Harmonic Concordance - Face the Light of Your Soul

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #74, October 6, 2003
Lunar Eclipse and Preparation for the Harmonic Concordance

November 8 is an astrological event to behold. It is so special that Johnny Mirehiel, the man who first discovered this configuration on a computer screen in 1998, gave it the name - The Harmonic Concordance.(1) The Sun, Mars and Saturn in the water signs and the Moon, Jupiter and Chiron in the earth signs form a Star of David or a Grand Sextile. This rare occurrence (no one has documented it happening before) takes place at the same time as the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

There is so much going on and it is so significant that it will take a while just to give a condensed version of the astrological activity and its impact. I have been meditating on what this all means and how it impacts our lives. As I set down to write about it, I decided to first share my conclusions. Issue 75 will be devoted to an explanation of the astrological events.

In summary, there is an opening, a possibility, and a necessity to make a quantum shift in consciousness. We each are at choice. We must each decide how we wish to live our lives. We can either live in darkness or we can live in the Light. There is no gray. What we create in this world and in the Universe is directly related to our choice.

How Creation Happens

To understand the importance of our choice, it is useful to understand how creation happens, and how the evolution of the Universe unfolds. Here is my simplified understanding of how the Universe and creation work. Much of the Universe is an infinite black hole. There is an overlay and pockets of Light and Love scattered throughout the Universe. It is all divine. It all simply IS. The evolutionary goal of the Universe is to decrease the areas of darkness and to increase the areas of Light and Love.

Souls embodied as humans, whose basic nature is Light, participate in expanding the Universe, with the energy that we emit and operate from. We can either vibrate with darkness or we can vibrate with Light. Whichever we choose is how we participate in cosmic creation. Darkness is simply the absence of Light. In darkness we experience fear. When we operate from fear, we create various expressions of negativity and destruction. It doesn't take much to verify this by looking at the world we have created.

As souls we each exist as an enormous ball of radiant light and energy. As souls we all exist together in love. When we incarnate as human beings, we maintain a connection with our soul through a strand of light, which furnishes us with energy. If we have a weak connection with the cord that attaches us to our soul, we receive less light and energy. With less light flowing into our being, we experience pain, fear and confusion. The more light that flows in, the more joy, happiness and clarity we experience. Our most important task is thus to strengthen our connection with our soul's lifeline to us. The stronger and straighter our lifeline, the more we are able to experience the love and light that is the essence of our souls.

An Evolutionary Shift

For millennia most of the human race has been operating in darkness, living in fear and creating destruction. The Earth is the most dense reality, so we often mistaken density for darkness. The goal of the human race is to figure out how to bring Light to physical reality; how to spiritualize matter. Each time a soul incarnates, it works out another piece of the puzzle, of how to bring Light and Love into physical manifestation. The name of the long-term game is to infuse our own beings and the Earth with enough Light and Love, before we destroy the Earth and ourselves. We are getting real near the cut off date. The Universe is now infusing the planet with massive doses of Light to help us reverse the destructive spiral, and to make the shift from darkness to Light.

Given the basic free will rule of the human experiment, we each must make our own choice, whether or not to do what it takes to make our personal paradigm shift. The big questions are - Will enough of us choose Love? Will enough of us actually attune ourselves to the Light and be vessels for its infusion on to the planet?

Of course, we all say, "Yes. I choose Love and Light. Count me in!" However, the choice is subtler than that. It is not just a mental exercise. We can't just go to the polls and vote YES to Light and NO to darkness. Mental answers don't compute. We must vibrate with the Love and Light we choose to manifest. We have to make the choice inside our own psyche, and live from the frequency of Light. We have to choose compassion and kindness, as our modus operandi in our relationships with others and ourselves. That includes telemarketers and all the other situations and people that push our buttons! That includes patience for others and ourselves. Ooops. Another point for darkness.

It is very important to make the difference between liking something and judging it. We are definitely permitted, and it is required, that we discriminate between what works for us and gives us pleasure, and what doesn't. The Light mode of being requires that we not judge expressions of creation that we choose not to align with.

Tuning into the Reality of Another Choice

When I first started practicing Kundalini Yoga, I was awakened to wonderful feelings that I had never felt before. I realized that there is something more to life than I had experienced up until then, and I wanted it! There was so much darkness on the planet when I first started Kundalini Yoga that it was hard to access and maintain a connection with Light. There is so much more light energy available now, that I am often amazed at how quickly even new students can shift their inner realities.

When I started teaching, I knew that the most important thing for the students, was to have an experience of something else beyond anything that might have defined their lives in the past. Awakening to another reality, and another possibility of existence, gives us a whole different perspective of life. When I counseled people, I would insist that they do Kundalini Yoga before we discussed their issues. Kundalini Yoga brings Light into our psyche. We see things differently. We react differently. It doesn't mean that all our problems immediately disappear, but the more we vibrate Light, the more both our inner and outer realities shift.

