Set Yourself Free - the Power of Neutral

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #80, January 21, 2004
New Moon in Aquarius

The Sun entered the Aquarian sky January 20th, 2004, and just in time so did the Moon at 11:11 January 21st. The New Moon in Aquarius is at 1:05pm January 21st in 1° Aquarius. The Sun will cross the Aquarian sky through February 17th. So we have four weeks to tune into and accept the healing Aquarian waters.

The Leo Full Moon is February 6th. The theme of the Leo/Aquarius partnership is creative expression of Self and individualization. Leo encourages us to focus our attention (think about) ourselves. Aquarius insists that we think FOR ourselves.

Aquarius is generally open-minded, independent, idealistic and unconventional. One Aquarian motto is unity in diversity. Aquarius teaches us that the equality and uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of a just and equitable world. The power of our collective efforts is based on the active participation and contribution of individuals, who freely express their uniqueness.

The New Moon in Aquarius starts a new cycle of idealism, invention, idealism, and individualization. We find ourselves reflecting on what kind of life and world we want to create. We talk about a peaceful world and imagine a brighter future. The rebel in us is awakened. We think about reform, alternatives, innovative ideas and freedom.

Lest we get lost in lofty thoughts, or lower ourselves to complain about the tyrants and tyrannies that monopolize the press, we can turn our attention to how and where have we imprisoned ourselves. We can utilize this liberating time to think and feel outside the box. We can even orchestrate our escape, by giving up old assumptions about ourselves and re-inventing ourselves and our lives.

Free to be Me

Free to be me sounds like a great idea; but how do we accomplish this awesome feat, which is one of the major goals of the human journey? Below, I offer what I consider to be a necessary and enlightening foundation, on how to proceed:

Step 1

First, identify the givens in your life. We were each dealt a hand of cards. We can't change or escape certain obvious facts about our lives. Our sex, body type, age, parents, birth nationality and natal horoscope are a few of the givens. This is how our soul chose to incarnate this lifetime. This is it, folks. You are you. And I am me.

Make a list, and while you are doing so, observe your thoughts and emotions. We all discover that we have opinions and evaluations about our circumstances, and who and what we appear to be. It is important to get in touch with these judgments, both positive and negative, because they are weights on our consciousness. They keep us attached to the chains of shoulds, woulds and could have beens. They disturb our psyche with thoughts and feelings that create dissatisfaction and discontentment. Do your best to patiently and lovingly get to know yourself.

Step 2

Second, meditate on these givens with an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment, i.e. with a neutral mind. Neutral mind means NEUTRAL. A common cultural idea is to try to eliminate negative by replacing it with positive. From this we get the idea that positive is acceptable and even neutral. But the rational mind does not work that way. For every positive, there is a negative. For every negative, there is a positive. In neutral we can transcend this back and forth dualistic dialogue.

The nature of neutral is no opinion whatsoever. In the neutral mind, we have no evaluative thoughts. We simply observe ourselves and things the way they are. Simply be with yourself exactly the way you are, and your life the way it was given to you.

Create a Foundation for Inner Freedom

The foundation for inner freedom is the willingness and ability to accept the givens of our life, not as we think they should, would or could have been, if only this or that were different, but exactly they way they are. Our personal freedom and individuation process both require the ability to access and stay attuned to the neutral mind. In the neutral channel we connect with an innate self-acceptance and a profound self-love.

Acceptance and surrender to what is beyond our control, frees us up to deal with our givens, and to even direct our destiny path. Instead of being consumed by regrets, judgments, self-pity and self-denial, we become available to take responsibility for our own lives. We enter the territory where accountability is required and possible. We free ourselves to respond to the givens creatively. We increase our response ability. We create more freedom, by creating the inner foundation that makes it possible to be willing and able to be an active participant in our own lives.

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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Kundalini Yoga - Meditation to Cultivate the Neutral Mind

The above meditation and process will create an internal shift. Be attentive and watch this shift happen inside yourself. Enjoy building the foundation for your own freedom.

To deepen your knowledge, extend your meditative abilities, and cultivate your neutral mind, check out my book The Power of Neutral.

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