Aquarius New Moon - Awaken to Your Destiny

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #59, January 30, 2003

Saturday February 1, at 2:48am PST, the New Moon in Aquarius greets the world. It is a time to be prepared for shocks and to be outrageous ourselves. The energy of Aquarius stimulates our desire to be free. At this new moon it is appropriate to set intentions that are out of the box. This doesn't mean to go for a fantasy, or to do something stupid that you could regret and have to pay for later. Out of the box means that we suspend our limited perceptions of reality, sabotaging belief systems, and externally defined views of what we "should" do or want. Our minds can be totally open to something new. Our hearts can embrace uncharted territory.

Keep in mind that the days before the New Moon, energy is withdrawn, instead of forthcoming. It is a good time to meditate and be alone with the possibilities that will open up between the New Moon and the Full Moon. The Full Moon is in Leo while the Sun is in Aquarius, February 16th. This day we can take stock of our progress, since the Leo new moon six months ago, in being our creative, authentic selves. We tap our creativity by being authentic. Our heart-felt selves and our unique gifts are the contributions we offer to the world.

Ask Ourselves

The New Moon in Aquarius is the time to ask yourself the following questions:

Wherever you feel that you have been pushed into something against your will, it is time to jump out of that space.

Aquarian energy comes to the planet to be in service of humanity. How can you be a channel for this divine energy to benefit humankind? Which one of your dreams would make this world a safer, more compassionate, peaceful place to live?

Wake-Up to Your Destiny Path

While the Sun is in Aquarius (January 20 through February 17), is a time to choose to wake-up to your destiny path. Those who don't make this choice themselves get the thunderbolt treatment from Uranus. Uranian wake-up calls are shocking and unexpected. If we don't choose to shift our own reality, Uranus will do it for us. We can step into the domain where we co-create our own reality, by letting go of parental, religious and social definitions of who we are and what we are supposed to do with our lives, or we can succumb to Uranian accidents and earthquakes.

Those who have been unwillingly kicked out of the corporate nest, can explore how to work for themselves and with others, to create their own dreams. They can let go of the past, where they sold their precious lives to realize someone else's dream. Men need to individuate by not being a slave to tradition. Women, in particular, can use this time to define their own destiny path, independent of any dependency on or submission to a man, and free of the traditional expected duties of women. Both men and women need to create their own lives by making their own heart-directed decisions.

Freedom and Accountability

While you are exploring where you want more freedom in your life, remember that freedom and accountability go together. At the end of our human journey, we will face the mirror of our souls, and have to answer the following self-reflective questions:Z

It might seem initially easy to identify our dreams and to go for them, but where we feel compelled, we often also feel restricted. This is because our soul has incarnated to evolve. To evolve we have to learn, to grow and to change. This transformation process is often tough, like chiseling a diamond from coal.

When we make choices that define our own destiny, we can feel the Universe cheer us on and support us. We can feel scared to jump into uncharted territory, but somehow the exhilaration feels good too. When we make these heart-directed decisions for ourselves, somehow we become less attached to situations and relationships that we previously considered so critical in our lives. We simultaneously give up our dependency on the old that supported us then, but now would only get in our way. We open our space for new alignments to manifest, and new possibilities and relationships to show up.

Participate in the Aquarian Revolution

The real Aquarian revolution is going to happen when our global economy is organized around the concept of service to humanity, instead of profit for a few. We can each play our part by tuning into our unique contribution to the world, setting our intention to offering it, each in our own special way, and taking steps to follow our hearts.

Happy New Moon in Aquarius and Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat too!


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