagnetic field or aura. The Sun represents the life-energy or power of the Self. Rudhyar says, the nature of the Self can be understood by comprehending its power in relation to form or the axes of the chart. I would say that the Self can be understood as a composite of all the planets, Sun and Moon, their interactions and the axes of the birth chart.

We often speak of personality as if it were an absolutely obvious thing. However, superficial definition of specific characteristics and being aware of the reality ... of human wholeness are two very different levels of perception.(10) The desire to understand our complex personality, and to experience human wholeness, ever pushes us toward higher degrees of conscious development. The complexity of the personality of the whole human, integrates an ever-changing relationship between consciousness and the unconscious, and between the individual and the collective. It is little wonder we don't fully comprehend ourselves, and are endlessly searching for deeper understanding of our being.

Our birth chart is a blueprint of our total personality. The tapestry of our personality is the integrated sum total of all the planets, their interactions, and the angles and positions in relationship to the Universe. Moreover, the total personality is more than the sum of its parts. The celestial entities and their infinite correlations weave the design of our life-tapestry, which symbolizes everything from the most mundane to the most exalted aspects of our being.(11)

It is through this broad definition of personality that we can understand, how our complex energetic make-up draws to us situations and relationships to help us navigate life, express ourselves, and interact with others and the world around us. Through the law of attraction, and the energy of desire or electromagnetism, we attract to us what we need to learn, grow and expand. As we expand our identity, we are able to attract more meaningful and exhalted experiences.

Learning from the Cosmos

"Gravity is the weakest of the basic forces, which hints at a fundamental intelligence in our universe". If gravity were stronger on our planet, trees couldn't grow upward, birds couldn't fly, and humans couldn't stand tall. "Where there's too much mass or gravity, there's a black hole and the world is sucked in and disappears. Similarity when our unconscious ego dominates our identity so that we are unable to experience our inner light, we create a human black hole".(12) The Sun models the perfect balance for us to learn by. Its gravitational pull allows plenty of space for all other bodies of the solar system, to orbit without being sucked in, to have their own moons, and for independent life to exist.(13)

Just as our universe, with a trillion galaxies, is designed for many centers, so is our human experience on planet Earth. We are each supposed to be the center of our own life. We are designed that way. The question is what do we do with our innate centering intelligence. As we learn to use it to focus our energy, we automatically give others space, just like the Sun does. As we learn to create our own boundaries, we energetically respect others' boundaries, again just like the Sun does. The ability to maintain our own center is actually a blessing. We don't bother others with our physical and psychic intrusions, and they don't bother us. It is a welcome relief to focus on ourselves. The more we focus on our own energy, the more conscious and the more radiant we become. The more electromagnetic light we emit, the more we attract to ourselves what is ours to do what we came here to do, and the more light we offer to others and the world.

Free to be Me

The path to enlightenment includes the ability to perceive the nature of our own energy. It is a non-verbal sensory experience, that requires the development of subtle awareness. A life force pulses within each of us that is uniquely our own. To cultivate this experience we can think of things that inspire, energize us or bring us joy; but these are only training wheels. If we dwell on them, they will distract us from the pure experience of our life force. Our inner sun glows with a certain radiance, and pulses with a certain vibration. We develop a sense of presence, and give off light by turning our conscious awareness to the inviting warmth of our Soul essence. We energize both ourselves and others in the process.

The act of focusing our attention at our own center, and holding the experience of our own energy in our conscious awareness, requires a very strong ego, not from the traditional negative point of view, but from the point of view of the discipline required for self-mastery. We have to be able to center on ourselves. We have to feel our aliveness, and choose thoughts and activities that enhance this feeling. It is from this feeling that we tap into our own creative genius, and are inspired to express and share it.

There is something very liberating about energetically owning our Sun sign. We are unabashedly free to be who we are. We live in the secure protection of our own radiant light. Who we are gives us an overpowering feeling of peace and joy, that we can find in no other way. Our Sun sign imprints our consciousness with instructions on how to find the Light in our own hearts, and how to share this Love with the world. The next time you have a question and wonder what to do, consult your Sun. Your cosmic counselor lives in your own heart.

