The Harmonic Concordance Explained

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #75, October 9, 2003

See also Harmonic Concordance II.

Lunar Eclipse November 8-9

At the precise moment of the total Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2003 5:14pm PST (November 9, 1:14 GMT), six planets (including Chiron) form an almost perfect Star of David or Grand Sextile. It is awe inspiring to look at this chart. The symmetry and patterns display a moment of rare beauty that impacts the heart.

This event happens at the same moment at every location on Earth. Many around the world will gather to align in prayer and meditation. The hours around this time are a sacred time to be present to the universal harmony and peace that exists in all our hearts. By spending this time together, wherever we are, we all synergize to ground Light and Love on Planet Earth.(1)

The eclipse itself takes place at 16° Scorpio/Taurus. The Sun in Scorpio forms a triangle in the water signs with Mars in 10° Pisces and Saturn at 13° Cancer. The Moon in Taurus forms a triangle in the earth signs with Chiron at 14° Capricorn and Jupiter at 14° Virgo. Together, in the compatible or complementary feminine water and earth signs, they create a Star of David. The hexagonal formation is called a Grand Sextile.

This is a very rare occurrence. Johnny Mirehiel first saw this formation in 1998, while viewing the evolution of planetary positions using a sophisticated software program. He saw the pattern begin to form early in November, and come into exact position November 8th. With further investigation, he found that this is the only time that this formation would occur during the 4,000-year span between 1000 BC and 3000 CE. It could be much longer. This is the time period that Murehiel researched. (2) No one else has documented the same alignment, before or after these dates.

There are many other astrological alignments and events happening at the same time. Lets examine them and their significance in our lives. I have noted the degrees so that those of you who have your birth charts handy can see where the planets fall in your chart. These are the arenas in your life that are currently being activated, impacted and transformed. The rest of you will intuitively know how these energies impact you, by what's happening in your lives.

Star of David - Grand Sextile

Astrologically a Grand Sextile is an extremely rare alignment. It forms a mutually receptive and unobstructed flow of energy between six heavenly bodies, which are sequenced at 60° or the Sextile aspect. There are six sextiles in this configuration.

The energy flow is further facilitated by the trining or 120° relationship between the two sets of three planets in the same element (water and earth this time.) The Star of David is formed by two inverted Grand Trines. Sextiles and Trines are the easy or flowing aspects in astrology. Their energetic interaction is supportive and complementary. The widest orb, or difference in degrees, is only 5°. These tight orbs further enhance the open energy flow, which creates a powerful vortex.

Sextiles and trines allow forward movement without resistance. If we go with the flow, life unfolds with little effort. In the elements of water and earth, this grand sextile presents a special opportunity for the emotional and physical manifestations of consciousness to ascend into a higher order of awareness and integration.(3)

The Planetary Players are Personal

The planetary energies present at the six points in the star are personal planets, which represent or are metaphors for important aspects of our individuality and personal expression.

THE SUN is the primal energy that animates our being. It represents our will, vitality, creativity and the conscious purpose of our unique expression. In Scorpio, the Sun is completely authentic and purposeful in its quest for total transformation and rebirth.

MARS represents the spiritual warrior in us that courageously, with passion and innate willingness, takes action to fully express who we are. In Pisces, Mars is fully motivated by his divine connection and his desire to serve the Infinite.

SATURN gives us the substance and the grit to manifest our dreams. Saturn offers us patience and a sense of order that make it possible to efficiently plan and execute our concrete plans. When we play by the rules and persevere with discipline, the alchemy of manifestation is our reward. Saturn in Cancer reminds us that self-nurturing, kindness to all and caring for the Earth are included in the rules.

JUPITER represents how we tap into good fortune, how we expand and find wisdom. Jupiter represents our innate optimism, generosity and enthusiasm for life. In Virgo, Jupiter offers a chance to discriminate and to make wise choices concerning our goals. What service and self-healing path most supports your life's purpose and work?

THE MOON is the inner, feminine aspect of our being, which expresses through our instinctual self, our emotions and our subconscious. In Taurus, the Moon reminds us to comfort ourselves with the beauty of the Earth, to soothe our bodies with sweet pleasures, to honor the Earth as our mother and to wisely use our personal and collective resources to meet our basic emotional and physical needs.