Face Your Light Side

Last week, before my Kundalini Yoga class, a few of the students were talking about facing their dark side. One had read an astrology column, which she interpreted as saying that it was the perfect time for her sign to face her dark side. Pop quiz! Given the nature of the Universe and creation, as set out in my modest understanding and oversimplified explanation above, if we pay attention to our limitations and fears, what will we create? Choice: Light or Darkness?

Obviously we need to examine our thoughts, behaviors and belief systems, and identify what does not work for us. The important thing is HOW we do this. If we examine ourselves from the vantage point of judgment, shame and fear, we can never extricate ourselves from the dark box that imprisons our consciousness. When we live in darkness and fear, we just create more of it. We get swallowed up in the cosmic black hole. However, if we do it without judgment and with compassion, it is possible to release what doesn't serve us. We can uncover the innate soul powers in the primal energies.

It is an endless process, to look at our problems, issues and neuroses from the perspective of what is the matter with us. However, each of us has a hidden power, if embraced by the Light and seen from the Light of our soul. This introduces us to another choice. Instead of facing our dark side, we can face our Light side. Instead of immersing ourselves in the dark night, we can flood ourselves in the bright Light of our souls.

Embrace the Light of Your Soul

So, in class last week we focused our attention on Light, and cultivating a stronger connection with the Light of our soul. This is what I suggest doing to prepare for the lunar and solar eclipses in November.

We breathed into our abdominal area to open the space in our bellies for Light. We energized the base of the spine, to create a foundation to anchor the Light in our physical being. We did breathing at the top of our heads, to open ourselves up to receive the Light of our souls. Then we popped into an expanded reality, that merged Spirit and body by a meditation to open the heart. It took less than an hour. By the end of the class, the dark side was history. Everyone was happy and laughing. The Light of our souls made us feel so free. We just couldn't contain ourselves. Everyone giggled as they left.

At the beginning of the class, one student shared that, as an adult, she has struggled with the idea that she has to grow up. Growing up for her has implications for taking out the fun in life. In the Light of her soul she redefined this idea to the empowering interpretation of being authentic. So perfect for an Aquarian and for the rest of us too.

The trick is to face our issues, or what is bothering us, from the Light of our souls. When we do, we see another reality. Something shifts. When we face fear from the vantage point of love, we liberate ourselves. We never have to run away from anything or anyone again. In fact, as this student wrote me later, turning and facing what is bothering me can be the source of great joy! Face it, embrace it and enjoy it! I am so me! That is so cool. I feel so authentic. I am giving myself permission to be fully me and to experiment with what this feels like! So far, so good! How fun!!

Quantum Shift Now

Our connection to the Light of our soul is always available. Our job is to strengthen this connection every day, and in every way possible. As the planets line up for the Star of David formation on November 8th, our precious Earth and every human being is being infused with massive doses of magnificent Light. This Infinite Light was and always will be available to us. We can experience it at any moment and all the time. We just have to, moment by moment, choose to do so, and align ourselves to make this experience available. The point is, don't wait until November 8th, and hope that you will get hit by a cosmic bolt of enlightenment. Continue your daily practice with the intention of freely and gratefully receiving this Light from the Universe. Focus on strengthening the cord between your physical body, and being totally open to enjoying the Light of your soul.

Kundalini Yoga - Daily Practice

The experience of Light manifests in many different ways. Some people actually see light in their minds. Others experience feelings of peace, openness, relaxation, clarity, stability and softness. Less tightness or resistance, in parts of your body where you normally carry stress, is a good sign. More flexibility and fluidity in your actions and body is another. You will also notice that certain things don't bother you anymore, and you feel more compassionate towards others.

It is powerful to set our intention each day, to be more and more open and receptive to receiving the Light. We can also ask for assistance from Light Beings. One student has witnessed significant shifts in her life, since she set the intention several months ago to allow only love in her life.

Visualizing the Light of your soul, and Infinite Light nurturing you, can facilitate your experience, but it cannot substitute for it. Avoid pure mental activity. Be attentive to feeling sensations that keep you in your body and get you out of your mind.

Dedicate your daily Kundalini Yoga practice, as well as all your daily activities, to bringing in the Light, cultivating the Light, nurturing the Light and staying in the Light.

In terms of your daily physical/spiritual practice, whether it is Kundalini Yoga or something else, I suggest the basic formula that I used in my class last week:

  1. Practice all the leg, abdominal and lower chakra exercises, with the intention of opening the belly and body to be a receptor and container for the Light of your soul. Use Breath of Fire and long deep breathing to open the space inside your skin. Use Root Lock to create a foundation at the base of your spine. Relax between exercises and feel it.
  2. Practice arm and upper chakra exercises, with the intention of opening the crown chakra to be a channel to receive the Light. Use the breath and the focus on the top of your head to open the portal. Again, relax between exercises and feel it.
  3. Practice a meditation to open the heart after your kriya. There are dozens in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World.
  4. Keep your awareness on the tuned-in channel. Be available and grateful for all the Light and Love you are receiving.

Our legacy is the Light we shine on the planet - Be Light. Live Light. Love Light.

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References and Footnotes

1. For much more information on this unique astrological event, check out The Home Page of the Harmonic Concordance.


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