Connecting to Our Solar Fire

Our Sun sign is the pivotal player in defining our journey. How can our Sun guide us? The most authentic way is to feel the solar fire within us. This is how we experience our multi-dimensional energetic nature. This is also how we discern our inner voice, learn to follow it, and eventually trust our inner direction. Until we have this experience of Self, our beliefs define our reality. Once we have an experience of our infinity, our experience defines our beliefs.

The problem is that we are externally focused. When we look outside ourselves for direction, answers and guidance, we lose our sense of direction, or never even establish it. When our attention is outside ourselves, our solar fires dwindle, our magnetism fades, and we have to go after things instead of attracting them to ourselves. As our radiance dims, our sense of self becomes stagnant instead of expansive and open. Instead of being comfortable in our own magnetic center, we try to maintain our identity by acting out dysfunctional self-centered behaviors.(14)

Where's Our Sun?

What happens when we don't have enough sunlight? Studies have documented that during the winter months, depression, substance abuse and violence increases; but these things are not just seasonal aberrations in our culture - they are endemic. What is the cause? How can we understand what leads us to negative expressions of our vital energy? My hypothesis is that there is not enough inner sunlight. We can't find our internal sun. Why is this so?

A major reason why we don't tune into our internal sun is that our culture lauds and rewards doing, accomplishments and achievements, but not for being or for internal consciousness. How many awards are there for the gentle, caring person who spreads love simply by her compassionate smile, as she enjoys oneness with nature and the Universe? i.e. do we acknowledge and give value to the ability to be serene, peaceful and compassionate?

There is a lot of malaise and negativity in the world, because the shades are pulled on our inner sun. We feel insecure, depressed, anxious and alone, because our hearts are closed and our sun can't shine. We experience only the shadow expressions of the Sun, because we are disconnected from our Soul essence and who we really are.

We can't feel complete, unless we simultaneously support our external ambitions by cultivating our internal radiance. The Sun teaches us that our inner life creates our outer life. Our state of being determines our doing. We can't do what we came here to do until we know who we are.

Of course, we all want to find a pot of gold, feel great, win victories and be embraced by our true love. We search for comfort from superficial assurances of quick fixes, promised by some solar horoscopes; but they don't tell us that we must work on our inner reality to manifest these potentialities. To be the heroes who earn these rewards, we must do the work required by Saturn, Pluto and Mars. If we want to become the awesome reflections of our Suns, we must embrace the real hero's work of shifting our internal state of being and belief system about ourselves and the world. If things aren't going the way we want them to, in one or more areas of our lives, and we want some miracle to save us, how about a quick paradigm shift that alters our perception of reality? The Sun is our King (or Queen). We have to embody our own royalty to earn the crown jewels of our respective thrones.

The self-doubt we feel, our need for reassurance, our fear of unknown forces, are all manifestations of lack of direct experience of our inner sun. Until we experience our own light, nothing is going to really change. We can feel better by getting the right exercise, eating healthy food, drinking water that feeds our cells, and doing all the things that help us take care of ourselves; nut why do we take care of ourselves? We want to feel good so we can feel God!

We want to get rid of our unidentified anxiety. We want to escape the constant pressure. We want to be liberated from knawing depression, that grows in stagnant internal waters of low self-esteem, self-depreciation, self-doubt and lack of self-worth. How can we cure what the Dali Lama calls "a lack of compassion for oneself"? The only real cure for stress, depression and poor self-esteem, or however you label your malaise, is direct experience of Self and Spirit. There are many physical techniques, psychological therapies and intellectual understandings, that facilitate our journey by clearing our path and moving us forward in our journey. However, in the end, the answer and the goal is our personal direct experience of the Sun in our hearts.

Relationship between the Sun and the Planets

When we embrace our Sun, it is so much easier to welcome the other planets into our celestial family. We see how they rotate around our heart-centered sun, helping us express more expanded and deeper levels of our being.

The Sun and planets in our birth chart can be understood by studying the solar system. The Sun is the source of life and the light-giving star at the center. The planets are reflectors or transmitters of light. Each of the planets symbolizes a motivating power and source of activity in our lives.