CHIRON is an essential component of the pattern because it completes the Grand Sextile. Chiron orbits between the inner and outer planets and is often referred to as the rainbow bridge between our personal and transpersonal realities. Chiron reveals the place of power inside us that has been camouflaged with human wounds. Chiron symbolizes the hidden gift that we must discover to make the conscious connection between our human incarnation and our soul self. In Capricorn, Chiron instructs us how to initiate ourselves into Divine consciousness, by living a path of Dharma (or service, not Karma). If we patiently take one step at a time, we will find our destination inside ourselves. In our hearts we discover that we are already living the unfoldment of our destiny path.

The above heavenly bodies are all what we call personal planets. They represent different aspects of our personal unfoldment. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, represent different aspects of our collective lives and transpersonal realities. The outer planets are conspicuously absent from the Grand Sextile. Individual choice and personal free will are thus the underlying dynamic of this formation.

Integration of Male/Female Polarities

The masculine/feminine dynamic is a powerful factor in the astrological configurations of November 8th. It is interesting to note that the Sun, Mars and Saturn are considered masculine planets and are in the feminine water signs. Jupiter and Chiron are also considered masculine planets and they are in the feminine earth signs.

There are 3 oppositions incorporated in the Grand Sextile. As I have discussed before, oppositions form an energetic interchange between complementary male or female energies, in this case, Earth and Water (feminine). Oppositions offer an opportunity to achieve balance and the potential for the integration of opposites at a higher level of being. The energies thus create equilibrium and wholeness in this peacefully dynamic vortex.

Jupiter/Mars Opposition

Benefic Jupiter in Earth Mother Virgo grounds, inspires and expands Mars' divinely inspired action in Pisces.

Moon/Sun Opposition

The Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio work together to direct us towards wiser use of our individual and collective resources. The North Node conjunct the Moon makes sure that, we notice that respectful use of our resources is a requirement that we can no longer ignore.

Chiron/Saturn Opposition

Chiron in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer show us that caring and compassion form the most effective context for success in this world.

The Saturn-Chiron and the Jupiter-Mars oppositions indicate a reconciliation of father/son energies, and a realignment of the establishment and the powers-that-be. This further supports and influences a planetary shift in consciousness.

There are other dynamic alignments supporting the reinstatement of feminine power and the goddess. Venus is in a rare conjunction with the asteroid goddesses, Vesta and Juno, in Sagittarius. Venus is also conjunction by declination with Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The various expressions of the goddess are working together, to ensure that the truth of the divine feminine will be revealed, respected and revered.

The Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are evolutionary events that influence us months before and after the event. They create energetic openings that support quantum shifts in consciousness. LUNAR ECLIPSES are super Full Moons. They empower us to let go of aspects of the past that no longer serve us and realign our values. SOLAR ECLIPSES are super New Moons. They embody the energy of a new beginning, as well as the completion of a previous cycle.

This total Lunar Eclipse adds an immense charge and significance to the Grand Sextile. It energizes this beneficent configuration with a massive infusion of both lunar and solar energies.

Lunar Eclipses mark a pivotal turning point in a cycle, or a milestone in a sequence of events. In Taurus/Scorpio, the Full Moon Eclipse provides a focal point for the potential alchemical transformation of physical reality, as we know it.(4)

Eclipses in one polarity usually continue for one and a half to two years. However, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses extend from November 2002 through April 2005. Six months ago there was total Lunar Eclipse at 24° Taurus-Scorpio. This was energized by Neptune, which was stationary that day as it turned retrograde. Neptune retrograde gives us the space to examine whether our inner reality consists of illusions or divine connection.

There are eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius (November 23) and Aries/Libra during the same time period. This gives us 2½ years to examine Taurus/Scorpio issues, which focus on the use of both our personal and collective resources. We are being asked to seriously examine how we use the Earth's resources. A transformation of attitude and policy from exploitation, waste and depletion, to conservation, renewal and sustainability, is urgently required.

The Scorpio/Taurus Dynamic

Scorpio specializes in intense evolution. Scorpio initiates us through catharsis, death, rebirth and renewal. It deals with crisis, conflict, life and death issues, and with life and death itself.(5) Scorpio obliges us to get to the bottom of issues, to face the hard truth, to expose corruption, hidden agendas and dishonesty, and to clean up what is out of integrity. Scorpio embraces confrontation as a means to connect with our deepest power. It tests and develops our inner spiritual strength by obliging us to face our fears. The promise is, that if we do so and let go of what doesn't work for us anymore (or maybe never did), we experience inner personal power.

