More on Mercury Retrograde

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #58, January 11, 2003

I find it amazing that, when the planets shift and new energy is available, how differently I feel. Every energy change delivers new insights and information. I discussed the pending Mercury Retrograde in Issue 57. Mercury had been retrograde only a couple of days when I really started getting into it. The more I discover the more I like it.

Suspend Your Stories

Just two days after Mercury turned retrograde, I felt myself being invited to suspend my stories, and simply enjoy being present to my life exactly how it is. I was nudged to relax into the simplicity that is ever present, just under the story line of my concocted reality. Wow, just how I always wanted to be in life and an invitation to be so. Mercury has invited me to enter into a space of time warp consciousness. I have decided to enjoy this moment by suspending my stories for an undetermined amount of time. It feels possible to wiggle away from the programs that control my mind. It feels safe to pop out of my box and live in the dimension of the heart.

When certain old thoughts try to command my attention, I hear my heart tell me that I don't want to do that to myself. I am just not into indulging this broken record at this time. I am very aware that my old thought forms loom close at hand, ready to pounce in and take over my consciousness. The stronger voice says I don't want to think about that right now. What a fine reprieve from those worn out mind trips.

New Rules

To take advantage of this opening, I find that there are a few other things that are required of me. I have to give up my litany of what-ifs? and suspend speculating about what is going to happen. In other words, I have to trust in the outcomes of my initiatives and intentions. I have to give up control and let everything unfold in divine order, in divine timing and with divine grace. Quite a shift in consciousness, but interestingly enough, it seems possible at this time. It seems like the energy is supporting me in entering the territory of trust, and inviting me to actually enjoy the experience of letting go.

Trust requires that I avoid indulging in the following:

  1. active or subtle interference with outcomes,
  2. worrying,
  3. speculation,
  4. wishing or hoping for a certain result,
  5. counting on something happening,
  6. judging or evaluating what transpires.

I am not supposed to be attached in any way to the manner in which the divine plan manifests.

The general rule is to put out our intentions, invitations and requests, and see what comes back to us. Plant our seeds and watch which ones grow. Keep our space clear for surprises. The face or the situation may be different than you expected. The gift may be more than you would have dared ask for yourself.

Mercury retrograde gives us all a chance:

  1. to connect with divine will,
  2. to feel that divine will and our will are one,
  3. to feel the presence of Source,
  4. to truly be in our hearts,
  5. to let go of the past, and
  6. to forgive.

Maybe we will not forget. We might need the memory (but without the emotional charge) to keep us from making the same decisions in the future. We certainly do not want to repeat what did not previously serve to enhance our highest enjoyment of life. To really move on, we have to release ourselves from the pain of past events. To do so, we have to release ourselves from the energy draining thoughts and behaviors of unnecessary sabotaging patterns. The bottom line is, that we have to learn what we were supposed to learn to move on.

It is Easier than You Think and it is Fun

At first all this seems a bit threatening to our limited ego, but just talk to it, and tell it that a vacation from your story could be very healing. Not to worry. If you want the neuroses to return, they will be there when you jump back into your box; or maybe by divine grace some of these haunting programs will just disappear. Perhaps, getting away from the old thought forms for a few weeks will support a permanent shift in consciousness. Maybe you will come home to your heart and decide to stay there.

In the heart we enter the territory of play, fun and creativity. To remain there, we have to be playful. We pop out when we get serious. Light-hearted self-amusement is a dominant theme. You step out of the fray of life. It is possible to simply watch, observe and amuse yourself with the unfoldment.

Stepping cold turkey into another reality can feel very threatening. We are at choice to make this transition one story at a time. Although the piecemeal approach seems less daunting, I find that I am either in the story channel or the surrender channel. I just can't be in both at the same time. I can shift from one to the other, but this just reminds me of how peaceful I feel in the surrender channel, and how tight my body gets when I am a captive audience to my stories.

Revelations and Resolution

Mercury retrograde can be a time of revelations and resolution. This has certainly been the case for me this time. When our rational mind loses its grip on our consciousness, we often get insight and revelations. During meditation, I got a major insight about a past life soon after Mercury went retrograde, which is allowing me to experience a lot of resolution and healing. I can feel that a pattern that I brought in from many past lives is in the process of being released. It feels like the cosmic energies are saying "You have done your work on that one, grace is granted, own your power and be free". I love it! There are a few initiatives I need to take to anchor it in, but I feel empowered to do so at the appropriate time. I feel confident that my healing is not dependent on the responses I receive, because the shift has occurred inside myself.

Kundalini Yoga - Stop the Mind Meditation

Mercury retrograde is a great time to meditate. It is easier to let go and go deeper into our inner space. We can get closer to our subconscious mind. Insights are abundant if we are receptive. We can also more easily communicate with others telepathically at this time.

I did an interesting thing in meditation. I included all my mind in my consciousness. I realized that my mind is the source of my mind trips. This was not a new revelation, but it is a powerful reminder that whatever choices I make with my mind, determine my reality.

If you need help putting the breaks on your busy mind, practice the Silent Meditation exercise given in Lesson 2 of my free online Kundalini Yoga course. We have recently revised that entire site.

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