Astrological symbols help our ego achieve a deeper appreciation of our complexity, energetic makeup and infinite glory. Understanding the nature of our energy, and the forces at work within us, aids our ego in expanding our I-AM field of consciousness. To experience our Self we must be ourselves and drop learned false identifications. In the end we must also drop our analysis, and surrender to the non-verbal experience of who we are. It is through surrender that the Soul Self explodes within our consciousness, the veil is lifted, and we come to know our divine identity.

Our Inner Sun

During the course of one year, the Sun shines through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. We receive the Sun's energy in a particular way depending upon our Sun sign. To tune into and vibrate with the essence of our Sun, we can meditate on the essence energy of our Sun sign. Below is a brief outline of the nature of the energy of each sign. The key words evoke mental states (air), physical sensations (earth), feelings (water) and energy (fire), that express how our particular Sun signs effect how we experience self-awareness, access Light and Love, open our hearts, and find our divinity.

When we find the combination that corresponds to our energy, we feel like we have come home. The experience makes our inner sun shine. We feel complete, whole, peaceful and alive. As you meditate on these key concepts, it is important to relate all of the feelings to yourself. For example, if you are a Cancer, feel that you are nurturing yourself, not others. If you a Virgo, heal yourself, not others. If you are a Capricorn, you are the mountain, the mountain is not on your shoulders. Pisces, don't escape to another reality and lose yourself, become that reality inside your body.

For more detailed and background information, see the various New Millennium Being issues covering your particular Sun sign. Use the links below, as well as the site index and our comprehensive site search facility, both located at the top of every page. Using the power of Bing, our search will provide results, not only from New Millennium Being, but also from more recent issues of the Guru Rattana Blog.

Fire Signs

Aliveness of spirit, expansion, brightness

Aries - willful, alone, singular, initiatory, centered in self

Leo - golden sun in the heart, purposefully creative, regal

Sagittarius - spiritual fire, devotional, on the path, teacher-student, expansive

Earth Signs

Stability of earth, containment

Taurus - desirous of satisfaction and beauty, substance of magnetic attraction, satisfied

Virgo - healing, wholeness in form, devotion, perfection

Capricorn - stable like a mountain, supportive, recognized, acknowledged

Air Signs

Aliveness of breath, lightness

Gemini - blending of opposites, communicating, relating, happy

Libra - equality, holding opposing forces together through love, seeing the beauty in all, balanced, neutral

Aquarius - cup of prayer, vessel for receiving divine nectar and knowledge, transcendent whole of group consciousness, contacts and linkages, detached and centered in self

Water Signs

Flowing, breath as waves in the chest

Cancer - cozy and secure inside a delicate shell, nurtured, self-love

Scorpio - comfortable in the conflict, power in the battle, regeneration in deep, dark empty space, catalyst for transformation, opportunity for Grace, phoenix rising, powerful substance

Pisces - dissolution into cosmic oneness, contained in the wholeness of the universal matrix, Love and Light through devotion and merging

Meditation on the Sun and Opening Your Heart

One of the holiest mantras used by the priestly caste in India, and one that was kept secret for hundreds of years, was a hymn praising Savitri, who was one of the many manifestation of the Sun God Surya. Savitri is the "shakti" or divine feminine energy of the Sun, its active principle. The mantra in praise to the life-giver of the Universe translates, "We meditate on the inner sun, the most splendid light in all the worlds. May it illumine our minds!"(15) One of the secrets of all masters, I think, is that they meditate on the Sun as a means to tap into their own inner sun.

While the Sun is in Leo, from July 22nd through August 21st, is a perfect time to focus on your heart and meditate on the Sun. Feel the warmth and then the heat, and allow it to permeate your whole body. At some point it may become too hot to bear, so you will have to back off, but let this heat burn away any negativity and disease. You will feel very free and clean afterwards. Also, try feeling the Sun shine through your sun sign, and empower the image that feels like your essence. Use the above as a guide, but feel free to tune into the image that feels most comfortable and true to you.