Taurus provides us with the energy and incentive to examine our values, and establish those that align with what we really wish to get out of life. The Taurus Moon highlights attachments that no longer serve us, and old patterns of self-indulgence and excessive materialism that need to be released. Taurus wants us to align and shift our values, but not give up comfort and beauty, which are high on the Taurus priority list. Transformation is required, but it should be well planned out, orchestrated and creative. Taurus favors peace, pleasure and plenty.

Together Scorpio and Taurus are exposing the underlying polarization and conflict in all areas related to resources. They are bringing our attention to the fact, that life and death decisions must be made in areas related to water, the Earth and health. Taurus says let's turn our values around from profits to people. Scorpio reminds us it is a matter of survival. Uranus is activating people power, so that transformation becomes a viable reality that we work together to achieve.

Uranus Goes Direct in Aquarius

URANUS adds a burst of revolutionary fever to the November 8th alignment. It goes direct after being in retrograde since June 6th. At its stationary position in Aquarius, just before reversing direction at 28° Aquarius, it is in its most powerful position during its 84-year cycle. Uranus in Aquarius is going to wake-up even those who specialize in denial and disregard for change. The evolutionary winds of change are blowing in everyone's direction. The signs read either breakthrough or breakdown, depending on your approach to life and view of reality. If we have used the last 5 months for inner re-evaluation, we are ready for revolutionary change. The Sabian symbol for 29 (28+)° is, appropriately, a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. The inner change and liberation that we embraced during the retrograde period can now support us in making our contribution to the world.

The Uranus factor can create intense emotional energy. Uranus is certainly not emotional, but we might be if we resist some of the transformation required. We may come face-to-face with some strong feelings triggered by undeniable messages, that things need to change relating to finances, relationships, sexuality and other areas of our well-being. The key now is not to give up and try to hide. The secret is to use the available energy to renew and revitalize our lives. The excitement of unexplored possibilities offers us a chance to take a leap of faith, leave our fear behind, and uncover the deepest passions that animate our lives.

Mars Returns to 10° Pisces

The evening before the eclipse, MARS returns to 10° Pisces, the exact position where it went retrograde July 30, 2003. Mars went direct at 0° Pisces September 27th, but the full renewal of the planet, after a retrograde period, is not complete until it returns to the position at the time it went retrograde. Mars has now been transformed and trained to take action with kindness and compassion. Where 0-10° Pisces falls in our birth chart is where our perception of the true nature of Mars is being revealed. If we can act from a place of inner peace, we can move forward with confidence in this arena of our lives.

Squares Require Action

Each of the planetary interactions has a different energy dynamic. TRINES and SEXTILES are the easy aspects. They support us with the energy of flow. There is no resistance. There is also no energy to take action. SQUARES provide the energy to take action. OPPOSITIONS provide the inter-relationships needed for synthesis and cooperation.

The November 8th alignment contains 5 dynamic squares, that support us in taking action to bring our deeply held values into reality. What is interesting about these squares is that they involve dynamically compatible planets.

Venus and Mars Love Each Other

Venus in 7° Sagittarius squares Mars in 10° Pisces. Yes, Venus and Mars are going to have to talk and work together to make something significant happen. They are both vibrating frequencies of higher values and Spirit at this time. There is nothing better than the Infinite, as an inspiring context to unite them to support mutual goals.

Mercury and Uranus Love to Communicate

Mercury in 24° Scorpio and Uranus in 28° Aquarius are square. It is an opportune time to have a real honest communication about values, what is really important and transformation. How about people power to make it all happen? Mercury the messenger can certainly get the word out there, and Uranus can mobilize the team of humanity for action.

Jupiter and Pluto Love to Expand Our Reality

Jupiter in 14° Virgo squares Pluto in 16° Sag. Jupiter in Virgo wants us to increase the time and effort we devote to taking care of ourselves and serving the Divine. Pluto agrees, as long as our fitness program includes spiritual fitness, and is uplifting and meaningfully fun.

