A Time to Let Go and Feel Loved

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #51, October 3, 2002

Sunday October 6, 2002 the New Moon graces us at 13° Libra at 4:17am PST. Later that day at 12:25pm PST Mercury goes direct at 28° Virgo. We are already feeling the impact of these two planetary cycles, reaching completion and starting anew at almost the same time. At the end of a cycle, we feel the withdrawal of energy. In the last few days I have felt almost a cosmic void. It feels like there is little or no energy to make things to happen. Any exertion seems counter-productive. Trying to take direct action seems to produce more stress and anxiety than results. We may feel empty or sad and want to retreat. The energies are pulling us inward. It is time to "re-treat" ourselves to time alone in nature. It is time to meet ourselves in our hearts.

This phase in planetary cycles is not a time to take action, to be aggressive or to be assertive. It is a time to "let go and let God." It is a time to release the past so that we can begin a new cycle, clean and clear. It is time to make space for something new to be born. What is appropriate now is to withdraw into our inner womb, access and befriend our zero point, find shelter in our hearts, and let ourselves be nourished by the Earth and nurtured by the Divine. It is a special time when we can feel connected to both Mother Earth and Goddess Universe. If we give ourselves time to connect with both, we can experience the physical and etheric energies merge in and open our hearts.

In our hearts we can drop our control trips for a moment and enter another dimension of reality. We can experience that there are bigger forces at work than our personal ego. Of course, our personalities want things a certain way, but we notice that they may not be that way. We also realize that we need to let go of our self-styled plans. We don't want to try to figure things out at this time. It is a time in the cycle of life to surrender to the divine plan, and higher powers of the Universe and our soul.

The more we let go of our ideas about how we think things ought to be, the more we will feel taken care of. We can feel very content if we surrender to what is, and simply enjoy the unconditional feminine space. We want to open ourselves to listen and to be guided, so that we can plant the most appropriate seeds at the New Moon. It is a time to stay tuned, connected to the Divine, and available for whatever comes our way. It is not a time to take action and it is not a time to despair. It is a time to regroup ourselves and our lives by simply being present to what is. It is time to reorient by being ready for what will be.

Mercury is stationary before it goes direct. It feels like the clock has stopped. It is about to be reset. The time before the New Moon is a period of death and release. Both are very feminine, inner times. When the energies are masculine, it is appropriate to ask, to give and to take action. When the energies are feminine, it is a time to listen, to receive and to simply be. The energy at this time is very soft and sweet. To take advantage of this gentleness, let yourself be nurtured and taken care of by the Divine Feminine. Give yourself time alone to be receptive to universal love, and let it open your heart. In your deep inner exploration, let go enough to peak into your own soul.

Now is the time to experience that when we can't be in control, the best thing to do is to allow ourselves to be and feel loved.

Many blessings to each of you,

Guru Rattana


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