You may initially visualize the Sun in your heart, but the mental image will probably get in the way of your experience. To cultivate the experience of the energy, feel the sensation of warmth in your heart. Warmth is the natural essence energy of the heart chakra. Empower the feeling of warmth simply by continuing to feel it, and by enjoying the pleasure of this sensation. This is your inner sun. You can develop a deep relationship with it, by alternating between loving this warmth and letting yourself be loved by it. You can embellish the exchange of giving and receiving, by incorporating the breath in the process. On the inhale receive and on the exhale give. The important point is that this exchange is between "you and you", in your body and field of awareness. This is a very powerful technique. Over time, you can create a powerful shift in consciousness, remove negativity and depression, and experience a very profound level of self-love.

Yogi Bhajan Quotes to Meditate On
Yogi Bhajan

The following quotes help us move from ego identity to our spiritual identity.

"Call yourself anything, be anything, label yourself with anything. But there is no identity for you, except your spiritual identity.

Isn't that so simple? Didn't God make everything for a human - environmentally, physically, psychologically, biologically, and personally so simple? And you make it complicated. Why? You have complexes. Why a complex? Because you never know who you are. It's very simple.

Somebody asked, "How can I get rid of the complex"? I said, "Make one complex: 'I am the Grace of God. I am the Will of God. I am God'. If you're going to make a complex, make it a big one, so all can be contained".

We all have to learn to be real, and our reality is that we are the spirit. We're born by spirit, we live by spirit, we die when spirit leaves. Our identity is nothing but our own spirit; our life should be nothing but our spirituality; and our existence should be nothing but our reality".

(from The Master's Touch, Yogi Bhajan, KRI 1998, p.61)

The Master's Touch by Yogi Bhajan

The Master's Touch by Yogi Bhajan is a must-have book for all truth-seekers who want to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and mastery and of its philosophies.

It will give you an inside look into the mind of Yogi Bhajan, and will have you thinking and pondering questions about the mysteries of life for days afterwards. It contains a superb collection of pragmatic spiritual teachings from his Master’s Touch courses. In it he explains the path of the teacher using wit, compassion and a practical sense of the challenges of everyday life faced by us all.

The Process of Consciousness

We are tapping, through consciousness, the supreme consciousness. It is not a subconscious process. There will be no miracles, tricks or denials, for this is the Yoga of Fulfillment. The first qualification for Kundalini Yoga is that you will seek that awareness. We will not get rid of the ego. For that matter we will not deny anything in us. We will expose the ego and make it universal!

We will not sit and beg softly that we may someday find God. We will make ourselves so strong and pure that God must come and look for us, and look after us. God has got your number ... let him look you up!

Gangaji - Story versus Truth

"We have lived our lives so superficially, and then suffered for that superficiality, because within each one of us there is this depth of truth, this depth of being that wants Itself known, wants Itself felt, expressed, met. As long as there is a settling for the thought, 'Well, I feel this is the truth, therefore it is the truth', then the deeper revelation is overlooked, is missed. Tragically missed. The invitation from Papaji, when he says 'to stop', is really to stop telling your story. For one instant. Less than an instant. Stop telling your story. Even if it is a good story, just stop, and immediately the truth is told. You cannot tell your story if you are telling the truth. And you cannot tell the truth if you are telling your story. It is so obvious, isn't it?" - March 12, 2001


Quote from Gangaji, Silver Bay Retreat, May 23, 2001

"There are certain by-products expected of Truth, like peace, serenity and tranquility. But these are by-products of having realized the Truth. Divine by-products. If you are going for by-products you are overlooking that which gives rise to the by-product. There is a trying to avoid conflict so you can get to peace, and in that there is an overlooking of the peace that is HERE even in the midst of conflict, or the love that is here in the midst of loss, the support that is here in the midst of abandonment, the tranquility that is here in the midst of extreme excitement. In our attempt to form ourselves as 'spiritual', we try to BE peaceful, BE serene. There is a kind of squeezing into the framework of this 'who I should be' so I can realize the Self, or so I can appear that way. And then conflict gets masked with a stack of lies. In the willingness to experience the conflict there is a revelation of the peace that is always HERE. It can't be let go of because you can't separate yourself from it to let go".

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