The Sun and Neptune See Nothing but Blue Sky

The Sun in 16° Scorpio and Neptune in 10° Aquarius are squared off. The willful Sun shines his light through the Scorpio transformation matrix, and miraculously merges with the Neptune latticework, which conveniently has a human embodied light worker at each intersection of the grid. The arena is clear, and the team is already mobilized to make a difference in this world.

Neptune and the Moon Dream Together every Night

Neptune in 10° Aquarius and the Moon in 16° Taurus square each other. They are both dreaming of a world of the people, by the people and for the people, so that we the people may not perish from the Earth. Mother Moon is holding the intention of everyone being taken care of, having enough to be comfortable and enjoying feeling secure. Heart power is going to mobilize them to make things happen.

Divine Presence

The moment of the Harmonic Concordance coincides with many other significant time lines discovered, researched and prophesized by seers, mystics and scientists. Various spiritual traditions indicate the autumn of 2003 as a time when a shift in planetary consciousness will occur.

Whatever the source and interpretation, the common theme is that the energy of the Harmonic Concordance supports accelerated growth, and encourages transcendence. Scorpio invites us to birth a new consciousness, where we experience our unity with, not separation from, Spirit. Taurus invites us to re-define what we give our energy and resources to, and establish a new baseline of value for our existence. Both material and spiritual transformation are the order of the day.

As I mentioned above, all the major energy interactions (aspects) are present in this chart. The sextiles and trines create an atmosphere of effortless flow. The oppositions produce dynamic synergies and alignment. The squares propel us into action. The heavenly bodies are in supportive relationship with each other. Why not us? Harmony, wholeness, perfection and completeness pervade the chart. Why not the world?

There is a profound sense of the presence of the Divine in the November 8th chart. It is elegant beyond imagination. Some have commented that it has the astrological signature of the Ascension: ascension of Mother Earth and all human beings. However we view it, a signature of beauty, peace and harmony is present. We want to take a deep breath and capture this moment of unity and power. What is so special is the cosmic support to find the balance and alignment within, so that we can operate from this consciousness all the time.

The message is that this experience is available at each moment. We are at choice to bring Light and Love into our consciousness, and to live from the awareness that we are made up of the same substance that animates the entire Universe. When we do so, we understand the power of our projections. We realize how we have created our current world through our projection of fear, and how we can change it. Understanding and acknowledging our immense and unlimited power, empowers us to operate from our hearts.

The Moment is Now

We can pierce the veil that apparently separates physical and non-physical realities at any time. We do not have to wait until November 8th. If we wait for the moment, we can be disappointed that we missed it. The energies are building up to support the awakening of our transcendent consciousness. It is a process that will continue because an expanded reality is not only being made known to us; a new reality is being infused into the Earth and into our beings. We will no longer be separated between worlds. Our world will merge into the luminous world of the next dimension.

Our task now is to awaken ourselves to experience a reality that exists beyond fear, illusion and insecurity. To do so we must prepare our bodies to receive high frequencies of energy, discipline our minds and open up our upper chakras with meditation.

Between Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Eclipses build on each other. The total solar eclipse November 23 is at 1° Gemini/Sagittarius. I have chosen a title based on Issue 74 of Face the Light of Your Soul, as the theme for the workshop that I am teaching that day in San Diego.

The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses in November 2002 initiated an intense time of cleansing and preparation for the two eclipses in November 2003. Between November 8 and 23 we are receiving a powerful infusion of Light that supports our personal and planetary shift in consciousness. The vibration of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies will accelerate rapidly during this time. We are each being bathed with high frequencies of Light, which create the opening of our heart chakra.

As this Love energy integrates into our cells, we will experience shifts in every facet of our lives. Pay attention and observe the tangible evidence of shifting, balancing and harmony, taking place in and around you. Notice that past patterns no longer rule your mind. Old triggers no longer activate anger and frustration. Annoying distractions cease to pull you off center. Watch for the signs within yourself, in others and around you. Dare to participate in creating a heart-centered world by reaching out and acknowledging others.

The direction and possibility for planetary change depends on the intention and quality of mass consciousness. As we each change how we see ourselves, we transform how we see the world and participate in it. As we cultivate balance and peace within our mind, heart and body, we instinctively interact with compassion and spread Light and Love wherever we go.

Between now and the end of November, enjoy walking into a new world with every step you take.

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